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Sturmtiger: 380 millimeters of firepower

"Shturmtiger" is a self-propelled artillery unit with a rocket-propelled mortar. The project of creating a machine for destroying fortifications was considered in 1943, and at the end of 1944 production was already launched. A pair of prototypes first went into action during the Warsaw Uprising. Self-propelled guns supported the infantry with fire on fortified positions.

A total of 18 Sturmtiger models were built. The 65-ton self-propelled gun was based on the chassis of the late Tiger I model and was equipped with a 380-mm assault mortar. It was a modified ship bomb launcher with a two-stage rocket system: the first charge accelerated a 350-meter projectile weighing XNUMX kg along a short barrel, and then a solid-propellant rocket engine was launched and the projectile flew further. The flash from the shot was very bright and revealed the position of the "Sturmtiger", so it was highly discouraged to linger in one place. It is worth noting that very few fortifications could withstand the hit of this vehicle.

The ACS contained a maximum of 14 shells (given their size, this is not so little) To replenish the ammunition, all four crew members and a crane at the stern of the wheelhouse were required.

The thickness of the Sturmtiger's frontal armor was 150 mm. In other parts of the hull, there were also strong armor plates from 60 to 100 mm. The self-propelled gun had a lot of similarities with the later model of the tiger: dimensions, engine, suspension, as well as problems in the form of a lack of power and low reliability. That is why some crews simply abandoned their vehicles when they failed or fired off all the shells.

According to experts, the idea behind the Sturmtiger was impressive. However, by the time they began to collect it, the hostilities began to take place much faster, and Germany went on the defensive. The formidable self-propelled guns with huge calibers were no longer destined to storm the enemy's fortifications.

What else is remarkable about the car and what is inside the famous "Sturmtiger" see in the video from Wargaming.

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  1. Catfish
    Catfish 9 June 2021 05: 31
    Funny guys, by the end of 44, to launch a self-propelled gun into production to destroy fortifications ... They, by this time, had no chance of keeping their own.
    1. Bashkirkhan
      Bashkirkhan 10 June 2021 08: 32
      Sturmtiger in WOT. Truly historical. A quickie chasing a sotochk.
      1. Catfish
        Catfish 10 June 2021 08: 41
        Truly historical.

        Yes, just a little more, it will take off and go into orbit, a kind of Sturmsputnik named WOTa. laughing
  2. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 9 June 2021 06: 40
    According to experts, the idea behind the Sturmtiger was impressive. However, by the time they began to collect it, the hostilities began to take place much faster, and Germany went on the defensive. The formidable self-propelled guns with huge calibers were no longer destined to storm the enemy's fortifications.
    And yet the "idea" did not die at the front! In the post-war years in the USSR, the development of so-called * launchers, arranged according to the principle of "blind pipe" ("closed pipe") * ... German specialists took part in the development ... These "weapon installations" were developed in large calibers and were intended to launch nuclear weapons, which then did not know how to make "small"!
    In 1946, with the participation of German specialists, a 560-mm "rocket" (launcher) RAK (E) was developed in railway and tracked versions! The RAK (E) had a short, thin-walled monoblock barrel with a screw-on breech. The barrel bore was locked with a massive horizontal wedge breech. The rifled barrel ... recoil devices are of the usual type ... The highlight of the "gun-launcher" was the RS-142 active-rocket projectile with a starting weight of 1158 kg The charge was small - only 29,6 kg and the muzzle energy was low ... but the maximum pressure in the barrel was "small", which made it possible to create a light barrel and the whole "weapon"!
    At a distance of 100 m from the muzzle of the barrel, the rocket engine was turned on. In 5 minutes of operation, it burned 478 kg of rocket fuel and the projectile speed increased to 1200-1510 m / s The rotation of the projectile was enhanced by 30 inclined nozzles ... The projectile delivered 220 kg of TNT to the target at a distance of 94 km ... the dimensions of the warhead, where TNT was placed, even the first imperfect nuclear charges were placed ... They returned to the closed tube launchers after a 15-year hiatus in 1963. Then they began to develop the D-80 launcher
    To make the D-80 "gun" project more "attractive", on its "base" several more "gun-launchers" with a "closed / blind tube" scheme were designed ...: 1) .280-mm 4-barreled self-propelled unit D-6; 2). 152 mm 4-barreled self-propelled gun D-14; 3) .280-mm towed installation D-27; 4) .280-mm towed installation D-105 ....
    1. Catfish
      Catfish 9 June 2021 06: 55
      Hi Vladimir! hi You mean these cars7

      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 9 June 2021 07: 20
        I wish you good health, Kostya! And these too ...! wink But the history of this type of "gun-launcher" began earlier with the 560-mm "gun" RAK (E) ... soldier
        1. Catfish
          Catfish 9 June 2021 07: 48
          There is no photo anywhere, there is a long list of performance characteristics, but it ends with this phrase
          Status: USSR - not in service, not serially produced. Perhaps not even built or tested.
          1. Nikolaevich I
            Nikolaevich I 9 June 2021 08: 23
            1. The photo, really, no ... there are schematic drawings, but I have them on "paper" ... 2. "Perhaps it was not built or tested ..." Well, such a "wording" does not exclude 100 % manufacture of at least one weapon, or, more likely, partial (!) manufacture of individual "components" ... Such a "thick" circumstance can be indicated by "subtle" hints in the form of a very detailed description of the system ... even detailed descriptions of individual components of the system .. A very detailed description of the most active-rocket projectile and its "functioning" ... About D-80, too, there is no evidence of "practical implementation in hardware", although there are "hints" about the manufacture of "separate components"!
  3. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 9 June 2021 07: 08
    The gloomy Teutonic genius gave birth to the wunderwaffe.
    A man will crawl through the muzzle of a mortar.
    You can't push the projectile by hand ... everyone with a crane ... will come up with hemorrhoids for the crew.
  4. Black lotos
    Black lotos 13 June 2021 17: 39
    first seen in the game from Codemaster. By the time there was a desire to seize it (still such a monster, even the IS suffered from an explosion nearby), then later I realized that it was not worth it.
    Constantly requires projectiles. Shoots nearby. The only thing that armor and a machine gun saved from the infantry ..
    And so their warm and pleasant ISU-152 smashed from a distance everything they could and demanded shells less often.
    And they acted as a part, complementing their tanks.
    And I taught the Germans earlier models of assault guns. They even had them earlier than the Soviet ones (though there used to be Katyusha) they could crush everyone indiscriminately from the beginning of the company.
    For the allies of the M7 Priest 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage, the M7 in that game was out of competition and the only normal one (the English were not good for a candle). Spilled with the convenience of our ISUs.
    In short, the impressions of this Sturmtiger creation were great at the beginning. During the meeting, I realized that not everything is so good. Yes, and life has long confirmed that everything is not easy with them.
    Truth is, it's all in the game.
    There, people online could roll out a sharp attack from a German menagerie with such frontal armor. On the forehead. Especially allies .. But in the late and maneuverable allies and the Soviets are better.
    These are the impressions of the game. And the video material is good. Like the feed.