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Flood in the heart of Europe: new victims of global warming



The lucky ones survived

Western Europe is a real national catastrophe. Intense rains lasting several days caused giant floods in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland. The rivers have also filled in Switzerland, but have not yet caused destruction.

In Germany, the lands of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia fell under the main blow. The intensity of rainfall in these regions is amazing - in less than a day, up to 150 liters of water poured out per square meter. In the current century, Germany has already been flooded with rain. In 2002, there was the "flood of the century", in which 21 people died. As it turned out, the real flood happened in 2021 - about 180 deaths in four countries, and the sad list will grow every day. In total, there are about 2 thousand missing persons. Judging by the pictures from the sites of the tragedy, on July 14-17, flood flows not only made sense of the streets of European cities, but also changed the landscape of the regions beyond recognition. Huge ravines gape at the site of highways and city blocks.

A giant crater on the outskirts of Erfstadt. Source:

The city of Erftstadt, the worst-hit German city, absorbed millions of tons of flood waters from the Erft River in a matter of minutes. As a result, entire residential areas were washed away along with houses, and a giant crater formed in their place. The disaster was approaching so rapidly that the local authorities did not have time to notify the residents, or to de-energize the buildings, or to turn off the gas supply. Gas transmission lines destroyed in the region pose a serious danger to the work of rescuers. Many settlements remain cut off from the mainland - autobahns, bridges and even footpaths have been destroyed. The real quintessence of the catastrophe that took place in the heart of Europe is the words of a local resident:

"The lucky ones survived."

The prime ministers of the Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia states also echo the inhabitants, calling the incident a catastrophe of historic proportions.

Destroyed by the elements of West Germany. Source:

The chronicles of the unfolding element are like military operations. The rural district of Ahrweiler is among the hardest hit in West Germany. At least 50 people died here, 12 of whom lived in a disabled home.

In the Netherlands, the city of Venlo, with a population of 100, has suffered the most. In the province of Limburg, residents have fled their homes due to streams of water bursting through the local dam. July 20 is declared a day of national mourning in neighboring Belgium. At its most disastrous in stories the country's natural disaster killed 27 people.

On Thursday, July 15, the supply of kerosene through a fuel line stretching from Germany was interrupted. The Central European Pipeline System (CEPS) was built in the 50s by NATO specialists for defense purposes. It now supplies kerosene to the air harbors of Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Zurich. The gust that happened in the German Echternacherbrück was quickly patched up by July 16.

In Germany, the Bundeswehr was the first to come to the rescue. Since July 14, 540 troops have been clearing rubble, evacuating casualties and conducting search operations in North Rhine-Westphalia. About 300 people work in Rhineland-Palatinate and another 100 fighters in Bavaria. Heavy equipment is widely used - for example, the 371st armored battalion was relocated to the Ar valley of the Rhineland-Palatinate.

System Failure

After the first shock in Germany, it was time to find the culprit. First of all, they blamed the Ministry of the Interior, headed by Horst Seehover. According to the Free Democratic Party:

"The painting represents a major systemic failure for which Federal Minister of the Interior Seehofer bears direct personal responsibility."

The minister is accused of insufficient promptness in notifying the civilian population of the impending disaster. The Social Democratic Party of Germany compared the incident with the coronavirus pandemic. Two emergencies showed the unpreparedness of the emergency services of the Federal Republic of Germany for modern challenges.

The Bundeswehr has recruited nearly 1000 troops to deal with the aftermath of the flood. Source:

German officials as best they can fend off accusations of imprudence. Armin Schuster, head of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (analogous to our Ministry of Emergencies), said on July 18 that "the German meteorological service has issued a sufficient warning." But the federal minister could not answer the question in which cities from the disaster zone the emergency siren managed to go off.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, who recently visited the city of Eifel in the flood-affected Ahr Valley, calls for large-scale conclusions from the disaster. From Merkel's words, it is clear that Germany will set a course for even more "greening" the economy:

“We will confront this force of nature - in the short, medium and long term, with policies that are more responsive to nature and climate than we have done in recent years.”

During this week, the German government will accept an unprecedented package of aid to victims of the natural disaster. Next in line is an equally impressive program to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure of the German provinces. The amount of funds will have to be withdrawn from the budget is not even predicted yet.

Armin Laschet in a disaster area. Source:

It is interesting how the increased public attention to the consequences of the tragedy can ruin a political career overnight.

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet effectively buried his chances of becoming a leader when he was caught in a video camera, bursting with laughter. And all would be fine if the cameras at this time did not shoot the apology of the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier to the German nation. Laughing Lashet with his retinue very characteristically set off the words of the president:

“We grieve with those who have lost their families, friends, family members. Your destiny breaks our hearts. "

Then, of course, Laschet will write on social networks about the inappropriateness of this, but this clearly did not smooth out the general negative background to his figure. The disadvantages in the political karma of the candidate for German chancellor add to the lack of attention to environmental issues. Lasher is focused on German industry as the main locomotive of the country's economy. Large-scale flooding, the causes of which are associated with anthropogenic global warming, could cost the CDU party dearly.

Warm, warmer

The gradual warming up of the atmosphere becomes the cause of natural disasters. According to the researchers, since the beginning of the 1th century, the global temperature has increased by 3 degree, and by the end of this century there is a risk of growth by another 4-7 degrees. Simple processes of global physics play a role here - hotter air contains more moisture, which increases the intensity of precipitation. The atmosphere now accumulates 120% more water than XNUMX years ago. For a long time, the main horror story of the greenhouse effect was the gradual rise in sea level. The lowlands of the globe were in awe of the prospect of becoming the bottom of the world's oceans. But each forecast drew the date of the coming apocalypse at the end of the current century. That is, most people living now will not have to contemplate the hypothetical death of European civilization. This clearly calmed some, but the catastrophe that happened in Western Europe will sober up many.

Heavy equipment against the consequences of the disaster. Source:

The rise in air temperature in some regions provokes super showers, and in others - deadly heat.

The beginning of July in North America was the hottest on record. In Canada, not accustomed to the heat, several hundred people died from the abnormal temperature. The final results of the mortality rate of the July heat will be summed up much later, when comparative numbers of excess mortality will appear. So, in the summer of 2003, the deadly heat in Europe claimed at least 70 thousand lives, which became known only five years later. The initial estimates did not exceed 30 thousand. In 2010, the record heat caused the premature death of about 55 thousand people in Russia.

Showers in Western Europe are part of a series of extreme effects of global warming that may well be repeated anywhere in the world. For example, the resort town of Sochi, bathed in rains a few weeks earlier, belongs to the same causal relationship. The only question is the anthropogenic origin of the global temperature rise. There is still no definite answer to this, however, the German leadership does not stop it at all.

In the very near future, the Bundestag will announce new measures to reduce Germany's carbon footprint. The matter may well come to the pressure of sanctions on the persistent violators of the global equilibrium of carbon dioxide. However, such a reaction is unlikely to protect against new natural disasters. Decades of the "green transition" did not affect the intensity of cataclysms in any way - every year more and more people die from the consequences of extreme heat, hurricanes and precipitation. Humanity definitely overestimates both its negative impact on global climatic processes and the very ability to stop the warming up of the Earth.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 20 July 2021 03: 52
    In reports from Europe, one of the reasons for the death of people mentioned was that they were hiding in basements, is this how the alert worked? A reasonable measure against a hurricane, but not against a flood! Although the stupidity of the journalist may be to blame, or the translation is clumsy.
    1. Avior
      Avior 20 July 2021 05: 33
      In the Czech Republic, I once received an SMS about a storm warning.
      Perhaps it was in this case as well - standard storm warnings.
      And when the floods began, it was too late.
      1. carstorm 11
        carstorm 11 20 July 2021 05: 52
        FIG knows. Our Ministry of Emergency Situations constantly sends SMS about any risks such as these.
        Ministry of Emergency Situations: according to inf. UGMS 04-05.06 in the southern and part of the central regions of the Khabarovsk Territory it rains, downpours in places. The risk of flooding, road erosion, violations at energy facilities increases. Tel. 112.
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 20 July 2021 06: 08
          I am horrified by such manifestations of natural elements!
          Over 2000 people missing! Not to mention the large number of those already killed!
          And how many animals in general died - domestic and wild - no one even counted and it is still useless to count!
          In general, a tragedy!

          My most sincere condolences to all those affected by the natural disaster!
        2. dauria
          dauria 20 July 2021 11: 32
          Our Ministry of Emergency Situations constantly sends SMS about any risks such as these.

          They send ... to such an extent often and unreasonably that people just stop taking them seriously. Sometimes it seems that this is the insurance of officials from lawsuits. Like, "You were warned"
          1. carstorm 11
            carstorm 11 20 July 2021 11: 37
            At this point, how someone perceives. It's better to perebzdit here ...
            1. mmaxx
              mmaxx 21 July 2021 05: 58
              Yes, really got these warnings. "In some places (!!) in the region there will be something there." This area is the size of several European countries.
              And what is the point in such warnings?
              1. carstorm 11
                carstorm 11 21 July 2021 06: 12
                Well, people also live in those places. And to know in which area of ​​the region you live, I think everyone is able)
                1. mmaxx
                  mmaxx 21 July 2021 06: 16
                  Duc, damn it, that's how they write - in places. Irkutsk region. You can take a look.
                  What places? We have only 2 million people on this territory. And so ... taiga and bears with chipmunks
                  1. carstorm 11
                    carstorm 11 21 July 2021 06: 19
                    The forecast is therefore called FORECAST) But as you can see, in the case of the Germans, having such a forecast and plus their mentality, the victims would be much less.
        3. bk316
          bk316 20 July 2021 23: 16
          I look at the photo of Erftstadt. Some kind of horror and you can't get out.
          This is how no mountains, volcanoes, seas with tsunamis lived ...
          Sorry for the people.
    2. Vend
      Vend 20 July 2021 09: 04
      They will again trample a drowned car in Russia for a penny.
      1. 210ox
        210ox 20 July 2021 09: 43
        The Balts will podshamanit and trample for dearly.
        1. TANKISTONE
          TANKISTONE 21 July 2021 09: 29
          210query (Dmitry)

          The Balts will podshamanit and trample for dearly.
    3. Blacksmith 55
      Blacksmith 55 20 July 2021 10: 24
      Vladimir, they did not hide in basements, they saved their property.
      The water rose so rapidly that not everyone managed to escape.
      I am not speaking just like that, I am a witness myself. I live 25 km from Erftstadt. My house was not flooded, but if it had rained for another couple of hours at such a rate, then I would have had problems.
      I only had no internet and no bodies for a day. communication.
      Day poured like a bucket. This is not understandable for those who have not seen it themselves.
      In general, those settlements where small rivers or streams flow were severely affected. The earth was so saturated with water that it did not take in another drop. And the whole stream of water rushed into these rivers.
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 20 July 2021 10: 41
        Quote: Blacksmith 55
        Vladimir, they did not hide in basements, they saved their property.

        Well, I didn’t invent the words of a journalist. And the situation is of course terrible, the notification did not work as it should.
        1. Blacksmith 55
          Blacksmith 55 20 July 2021 10: 48
          They informed in advance, everyone knew that politicians are now nodding at each other. But no one expected that all the same there would be so much water.
          We got about 200 liters per 1 sq. M.
          Floods have occurred in Germany before, but mainly on the Rhine and Moselle rivers.
          1. Vladimir_2U
            Vladimir_2U 20 July 2021 11: 28
            Quote: Blacksmith 55
            They informed in advance, everyone knew

            Advance and how it should be is not the same thing. If there is a threat of flooding, they clearly inform about leaving on the hills and upper floors. In Russia, anyway.
            1. Blacksmith 55
              Blacksmith 55 20 July 2021 11: 52
              But no one can say for sure where and how much precipitation will fall.
              In addition, each person hopes that this will not affect him, i.e. take notifications lightly.
              Many people think: We have never had such a thing, why should I worry, everything will be fine.
              Human memory is short. People are used to a carefree life. I don’t think that anyone in Germany, and in the West in general, has more than a week's supply of food.
              The exceptions are residents from the former USSR, they are taught by the experience of living where it was always necessary to have a supply.
          2. A. Privalov
            A. Privalov 20 July 2021 14: 04
            Quote: smith 55
            They informed in advance, everyone knew that politicians are now nodding at each other. But no one expected that all the same there would be so much water.
            We got about 200 liters per 1 sq. M.
            Floods have occurred in Germany before, but mainly on the Rhine and Moselle rivers.

            I can imagine! This is 200 mm per m2 - almost a quarter of the annual rate.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 20 July 2021 03: 53
    The trouble is the same for everyone ... Condolences.
    By the way, the Darkest One sent telegrams of condolences to the Germans and the Belgians. But they sent something like that to us - after all, we also drown, it burns ... request
    1. lucul
      lucul 20 July 2021 09: 51
      The trouble is the same for everyone ...

      Wow ...
      And some say that the ability to swim is not needed by the armored personnel carrier.
  3. Cowbra
    Cowbra 20 July 2021 04: 00
    What happens when, instead of developing social services, there is a blizzard about BLM and green energy. I will upset the idiots if the entire planet switches to solar and wind energy, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will not change - carbon dioxide mainly comes from the oceans, and mankind produces no more than 4% of the input from the ocean, so the flood in Germany is in principle will never affect
    1. Kote Pan Kokhanka
      Kote Pan Kokhanka 20 July 2021 05: 35
      A little more complicated!
      In most of these disasters, it is unwise human intervention in the natural landscape.

      The city of Nizhnie Sergi, Sverdlovsk region. (Last summer). River Zastavka, which chickens ford in summer due to torrential rains, demolished several houses, three bridges and a bunch of garages.
      The official version is to blame for the local residents who did not observe the natural protection zone. The fact that the cause of the flood was the blockage of the below standing bridges from the construction of the city recreation area downstream, no one recalls. This year, the recreation area mentioned in the sue has already been heated twice. The roads made by the municipality are being washed out. One road bridge in the upper reaches of the river was almost broken by ice in the spring.
      But the authorities are successfully fighting garages and flocks of local residents. Fundamentally not noticing the reason for the flood in the form of an artificial narrowing of the mouth of the Zastavka when it flows into the Serga River.
      Well, somewhere like that.
      By the way, our ancestors knew about the insidiousness of the mountain rivers and therefore in most cases put their homes in gardens.
      1. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 20 July 2021 09: 58
        But the authorities are successfully fighting garages and flocks of local residents. Fundamentally not noticing the reason for the flood in the form of an artificial narrowing of the mouth of the Zastavka when it flows into the Serga River.
        Well, somewhere like that.
        And so in everything. Remember the annual epic of flooding during the ice drift on Siberian rivers? In the terrible USSR, there was a special service to prevent the formation of ice jams and, accordingly, flooding. It was eliminated and deep rivers flowed through the streets of cities, towns and villages. Rivers of money began to flow into the pockets of the "flood restorers". In Europe the same thing, only there has not been such a natural "gesheft" for a long time. And on the grief and death of ordinary people, officials do not care, the main thing is to fill their pockets, and in what way, they do not care. CAPITALISM.
        1. Galleon
          Galleon 20 July 2021 11: 03
          As an illustration of what you said: in the mid-nineties, I witnessed how bomber aircraft were used in the Vaninsky region to avoid a flood on the Tumnin River: if the ice drift did not start before May 2, there would be a flood. Therefore, the local authorities knew about this, followed and asked for help from the military. And there was no Ministry of Emergency Situations, it was a long time ago. Maybe people here and call aviation - to solve the problem with artificial narrowing? (joke)
          1. Akuzenka
            Akuzenka 20 July 2021 12: 27
            This is superfluous !!! laughing Why a bomb, if you can get by with an excavator, a crowbar and some kind of mother.
            1. Region-25.rus
              Region-25.rus 24 July 2021 13: 27
              what a bomb if you can get by with an excavator

              Do you know what kind of relief there is in general? I inform you - there is a deaf taiga. Steep hills. I spent three months there with my comrades during military service. On one of the tributaries of the Tumnin river. So when we were thrown to a place in the Ural, we were shaking in the back all day. Because there is not a road but a purely direction. When the red fish went to spawn, we fished with raving, gutted, stuffed standard army duffel bags to the eyeballs and dragged them to the top of the hill for the winter quarters, where we lived. So it took forty minutes to get up with such a load. There is also a Mosinovsky carbine around the neck, and you wedge it between the trees during rest, so as not to slide down. For the angles of the slopes are very steep. And how do you expect to deliver equipment to that wilderness? People, deliver supplies and stuff?
              a crowbar and some kind of mother.
              it is immediately clear what it means to work with a crowbar you know little. And what is the productivity at the same time. And R. Tumnin is far from a trickle.
          2. Region-25.rus
            Region-25.rus 24 July 2021 13: 19
            Probably from the "Stone Brook" bombed. Our division seems to be the closest. Served April 1992 - October 1993 soldier
            1. Galleon
              Galleon 24 July 2021 23: 10
              I don't know where they bombed from. In 93 he finished his service in the Testaments of Ilyich and worked for a year and a half at the Vanino timber industrial complex. drinks
              I still remember about Tumnin: in 94, at the beginning of summer, our Khabarovsk train stood in Vysokogorny for almost a day, waiting for permission to travel after the flood. So in the river valley, flood debris was on the branches of trees at a height of about 5 meters above the water, so the water rose. Strengths.
              1. Region-25.rus
                Region-25.rus 25 July 2021 09: 36
                I only saw traces of floods in the taiga)) We stuck there in the summer. But in some places there was a "fin" hanging on the trees (I was then perplexed - "did the bears throw it?" laughing )
                And only later did I understand why the "soles" of the hills looked somehow strange, the trees were generally undersized and so on.
                and then whoever offers to fight her with a "crowbar and such and such a mother" drinks
      2. Dmitry V.
        Dmitry V. 20 July 2021 10: 12
        Quote: Kote pane Kohanka
        By the way, our ancestors knew about the insidiousness of the mountain rivers and therefore in most cases put their homes in gardens.

        The Italians wisely built houses on the tops of the hills, although the reason was not the floods - the view made it possible to timely detect the invasion of enemies or robbers, which made it possible to take refuge in the nearest castillo.
      3. psiho117
        psiho117 22 July 2021 19: 25
        Quote: Kote pane Kohanka
        our ancestors knew about the insidiousness of the mountain rivers and therefore in most cases put their houses with vegetable gardens.

        These are not only ancestors, and not only on mountain rivers - always first a vegetable garden, then a house. The garden needs moisture, but the house with a cellar does not wassat
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 20 July 2021 05: 43
    It would rain, already 24, in the afternoon they promised
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 20 July 2021 06: 31

      parusnik (Alexey Bogomazov)
      Today, 05: 43
      It would rain, already 24, in the afternoon they promised
      at 7-30 it was on the meteorological speedometer! wink , 35 Celsius. With a plus, of course.
  5. riwas
    riwas 20 July 2021 06: 16
    So the floods came to Europe. She will have to rebuild under these conditions and live in a new way. In general, a person thinks little about the future - he builds houses near volcanoes, on periodically flooded floodplains.
    1. VORON538
      VORON538 20 July 2021 15: 01
      Unfortunately this is so. This year, our Blagoveshchensk, on the Amur, was shown on TV again in connection with another flood. Amur showed its character, and although the levels on Blagoe did not reach the predicted ones, Vladimirovka, a small village in the Zeya floodplain, again got It seems that after 2013 they had to realize something and stop building cottages, but no, in general, although a lot of water has gone away for several weeks, new lakes with houses have appeared along the floodplain. rains, we are waiting for Zeya to rise. Vladimirovka will again drown. By the way, upstream Chernyaevo, Sergeevka and other villages flooded well, but they showed mostly cottages in Vladimirovka. ...
  6. Per se.
    Per se. 20 July 2021 06: 44
    In the very near future, the Bundestag will announce new measures to reduce the German carbon footprint.
    It would be better if the Bundestag announced a trial on the American system of irradiators of the HAARP ionosphere, which were erected in Alaska and Greenland.

    In our country, the heat in 2010 subsided only after the "colleagues" in Alaska had a malfunction in the system, it was turned off, and cyclones immediately passed to Russia. It is interesting to hear how the weather forecast mentioned the formation of hot air masses in the upper atmosphere.
    Everyone is assured that the system works in purely scientific research, in the name of peace and humanism, obviously, just like the development of biological laboratories that gave birth to COVID 19 and its enhanced ("mutated") versions.
    1. Katiusha
      Katiusha 21 July 2021 16: 15
      In our country, the heat in 2010 subsided only after the "colleagues" in Alaska had a malfunction in the system, it was turned off, and cyclones immediately passed to Russia. It is interesting to hear how the weather forecast mentioned the formation of hot air masses in the upper atmosphere.

      I also remember the heat wave of 2010.
      Now everything looks much more like a climate weapon.
      All videos from different countries - almost simultaneously and like a carbon copy. And most importantly, how on time: to "pacify" the gas-unbending Germans, and to blow up the arrogance of the Chinese. And to raise the globalist green liberals to a new info-wave. And as a result, if you do not close the North and South Streams, then significantly reduce the price due to the "green tax" on "harmful" classical energy sources.
      But the main thing is what a "clean" weapon, no one has any suspicions and plans for asymmetrical responses.
    2. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 21 July 2021 21: 06
      Haarp closed in 2014. He had nothing to do with climate change.
      Studied telecommunications in the ionosphere.
      1. Per se.
        Per se. 22 July 2021 06: 48
        Quote: voyaka uh
        Haarp closed in 2014
        Officially closed, but no one has dismantled it. Even reassignment and excursions do not mean that the object is completely disabled, that the work has been stopped, and not frozen. In addition to Alaska, there is an object in Greenland, maybe somewhere else, without advertising. In any case, no one refused to influence the weather, as well as from the development of viruses.
    3. mole
      mole 22 July 2021 06: 05
      And here is HAARP, when the floor of Siberia is "mowed down". Satellite images to help disbelievers.
  7. nikvic46
    nikvic46 20 July 2021 06: 49
    Even if a warning had been triggered, little would have changed. No one expected such force of the elements. After all, it is not enough to warn, you also need to indicate the direction of the evacuation. Whether someone wants or does not want, but it is necessary to change the funding specifically for the fight against weather anomalies. It is also good that this catastrophe did not hit any object that would bring considerable trouble to the whole of Europe.
  8. igorra
    igorra 20 July 2021 07: 29
    Maybe He is starting to cleanse the tolerant West? Well, we go by a trailer, all the same we live on the same planet.
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 20 July 2021 07: 49
      Quote: igorra
      Maybe He is starting to cleanse the tolerant West? Well, we go by a trailer, all the same we live on the same planet.

      Personally, I am more worried about the drought in Russia. Can you imagine what's going on in the fields?
      1. bk316
        bk316 20 July 2021 23: 19
        Personally, I am more worried about the drought in Russia. P

        Yes, it seems like it started raining ...
        1. Mordvin 3
          Mordvin 3 20 July 2021 23: 29
          I'm in the Tula region, I don't see any rain. As a kid, he often traveled to state farms, my dad was a machine operator, so he was familiar with agricultural workers.
          I think we need to buy flour and a bread maker. Wheat will burn nafig if the weather is like this.
          1. bk316
            bk316 20 July 2021 23: 34
            And in Tverskaya it has been pouring for a week now and it got colder.
            1. Mordvin 3
              Mordvin 3 20 July 2021 23: 43
              From tomorrow, we expect a temperature drop of up to 22 degrees, and a little rain, and then again the heat will be established. Everyone walks like boiled crayfish. Not the weather, but the devil knows what. Today was plus 28. And so for almost a month.
  9. nikvic46
    nikvic46 20 July 2021 08: 08
    Gradually, science gives its rule to officials and politicians. Second, scientists predict long-term warming, when it settles. After all, one cannot hear from anywhere what role underground waters and voids played in this tragedy. Take any party in the world, they have a very small number of scientists. And for sure, someone warned about such an element, but did not pay due attention.
  10. depressant
    depressant 20 July 2021 08: 20
    It was in the early 80s.
    My house stood on the slope of a high but gentle hill, at the very bottom. Therefore, when a catastrophic downpour passed, all the water collected by the slope gained the strength of a stormy stream just in our area, the zucchini was washed away in the garden, they rested against the neighbor's fence. A seething river was also rushing along the street at the same time. Despite the fact that the house was like on an island for a short time, everything went well for my family.
    But the neighbors were not very lucky, but already out of their own stupidity, although knowledgeable people warned them more than once. Gently, where my house stood, the hill further steeply descended to an unnamed stream. The height above sea level is not less than 20 m. These steep slopes were once densely covered with blackberry bushes and overgrown with tall trees. But people, having dismantled the land into plots, cut trees clean, uprooted stumps, destroyed bushes, made vegetable gardens there, going down to the river, built their houses at the very beginning of a sharp slope. As a result of the downpour, the slope slid down. It did not even slip, it collapsed noisily into the river in huge layers, forming a dam, and all the adjacent lower lands were flooded. The spectacle was so terrible that people from all over our city went to watch it. The slope turned into a vertical cliff of 20 meters in height, the houses resisted, but ended up on the very edge of it.
  11. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 20 July 2021 08: 36
    We change landscapes and often manually, we litter rivers, the world's oceans, cut down forests, and then we wonder why so? What is it all of a sudden? Man is the king of nature? Only, nature does not agree with this
  12. depressant
    depressant 20 July 2021 08: 45
    Suddenly, in the comments to one of the videos, I heard that a similar catastrophe happened in Germany in 1501. So it was noted somewhere in the archives? I gave a request to Yandex. Under the heading "The Catastrophic Flooding of Europe in 1501" Yandex dumped me videos of the current flooding and articles, one of which is called "This Happens Once Every 200 Years." So it does happen? But there is not a word about this in the article.
    Obviously, there are some climatic cycles about which climatologists, rummaging in the archives, have a clear idea. The temperature of the earth's atmosphere either rises, leading to a catastrophic melting of surface glaciers, then decreases, and then the glaciers grow again on land, and then another cooling cycle follows. But all this is contrary to green energy.
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 20 July 2021 09: 08
      My friend Lyudmila Yakovlevna!
      And try to type exactly "flood in Europe in 1501".
      And there will be a result! laughing
      Hello! Good morning to you!
      1. depressant
        depressant 20 July 2021 09: 45
        Good morning, dear Seryozha! )))
        I did so, and zero result!
        But here's what we managed to get.

        In July 1342, on the day of the memory of the myrrh-bearer Mary Magdalene (the Catholic and Lutheran churches celebrate it on July 22), the largest recorded flood occurred in Central Europe.

        On this day, the rivers Rhine, Moselle, Main, Danube, Weser, Werra, Unstrut, Elbe, Vltava and their tributaries flooded the surrounding lands. Many cities such as Cologne, Mainz, Frankfurt am Main, Würzburg, Regensburg, Passau and Vienna were seriously damaged.

        According to the researchers of this disaster, after a long hot and dry period, heavy rains followed, which continued for several days in a row. As a result, about half of the average annual precipitation fell. And since the extremely dry soil could not quickly absorb such an amount of water, surface runoff flooded large areas of the territory. Many buildings were destroyed and thousands of people died. And although the total death toll is unknown, it is believed that about 6 thousand people drowned in the Danube region alone.

        In addition, the summer of the following year was wet and cold, so the population was left without crops and suffered greatly from hunger. And on top of that, the plague pandemic, which took place in Asia, Europe, North Africa and the island of Greenland (Black Death) in the middle of the 1348th century, reached its peak in 1350-XNUMX, taking the lives of at least a third of the population of Central Europe.

        That is why, based on the experience of past floods, alarming opinions are already being voiced that in addition to covid, plague epidemics may begin in Europe - plague, cholera, dysentery, and others. Indeed, the infrastructure is destroyed, there is no drinking water, and people remain in their houses, even if they are dilapidated, not wanting to leave them because of the looters. Who would have thought - Europe and the marauders! And the looting, meanwhile, is often not at all poor, but quite well-off. I saw one such video.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Andobor
      Andobor 21 July 2021 14: 30
      Quote: depressant
      "This happens once every 200 years."

      This is not about cyclicality, but about probability, this is how many natural phenomena are characterized, except for floods, ice drifts of a storm, etc. at 200 years old.
      1. depressant
        depressant 21 July 2021 15: 35
        Yes, there were optimal climatic periods, but there was also a cold snap. This is how it was in medieval Europe after a long period of favorable temperatures:

        In France, chronicles since 1315 record a long-term succession of rainy seasons and low temperatures, which led to a decline and death of crops. The winter of 1322 in France and many other European countries turned out to be especially cold, and after that the weather changed completely.
        It has become more difficult to live in Europe since the XIV century. Vineyards perished, yields decreased and ripened much later - the time for harvesting bread was shifted by several weeks. May frosts (previously almost unknown in Europe), long summer rains and early autumn frosts have become commonplace. This century is the time of the crisis of the Middle Ages
  13. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 20 July 2021 09: 54
    All these dances with global warming, one of the ways to rob the world. Remember the ozone hole. The chlorofluorine-containing gases are to blame and that. The DuPont company washed its hands with these freons. Now the West has brought all its harmful products to Southeast Asia. And you will receive a carbon tax, and we are so They don't like our production and processing of hydrocarbons, they already have a grudge against us. In general, rear-wheel drive are so cunning. Can you tell me how many cm the sea level has risen? As it was in a shallow port, it remained the same in Sochi. Another region: 1972 Murmansk +32 week, 85 or 86 December 25 rain, on the site opposite the Severnoye Nagornoye shopping center we met the New Year without a snow slide, on akhsfalt. 1964 Node Sochi, the old people do not remember the month, a couple of days in winter from -14 to -16 . And there are a lot of such examples. They make a fool of us at the state level.
    1. El Barto
      El Barto 20 July 2021 13: 31
      I remember discussing the Rakovor battle. There was talk that in the 14th century the level of the Baltic Sea was 4-6 meters higher. And nothing lived like that
    2. A. Privalov
      A. Privalov 20 July 2021 14: 15
      For the past 30 years, I regularly, almost all year round, go to the beaches of the same area and observe with my own eyes. The Mediterranean Sea level has not risen in any significant way.
  14. Stepan S
    Stepan S 20 July 2021 09: 59
    Lovers of those who are allowed everything in Russia may think when they seize the banks of rivers and lakes and build housing on the very shore. But I’m probably very naive that they would pay attention to this before they float downstream.
    1. El Barto
      El Barto 20 July 2021 13: 35
      This picture from Germany shows that people settled right in the oxbow. And then they wonder how it is - the river has spilled over the old channel?

  15. Operator
    Operator 20 July 2021 10: 12
    The article is a liberoid one, aimed at misinforming Russian readers.

    The mass death of the population in western Germany, Holland and Belgium is not a natural, but a man-made disaster: streams of water demolished river dams that had not been repaired for several decades. Plus the almost complete lack of assistance to victims from the central and local authorities, doctors, police, firefighters and the military due to a reduction in funding by one or two orders of magnitude.

    EU countries are confidently turning into rogue bully
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. mmaxx
        mmaxx 21 July 2021 06: 09
        Have you seen the taiga? It burns here and there constantly. In Yakutia, there are few people and there is no one to extinguish and there is no big sense.
        1. El Barto
          El Barto 22 July 2021 10: 06
          The Clovans have no idea that forests burn on their own and without people. This is exactly how, due to fires in overmature forests, a natural renewal of the forest occurs where there is no human economic activity.

          They extinguish forest fires where they threaten settlements and the forest industry. For 1000 km from settlements, where there are no roads or people in general, it makes no sense to extinguish forest fires and is even harmful.
          Especially in Russia, where God forbid 25% of the AAC is cut down
    2. Andobor
      Andobor 21 July 2021 14: 37
      Quote: Operator
      The article is a liberoid one, aimed at misinforming Russian readers.

      Yes, they are definitely guilty of tolerast in everything, they broke the braces, they sawed the loot, they knew nature, so the demons are clattering old Europe. - And as a result, they drown in hundreds.
  16. depressant
    depressant 20 July 2021 10: 16
    And here's some more information:

    On the night of October 11-12, 1634, as a result of a storm surge caused by a hurricane wind, floods occurred in Germany and Denmark. On that night, dams burst in several places along the North Sea coast, flooding the coastal towns and communities of North Friesland.

    According to various estimates, from 8 to 15 thousand people died during the flood.

    That is, there it is regularly, with a frequency of 200 - 300 years. But people stubbornly set up their houses in such a way that with the next attack of nature everything repeats itself. How not to bet? Only in the lowlands, by the rivers, by the water. Do not drag her in buckets to the hills.
    Taking into account the possibilities of modern infrastructure and the constant trend towards flooding, it would be necessary to revise urban planning norms. But no one will move from small old towns, because such towns are tourist sites. In addition, the surrounding hills in Germany are often covered with vineyards owned by residents.
  17. depressant
    depressant 20 July 2021 10: 39
    What about floods in China?
    This is a separate song. You read and think: how did the Chinese manage to multiply to their present number with such a catastrophic nature of their territory?
    China has two large rivers, the Yangtze and the Yellow River, which, often acting together, cause seemingly irreparable damage to the population. For example, the Yangtze.

    1928 to 1930 China suffered from severe drought. But at the end of the winter of 1930, severe snowstorms began, and in the spring - incessant torrential rains and thaws, due to which the water level in the Yangtze and Huaihe rivers rose significantly. For example, in the Yangtze River in July alone, the water rose by 70 cm. As a result, the river overflowed its banks and soon reached the city of Nanjing, which at that time was the capital of China. Many people drowned and died from waterborne infectious diseases such as cholera and typhus. There are known cases of cannibalism and infanticide among desperate residents. According to Chinese sources, the flooding killed about 145 people, while Western sources claim that the death toll was between 3,7 million and 4 million. By the way, this was not the only flood in China caused by the overflowing waters of the Yangtze River. Floods also occurred in 1911 (about 100 thousand people died), in 1935 (about 142 thousand people died), in 1954 (about 30 thousand people died) and in 1998 (3 656 people died).
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 20 July 2021 10: 48
      Cheer up, Lyudmila Yakovlevna!
      Everything will work out! Over time ... or not? wink
      1. depressant
        depressant 20 July 2021 11: 03
        Seryozha, where did you get the idea that I'm discouraged?)))
        I'm on the third floor!
        If anything, the water will not reach me, the foundation of the Khrushchev and the silicate brick will somehow survive - a joke)))
        In fact, the hurricane wind is much worse. After the past, the leaves on many trees remained turned upside down. Large trees, having lost some of their branches, look wounded. Looking at them, you begin to understand how cultural pruning of branches differs from the gross trauma caused by a hurricane.
        1. Korsar4
          Korsar4 20 July 2021 23: 44
          Pruning has to be very cultured - and that's an art.
          Sometimes they cut it off in such a way that it’s scary to watch.
          1. depressant
            depressant 21 July 2021 00: 26
            Yes, for example, the park created by the oligarch Golitsyn in Krasnodar. The design project looks like a sleek layout. But a person, it happens, is so cut that it becomes a pity for the wearer of the hairstyle: who has ruffled you to shreds like that? But it is in this style, with the help of hurricanes, that the Earth is combing her hair - forests. Natural style.
            1. Korsar4
              Korsar4 21 July 2021 00: 28
              Almost a Gaia concept. Rather, the Earth is hard from people, and not from forests.
              1. depressant
                depressant 21 July 2021 01: 01
                It's hard for people themselves)))
                And the Earth from itself too. Maybe she notices us, but the main persons tormenting her are not us at all, but reservoirs. They are not united, they do not flow smoothly into one another; a sharp border often arises between them, expressed in color. There are oceans - Pacific and Atlantic, one of them is blue and the other is green. The water is immiscible. The salinity difference is 5 times. The oceans are the source of storms that traumatize the face of the Earth.
        2. Sergej1972
          Sergej1972 21 July 2021 16: 08
          A number of series of Khrushchevs, especially brick ones, have good foundations. So familiar builders spoke. I live in a brick Khrushchev, the foundation is good, but there are brick walls facing the street, in some entrances of the house on some floors in places with cracks, which is very disturbing. This usually happens after repairs, installation of plastic windows, air conditioners.
          1. depressant
            depressant 21 July 2021 16: 46
            But there are also initial construction defects. Concrete slabs were sometimes placed in the house right in a non-hardened state, my kitchen floor is like this, the corner is bent upwards. And in the western room, one of the walls is joined together from two concrete panels, so much so that they formed a noticeable angle between themselves, right in the middle of the wall. Once I could not stand it, took a hammer and for two weeks chopped off this bulge. Every day for half an hour. The neighbors suffered. And then she covered the entire wall with putty, sanded it, leveled it. So the fortress of the Khrushchev is doubtful. Only through the efforts of the tenants, they look decent. However, the foundation is really powerful. If there is a flood, then the building is unlikely to float away. But subsidence is possible.
            I hope there are no earthquakes)))
  18. depressant
    depressant 20 July 2021 10: 54
    It should be noted that since ancient times, the Chinese have settled mainly on the fertile floodplains of the Yangtze and the Yellow River.
    And here is the information about how the Yellow He "thanked" them for this and how people themselves used this opportunity.

    In 1887, heavy rains fell for many days in Henan province, and on September 28, rising water in the Yellow River broke through dams. Soon the water reached the city of Zhengzhou, located in this province, and then spread throughout northern China, which covers approximately 130 km². The flooding left about two million people homeless in China, and an estimated 000 people died. And in 900, a flood on the same river was provoked by the nationalist government in Central China at the start of the Sino-Japanese War. This was done in order to stop the rapidly advancing Japanese troops into the central part of China. Subsequently, the flood was called "the largest act of environmental warfare in history." So, in June 1938, the Japanese took control of the entire northern part of China, and on June 1938 they captured Kaifeng, the capital of Henan province, and threatened to capture Zhengzhou, which was located near the intersection of the important Beijing-Guangzhou and Lianyungang-Xian railways. If the Japanese army succeeded in doing this, such large Chinese cities as Wuhan and Xi'an would be under threat. To prevent this, the Chinese government in Central China decided to open dams on the Yellow River near the city of Zhengzhou. Water flooded the provinces of Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu adjacent to the river.
    The floods destroyed thousands of square kilometers of agricultural land and many villages. Several million people have become refugees. According to initial data from China, about 800 thousand people drowned. However, today, researchers studying the disaster archives claim that much fewer people died - about 400 - 500 thousand.
  19. depressant
    depressant 20 July 2021 11: 31
    And here's something else that I could not pass by:
    It is impossible to describe this spectacle. The Winter Palace stood like a rock in the midst of a stormy sea, withstanding the onslaught of waves from all sides, breaking with a roar against its strong walls and sprinkling them with spray almost to the top floor; on the Neva, the water boiled, as in a cauldron, and with incredible force reversed the course of the river; two heavy pontoons sat on a granite parapet opposite the Summer Garden, barges and other ships were rushing like chips up the river ... On the square opposite the palace there is another picture: under an almost black sky, dark greenish water whirled like in a huge whirlpool; through the air ... wide sheets of iron were worn, torn from the roof of the new building of the General Staff building, the storm played with them like in peace ...

    Guess where it is?)))
    Yes, this is the flooding of St. Petersburg, which happened in 1824 and was described by an eyewitness.
    Now, according to Internet rumors, the city on the Neva is still languishing from the heat, although it seems that it has rained there and there is even a video showing a woman walking waist-deep in water on some street. But the residents claim that there was a rumble somewhere and maybe dripping somewhere, but there was no real rain.
    Let's hope that the picture given by an eyewitness in 1824 will not be repeated. But maybe 200 years have passed, and suddenly this is a period of regular flooding of the area?
    Yes, it seems that man has not yet learned to adapt to nature.
    1. Cherry Nine
      Cherry Nine 20 July 2021 14: 14
      Quote: depressant
      Let's hope that the picture given by an eyewitness in 1824 will not be repeated

      Outstanding floods in the Neva delta had a surge character (in some circumstances, water comes to the city from the sea). Rain is dangerous in the mountains, not in swamps next to the sea.

      Now there are protective structures in the Neva delta.
    2. Region-25.rus
      Region-25.rus 24 July 2021 13: 41
      Now, according to Internet rumors, the city on the Neva is still languishing in the heat,
      well, praise to the Almighty has already been released for five days. And so yes, they were hanged wassat
      But the residents say that there was a rumble somewhere and maybe dripping somewhere, but there was no real rain.

      For the whole of Pitre I won't say, we had three times in the Kirovsky district, once it just dripped, then it sprinkled for about twenty minutes, and the third day during the day it poured a little rain)
      1. depressant
        depressant 24 July 2021 14: 26
        Look what is happening in China! For three days in the city of Zhenchzhou, the annual rainfall fell, the subway flooded, trains stopped in tunnels, and water penetrated into the carriages. To be saved, people stood on the seats and stood up to their throats in the water. 12 people drowned. The Chinese said that this happens once every 1000 years. So, after all, it happened and they remember it.
        1. Region-25.rus
          Region-25.rus 24 July 2021 14: 34
          ah-ah-ah ... where did I say that "this did not happen"? request I just clarified
          according to Internet rumors, the city on the Neva is still languishing from the heat
          , so to speak, as a direct eyewitness from the scene)) Right now +20 shows overboard. You can also walk along the embankment of the Obvodny Canal) It's not hunting to shove into the center. Into these crowds of population hi
          1. depressant
            depressant 24 July 2021 15: 23
            Dear colleague, do I reproach you for something?)))
            On the contrary, I kindly responded to your comment and I like you)))
            1. Region-25.rus
              Region-25.rus 24 July 2021 17: 00
              maybe I misunderstood hi
  20. El Barto
    El Barto 20 July 2021 12: 13
    What kind of nonsense?
    The Rhine is a huge river (namely, in its basin, all events take place) and there were regular floods. Moreover, with much greater "catastrophic" harmful consequences.
    The propagandists of the "green" persuasion are accelerating the wave, taking advantage of the general decline in critical thinking of the population, screaming about "global warming".
    It is enough to know at least a little history to understand that we are faced with an ordinary, routine phenomenon of a natural nature.
    The population, mesmerized by a variety of Grethamitunbergs of all sorts, does not understand that climatic phenomena occur within the natural cycle. And the warming, cooling has always occurred. And that it is necessary not to fight industrialization and the technological level of mankind, but, on the contrary, to raise their level, to conquer and subjugate nature - this is how mankind survived in all glaciers and climatic optima.
    And not to sit like a pack of Banderlog in front of Kaa under the mournful mantra of "green" half-witted.

    What happened in Europe simply shows a general managerial degradation. Flooding on the Rhine - never happened, and now again.
    Winter in December, floods in spring - surprise, surprise.
    In general, we worked in the best traditions of our utilities.
    1. Cherry Nine
      Cherry Nine 20 July 2021 14: 36
      Yes, you are right in many ways. Even if the climate changes, it is quite smooth, but the level of adequacy of the press is falling with a rapid jack. The fall in adequacy, of course, is compensated by the same explosive growth in screeching.

      Well, politicians, of course, also keep up with the press.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 20 July 2021 15: 22
        Here, factors are likely to overlap, as in Tbilisi, for example: a bridge was built at the bend of the river. The distance under the bridge was quickly clogged with logs and debris, and the river turned to the zoo.
        Blowing an elephant out of a fly, this is already the work of modern media
  21. K-50
    K-50 20 July 2021 14: 12
    The Bundeswehr has attracted nearly 1000 troops to eliminate the consequences of the flood

    Here a thousand will not be enough for each affected city, and not for all cities. Are they saving? what
    Suddenly Russia will attack. lol
    The harvest looks like a kirdyk, there will be nothing to eat, prices will creep up. yes
  22. Cherry Nine
    Cherry Nine 20 July 2021 14: 31
    It seems that Mr. Fedorov decided to open a permanent corner of Ren-TV here. Yesterday he had blue whales here, today it is warming.

    Severe floods in Europe occur here and there every year, or even more than once. Also, people die from time to time, sometimes dozens.

    But the elections in Germany - and what! Grandma is leaving! - are held every four years, just in two months. And so that without a grandmother - so in general for 20 years this has not happened. So what now? To figure out who cheated what with building permits in the flooded zone? Who designed what with the floods coming down? Why did the board of the construction quarry leave in the same Erstadt, and half the village with it?

    No, of course not! Global warming is to blame for everything! All victims in fact in two village councils are global warming! Let's spend more money on global warming! And we will cover ourselves, and we will steal the agenda from the green, and we will raise taxes at the same time.
    1. VORON538
      VORON538 20 July 2021 15: 26
      What did Merkel displease you with? German hard workers are not sickly, all is not enough? Or maybe it's enough to milk other peoples and it's time to start developing for their own?
      1. Cherry Nine
        Cherry Nine 20 July 2021 22: 10
        Quote: VORON538
        Why did you not please the Jews of Merkel?

        I don't like the old Komsa. However, the young too.
  23. Max PV
    Max PV 20 July 2021 14: 39
    On account of the fact that global warming and the influence of the anthropogenic factor on it is a controversial issue. But what is unambiguous is the unpreparedness of society and states for such situations. People are used to spending money, energy and time for convenience in everyday life, and they prefer not to think about possible disasters and emergencies. And if there is a choice between safety in the event of something-there is possible, and personal convenience and peace of mind, it is possible to spit on it. And it would be fine with us, with our eternal "Until the thunder breaks out" and "No money", but also in much more prosperous countries.
  24. Peaceful SEO
    Peaceful SEO 20 July 2021 15: 29
    Didn't you try to make rainstorms and not from plywood at home?
    It’s a pity for people, of course, but all this will end as usual: they will blame Russia, China and the reptilians for global warming, impose sanctions, warm their hands on restoring infrastructure
  25. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 20 July 2021 19: 57
    To Grette Thumberg and the author of the article and all "carbon footprint witnesses" I am sending photos from the electric car cemetery and the wind turbine burial ground. And let the firefighters tell you how to put out an electric car and what a van with water looks like in which the car dies out for 72 hours.

  26. The pilot's son
    The pilot's son 22 July 2021 06: 32
    I remember our Krymsk, when all the blame was placed on the unfortunate head of the local administration. Of course, there was a definite fault. But the example of Germany shows that even an advanced country in certain situations is not able to effectively withstand the elements.
  27. alexey alexeyev_2
    alexey alexeyev_2 22 July 2021 19: 54
    God does not see a little yermoshka. Most likely the flood is a rehearsal before a larger-scale cataclysm. He was not too lazy to soak two cities whose inhabitants were indulging in the wrong things. they will not need ... unless His warnings are heeded laughing
  28. serg v zapase
    serg v zapase 23 July 2021 16: 14
    Explanations of the events, such as they were in Krymsk, apparently no one will come to mind there. There presidents are weaker than the riot of nature.