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American edition: Attempts to create a combined missile defense system have not yet been crowned with success


Attempts by the United States to create a combined missile defense system have so far been unsuccessful. MilitaryWatch writes about this with reference to the report of the Office of Accountability of the US government.

According to the document, attempts to create a combined missile defense system, which included the Patriot air defense system and the THAAD anti-aircraft system, have not yet brought success. Of the three tests of the new missile defense system conducted in the fall of 2019, as well as in the spring and fall of 2020, only one was recognized as successful. The main reason for failure, the report says, is software. But there are also successes, over the past time, the Patriot air defense system has learned to "see" the THAAD radar and receive data from it.

Work on the unification of the Patriot air defense system and the THAAD system is being carried out as part of the program to create a universal anti-missile system capable of shooting down ballistic missiles at various parts of the trajectory. First of all, this concerns the Patriot complex, which has significantly "tarnished" its reputation in Saudi Arabia.

As the newspaper writes, the new complex is designed to intercept Chinese and North Korean missiles. It is planned to place it both on the mainland of the United States and on the territory of South Korea and Japan, combining into one network together with AEGIS, deployed by the American fleet in East Asia.

Combining various air defense systems has the goal of obtaining more accurate information for accurate aiming. To date, the United States cannot give an objective assessment of its missile defense system, since all tests are carried out using mock-ups with predictable flight paths.
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  1. Marachuh
    Marachuh 16 June 2021 14: 26
    Don't waste your money, take the C400 right away! laughing
    1. NIKN
      NIKN 16 June 2021 14: 46
      What has not yet been implemented is not a big problem, in fact, the direction is promising. It is quite logical to give or expand control to another (more advanced system). The maneuvering unit can be knocked down only when it enters the straight trajectory stage after aiming, there is no need for an expensive space intercept (it is useless). Here, just a massive attack is needed, in which the air defense systems are just optimal, like the Israeli iron dome, but with a greater range and altitude. In general, when opposing a maneuvering unit, object air defense will be most effective.
  2. boris epstein
    boris epstein 16 June 2021 14: 30
    That is why Stoltenberg is already demanding to put under control new types of weapons (read, those types in which the United States loses), in particular, hypersonic weapons.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 16 June 2021 14: 34
    American edition: Attempts to create a combined missile defense system have not yet been crowned with success
    ... An attempt, not torture ... so it is logical to combine everything into a single system. Why didn't it work?
  4. Torins
    Torins 16 June 2021 14: 34
    There is little that can be done against a normal multiple warhead, and if there are several such warheads, then turn off the light fellow
    1. out of habit
      out of habit 16 June 2021 14: 56
      I also think so, because in a real attack (obviously not a North Korean one), there will be hundreds of warheads.
  5. Klingon
    Klingon 16 June 2021 14: 45
    Quote: Marachuh
    Don't waste your money, take the C400 right away! laughing

    Woo, the great Pu, by the way, offered them to buy the S-400 wassat drinks
  6. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 16 June 2021 14: 54
    The US makes microelectronics themselves, it has been working on Mars for years, there is no place for programmers in the Selikon Valley to spit. And it is impossible to cross a snake with a hedgehog. Russia orders everything from Taiwan, all scientists went abroad for a rubber dollar. And she got a snake. ?
    1. Installer
      Installer 16 June 2021 15: 13
      We always have everything through the back side and with the help of some kind of mother,
      But it works!)))
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 June 2021 15: 28
    Attempts by the United States to create a combined missile defense system have not yet been successful
    Probably this is for the best, tk. at least for a while, it will cool some hot American heads who really want to fight. In addition, Russia alone is not enough for them today, give China too.
  8. AVA77
    AVA77 16 June 2021 17: 47
    Compatibility issues, LPT won't fit into USB laughing
    1. dzvero
      dzvero 18 June 2021 09: 47
      LPT does not fit into USB

      Pliers, hammer and forward. But if they have SCSI under Windows, then dancing with a tambourine of Indian programmers is not a fact that will help; only the call of Kali, integrated into the code, will work ... smile
  9. Lew
    Lew 18 June 2021 09: 45
    The main thing is to read between the lines. If you calm down and believe what is written, you can find yourself in a very disadvantageous position.
    If the Americans write that the tests were unsuccessful, then at least somewhere and something they already have and are working.
    Intelligence and misinformation have not been canceled yet. And the main dezovschiki are just Americans. To believe them - not to respect yourself.