Izhevsk "Adjutant" - against a swarm of drones


Photo of the Kupol EEZ

The newest Russian universal target-training complex of the new generation "Adjutant", presented on the fields of the MAKS-2021 air forum, will be able not only to simulate helicopters, airplanes and cruise missiles, but also a raid of a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles.

At MAKS-2021, representatives of the IEMZ “Kupol” reported that the Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant “Kupol” will develop new modifications of the newest target complex “Adjutant”.

The creators of the "Adjutant" planned the modernization of the complex, which involves the combination of two complexes into a system under a single control, with the expansion of flying targets and the improvement of their flight performance. New targets are planned to be made faster and more maneuverable, and their new types will make it possible to simulate a swarm drones, playing out different scenarios of an air attack on covered objects.

Also, in the near future, an aircraft-type jet target and a high-speed target with a flight speed of up to 300 m / s may appear as part of the Izhevsk complex.

The Izhevsk target complex, capable of launching up to six targets into the sky at the same time, is today rightly considered the most successful target system for preparing air defense calculations.

A feature of the complex that imitates modern air attack weapons, including cruise missiles, airplanes, helicopters and drones, including the placement of all the elements necessary for operation on one chassis, as well as the reusable use of targets.

Russian targets are indeed reusable - in the event of a missile miss, they land, and then are used again. This seriously reduces the cost of training anti-aircraft gunners, and improves the quality of preparation of air defense crews.

Photo of the Kupol EEZ

At the same time, abroad are still going along the path of disposing of old anti-aircraft missiles, using them as targets for other anti-aircraft systems. However, experts believe that these outdated methods cannot simulate the complex target environment, which is necessary for training the calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems and systems at the modern level.

The Adjutant itself is a mobile complex: it is placed on a KAMAZ chassis with a trailer. In the control room there are automated places for two operators, capable of simultaneously controlling up to 6 targets, to create various scenarios of a complex air situation.

Deployment of UMTK "Adjutant" on the ground takes a trained team of military personnel less than one hour. Unlike foreign competitors, the "Adjutant" is versatile and capable of training calculations of any air defense systems.

Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol is part of the Almaz-Antey VKO concern. It is here that today the world-famous Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as a number of other products for both defense and civilian purposes, are manufactured.
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    1. -4
      28 July 2021 17: 27
      Combat training, work of l / s "in the sweat of their brow" at training grounds and simulators instead of troubles with endless holidays and parades ... The latter is only important about especially large dates and anniversaries.
      1. +4
        28 July 2021 21: 03
        The target complex imitates a swarm of drones ...
        And if 100 grams of explosives are attached to each element of the swarm, how will it differ from a real swarm?
        I remembered an old anecdote from the Second World War, where a soldier from Tula was instructed to make a false anti-aircraft gun at an airfield. During an enemy raid, he shot down two planes from a dummy.
    2. +1
      28 July 2021 17: 30
      It is necessary, important, and here it is just the reduction in price, due to the reduction in complexity, low characteristics of the seats, will come out ... sadly, in the end.
    3. +1
      28 July 2021 17: 39
      That is, if all the targets are shot down, the Adjutant scores "excellent" on the air defense system and returns to base lightly. )))
      1. 0
        28 July 2021 17: 46
        Rather, in this case follows the "Adjutant" staff - "fail" ...
    4. 0
      28 July 2021 18: 47
      So it seems like today it was already about it
      And they tell us which readers are wrong.
      Although, we can this is just for stupid readers who do not remember the first time.
    5. +2
      28 July 2021 18: 54
      I watched a demonstration of the work of a swarm of drones in the amount of 128 pieces. Permutations in an attacking order at a speed of 60 km / h, a "carousel" at almost 90 km / h, etc.
      Considering that each such "baby" weighing up to 0,5 kg easily carries a payload in the form of 45 grams of explosives for 120 minutes, and only 4 "mothers" control this swarm, then it will be very difficult to cope with it. It is not for nothing that all countries are now looking for means to combat such little scoundrels.
      1. +1
        28 July 2021 19: 28
        Quote: A. Privalov
        It is not for nothing that all countries are now looking for means to combat such little scoundrels.

        Normal countries are looking for a means of dealing with "moms" laughing , and even more normal ones have already found laughing
        1. +2
          28 July 2021 20: 07
          A film about the bleak existence of people of the future who have lost the ancient art of making windshields request
    6. +2
      28 July 2021 20: 23
      1. The title does not match the content. The target complex cannot be against a swarm of drones.
      2. A similar article has already been posted on VO.
      3. Yes, I'm a bore sad
      1. 0
        28 July 2021 22: 18
        Quote: Alexey Stepanov
        .The title does not match the content. The target complex cannot be against a swarm of drones.

        The newest Russian universal target-training complex of the new generation "Adjutant", presented on the margins of the MAKS-2021 aviation forum, will be able to not only simulate helicopters, aircraft and cruise missiles, but also the raid of a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles.
    7. 0
      28 July 2021 20: 38
      "... The" Adjutant "itself is a mobile complex: it is placed on a KAMAZ chassis with a trailer ..."
      KamAZ? belay Why is Ural-5323 in the photo ??? what
      PS These are the annoying little things that undermine the credibility of the article ...
    8. -3
      28 July 2021 20: 56
      And the launch in the form of a swarm will cost a billion. Train, I don't want to.
    9. 0
      28 July 2021 21: 00
      The title completely contradicts the content
      Not against, but instead
    10. 0
      28 July 2021 22: 24
      There are no analogues in the Milky Star System.
    11. 0
      30 July 2021 22: 21
      Quote: Author
      ... New targets are planned
      make it faster and more maneuverable, and
      their new types will allow you to simulate a swarm
      drones ..

      In this case, they may well be used to open the air defense of "partners".

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