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UFO disclosure. From under the cover of secrecy


We continue to help the Americans disclose the alien presence. In this case, we will use only official American documents for now. Most of them have already been published or quoted in foreign and even Russian sources, but I will refer you to copies of the originals, that is, to the primary available primary sources.

Actually, American secrets are an American concern. Unlike American officials, I have no obligation to preserve them.

So let's continue.

Not for the sake of convincing someone, but solely for information and assistance in studying and comprehending.

People have psychological biases that take the lack of evidence as evidence of the absence of the phenomena that give rise to them.

Therefore, it is pointless to argue about this. The author has not yet begun to express, let alone impose, his opinion. I am only giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with authentic documents confirming more than seventy years of US experience in researching manifestations of extraterrestrial presence and IP technologies.

The exopolitical, geopolitical, military and technological implications of this we may discuss later..

Documents Editing

To help the US National Archives, which regularly replies that it does not have documents on this topic, and to little-informed ufologists, I recommend another American sourcewhich contains them in sufficient quantity.

The current number of pages of government documents in the "Black Storage": 2. It is the world's largest private online repository of declassified government documents.

Each page, photo and video in this FOIA Document Archive has been obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or other means of accessing public information of the US government.

What's the point? Can you find something in three million pages without clear navigation?

And you have to be a great conspiracy theorist to assume that several million pages, mostly hand-typed on typewriters, and declassified as a result of a long battle with disclosure campaigners, are only intended to misinform their own citizens and foreign governments.

A normal person will definitely not understand this.

But I will help.

Here is a list of some documents with a summary (although a complete one is available).

They include: extraterrestrial vehicles and technologies, aliens, links to the Roswell incident (there are more than 2000 documents on this incident alone), MJ12 personalities.

UFO disclosure. From under the cover of secrecy
Here is one of the first documents of MJ-12

Third on the list (see above), US Department of Defense James Forrestal. At that time, the Secretary of the United States Navy. He is also the first victim of the deep government. The attempt to share information cost him his life.

At that time, among his talkative companions, it was customary to throw out of the windows. After the first bunch, people willing to divulge decreased.

The entire report, of course, is also there (as well as full-text copies of all the documents below). In the form of copies of all sheets.

For the objectivity of the assessment, I will explain.

The FBI website has copies of MJ-12 documents, which states that "Majestic 12 was formed by a secret decree of President Truman on September 24, 1947, on the recommendation of Dr. Vannevar Bush."

At the same time, the US government still denies the existence of MJ-12 and insists that the documents proving its existence are fake.

The FBI examined the documents and concluded that they were fake. It is clear that the FBI, as a government organization, listens to the opinion of its government. It is possible that after the expected report, the opinion of both the government and the FBI will change.
I do not insist on anything, but I will describe a brief content of the document. In context with hundreds of other documents, it looks convincing.

Operation Majestic 12 is a top secret scientific / intelligence operation reporting directly and solely to the President of the United States. The work on the project is being carried out under the control of the Majestic-12 (Magic-12) group, established by special secret order of President Truman on September 24, 1947, on the recommendation of Dr. Vannevar Bush and Secretary of War James Forrestal.

Group members

The composition of the Majestic-12 group:

Adm. Roscoe Hillencotter
Dr. Vannevar Bush
Min. James Forrestal
Gene. Nathan Twining
Gene. Hoyt Vandenberg
Dr. Datlev Bronk
Dr. Jerome Hunsaker
Mr Sydney Sowers
Mr Gordon Gray
Dr. Donald Menzel
Gene. Robert Montague
Dr. Loyd Berkner.

Original above the above list

The same faces on a document from a different source

Following the death of Minister Forrestal on May 22, 1949, his seat remained vacant until August 1, 1950, when General Walter B. Smith was appointed a permanent member of the group.

James Forrestal - US Secretary of the Navy and First US Secretary of Defense (September 17, 1947 - March 28, 1949).

Among the possible assassins of Forrestal, a wide range of candidates was named: from Soviet agents to people of the US government, which did not want to allow the disclosure of information about UFOs to them. On this occasion, in 1994, the film "UFO: Cover Operation" / "Roswell" was filmed.

Vannevar Bush

Vannevar Bush is a legendary figure in the development of new types of weapons during the Second World War. The mere mention of Bush in connection with UFOs meant that this issue deserved the greatest attention, for a man of such a scientific scale and such busyness as Bush could afford to be interested in flying saucers only if there were not only piles of reports on sightings of something mysterious, but also something concrete, accessible for feeling and research.

“In the United States of America,” writes General Leslie Groves, director of the Manhattan Project, “all wartime scientific work was carried out under the control of the Office of Research and Development, headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush. This organization embraced all researchers, engineers and scientists in the country. "

By 2000, MJ-12 reportedly had 36 members. This may not be accurate, and it is not essential. It is important that in fact they are the most informed people on the whole range of issues related to individual entrepreneurship, exopolitics and reverse engineering.

But these are still people, and some of them, before leaving for another world, told what is now called the main issue of mankind. Moreover, with facts and details that even Hollywood producers never dreamed of.

If, thanks to the courtesy of, we get to the tenth post, then the eleventh will be about it.

Doubly secret

Then there are several other once-top secret documents.

Memo to George Marshall from Roosevelt, February 27, 1942.

This is a memorandum that links the UFO crash to the 1942 Los Angeles air raid, as it happened just three days earlier. He alludes to "atomic secrets recovered from the exploration of celestial devices" and authorizes "Dr. Bush to proceed with the project without further delay."

George C. Marshall to Franklin D. Roosevelt, March 5, 1942.

This is how it looks in the copy

On March 5, 1942, George C. Marshall writes a top-secret note to the President, which reads:
“Regarding the air raid on Los Angeles, the Army learned that Rear Admiral Anderson had discovered an unidentified flying object off the coast of California,“ without any regard for the conventional explanation. ”
The headquarters concluded that the mysterious planes are not actually terrestrial and, according to secret intelligence sources, they are most likely of interplanetary origin. "

Marshall continues:

"As a consequence, I have ordered the army to create a dedicated intelligence unit to further investigate this phenomenon and report any significant link between recent incidents and incidents collected by the Director of the Information Coordinator's office."

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Memorandum on Extraterrestrial Science and Technology, February 22, 1944.

On February 22, 1944, Franklin D. Roosevelt writes a "doubly" Top Secret Memorandum (with the additional "Special Importance" stamp) for the "Special Committee on Extraterrestrial Science and Technology."

Copy and reconstructed human readable text

Both the name and the content clearly hint at extraterrestrial life, the first part uses the word "extraterrestrial", and the second - speaks of "understanding the reality that our planet is not the only one inhabited by intelligent life in the Universe."

Clearly, the situation was such that by that time we had recovered at least one vessel, probably the accident at Cape Girardeau in 1941, and came to understand the wealth of technology that lay there for collection.

Judging by the content of the document, Dr. Bush presented the President with the Committee's proposal on the use of "unearthly know-how" in hostilities, but Roosevelt believed that this would jeopardize the atomic bomb program.

Roosevelt diligently avoids saying no, but says that we

"Let us take full advantage of such miracles that have come to us" after we win the war. "

The experts requested copies of similar correspondence from the Roosevelt library for format and typography comparisons. The signature is consistent with other authentic signatures.

Oppenheimer-Einstein Report, June 1947.

This six-page document, titled Relations with the Inhabitants of the Celestial Bodies, is the first document to use the phrase "extraterrestrial biological entities" or EBS. It states that the presence of unidentified spaceships is considered de facto military - and this is dated June 1947.

We discussed this document in the first part.

Further, I will not upload the article with archived pictures.

Interplanetary Phenomenon Field Order, July 4, 1947.

This one-page order directs the officer in charge (OIC) to take the counterintelligence team to the UFO crash site and report to G2 (intelligence) at Condron Field, New Mexico, of course Roswell. The OIC must bring a non-commissioned officer, aeronautical engineer, scientist, security officer and doctor with it and submit a report by July 28th.

Letter from Vannevar Bush to President Truman, July 5, 1947.

On July 5, 1947, possibly as a result of events in New Mexico, Vannevar Bush writes a memo to Truman summarizing the status of previous investigations.

The letter also contains "OK" and Harry Truman's signature.

This letter is stamped with a well-known genuine "original" stamp and was probably produced on a special typewriter due to the uniformity of letter spacing.

Report on aviation disaster, July 16, 1947.

This three-page bureaucratic report provides the first insight into an accident.

General Twining appears to be detailing the interior of the "flying disc".

Everything from the typewriter-like keys that control the propulsion system to the thirty-five-foot three-inch donut-shaped tube inside the ship is filled with a transparent substance ...

Twining, engineers from the T-3 engineering division, scientific personnel from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and other educated experts report that the object was not manufactured in the USA, Germany or Russia for a number of reasons, including; lack of any known design similarity, lack of external propulsion and power plant, and lack of identification marks and / or numbers.

Experts have unsuccessfully built theories about how the apparatus is powered, how it moves, and how and from where it is operated.

The failure of experts to prove that an object can be created in any of the most advanced technological societies on earth is intriguing and thought provoking.

The meaning and consistency of the technical content has not been evaluated, although it is clear that the spelling corresponds to the state of the art in 1947, not modernity.

Counterintelligence Corps / Interplanetary Phenomena Division Report, 22 July 1947

This seven-page document from the Division of Interplanetary Phenomena begins with the words "... the extraordinary sighting of crashed aircraft in New Mexico between July 4-6, 1947."

This is the topic. And it contains coordinates and other fascinating details of recovery operations and discoveries. The most interesting of these is the discovery and basic detailed appearance of several bodies that were transported to the hospital in Roswell by AAF and other nearby hospitals (listed but not disclosed for security reasons). The conclusion reached by the expert group was unclear due to the limitations of modern science and the corresponding budgets for future research.

Analytical report on the "flying saucer", September 2, 1947.

This two-page top secret report (MAJIC Eyes Only) to General S.P. Cabell and the Aircraft Command Commander of the Research Laboratory is dated September 2, 1947. It provides a credible insight into the challenges faced by the first research team to examine real-world destroyed extraterrestrial equipment.

Here are some quotes:
"A nation has reached a stage of flight development where existing ideas are completely out of date" and "the lack of riveting and overlapping surfaces indicates a" simplified "concept that puts our technology in line" with "a careful and thoughtful compromise in terms of weight, aerodynamic perfection and design ".
A general description of the flying saucer is provided, including a series of historically accurate metallurgical tests conducted by AISI.

Twining Report "White Hot": Expedition Evaluation of Discovered Lenticular Flying Objects, September 19, 1947.

"No one, without the special permission of the President, can disseminate the information contained in this report, or transfer it to any unauthorized person ..."

The White Hot Report is a 19-page document dated September 19, 1947 and signed on September 24, 1947.

In 1947, several reports of individual pilots were published, with varying details that make each encounter a unique part of a whole.

This particular year, sightings were reported "not only in the United States, but also in Sweden, Germany, Holland, Paraguay, Scandinavia, Greece, and from ships at sea."

This report on the unidentified remains of the wreck has captured many interesting and provocative details explored by secret teams of experts.

The document is divided into several sections that specifically address the issues: preliminary intelligence assessment, technical assessment, scientific probabilities, political considerations, and the national security structure.

According to preliminary estimates, experts suggest that "unidentified lenticular aerodynamic elements with a conventional wing, fuselage, nacelle, control systems and fuel" are not only alien to United States technology, but are unlikely to belong to Russia. The craft was hardly designed to operate in the Earth's atmosphere.

Several bodies were found along with the materials of the crash, their existence and death are as mysterious as the cause of the crash. More interesting than these basic facts is the evidence suggesting a "symbiotic relationship between the operator and the functions of the aircraft."

This particular government document contains a wealth of factual information related to the search and assessment of evidence collected from the unearthed artifacts: which experts from 11 organizations (AMC, ASP, NEAP, ACE, ONR, NACKA, JED, RAND, USAF, SAG and MIT) considered extraterrestrial in nature. "

The White Hot report not only covers the actual evidence of the search, but also sheds light on a range of conceptual issues related to politics, national security, nuclear weaponsas well as the reasons why this kind of knowledge remains out of the reach of the public for an indefinite period.

Secretary of State George C. Marshall to Karl Hummelsin, September 27, 1947.

On September 27, 1947, George Marshall writes to his executive secretary, Karl Hummelsine, of the tragic consequences if current rumors of events in New Mexico are released to the public.

Unidentified Aerial Observations of the United States, Intelligence Assessment, September 30, 1947.

This presidential briefing is an intelligence assessment dated September 30, 1947, titled "Unidentified aircraft over the United States"... Prepared by the United States Special Research and Evaluation Coordinating Committee, in conjunction with the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency's Office of National Assessments.

Six pages of "Top Secret, For Visual Reference Only" highlight the key pieces of information.

Main headings: assessments of Soviet capabilities, assessments of internal capabilities, assessments of the situation, assessments of interplanetary capabilities, and conclusions. Assessing the situation and interplanetary possibilities is a very interesting reading.

It is handwritten at the bottom that this is the best version available.
And then (as experts believe) by the hand of Harry Truman:
“I want the NSA director to have this for the future. October 24, 1952 "

And that's not all.

Some enthusiasts tried to somehow systematize or facilitate the search in the accessible database of declassified UFO documents.

So, there are several available collections with photographs and drawings of "unearthly flying vehicles". Their value lies in the fact that they are verified by experts from the CIA and other departments and, as a rule, are accompanied by descriptions and assessments.

All these are quite ancient photographs and their quality is even worse than the originals due to photocopying.

Photos from the CIA dossier

Fresh ones have not yet appeared in the public domain, but some congressmen and representatives of the US government claim that the secret information provided to them contained good quality photographs.

In the next part, we will take a closer look at the content of some documents from this and other sources.


In conclusion, let me remind you of the topic of this and previous messages.

We are not discussing the entire set of issues related to the reality of IP, UAP, as well as debunking rumors and fantasies, but how does the current disclosure take place in the United States and what they can reveal as a result.

This does not mean that individual entrepreneurs fly around Russia, but only indicates that the author does not investigate this topic in relation to our Fatherland.

But there are dozens of similar sources, including, apparently, those created by persons involved in the past, in RuNet, including those containing a chronology of events, a listing of organizations, units, personalities and places of storage of artifacts.

Internet to help! Separate the grains from the chaff yourself. Alternatively, you can ask for support from veterans of the Armed Forces, especially those who served in the Strategic Missile Forces and on navy.

To be continued ...
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    I agree, I haven't even read it laughing ... bullshit! But I saw something and more than once with witnesses .. hi Something is all the same when you observe the violation of all the laws of physics, etc. A beautiful sight. hi

    I also observed such an atmospheric phenomenon, back in the mid-80s. A little later it turned out that this was a test of Chinese nuclear weapons in the XUAR.
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    Unidentified flying objects, ships of extraterrestrial civilizations ... Is this a grandiose hoax or a truth? The film crew of "Mysterious Russia" traveled around several dozen regions of Russia and collected a unique database of evidence, artifacts, video and photographic documents. In the next issue of the project: pilots, military, physicists and historians - the most candid stories about what has always been considered incredible!