Syrian military blows up jihadist base


On the outskirts of the city of Latamna, the Syrian military blew up a jihadist base. It was an extensive network of underground passages.

The agency reports RIA News, referring to an officer of the Russian army who is a representative of the group of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The destruction of the cave was carried out so that in the future it could not be used for any purpose.

- the serviceman explained to reporters.

It was a real underground city with a complex organization of communications and premises. In particular, there was where to keep captured soldiers and officers of government forces, as well as wounded militants. Now in underground passages it is impossible to hide or store weapon and ammunition, no food.

To destroy the base, Syrian sappers used 3 kilograms of ammunition that the jihadists left in Al-Lataminah.

Earlier, sappers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation blew up a cave in the desert near Palmyra, which once served as a command post for the militants.

The Russian military not only helps their Syrian counterparts in the fight against terrorists, but also trains them. Thus, the RF Ministry of Defense organized accelerated courses for SAA snipers.
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. +5
    22 2021 June
    When reading the headline, it was hoped that it blew up with the jihadists. It didn't grow together ...
    P.S. Three long bandura in the photo, are they mortar shots or rockets?
    1. -1
      22 2021 June
      looks like RPG grenades .No mortar shots request mines have shorter tails ..... but the filling is good in both cases, it seems RDX is called, whatever it is, if only they jerked without a trace))
      1. -2
        23 2021 June
        Quote: parkello
        similar to RPG grenades .No mortar shots request mine tails are shorter .....

        Very "expert opinion" Yes

        Where are you of this size (and caliber) Рscientific Пrotivotank ГHave you seen the launcher ???

        I emphasize - MANUAL , not even LNG, the dimensions of which, in general, are also not very large ...

        Even if we proceed from the dimensions of a 120mm mortar mine, which fluctuate in size in length somewhere within 70 cm, then count how long (and caliber) what you called "RPG grenade"...
  2. +1
    22 2021 June
    well, well ... they will not gather underground, otherwise it was difficult to get them there. generally good news
    1. +1
      22 2021 June
      Quote: parkello
      and well ... will not gather underground,

      It will be good if, on the contrary, to collect them all UNDER THE EARTH, fill them up and asphalt. Yes
      1. 0
        22 2021 June
        in this case, fill it with gas and blow it up ... and then level it and asphalt wink
  3. +1
    22 2021 June
    a real underground city with a complex organization of communications and premises
    The forces and funds spent on construction and on a peaceful course. But ... terrorism is not suitable for a peaceful life.
    1. -5
      22 2021 June
      Syrian military blows up jihadist base
      one of the thousands ... and the Syrian military themselves, they drive them with brooms .. it keeps everything on ours.

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