Unity Day: Belarus reminded Poland of the past


“Black” day of the calendar

June 7 was a real "black" day for Poland. More precisely, now there are two "black" days for the Poles. On June 17, President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on a new public holiday - National Unity Day. And it will be celebrated annually on September XNUMXth.

On this day in 1939, the famous "Polish campaign" of the Red Army began. The attitude of the two countries to this event is diametrically opposite. In Russia, the campaign is still called "Liberation", although both Ukraine and Belarus have been non-union republics of the USSR for thirty years.

The Poles, however, believe that the USSR committed an act of aggression against Poland, taking part in the division of the country together with Nazi Germany, taking away the so-called "Voskhodniye Kresy", that is, the territory of present-day Western Ukraine and Western Belarus. The reaction of the Polish authorities to Lukashenka's actions was appropriate.

The Polish Foreign Ministry said that he was outraged by the establishment of a new public holiday in Belarus. The Polish diplomatic office immediately noted:

"Base historical the policy of Belarus on the legacy of the Stalin-Hitler pact is completely incomprehensible. This is a gesture that fits into Russian actions aimed at reinterpreting the extremely complex history of our region, which will seriously complicate dialogue and mutual understanding for Belarus with neighboring states, as well as European countries. "

In Belarus, it is believed that in September 1939, the long-awaited reunification of the Belarusian people began. As stated in the press service of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Polish campaign

"Became an act of historical justice for the Belarusian people, divided against their will in 1921 under the terms of the Riga Peace Treaty."

Indeed, many were waiting for the reunion. Having acquired the Eastern Kresses, the Polish authorities began to pursue a cruel national policy, restricting the rights of Belarusians to education, to participate in politics and even to religion. Orthodox churches in Belarus were closed, and the local population was persuaded to convert to Catholicism, threatening with resettlement and a ban on land ownership.

Unity Day: Belarus reminded Poland of the past

All this could not but cause resistance - a Belarusian partisan movement appeared, the experience of which was then actively used during the fascist occupation of the BSSR. Let us not forget that in the interwar period, there was also an active resettlement of Polish colonists to the "Voskhodnie Kresy" in order to securely secure these lands for themselves.

Finally, let us recall that Pilsudski's Poland wanted, together with the Third Reich, to participate in the division of the territory of the USSR. The plans were huge - already with access to the Black Sea. But the historical maps for Poland have developed differently.

"Soft power"

The Belarusian authorities kept the Day of National Unity in their political "sleeve" for quite a long time. Pursuing a multi-vector policy, Lukashenka preferred not to quarrel with his closest neighbor. The emphasis was placed on the pragmatic development of relations, taking into account, first of all, the powerful transit flow passing through both countries.

However, since the collapse of the USSR, Poland pursued completely different goals in relations with its neighbors. First, the Polish authorities have set a goal to turn their country into a regional leader with strong influence over neighboring territories. Secondly, Poland has embarked on a course of integration into the EU and NATO, becoming a conduit for American policy in Central Europe.

In this strategy, the lot of Belarus is a buffer, preferably Russophobic, between the Russian Federation and the European Union. Poland first of all adopted the instrument of "soft power" to advance its goals in the Republic of Belarus. The arsenal includes support for certain media, cultural events and actions in the field of education.

One of the striking examples is the Belsat TV channel. He criticizes the Belarusian and Russian authorities with might and main and strongly supports Belarusian nationalism. Cultural events are various events promoting the cultural values ​​of the Polish people.

This segment also includes the actions of the Catholic Church in Belarus. Substantial funds are allocated to support the Catholic communities. They are active and somewhere give odds to the Orthodox Church in the country.

The sphere of education is generally a special direction in the “soft power” strategy. The Polish authorities oversee many programs that allow young Belarusians to get free education at Polish universities.

Warsaw allocates money to private schools, lyceums for additional courses, where they study not only the Polish language, but also the history and culture of Poland. The country has a program named after Kastus Kalinouski, which promotes Belarusian youth to study for free in Polish universities.

"Pole's card"

A separate instrument of “soft power”, and perhaps the most effective one, is the “Pole's card”. The law on it has been in effect since 2007. According to him, the owner of this document is a representative of the Polish nation, whose affiliation is recognized by the state. Identity makes life much easier.

Thus, cardholders have the right to obtain a long-term national visa, legally work in the country without special permission, and conduct business in Poland in the same way as its citizens.

Free education is available for "gamblers" and a significant discount on travel by rail. Since 2015, they can receive financial assistance if they move to Poland: the state pays rent for repatriates.

For those wishing to receive a "Pole's card", several conditions are required. The applicant must be of the Polish family, that is, it is necessary to provide documents confirming the Polish origin of the parents, or grandmother, grandfather, two great-grandmothers or great-grandfathers. At the reception with the consul of Poland, the applicant must show proficiency in the language, knowledge of traditions and customs.

You don't have to go far for examples. My wife's son has a "Pole's card" and is studying in Warsaw at the Polytechnic University, receiving quite a decent scholarship. Moreover, he also earns additionally in his free time. The wife is from the Grodno region, her mother is a Polish woman.

The Pole's Card program is largely aimed at Belarus. The fact is that, unlike Ukraine, a significant Polish diaspora has survived in Belarus. In 1959, there were up to half a million Poles in the BSSR, according to the 2019 census in the Republic of Belarus - about 300 thousand Poles.

Over the past 13 years, more than 255 thousand people have become holders of the "Pole's card". The main recipients - more than 90% - are citizens of Ukraine and Belarus. However, are cardholders becoming full-fledged Poles? Unlikely.

The fact is that a significant part of the Poles, for example, in Belarus, are the indigenous Belarusian population. It is believed that the Poles there are mostly Belarusians, who converted to Catholicism under pressure from the state, when the Voskhodnie Kresy stayed first in the Commonwealth, and in the interwar period became part of the Polish state.

Therefore, the identity of such Poles is loose. Most Belarusians regard the "map" as a convenient tool for doing business, tourism and education. Belarusian youth are quickly incorporated into Polish society. Learning Polish is not so difficult, but getting a quality education, and even free of charge - who will refuse it. In addition, there is the prospect of becoming citizens of the European Union.

Red line

Until recently, the Belarusian authorities largely turned a blind eye to the "soft" expansion of their neighbor. But after the presidential elections in August 2020, everything changed. Poland refused to recognize Lukashenka's victory and supported the opposition. Warsaw gave shelter to some of the protest leaders and began coordinating the speeches of Batka's opponents.

In particular, the popular Telegram channel Nechta, to which the notorious Roman Protasevich is related, has settled in the capital of Poland. Poland lobbied for the introduction of sanctions against Belarus and offered to create a fund to help Belarusian protesters.

An outrageous incident occurred at the end of February in Brest. The private institution "Polish School", which teaches local residents the Polish language and prepares them to receive the "Pole's card", held a concert in honor of the "damned soldiers". The attitude towards them in Belarus is unequivocal.

"Damned soldiers" are the remnants of the Home Army, which were engaged in armed confrontation between Soviet power in Poland and Western Belarus since the end of World War II. The "accursed" partisans fought almost until the early 1960s, but they were noted not only by the opposition of the local administration, but also by the ethnic cleansing of Belarusians in eastern Poland.

One of the detachments led by Romuald Rice, nicknamed "Brown", especially distinguished himself with atrocities. They captured the population of several Belarusian villages and started checking it for “Catholicism”. The Orthodox were immediately killed. The criminals executed several dozen Belarusians.

In 1946, Rice was caught and executed, his actions identified as genocide. But in 1995, a Polish court acquitted Bury, ruling that he acted “in urgent need».

In Poland, the National Day of the "Cursed Soldiers" is celebrated annually on March 1. So, in Brest on February 28, the consul of Poland Jerzy Timofeyuk took part in the aforementioned concert at the "Polish School". The Belarusian authorities acted decisively - the consul was expelled from the republic, and a criminal case was opened against the school director Anna Panisheva for glorification of war criminals.

Photo by: kremlin.ru

And even after this action, Lukashenka waited, leaving the Day of National Unity in the political "sleeve". But after Roman Protasevich landed in Minsk and received some additional information, Alexander Grigorievich nevertheless made a decision - there will be a new public holiday in Belarus.

Thus, Warsaw is clearly shown that the era of "soft" expansion in the Republic of Belarus is over. And the topic of "Voshodnye kreses" is closed - the Belarusians in 1939 were reunited, which they were definitely striving for. The new holiday will become an important ideological point for the Lukashenka regime.

However, will Poland refuse to continue pressure on Belarus? Most probably not. A powerful mechanism has been created that no one is going to fold. Moreover, in Warsaw they believe that Lukashenka's time is running out, and completely different people should come to replace him. And they, no doubt, will cancel all objectionable holidays and other "reference points" of the hostile regime.

However, the fact is that the Polish authorities are demonstratively ignoring the right of Belarus to its sovereignty. And the Belarusian authorities will not be able to avoid this problem in the future, otherwise there will be no more talk about the country's independence.
  • Sergey Osipov
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  1. +5
    13 2021 June
    It is not very clear why Rygorych has been squeezing his breasts for so long with this "soft Polish expansion." Apparently, the last dictators of Europe are like that.
    1. -5
      13 2021 June
      "Pole's card"

      And this Polish card will historically be beaten.
      And only from Poland, the policy of its leadership, it will depend on how much it will hurt.
      1. +4
        13 2021 June
        Quote: PiK
        And this Polish card will historically be beaten.

        While such a tendency is something not to be seen.
      2. +9
        13 2021 June
        Quote: PiK
        And this Polish card

        Polish goats just need to remember that today's eastern border of Poland is not officially formalized by the pact of RM 1939, but by decisions WINNING COUNTRIES in WWII at the Yalta and Potsdam conferences 1945 and the corresponding agreement between the USSR and Poland.

        So all the claims are against the USA, England and France.
        1. -4
          13 2021 June
          You redirect claims to the "older uncles", respectively, you are afraid, like we have nothing to do with ... Ay yay yay, Comrade Stalin was the Eldest Uncle Himself, and he resolved issues on his own, and those to whom you are addressing "goats" and France)
          , had the status of conciliators, only at that time. Therefore, minus you, for the loss of firmness of position ... there is no need to make claims, such is the selavi, period.
          1. 0
            14 2021 June
            Quote: ankir13
            had the status of conciliators

            prove with documents: "we, the compromisers, undertake ...".

            what no?
            Why are you chattering your head then?

            Claims to NIM - for they signed together with the USSR and no one disputed it.
            Quote: ankir13
            Therefore, minus you, for the loss of firmness of position ... there is no need to make claims, such is the selavi and the point.

            What kind of bullshit? recourse
          2. +4
            14 2021 June
            but nothing that the current eastern border of Poland is laid along the "curzon line"? the one that the English Lord Curzon proposed even in 1919?
    2. -2
      13 2021 June
      Because it is multi-vector and a counterbalance to Russia.
    3. +2
      14 2021 June
      The article is interesting, thanks to the author. Some of the above I did not know.

      Nevertheless, Polish hypocrisy is understandable and well-known. Offended under-empires are all like that.
      They themselves seized a foreign land, this is "right" for them ... But when they recaptured it, they are still indignant. At the same time, they committed genocide and a forced conversion to Catholicism.
      Alas, Churchill called Poland the "hyena of Europe" for a reason.
      And the USSR did not go further than the Curzon line, they took only their own.

      Well, the time has come for the Belarusian authorities to decide on their future. Which, fortunately, they began to do.
    4. 0
      15 2021 June
      The article explained everything, economics.
  2. +9
    13 2021 June
    Grigorich beautifully smeared the Poles with his face on the table.
    1. +2
      13 2021 June
      Quote: tihonmarine
      Grigorich beautifully smeared the Poles with his face on the table.

      I agree!
    2. +5
      13 2021 June
      It was always interesting - which foreign citizen needs a higher education in Polish? Or is it Ukrainian? Then what to do with him?
      1. 0
        13 2021 June
        Polish is most likely quoted in the European Union.
  3. +13
    13 2021 June
    On which map did you find Poland on September 17? Are you delusional?
    On September 17, 1939, such a country DOESN'T EXIST IN THE WORLD, PHYSICAL OR POLITICALLY. Already on September 16, the Polish government escaped to Romania, and the Polish army was destroyed. The last army of Bortnovsky was completely surrounded by the Germans - 19 divisions. By the way, not without the help of the SLOVAK army, which entered Poland with Nazi troops. But why do you need to know this?
    World War II did not start on September 1, 1939. And not even from the Anschluss of Austria - it is still a German state and this can be viewed as an unification of more or less one people. The Second World War was started by POLAND, together with GERMANY, with the liquidation of Czechoslovakia.
    Let me remind you for the illiterate: as Poland seized the Russian western lands in 1918-1920, in the same way she tried to chop off the same Teshin region from Czechoslovakia in 1918-1920 by armed means. during the POLISH-CZECH WAR.
    1. +5
      13 2021 June
      World War II did not start on September 1, 1939.

      But the Chinese, not without reason, believe that in 1937 - from the incident on the Marco Polo bridge ..
  4. +11
    13 2021 June
    Belarus is tightly connected with Russia. And in military terms, our country will not give Belarus either to Poland or to anyone else. There is no agreement in the economy. Everyone made mistakes in their time. It's time, at least quietly, to recognize them. If we need migration to our country, then you can't find better Belarus. The main thing is not to look down on this pretty country.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. +10
    13 2021 June
    The Polish Foreign Ministry said that he was outraged by the establishment of a new public holiday in Belarus.
    What is this if not interference in the internal affairs of another country? Do Poles want to regulate and appoint holidays in Belarus personally? Well, continue to be indignant, maybe it will come out sideways again. Regarding "SP-2" they were indignant, opposed, attracted the greens, and now they themselves received the same and sensitively according to their project. You look and Lukashenka will come up with something even more creative at your indignation. Maybe the Poles are better off paying attention to Bandera's Ukraine? Or in this case "something with my memory has become ..."?
  6. +5
    13 2021 June
    Probably Poland was the most constant, monotonous, tedious, insidious and long-threatening enemy in the entire history of Russia. There were the Golden Horde, Crimean and Volga Tatars, Swedes, French, Germans - but they got hit in the face or disappeared altogether or ceased to be aggressive and the words A-Poltava, Berezina and Stalingrad still knock in their temples. But it was to Poland, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and honey agarics to Poland that the ideas and dreams of those whom Russia beat as an aggressive enemy at Poltava, Berezina and Stalingrad were concentrated and concentrated there. So maybe Catherine the Great was right to make a chamber pot from the throne of the Polish king, thus sending a sign to the future rulers of Russia that only in this status Poland will lose its ambition and cease to threaten Russia !?
    By the way, it is the rewriting and silence of history by the Polish authorities that is the drug that makes everyone who betrayed Mazepa a hero of Ukraine and takes away the memory of the Ukrainians and already from the Belarusians, as their Poles flogged with whips for decades, until Russia saved the Ukrainians and Belarusians from this. And that Poland is the hyena of Europe, this Polish propaganda drug also makes Ukrainians and Belarusians forget about it ...
    1. +4
      13 2021 June
      It's just that we - as always, ran into our own humanity .. Evon Nemchura - as whose lands he captures, so 100 years later solid decent Germans already live there, just with strange surnames .. And there are no Poles, Prussians, Lyutichs, cheerful ..

      And only we, as with a written sack, rush with all the nationalities. Instead of carrying out Russification, for some reason they created the Kingdom of Poland, endowing the local people with rights that their own did not have! Under Stalin, they were given the richest regions, which they merged as early as 1000 years ago. If it were not for us - Poland would have been divided by Germany with Austria, and now there would be no Poles at all .. And - what do we get in gratitude ?? And - every time! Ugh.

      “Beat the Poles so that they lose faith in life; I fully sympathize with their position, but if we want to exist, we have no choice but to exterminate them; the wolf is not to blame for the fact that God created him as he is, but they kill him for this, if they can. " So back in 1861, Otto von Bismarck wrote to his sister Malvina

      “Emperor Alexander was not averse to giving away part of Poland at that time; he told me this bluntly, at least about the left bank of the Vistula, and, without making any special emphasis on this, he excluded Warsaw, which, as a place for quarters of troops, had its attractiveness for the army and was part of the fortified triangle on the Vistula. Poland represented, according to him, a source of concern and European dangers for Russia, and its Russification is impracticable due to the difference in religions and due to the insufficient administrative abilities of the Russian authorities. We Germans, in his opinion, would have succeeded in Germanizing the Polish regions; we have the means to do this, for the German people are more cultured than the Polish. The Russian person, on the other hand, does not feel the superiority that is needed to dominate the Poles; one should confine oneself to the minimum of the Polish population, which the geographic location allows, i.e. the border along the Vistula and Warsaw as a bridgehead ”.

      "Our geographical position and the mixed nature of both peoples in the eastern provinces, including Silesia, forces us, as far as possible, to postpone the emergence of the Polish question" - this is from the much later Bismarck

      “The creation of an independent Polish state between Silesia and East Prussia, subject to persistent claims to Posen and the mouth of the Vistula, would create a permanent threat to Prussia, as well as neutralize a part of the Prussian army, equal to the largest military contingent that the new Poland would be able to deploy. We could never satisfy at our expense the claims made by this new neighbor. Then they, besides Posen and Danzig, would have made claims to Silesia and East Prussia, and on maps reflecting the dreams of the Polish rebels, Pomerania would be called a Polish province up to the Oder. "
      1. +4
        13 2021 June
        I agree with you. And humanity not only in relation to the Poles and to Poland was destructive for Russia. Stalin's unconditional mistake after the Second World War did not abolish these fourteen Soviet republics in order to create the provinces of the RSFSR in their place, and not according to the national-territorial principle, but according to the economic-geographical principle. Without any local Supreme Soviets and without any local Central Committee of the Communist Party! And Russia would live today within the borders of 1989 and the borders of its lands and states would not have been thrown back 400 years ago, which we have now.
    2. +1
      13 2021 June
      This is not so, to put it mildly, with the Ottoman Empire fought right up to the collapse of the Russian Empire, for example.
  7. 0
    13 2021 June
    Let me remind you that Poland is the Great country in which the vital Baltic Pipeline Gas Pipeline was stopped by the mobilized Danish mice. Why vital, the contracts with Gazprom expire on December 31, 2022. If they do not have time to build, they will have to bow to Gazprom with tears of repentance. 19 billion cubic meters of gas cannot be fooled even with the Ukrainians. We are waiting for the presentation, our turn has come. Between the case, Fortuna is already in the same area with Chersky, at least yesterday.
  8. +2
    13 2021 June
    How sad that everything in this world repeats itself. So in the 16th century, part of the western provinces of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania voted to join the Kingdom of Poland. all the same, the elite of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was not equal to the elite of Poland.)))). And now Poland lures soft-headed people who do not know history into its arms with "carrots". And the current elite in Belarus continues to win.
  9. +2
    13 2021 June
    led by Romuald Rice

    I alone cannot, in the name of this character, find anything Polish?
    1. -1
      13 2021 June
      Surnamed German
      1. -1
        13 2021 June
        rather Galician Austrian
      2. -1
        13 2021 June
        Anders, too, is one of the Germans who have turned around. He fought for the Russian Empire to the end (of the empire). Then he fought against the Germans for Poland. It's not the name that matters.
  10. +2
    14 2021 June
    And what will happen with the reparations for the occupation of Belarusian territories from 1921 to 1939.
    Interestingly, Ukraine also recognizes September 17 as a holiday or will it "return" its territory to Poland?
  11. +1
    14 2021 June
    The Poles could still close up one holiday - the Hour of adding a view of life. Here is the train to the Auschwitz stop and we see the miracle in the photographs. Some assistants throw the newcomers out of the carriages with rifles on their shoulders with clubs in their hands and with confederate women on their heads. It is they who, with clubs and boots, help to correctly guide those who can still go to the Auschwitz camp, where they are already received by German doctors and divided into three streams. The present Poland should celebrate this, as well as the fact that when the Red Army went further to Germany, the Poles began to finish off the zhydiv and nimtsiv, as well as the Ukrainians and wounded soldiers of the Human Army.
  12. 0
    15 2021 June
    The reunification of Belarus is one of the few quite unambiguous steps of a multi-vector goat.
    And in general, of course, I wish all sorts of troubles to the noble gentlemen.
  13. 0
    17 2021 June
    It is not that simple. The Belarusians flew in both from the Poles and from the USSR. After the unification, repression and dispossession began. The only difference is that in the USSR they were of a class nature, not nationalistic. Therefore, the first joy of unification was replaced by discontent, and then the war began ...
  14. 0
    17 2021 June
    I will say right away that I am not Luka's veil. But, I also know the frostbitten Belarusian zmagars! These are REAL TRAITORS OF HIS PEOPLE! These are those who want to turn their country into a second Ukraine. And if you choose between them and Lukashenka, then I am FOR Lukashenka.
  15. 0
    19 2021 June
    Well, the card of a Pole gives the right to work When you visit Borisov, where the average salary is about 200 dollars and working in Poland for 16-18 zlotys per hour, you can easily feel the difference And as for the salary in Poland, this is real A relative in Lodz has a factory, there are 20 Ukrainians and Belarusians Therefore, I know the price tag Well, think about how to live in Belarus My mother received a pension equivalent to 105 dollars Live

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