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Another 110 mines. The new positional area of ​​the PLA missile forces


Eastern part of Hami urban district prior to construction. The label shows the position of the future positioning area

In early July, it became known that China was building in Gansu province a new positioning area for strategic missile forces with 119 silo launchers. Recently, the Federation of American Scientists announced the second such construction - another area with a hundred mines will appear in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region near Hami.

Latest news

The second major construction site for the missile forces was announced on July 26 by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). Its specialists studied fresh satellite images from the commercial operator Planet Labs Inc., dated June this year, and noticed previously absent activity, as well as found construction sites and signs of imminent launch of new construction projects. Based on such observations, forecasts of future work and project volumes are made.

A new positioning area is being built in the eastern part of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR), near the southwestern borders of the Hami urban district. The city of Hami itself is located 80-85 km north-east of the construction site. The coordinates of the region are 42 ° 19'39.0 "N 92 ° 29'32.3" E. A fairly large flat desert area, remote from populated areas and state borders, was chosen for the construction. Approx. 350-380 km in a straight line, it is located to the southeast.

It is assumed that construction began in March this year and is proceeding at a fairly high rate. Several dozen silos are already under construction or are being prepared for construction. The approximate boundaries of the positional area have also been determined. According to FAS calculations, up to 800 launchers can be placed on an area with a total area of ​​110 square kilometers.

General view of construction, June 2021

Thus, in terms of the size and number of silos deployed, the positional area near Hami is slightly inferior to the previously discovered positions of the missile forces in the prov. Gansu. At the same time, with its help, the PLA will be able to significantly increase the number of deployed missiles of different classes and types, increasing the combat capabilities of the nuclear forces.

Space photography

Until recently, there was no activity in the found area. The only sign of civilization was the highway east of the future construction sites. The previous state of the area can be seen in the Google Maps service - there are still relatively old satellite photos taken before the start of construction.

Fresh imagery from Planet Labs and FAS show that in the past few months a network of dirt roads has emerged in the area, supporting major construction. In the northern part of the district, next to the main roads, sites have been cleared for the construction of some ground objects. However, other objects are of main interest.

In the southern and eastern parts of the future area, several sites were noticed, the characteristic appearance of which indicates the construction of mine installations. They use pre-fabricated domed shelters with a size of approx. 50x70 m, allowing to protect the construction site from observation and natural phenomena. It is believed that they are removed after the completion of all construction and installation work.

Separate construction sites - light cover visible

Preparation of new sites for the next construction is also underway. The identified silo positions are placed on a neat grid at a distance of approx. 3 km from each other - like in Gansu.

FAS counted 14 domed shelters, and each of them can be excavated or concrete structures. Another 19 sites are just getting ready for future underground construction. Work on other areas of the future region has not yet been carried out, but they are expected to begin soon.

Taking into account the geographic features of the selected area, the configuration of the roads and the location of the facilities under construction, FAS drew up a possible map of the location of the launchers. On the existing territory, according to the selected grid, it is possible to arrange about 110 mines - and more than 30 are already at various stages of construction. However, the real plans of the PLA may look different.

Rocket mathematics

In its article on new facilities, FAS recalls that until recently, the Chinese missile forces had only 20 silos of old types of complexes. In 2019, it became known about the construction of 12 silos for missiles of new models at the test site in Inner Mongolia. Foreign experts assumed that these were educational or test facilities.

Proposed construction map. Areas with domed shelters are marked in red, and upcoming sites are marked in blue. Round white marks - FAS forecast for future construction

There are two major construction projects underway right now. 119 new silos should appear in prov. Gansu and about 110 more installations are deployed in Hami district - in total approx. 230 units Apparently, this time we are talking about full-fledged modern missile systems designed for combat duty.

According to The Military Balamce 2021, the PLA currently has at least 10 missile brigades equipped with intercontinental-class nuclear-armed systems. On duty is approx. 100 ICBMs of various types, and the basis of this group is still mobile ground complexes. Judging by the ongoing construction, the organizational structure and the numerical indicators of the missile forces will soon change upward.

Currently, the PLA missile forces receive and master the latest ICBMs "Dongfeng-41" with a firing range of 12-14 thousand km, designed for use by mobile and stationary complexes. It is very likely that two new positional areas with silos are being built just for this weapon... However, one cannot exclude the possibility of the parallel deployment of ICBMs and MRBMs for greater flexibility of the missile forces in solving various strategic tasks.

It is easy to calculate that the emergence of two new positioning areas will allow the PLA to increase the number of deployed ICBMs by 230%. At the same time, the structure of their fleet will change: PGRKs will fade into the background, and modern missiles in mines will become the basis of strategic weapons.

Comparison of construction sites in Hami, Gansu and Inner Mongolia (left to right)

It should be noted that the production of a sufficient number of ICBMs to fill 230 silos and create a warehouse stock will take a lot of time. Accordingly, for an indefinite time, some of the installations will remain empty. However, in this case, too, they will take part in strategic nuclear deterrence. Without knowing the real number of deployed missiles, their equipment and the mines involved, the likely adversary will not be able to accurately plan a disarming strike, and the PLA will retain the possibility of a full-scale response.

Strategic surprises

In recent years, China has regularly demonstrated certain achievements in the field of building its armed forces. In addition, the most interesting news of this kind are regularly received from foreign sources. In particular, it is well known what efforts have been made recently to develop strategic nuclear forces. And in recent weeks, there have been two unexpected news from this area.

For the needs of the missile forces, two positional areas are being built at once with a large number of stationary launchers. It is quite possible that the PLA plans include other similar construction projects, but abroad they do not yet know about them. If this is the case, then at any time new satellite images may appear with the next objects of an understandable purpose.

What other surprises and how much China is preparing is unknown. In the current situation, it is only clear that Beijing plans to continue building powerful and advanced nuclear forces, right up to full parity with the leading powers. This means that today's news will not be the last of its kind. And in the future it will be necessary to reconsider the assessments of the state and prospects of the PLA's strategic nuclear forces - towards quantitative and qualitative growth.
Photos used:
FAS, Google Maps

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  1. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 30 July 2021 05: 34
    China is the leader of the 21st century.
    1. knn54
      knn54 30 July 2021 06: 30
      China crept up unnoticed.
      The Celestial Empire has decided to "level the score" with the "nuclear giants".
    2. Civil
      Civil 30 July 2021 08: 21
      1. Question one. Against who?
      2. Question two. For what?
      1. AAK
        AAK 30 July 2021 09: 36
        Based on the deployment - more likely against Russia than against the USA / Japan / Taiwan, the answer to the second question is no longer needed ...
        1. bihola
          bihola 15 September 2021 00: 10
          firstly, all the Chinese do not see the Anglosucks.
          secondly, the Chinese, they will not quarrel with their neighbors.
      2. Doccor18
        Doccor18 30 July 2021 09: 53
        Quote: Civil
        1. Question one. Against who?
        2. Question two. For what?

        1. Against everyone.
        2. Trillions of economies must support "millions of bayonets", or hundreds of ICBMs ...
      3. Shopping Mall
        Shopping Mall 30 July 2021 10: 35
        Quote: Civil
        1. Question one. Against who?
        2. Question two. For what?

        1. Against everyone.
        2. In order to create strategic nuclear forces, maximally protected to the first disarming strike.

        I considered this issue - the construction of silos with light ICBMs is the most effective solution:

        Nuclear mathematics: how many nuclear charges does the United States need to destroy Russian strategic nuclear forces?

        It's amazing how actively they started working in this direction ...
        1. bayard
          bayard 30 July 2021 14: 35
          Quote: AVM
          It's amazing how actively they started working in this direction ...

          Not surprisingly, a new race for leadership has begun.
          China has created a very good TT ICBM with a launch weight of 80 tons and it is very profitable for a mine-based one. It is much more powerful than our "Yars" (and the American "Minuteman") in terms of the total power of the YaBB and in terms of throw weight. They have more than enough money, material means and resources, the rocket has already been worked out, the silo, I think, too. Now it's up to scaling. Beijing is not bound by any international treaties, so it will be able to increase the number of its strategic nuclear forces to any size it needs.
          The United States today is not capable of this, and the banal renewal (replacement of old missiles with new ones) of the existing number of its ICBMs, and especially warheads for them, is questionable, because they have not yet acquired new radiochemical capabilities.
          The Ohio-class SSBNs are also aging and decaying, and the Trident-2 SLBMs are not getting younger either.
          And what do we have as a result?
          An organized transfer of world leadership from a completely liberal and tolerant, but still white (?) Leader ... to a yellow leader, with a completely different mentality, sharpened for seizure and displacement / extermination, and not for seizure and exploitation ...
          Horseradish radish will definitely not be sweeter, but its "golden share" of the Russian Federation is consistently about ...... ... in general, it misses the last opportunity.
          Also organized and deliberate?
          Who knows - judging by the felling of Taiga and the Chinese expansion in the Far East ... judging by the involvement of governors and other officials in this business ... and in general who perceive their positions as a kind of business ... anything is possible.
          If in the near future we do not hear about the introduction of a sufficient number of MRBMs, the strengthening of aviation and the responsibility of officials, then this is how it is.
          1. Rash
            Rash 30 July 2021 18: 57
            It is much more powerful than our "Yars" (and the American "Minuteman") in terms of the total power of the YaBB and the throw weight.

            Don’t share the link?
            1. bayard
              bayard 30 July 2021 19: 30
              I do not store links, but you can google "new Chinese TT MBR" yourself, there is information on it.
              In terms of class, it is already closer to our Soviet Molodets - 108 tons, than to Yars - 46 tons.
              Has from 6 to 10 BB.
              This is serious . And they took up their deployment very seriously, they definitely will not stop at these 230 silos identified. They plan to have 1000 BB - from the statement at the last congress of the CPC. And since they will count, as we do now - one BB on the rocket, then they will deploy, if not a thousand, then at least 500. But there are also ground PU.
              The longer you pretend that nothing is happening, the worse the consequences will be. And China will sit down at the arms limitation negotiating table only on equal terms.
              And this is not just a threat to the United States. The United States does not border on China.
          2. carstorm 11
            carstorm 11 30 July 2021 22: 37
            Yes, there is no expansion of the Chinese in the Far East) it is ten times more difficult to meet a Chinese than a resident of Central Asia)))
            1. bayard
              bayard 31 July 2021 00: 17
              And who is tormenting Taiga then?
              Their expansion is economic.
              And corrupt.
              They are the ones who shoot the corrupt officials.
              And in our country, on the contrary, they cultivate.
              1. carstorm 11
                carstorm 11 31 July 2021 02: 00
                Again by. It just so happened that, for example, in Khabarovsk, it was a very profitable business to rent or buy finmas, trading places in your name and let the Chinese go there by sublease, because they were not even issued a place in the market. Forest? For 10 years I have not heard or seen that the Chinese are doing it. All ours. Native. They have less than a year to have fun and then.
                1. bayard
                  bayard 31 July 2021 03: 23
                  And what have you prescribed milk for me again? YouTube is full of videos, and my comrades served there recently ...
                  It's good that you can't see the Chinese, only they are like that textbook gopher - you can't see him, but he is.
                  1. carstorm 11
                    carstorm 11 31 July 2021 07: 12
                    Well, I'm not going to convince you. Here's a simple fact for you that there are many more Uzbeks in Khabarovsk, for example, than the Chinese. And so for a very long time. Draw conclusions yourself
                    1. bayard
                      bayard 31 July 2021 14: 23
                      Are you familiar with the ethnic composition of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Okrug (East Turkestan)?
                      So, there are 5-10 times more Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Tajiks and Kazakhs than in our former Central Asia. The fact that yours (those that you have) are Uzbeks from Uzbekistan, I understand, but horseradish radish is not always sweeter.
                      I wrote about economic expansion. Which was squeezed at a certain moment, along with the migration, which was and is, but does not strike the eye. They are not going to our cities. And they do not play.
                      Maybe you are really so confident in yourself, just look across the river. What do you see there? Millions of cities that have grown over the past 20 years, a mighty industry - the world's first economy, an army and navy that claim to be the first, one and a half billion people ... A hardworking and stubborn population.
                      And hundreds of missile silos under construction at a Stakhanov pace for an almost Soviet-class ICBM "Molodets".
                      Are you sure that this is a friendly country and ethnos for us?
                      Or is involvement in a joint (?) Business with them obscuring?
                      Look back - behind your back is a huge, but unpopulated and undeveloped territory.
                      And once again across the river.
                      And answer the question to yourself, how long will this river be an obstacle for them?
                      And what is the guarantee that this status quo is maintained?

                      Do you really think that "Russian and Chinese are brothers forever"?
                      My father's brother fought with them in Damanskoye.
                      I knew a paratrooper officer - an adviser in Vietnam, when China attacked them ... he took the Chinese language with his group then ... received the order ...
                      So they have a different opinion about the Chinese.
                      My friend took part in the preparation and conduct of the first large exercise in your region "Interaction" and served there for half his life.
                      His opinion of them is also different from your complacency.
                      And I once drove a Chinese delegation around Moscow, at the end of 1991, right after Yeltsin's coup ... I also have experience of communication.
                      Read the book of the Soviet diplomat, who worked in China for 15 - 20 years, "Breath of Dragons" (I can't remember the author), everything is well and deeply described there in a historical retrospective. Maybe the complacency will diminish.

                      Or has China shown itself to be an ally over the past 7,5 years, when sanctions were poured on the Russian Federation? No ! He joined them, closing accounts for our companies on his territory and twisting his arms in joint projects with us on prices and conditions.
                      Have you heard about the maps of "Chinese possessions" including Primorye, Sakhalin, Priamurye, Baikal and up to the Urals? Have the textbooks seen them? Have you heard about the museums of the territories occupied by Russia?

                      The article we discussed was about the deployment of new mine-based ICBM position areas. And how it matters to us.
                      The USA is their main trading partner and they (USA) are overseas.
                      But we have a common border with them for thousands of kilometers.
                      And the unsettled, undeveloped Far East and Eastern Siberia.

                      And I will repeat once again - their expansion is economic. They bribe and involve Russian officials in their business ... and Russian / Uzbek men can also cut down the forest.
                      1. carstorm 11
                        carstorm 11 31 July 2021 15: 16
                        And it was worth scribbling this footcloth ... you know what ghost towns are? Google them in China. Even according to the most conservative estimates, 64 million apartments across the country are empty. Urbanization is going wild. But they do not go to the north, but to the south))) beyond the river, the cities are growing, no doubt. Only they do not strive to live there. We have no disagreements with them at all from the word. All disputes are closed. As for the economic expansion, you probably missed the last 10 years. Even the Chinese taverns belong to the majority of Russians), of course, the situation is different in different regions. But there is no dominance of China in the Far East.
                  2. Polyssenator
                    Polyssenator 2 August 2021 05: 36
                    From the category "I myself have never been to the Far East, but the guys told me"?
                    there are still about aliens on YouTube, if that
            2. Drago
              Drago 22 September 2021 16: 43
              No, it will inevitably be.
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 30 July 2021 05: 35
    up to obtaining full parity with the leading powers
    That's it .... Slowly!
    1. Alex777
      Alex777 30 July 2021 17: 35
      American dreams of further reducing Russia's strategic nuclear weapons and tactical nuclear weapons are no longer relevant. Not that everyone will.
      The question is, how is it known that the range of Chinese missiles is 12000-14000 km? They haven't tested them for such a range, have they? hi
    2. Drago
      Drago 22 September 2021 16: 45
      How quiet? China announces all its plans to the whole world. Silent is it with us,
      where it is inconvenient for capitalists to voice and COMPARE achievements with communist China.
  3. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 30 July 2021 05: 36
    Well what can I say what At such a pace, China will soon catch up with both the United States and Russia in terms of the composition of the strategic nuclear forces.
    The unipolar world of the United States has definitely come to an end.
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 30 July 2021 06: 25
      China is the leader in controlling the population and limiting its rights and freedoms, seeing a state system like the anthill, which Mao was so enthusiastic about. Something tells me that the world will soon shudder from the arrival of such a new "leader" ... Truly, "it was a mess" ... Yes
      1. Lech from Android.
        Lech from Android. 30 July 2021 07: 09
        So far, the world is shuddering from the coming to power of the US Democrats ... over there in Afghanistan, the Taliban began to stir ... everyone became ill.
        So the world no longer needs to fear China, but the reckless US policy ... the only country that has used nuclear weapons against civilians.
      2. Doccor18
        Doccor18 30 July 2021 09: 57
        Quote: Snail N9
        Something tells me the world will soon shudder from the arrival of such a new "leader" ...

        And he will shudder and suffocate ...
        These oriental guys will stop at nothing because of the profit, having surpassed the striped ones for a long time in this regard. They themselves have been suffocating for a long time from the smog, soon we will all begin ...
        1. Snail N9
          Snail N9 30 July 2021 11: 53
          I am amazed by those who believe that the United States is to blame for all Russia's troubles. Let's start with the fact that during the Soviet era there was a competition between two systems - the capitalist and the socialist, and to be honest, it was the United States that surrendered the socialist system? Or did we ourselves bawl and strum with guitars under the walls of the Kremlin in defense of Yeltsin? Now the second is the United States absolutely honestly said, since you have exchanged socialism for capitalism of our type, then please play by our rules, which are understandable and accepted in the countries of the "civilized world", and this is quite natural. However, fartsovnya and its gbshnye protectors who seized power in the country opposed - what kind of garbage, loot should be cut according to our "gangster" rules and the dough will be more and do not care about the laws and the rest of the population, which is nothing more than "the second oil". The Americans justly pointed out to these brothers in their place, like, with such concepts, go to the forest, you are not familiar with the concept of "reputation" with satellites) we all approve of this, so change your worldview, adapt to us and then maybe in the second generation your children will be able to sit at the same table with us. But the bros were offended. How they were sent. Not by concept. And let's shake the bentzals, remember the words "hillock" (after the "cartoons"): "You didn't want to talk to us then, but now, will you talk?" What was built in Russia has nothing to do with either liberal democracy or democracy in general - it is a theocratic, clan state based not on legality and law, but on "concepts" and "permissions from above." How to deal with such a state? For the decisions of such a state are based not on the global legal framework, but on the personal agreement and conjuncture of those who are spinning around the throne. That is why Russia is an outcast state in the "civilized" world.
          1. Denis812
            Denis812 31 July 2021 11: 38
            Russia is solely to blame for all its troubles.
            All references to the fact that these "damned Americans have fucked us all" are from kindergarten. If you were deceived, outplayed, then no one but yourself is to blame for this. You are a sucker, the fate of a sucker is to be thrown. Here I completely agree with you.
            However, what is good is that Russia deliberately refused to play according to what you call "the rules of the civilized world."
            Because there is no such "civilized world". There are countries that, at this historical stage, were able to achieve better economic results for their population. And they stubbornly impose a favorable order on the whole world. Arranging wars, revolutions, maidans, bribing and so on.
            They push what is beneficial and interesting to them.
            And it is very good that something clicked in the head of Putin and Co. in time and they realized that the West is not a friend or partner at all. This is the enemy. An extremely dangerous enemy. Who has been waging a war against Russia constantly for hundreds of years.
            The enemy's fault is that he is not an enemy - the dudes are promoting their interests, they are doing the right thing. But it is absolutely impossible to be on their side, on the side of what you call the "world legislative base". We offered them. The Russian Federation even wanted to join NATO. Has conceded to the West all that is possible. And in the end they gave us a snout and pointed to our place. Well OK, we got lost. We talked it out ourselves, OK. But now this "friendship" with the West should never be repeated.
            Yes, you can trade. But all sorts of "common legal frameworks, liberal values ​​of the West and international courts" - let them play it themselves. We shouldn't be fooled by this lure again. I am not against all this as such, but NOT on the current conditions of those Western monsters whom you call the "civilized world"
    2. Vadim237
      Vadim237 30 July 2021 14: 35
      Or maybe these silos are not intended for ICBMs, but for long-range missile defense missiles and interception heights.
      1. Shishkov
        Shishkov 30 July 2021 15: 53
        Indeed, who suddenly decides to launch a massive thermonuclear strike with hundreds of ICBMs on Inner Mongolia? And China already has a ready answer ...….)))
      2. Denis812
        Denis812 31 July 2021 11: 40
        Yes Yes. And all these missile defense mines are designed to protect against a direct and obvious threat from Mongolia :)))
        1. Vadim237
          Vadim237 31 July 2021 15: 34
          And we have that ICBMs no longer fly through the North Poles? If missile defense missiles have an interception range of more than 3000 kilometers, I don't care where to build them all of China will be covered by one hell of a lot.
  4. Evil 55
    Evil 55 30 July 2021 05: 50
    China has so many sworn "friends" that silos will obviously not be superfluous .. Even with the building dome not removed, they already affect the parity and make one think.
  5. UVB
    UVB 30 July 2021 06: 04
    Kirill has talent! In each publication from the news in 2-3 lines he manages to create almost a story.
  6. _Sergei_
    _Sergei_ 30 July 2021 06: 27
    This is probably a whole missile division
    1. Denis812
      Denis812 31 July 2021 11: 46
      you underestimate the Chinese :)
      We compare, for example, 7 Guards. missile division - as many as 18 launchers. The Chinese make two missile armies at once. They will give it so that Hiroshima or Dresden seem like children's toys.
      And of course it is against us and the Americans.
      More against no one in general.
      1. Maks winter
        Maks winter 1 August 2021 11: 19
        have you forgotten about India?
        1. Denis812
          Denis812 6 August 2021 10: 35
          No, what about her?
          in place like
  7. mvg
    mvg 30 July 2021 07: 09
    Another article, drawn in the style: "Repetition is the mother of learning." Well tilted to repeat the same thing several times in the article. Modders, how can you skip such raw meat to the general obstruction? Let him learn to write, then he will exhibit ...
    1. OCefir
      OCefir 30 July 2021 08: 01
      Kirill Ryabov is a staff member of this website and the "Armament" section.
      1. mvg
        mvg 30 July 2021 08: 19
        staff member of this site

        You can be trusted to clean the floors. No need to write. Or for refresher courses. You can't draw articles like that for 10 years ... even a monkey would learn not just to copy and paste individual paragraphs from different resources, repeating topics and stretching the "news" into a 20-page article. This is a mockery of the readers. Just complete disrespect. It's called: "Cut the dough", type in more signs. Creativity in his head ended long ago.
  8. ramzay21
    ramzay21 30 July 2021 07: 45
    We can only envy the fact that China is ruled by literate people and not traitors like ours.
  9. prior
    prior 30 July 2021 09: 01
    One can imagine the "joy" of the Americans.
    Guaranteed destruction and no hint of agreement.
    The hegemon is no longer a hegemon, but rather one of the countries on the North American continent.
  10. Alecsandr
    Alecsandr 30 July 2021 09: 45
    And we blew up ours to please the West. It would be better to remain as deceiving positional areas, if the missiles were reduced. Silos are such construction costs are not five rubles.
    1. _Sergei_
      _Sergei_ 30 July 2021 10: 19
      In 1975, empty mines and ground launch sites were even blown up.
      In 1974, the USSR and the USA signed the Treaty on the Limitation of Underground Nuclear Weapons Tests and the Treaty on the Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (SALT-2).
  11. smart fellow
    smart fellow 30 July 2021 10: 03
    Several years ago, a well-known American newspaper published an article that China was preparing for a nuclear war. How? The Beijing subway is building the stations of which are allegedly located too deep underground and are protected by special steel partitions and closing gates that turn them into nuclear bunkers. The article was a type of information leak from the Pentagon and told about the US plans to deliver a preemptive nuclear strike against the PRC. At that time, the United States was still launching a campaign of pressure on the PRC. Beijing said nothing because The PRC's strategic nuclear forces were an order of magnitude inferior to the US strategic nuclear forces. The Russian Foreign Ministry then noted that the United States was implicitly threatening the PRC with a nuclear war. Now China is taking measures to equalize the nuclear potentials of the PRC and the United States. This is the serial construction of strategic nuclear submarines with JL-3, PGRK and now silos.
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 30 July 2021 13: 31
      Yes, yes, as the Russian media used to write: "China is a peace-loving state that does not claim world domination and maintains its strategic nuclear forces at a level sufficient only for defense at a minimum level." state ", but it's hard to admit your stupidity and stupidity in assessments, isn't it? Is it unpleasant to walk around in fools? Our analysts are so smart, smart analysts ...
      1. Shishkov
        Shishkov 30 July 2021 15: 58
        Silos in the modern world is always about defense. Silos is only a retaliatory or retaliatory counter strike. Disarming sudden is SSBN.
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 30 July 2021 18: 15
          Each SSBN is closely monitored by submarine interceptors with torpedoes.
          Since leaving the base, both the PL and the Poseidons have been grazing her.
          It doesn't smell like any suddenness.
          SSBN - rather, a force "to finish off", after the exchange of attacks by ground-based ICBMs.
      2. Denis812
        Denis812 31 July 2021 11: 49
        You mean such a thing, how have you heard the changes? Yesterday the Chinese had 100 missiles, tomorrow they will have a thousand. Therefore, the articles in the newspapers yesterday were about a peace-loving China, and tomorrow they will be about China, which is rapidly arming itself.
        But yes, there are some fools who for some reason believed that China would not strengthen its strategic nuclear forces and other components with nuclear weapons. Fools, of course.
  12. MinskFox
    MinskFox 30 July 2021 11: 24
    Or new mines or new points for windmills,)
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 30 July 2021 13: 25
      Yes, yes, specifically for "wind turbines" - with such a frequency of location and with hinged lids .... Yes
      1. Vadim237
        Vadim237 30 July 2021 14: 40
        Or maybe these are mines for missile defense missiles - no one knows, and why should the Chinese spend so much money on mine ICBMs when they can rivet hundreds of mobile ground-based ICBMs and it will be cheaper, and most importantly, they are maneuverable for attack.
        1. Shishkov
          Shishkov 30 July 2021 16: 02
          1. There is no need to cover missile defense in uninhabited areas. 2. PGRK is always more expensive if all factors are taken into account. 3. Only SLBMs capable of delivering a relatively sudden strike along a flat trajectory are suitable for "attack". Launching PGRK or missiles from silos leaves enough time for a retaliatory strike.
          1. Vadim237
            Vadim237 30 July 2021 21: 15
            But none of them will build 100 ICBM launchers on a small piece of territory - so that the enemy would send all its warheads there and disable most of these launchers.
            1. Shishkov
              Shishkov 31 July 2021 14: 16
              The size of the positioning area in this case is selected based on two main factors - the distance between the mines and the possibility of covering missile defense / air defense. The distance between the mines must be sufficient to make it impossible to disable two mines by detonating one enemy ICBM.
              1. Vadim237
                Vadim237 31 July 2021 15: 29
                Judging by the photographs, all these 100 mines are crowded in a small area, which means they cannot be mines of ICBMs, and yes, the Chinese themselves did not say anything about the new ICBM area about this, the Western media began to say that is, infi is a pure gag.
  13. bk0010
    bk0010 30 July 2021 20: 55
    There is an option that these are just mines, missiles will not be in all. Or even these are layouts of mines for the most part. These thoughts are suggested by the number of simultaneously created mines.
  14. businessv
    businessv 31 July 2021 16: 58
    Quote: AAK
    Based on the deployment - more likely against Russia than against the USA / Japan / Taiwan, the answer to the second question is no longer needed ...

    Interestingly, the minuses were stuck, but they didn’t bother to explain why! Who put the minuses does not know where the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is located? In the north-east of the PRC. Not in the south, not in the west, in the northeast. From there, it's a bit far to the south and west, as well as to the USA / Japan / Taiwan, which cannot be said about us, so the location area raises many questions and the minuses do not exactly answer them! wink
  15. Valentin reutov
    Valentin reutov 1 August 2021 09: 35
    according to new trends, not all mines from this huge number will be occupied by missiles, but only 10 - 20 percent. This is to increase the costs of the ATTACKER for the destruction of the less expensive forces of the DEFENDER. After all, it is impossible to say in which shaft the rocket is and where it is empty. And blows will be forced to inflict on ALL mines.
  16. Gunther
    Gunther 1 August 2021 20: 22
    Quote: Vadim237
    Judging by the photo, all these 100 mines are crowded in a small area ...

    even read the article?
    the distance between the mines is 3 km.
  17. svoit
    svoit 14 September 2021 09: 26
    Quote: AVM
    create strategic nuclear forces, maximally protected to the first disarming strike.

    I can't understand where such a strike could come from if the launch of enemy missiles is immediately tracked?
  18. Ivanushka Ivanov
    Ivanushka Ivanov 22 September 2021 17: 25
    China, China is everywhere! Just looking at a clearing geometrically in Chinese, the question arises: if something serious enters the very core of this luxury, it doesn't seem to be all right there? Therefore, I bet that these are dummies.