Estonian army will arm with used Korean self-propelled guns


Estonia has ordered the delivery to South Korea of ​​18 K9 Thunder self-propelled guns ("Thunder"), which should be delivered within the next three years. Six of these self-propelled howitzers have already arrived in the Baltic States and have even been tested.

The fact that the Estonian army will arm itself with Korean self-propelled guns was reported in the press service of the Estonian Defense Forces.

At the same time, there is no information about the purchase of 155 mm caliber shells for the new technology. True, according to the message of the US Embassy in Estonia, the US, as part of the military support program for this Baltic state, transferred it defense products worth $ 17,6 million. Among other things, this shipment includes artillery shells worth almost $ 15 million. The caliber of the transferred ammunition has not been disclosed, but the Ukrainian portal Defense Express suggests that it is a 155 mm caliber, that is, they may be intended for the K9 Thunder ACS.

It should be noted that South Korea is not supplying new self-propelled howitzers to Estonia, but used ones. They are produced with the participation of Samsung Corporation. Korean instructors have already trained Estonian military personnel in the repair and maintenance of "new" equipment.

The K9 Thunder tracked self-propelled howitzer weighs 47 tons. She is capable of speeds up to 67 kilometers per hour on the highway. This technique is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 1 thousand horsepower. The number of its crew is 5 people. The range of the ACS on the highway is about 480 kilometers.

As they joke on the net, a shot from a K9 Thunder can cause the ammunition to "accidentally fly out of Estonia."
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    10 June 2021 17: 16
    It should be noted that South Korea does not supply new self-propelled howitzers to Estonia, but used ones.
    ... Those. used, indicative.
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      10 June 2021 17: 21
      From the history of the issue:
      YLE news: [i] Seven Estonian cyclists were taken hostage in Lebanon!
      Kindest comment under the news:
      This is the Estonian army! The whole Estonian army - give us back our army !! laughing
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        10 June 2021 17: 25
        Their affairs. There was a technique, but to steer, shoot, there will be from somewhere else ...
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          10 June 2021 17: 31
          As they joke on the net, a shot from a K9 Thunder can cause the ammunition to "accidentally fly out of Estonia."

          Maybe it will fly out, but it will definitely return, and not alone but with friends.
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            10 June 2021 17: 46
            Main for Estonians - to have a division of pontooners with 200 km bridges - to escape to Stockholm.
            1. 0
              10 June 2021 18: 04
              For their Armed Forces, they could find a useful, necessary business ... digging a tunnel to the neighbors ... those who will accept, if anything.
              Although, we don't need anything else in that direction ... send the respondent and that's it.
          2. 0
            10 June 2021 18: 01
            Yes, such a practice must be introduced and followed strictly!
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      10 June 2021 19: 45
      Quote: rocket757
      Those. used, indicative.

      What did you want? Esto-o-o-nia, she is very proud, but very, very small ..... Ambitions - much more opportunities ..... So you have to "shop" in the trash bin .... What can you do? Ambition, Sir! hi
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      11 June 2021 22: 06
      Quote: rocket757
      Those. boo,

      Estonia has a wealth of experience in buying used weapons.
      In 1992, a delegation went to Israel, which included Deputy Defense Minister Toomas Puura, Chief of the Chief of Staff of the Defense Forces Ants Laaneots and businessman Leonid Apanansky, who was called a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

      In January 1993, Defense Minister Hein Rebas entered into an agreement with the arms supply firm TAAS. Estonia has pledged to pay over $ 60 million, together with interest for 50 pieces of 23 mm Soviet cannons and 200 rounds.

      The cannons arrived in Tallinn in January 1994. When the containers were opened, it turned out that the Estonians had been deceived.

      It turned out that the guns were 23-27 years old - these are captured weapons seized in the Arab wars. None of the guns were suitable for shooting, the parts were rusted or broken. The shells date back to 1971 and 1981, the fresh paint applied to them did not hide traces of damage. The shells were deemed dangerous.

      At the same time, the Estonian Ministry of Defense received a fax from TAAS: the guns are not part of the deal, but a gift from the Jews.
      The government decided to classify the incident. At the same time, Prime Minister Mart Laar publicly argued that the acquisition of weapons was very successful, and only a few inadequate cartridges were found. State Comptroller Hindrek Meri sent a letter of concern to the government of Tiit Vähi in August 1995, in which he indicated that the shortcomings The agreements gave TAAS the opportunity to supply unusable weapons.

      “The Ministry of Defense informed TAAS about the discovered deficiencies and made an offer to take back these guns as scrap metal at the expense of the company. The firm refused on the grounds that it was a gift. At the same time, TAAS has not yet delivered the anti-aircraft guns provided for by the contract. The rest of the armament for the most part is not complete, and some of it is unsuitable in our climatic conditions or unsuitable for use, ”wrote then Mary.

      This letter from Mary was recognized as a state secret, which it remained for almost 20 years.
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        11 June 2021 22: 15
        Greedy pays ... pays differently, in short.
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    10 June 2021 17: 17
    As many as 18 units of self-propelled guns are power. Only will they be able to at least fire a volley in the event of a real batch?
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      10 June 2021 17: 33
      Quote: Gado
      Only will they be able to at least fire a volley in the event of a real batch?

      And then it will be like in "Wedding in Malinovka" Remember how Popandopulo described the work of machine guns? Well, in the 21st century, they already switched to self-propelled guns, but the result will be the same
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      10 June 2021 17: 40
      A division of similar ACS is strength in the case of local mixing.

      In case of war, they will be rolled out in a thin layer.
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    10 June 2021 17: 21
    If the projectile flies outside Estonia, it will be the most powerful shot in the history of the Baltic armed forces, but it will also be the last for Estonia. So let them shoot west and south, out of harm's way. laughing
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    10 June 2021 17: 24
    They are produced with the participation of Samsung Corporation.

    Is it possible to call on it? ))
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      10 June 2021 18: 05
      She also has a camera and a flashlight.
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        10 June 2021 19: 04
        This is consumer goods - the Kharkov Steam Locomotive Construction Plant also produced "steam locomotives", which reached Berlin on a caterpillar track.
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    10 June 2021 17: 29
    Maybe also nuclear charges to them in the bargain? This will be a surprise! Well, Russia, hold on - inhibited Russophobes crawl with a nuclear baton ...
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      10 June 2021 18: 06
      155 mm, no one made vigorous loaves and is unlikely to be fooled at all.
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        10 June 2021 18: 57
        KhM-785 1,5 kt, M-454 0.08 kt removed from service, but still stored in warehouses (so, for every fireman)
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          10 June 2021 19: 31
          I was wrong, the Yankees did and we have shells for guns 152 - 155 mm.
          More often, special ammunition for larger barrels was mentioned.
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            10 June 2021 20: 51
            Soviet standard - 152 mm 3BV3 2,5 kt, striped - 155 mm.
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              10 June 2021 21: 55
              So it is, another 180 mm naval guns, and the rest is already 200 mm.
              As I read earlier that our 203 mm, the most vigorous were ... it turns out, there are several more than one caliber.
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    10 June 2021 18: 05
    Used self-propelled guns, which will fire used shells and be serviced by used artillerymen. laughing
    In general, of course, I wonder what kind of purchasers the Estonians use to buy these very good and very expensive installations? However, about "accidental projectile flight outside Estonia" is also very likely.
  7. Kaw
    10 June 2021 19: 17
    These second-hand systems shoot almost twice as far as those that are now entering service with the Russian army and are planning to be produced in the coming years. We are a generation behind in the field of barrel artillery and we have every chance of falling behind even further.
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    10 June 2021 20: 59
    More than 9 of these K1700 Thunder have been produced.
    One of the most successful and best-selling self-propelled howitzers in the world.
    Exported to seven countries, sold assembly licenses, separately per chassis.
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    11 June 2021 10: 56
    God bless them, with howitzers .. If only they did not explain to hot Estonian guys that they also shoot .. But in general, the buyer is aware of the concept of "barrel resource", interesting. wassat