Protection of the T-80BVM tank: basic level, new components and development prospects


The main tank T-80BV, developed in the mid-80s. The car has the most perfect booking and carries DZ

Currently, our country is carrying out a major program of modernization of the existing basic tanks T-80B according to the new project T-80BVM. This project provides for a comprehensive update of the armored vehicle and, along with other things, affects its protection. In addition to the standard armor, the T-80BVM receives some modern protective equipment during repair and modernization, and in the future it is possible to use new ones.

A basic level of

MBT T-80B was created in the mid-eighties, and one of the main goals of the project was to increase protection in comparison with previous modifications. This problem was solved by reworking the frontal barriers of the hull and turret. Later, new tools were created that improved protection.

The welded body of the T-80B is made of high-hardness armor steel. The upper frontal part is a three-layer bag with metal sheets and non-metal filler. It is installed with an inclination of 68 ° from the vertical. The cast tower received frontal protection of a similar architecture, and also retained its characteristic rounded contours.

T-80BVM at the parade in Murmansk, 2018 Using an incomplete complement of additional protection

According to reports, the frontal combined armor of the T-80B, when fired by a sub-caliber projectile, is equivalent to a homogeneous plate with a thickness of at least 450-500 mm. Protection against a cumulative projectile is similar to a part with a thickness of 650-700 mm.

In the first half of the eighties, the updated MBT T-80BV was created. This time, the survivability was increased due to the introduction of the Kontakt-1 mounted dynamic protection. Its blocks are located on the VLD of the hull, as well as on the forehead, cheekbones and the roof of the tower. The presence of DZ sharply reduces the effectiveness of the attacking projectile, regardless of its type. In the same period, an improved T-80U appeared with a new reinforced turret.

Project "BVM"

The modern T-80BVM modernization project offers the preservation of the standard armor of the hull and turret, which allows you not to rebuild the hull and turret, getting hefty savings. At the same time, the existing housing is complemented by a number of modern protective equipment, mainly for external mounting. It is important that such measures have led to an increase in the resistance not only of the frontal, but also of other projections.

Tanks T-80BVM on Red Square, 2020

Instead of the obsolete "Contact-1", the T-80BVM is equipped with a modern "Relic" -type DZ. The blocks of this system, which have different sizes and shapes, are installed on the VLD of the hull, as well as on the frontal part and on the roof of the tower. The Relikt DZ uses a new principle of influencing the attacking ammunition, which provides a significant increase in performance. In addition, the optimized shape of the protective element allows an increase in the covered area of ​​the tower.

It should be noted that the Relikt DZ is used not only on the T-80BVM. This system is also used on a number of other modern armored vehicles - T-72B3, T-90M, BMPT and their modifications. Thus, the unification of all main samples is achieved both in hulls and chassis, and in additional protection means. This provides well-known operational and modernization advantages.

The aft parts of the hull and turret have relatively thin armor with a limited level of protection. To compensate for this deficiency, the BVM project uses lattice screens that can deal with cumulative ammunition.

It is curious that combat units do not always use all the new capabilities of the modernized T-80BVM. Thus, the Ministry of Defense regularly publishes photos and videos from various exercises, and often the tanks involved lack all additional protective equipment. Most often, feed grates are removed from machines - probably due to the absence of real threats and the risk of damage to them.

Promising components

Modernization according to the T-80BVM project will allow the existing T-80B / BV MBTs to be retained in the army for a long time. In the medium or long term, such tanks will be able to undergo new upgrades aimed at improving the main characteristics, incl. level of protection. As far as we know, work on the creation of new means of protection has already begun.

Obviously, in future upgrades, the T-80BVM will retain the standard hull and turret with the existing level of protection. Their replacement or modernization is meaningless for technical and economic reasons. At the same time, one should expect the replacement of individual components of the external hinged protection, as well as the introduction of new devices mounted outside and inside.

Tanks in training

It is not known how long the Relikt DZ will be used, and whether it will be replaced by a new model of the same class. However, it is already reported about the development of a new reactive armor to complement the "Relic". From 2018-19 the original version of the DZ is being tested to enhance the side projection of the tank. Unlike "Contact" or "Relic", blocks of such protection are made not in metal cases, but in soft cases.

For many years, the issue of equipping combat MBT with active protection complexes has been discussed. Now it is proposed to fill this niche with the modern Arena-M KAZ, which has ample opportunities and high performance. However, the actual work on equipping the T-80BVM with new KAZ has not yet been reported.

Recently, the troops noticed a new means of protecting a tank from an attack from the upper hemisphere - the so-called. "Sun shade". Lattice units with and without textile elements are so far installed only on T-72B3 tanks. Perhaps, in the future, similar products will be introduced on the modernized T-80BVM.

Last fall, domestic media reported on the development of a new means of protection designed to deal with mines. In the future, it can be included in the equipment complex of modern tanks, including the T-80BVM. The Lesochek electronic warfare complex will detect and suppress the channels for controlling explosive devices. The complex is proposed to be performed in tank, wearable and stationary versions. No technical details have yet been disclosed.

Development processes

The development of the future T-80 started in the sixties, and since then a large number of modifications of this MBT have been created with various features. As the design developed, new solutions were introduced in the field of booking and additional protective equipment. As recent reports show, the process of development of protection has not stopped until now.

It should be recalled that the development of their own armor for T-80 tanks actually stopped by the mid-eighties - after the creation of modifications of the T-80B and T-80U. Their armor is still in use and does not undergo changes due to its high characteristics and the inexpediency of replacing them. A further increase in the protection and survivability of the T-80 was carried out only through the introduction of new attachments.

Protection of the T-80BVM tank: basic level, new components and development prospects

One of the T-80BVMs transferred to part of the Eastern Military District in April 2021.

It is this method of modernization that is used in the latest T-80BVM project, recently brought to the series. Keeping the standard hull and turret, the tank of this model receives modern attachments - dynamic and lattice protection. In the future, such products may be supplemented with new active agents. They will be the Arena-M KAZ and the Lesochek electronic warfare system.

However, the modernization of the BVM project has some ambiguous features. Thus, the preservation of the old armor of the hull and turret limits the possible level of general protection and survivability. DZ "Relikt" was created in the middle of the two thousandth years, and may not meet the challenges in the form of promising anti-tank ammunition. The introduction of active means of protection is also questionable - despite all the successes, they have not yet entered the troops.

Despite all the difficulties, the complex problem of protecting the tank from all expected threats receives the same complex solution. At the same time, not only urgent tasks are being solved, but also a reserve for the future is being created. The modern T-80BVM shows increased protection characteristics and meets the requirements. At the same time, such a modernization affects not only the updated T-80B. Other domestic MBTs are undergoing a similar update, which in total gives an obvious positive result for the army.
  • Ryabov Kirill
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation,
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    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. +2
    27 July 2021 04: 53
    The main tank T-80BV, developed in the mid-80s. The car has the most perfect booking and carries DZ
    This thesis is not true. In this regard, the T-80BV tank is much inferior to the T-80U and T-72B ...
    1. +14
      27 July 2021 06: 52
      Quote: svp67
      In this regard, the T-80BV tank is much inferior to the T-80U and T-72B ...

      Work on the comprehensive modernization of the T-80BV tank (ROC "Motobol") was carried out in 2006-2008. Almost all components of the combat vehicle underwent modernization, with the exception of armored structures. OJSC "Spetsmash" together with co-executors developed design documentation and assembled a prototype of the modernized T-80BM tank. Direct assembly was carried out at the facilities of 61 armored personnel carriers. The upgraded T-80BM tank with the 1A45 fire control system would have increased (in relation to the T-80U and T-90 tanks) indicators of the main combat properties: firepower and security (integration of dynamic, active and individual protection, the use of mine protection and deforming painting).
      The T-80BM had outstanding characteristics, surpassing in many respects the modernized Ural T-72 B2 tank. ... However, further work on the T-80BM was stopped by the decision of the GABTU in 2008. After 10 years, we see that almost none of these proposals in the series have been implemented. The upgraded T-80BVM tank only partially uses the modernization reserve that Spetsmash had at the beginning of 2009. The complete set of the T-80BVM, judging by the images provided by the RF Ministry of Defense, is even poorer.

      1. +8
        27 July 2021 09: 25
        The modernized T-80BVM tank only partially uses that modernization reserve

        Namely, I already wrote on VO more than once about fiberglass both on VLD and onboard 110-mm
        change to,
        110mm Silicon Carbide - Equivalent to 440mm
        110mm boron carbide - equivalent to 880mm
        + 80-mm board + DZ Relic equivalent to 400-mm
        At right angles, we get a durability of at least 920 mm - hold the Bassoon
        boron carbide 1360 mm side-by-side - Chrysanthemum
    2. 0
      28 July 2021 05: 01
      How many of them are there? From 2018 to the end of 2021, according to the plan of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 31 tanks were to be repaired and modernized. Battalion. That's all
  3. +4
    27 July 2021 09: 12
    I wonder what will happen when the Soviet tanks run out, develop a resource?
    1. +6
      27 July 2021 10: 08
      Don't you know that, as promised in 2015, already from 2020. armed with 2300 Armata ... =)
      No, haven't you seen or heard? I also. And they are! =))
    2. +4
      27 July 2021 12: 53
      Quote: Iskandar Galliamov
      I wonder what will happen when the Soviet tanks run out, develop a resource?

      Then the Ministry of Defense will once again butt with UVZ over the price of the T-90.
      In our country, unlike some, the full cycle of tank production "from scratch" has been preserved. smile
    3. 0
      27 July 2021 13: 32
      Soviet tanks have a peculiarity, they do not end
      1. 0
        27 July 2021 18: 48
        Well then they will become obsolete
  4. +7
    27 July 2021 12: 09
    On the T-72B3 there is only EDZ 4S23 from the "Relikt" airborne vehicle (and even then not all of them), but since they are not in their own boxes, but in the K-5 hull, it does not fully act as a "Relic". At "R" the back plate is being shot to finish off the cum jet or the BOPS core.
    Saving. Not the sons of the generals will sit in the tanks,
    Second point. The tankers have two slings on the top of the uniform for which the tanker can be quickly pulled out of the tank, as will happen with the idiotic roof made of iron and sandbags I xs. Take a close look at the video about the Hero of the Russian Federation Oleg Aleksandrovich Kaskov.
    1. +9
      27 July 2021 13: 34
      In fact, many sons of generals fought in reality and died, so there is no need for one size fits all
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. +5
    27 July 2021 12: 12
    Quote: Nikolaevich I
    However, further work on the T-80BM was stopped by the decision of the GABTU in 2008.

    This year, Taburtkin closed R&D Voshchin-2 and R&D "Natural" (manufactured by GMP for VAT and BTT) + R&D "Celina" (creation of tires)
  7. +1
    27 July 2021 14: 11
    Apparently, the development of tanks in the army is not so priority for our generalissimos, if the upgrades are carried out at this level, the engine power has not increased significantly, the KAZ still does not exist, as well as ponarams, the Relic is definitely a relic, at least made the anti-aircraft machine gun remote control? and there is not enough Armata yet.
    1. 0
      27 July 2021 18: 56
      Well, first of all, you need to upgrade everything to the B3 level, give people work, cut money, take beautiful photos. And then do it a second time, but with a KAZ and a panorama ........ And then in a circle
      1. 0
        27 March 2022 09: 22
        well, they spent (thrown away) funds for the modernization of junk that has long been inconsistent with modern realities!
    2. 0
      22 August 2021 09: 35
      We urgently need to develop a new diesel engine. Riding the descendants of B-2 is idiocy. Moreover, 12N360 also does not meet many requirements, in particular for maintainability. It is necessary to purposefully conduct the development of both GMF and diesel engines. We don't have this. KAZ if the RF Ministry of Defense "gives birth" will be delivered. But the engine is the weak side of our tanks, like the transmission. I hope it is not necessary to say that the T-64 family tanks turn with one goose, and not two like Western tanks, this can be said not critical, but with such a turn (with one goose) there is a skid of the car to the side.
  8. +1
    27 July 2021 15: 48
    The first task is to equip all Russian tanks with active protection during modernization. The second is to modernize as much as possible, without postponing something for later. The third is to finally launch the Armatu series.
    1. -1
      27 July 2021 16: 23
      There are no such pennies. Because that's how it is.
      1. 0
        27 July 2021 18: 58
        Quote: FireLake
        There are no such pennies. Because that's how it is.

        You can waste money thoughtlessly. As in the USSR. And you can approach rearmament carefully. This is for you not your svidoukraYna for pennies!
        1. -1
          27 July 2021 19: 06
          Ukraine finally does not care. Russia does not have the money to bring the Armed Forces to a common denominator and create standard equipment in all types of armed forces. This is apparently from the excess of money. It would be interesting to calculate the savings from typing all everything except the fleet (there are large cycles, so we put it out of parentheses)
          1. +1
            3 August 2021 12: 31
            And here is the topic in the bazaars, the more truthful you speak about reality, the more you are a sucker. Cons for comments, etc. Children live in fantasies of what to take from them.
            And so the truth is uterus: three MBTs as in the USSR, three BMPs (taking into account the idiotic modernization of the BMP-1), I generally keep quiet about the equipment and weapons of the infantry.
            The same AK-12 went to the troops in a truncated form.
            1. 0
              6 August 2021 01: 02
              The military representative told me about 7 types of tanks. Since even the armor is different for different modifications ... as well as attachments. In short, from his words, a fierce venigret ...
              1. +1
                17 August 2021 07: 39
                Yes, some T-72B3s were cut out of the T-72AV. Well what to talk about ...

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