The Russian diplomatic mission in Washington commented on the appearance of the US Air Force strategic bomber near the Russian borders over the Baltic


The appearance of the American strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress over the Baltic Sea during the NATO exercise Baltops 2021 was commented on by the Russian authorities. We are talking about combat aircraft that are capable of carrying nuclear weapon... One of these American bombers appeared during the mentioned exercises near the Russian borders.

The Russian embassy in the United States commented on the actions of the Pentagon to send strategic missile carriers to the borders of the Russian Federation over the Baltic. The diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in Washington noted that the very appearance of the B-52H of the US Air Force in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders is a provocation and outright saber-rattling.

The statement of the Russian diplomatic mission indicates that the actions of the United States are aimed at aggravating the situation in Europe and at the same time at deteriorating the atmosphere on the eve of the meeting of the presidents of the two countries in Geneva. Representatives of the Russian embassy called on the United States to abandon the practice of escalation and end provocative military activities along the Russian borders.

Russian military experts, meanwhile, remind the United States of their reaction when the Russian long-range aviation carries out flights in the Alaska region. In such cases, the United States declares about the "irresponsible behavior of Russia", and often about the allegedly unprofessional and dangerous actions of Russian pilots. In the case of its strategic aviation flights, the Pentagon always has everything "professionally, responsibly and safely", and in case of any questions, the United States always has the following answer: "We are protecting our allies from possible aggression."

Recall that earlier over the Baltic, the Russian Su-30SM approached the F-35A of the Italian Air Force, which was involved in the Baltops 2021 exercises and monitored Russian air defense systems in the Kaliningrad region.
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    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. +8
        11 2021 June
        Send a couple of TU-160 to Cuba on a friendly visit
        1. +4
          11 2021 June
          Quote: aleks neym_2
          Send a couple of TU-160 to Cuba on a friendly visit

          On the route Cuba - Nicaragua - Venezuela!
          Together with Petya and Ustinov.
          With shooting practice!
        2. -3
          11 2021 June
          What will we have left? Do you know how many of them are left in the combat composition?
      2. -1
        11 2021 June
        It is necessary to deliver a preemptive strike against the USA, England and the EU

        Yes, yes, for flying past our borders it is necessary to ditch the whole world, absolutely right!
        You, as I understand it, are not at all opposed to the fact that our country will be burned out by nuclear mushrooms, hundreds of millions of people will die, and this is only in Russia! But no one else will fly near the borders, because there will simply be no one to fly, and there is nothing.
    2. +2
      11 2021 June
      They arrive someday.
    3. +2
      11 2021 June
      Come on, as if ours don't do the same. And near Alaska, our bombers fly around Scandinavia and always imitate an attack on the American base in Iceland.
    4. +2
      11 2021 June
      What kind of negotiations between Russia and the United States can we talk about if threats from the United States continue in one form or another. It is a pity that the USSR collapsed .. It is a pity ... Now not a single American mongrel could even scream in the direction of our country.
      1. +1
        11 2021 June
        In the Soviet Union, it was steep. In the Far East, crowds approached the borders. And not only approached, but also climbed over the "fence".
    5. 0
      11 2021 June
      The question is, where is the answer? where is the Tu-160 off the coast of Florida? and we know how to express concern or concern. We can only blurt out in dreams (but we would send a Tu-160) ..... send ... But with Cuba it is unlikely that it will work out in a different direction.
    6. +2
      11 2021 June
      is a provocation and outright saber-rattling
      The desire to show its allies that the United States not only has its finger on the pulse, but is also ready at any moment to "protect" Europe, as it should be a hegemon pushes the Americans into direct confrontation with Russia. Most likely, our strategists will soon fly over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans near the borders of the United States.
    7. ***
      Baltic Operations-Baltic Provocations ...
    8. -1
      11 2021 June
      We'll have to fly the Tu 160 around the corner to England, tickle the Anglo-Saxons' nerves in this aspen nest.
    9. 0
      11 2021 June
      So do not howl, fly around the borders of the United States on a pair of Tu95! It's time to actively counteract the impudence of the Yankees, and not to dissolve the nuns! !!
    10. +1
      11 2021 June
      And all this fuss started before Biden's meeting with Putin ... the girls are dancing interestingly.
      How will Biden explain all this to VVP?
    11. +1
      11 2021 June
      Irony is inappropriate - they have flown and will fly.
    12. -2
      11 2021 June
      Unfortunately, I see double standards here - the Tu-160 in Venezuela and the Caribbean is not a provocation, the B-52 is like that in the Baltic.

      I consider the Western protests against the deployment and movement of troops of the Russian Federation near Ukraine (ON THE TERRITORY of the Russian Federation!) To be stupid and senseless.
    13. +1
      11 2021 June
      Russia can resist the pressure of the US and NATO only in an economic and political alliance with China. Of course, Russia will play a secondary role in this alliance, given the disparate levels of industrial power. However, China is directly interested in the supply of raw materials and materials from Russia, for which China's investment in the mining and processing industry in Russia will only increase. There are no grounds for a military-political confrontation between China and Russia.
      PS. The United States is asleep and sees the use of Russia in the war with China as an ally, which "does not feel sorry for". In no case should you succumb to their serpentine sweetness!

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