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Chinese military cars

The growth of the number of equipment of the armies of the countries of the Far East today attracts quite a serious interest. If we talk about the largest army not only of the specified region, but also of the world, then the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) unconditionally takes the first place. This army has about 6 millions of so-called military labor units, with purely military personnel of about 2 million people.
Today PLA is well equipped and equipped with new weapons and military equipment. Not the last place is occupied by cars. When it comes to quality, they most often talk about Japanese carsHowever, military vehicles manufactured in China recently can also be called quite acceptable for solving a whole range of tasks.

Many units of the Chinese military equipment are very similar to samples of foreign equipment. So military chinese cars are not an exception in this regard. For example, the famous Chinese BJ-212 "Beijing Jin" ("Beijing"), which began production in the 60-s of the last century, is a copy of the Soviet 469-th UAZ. This car is still great for driving in areas where ordinary cars will be helpless.
Chinese military cars

From the beginning of the 90-x, the Chinese began to produce a military vehicle BJ2020S, which is a kind of modification of previous versions of the Chinese "UAZ". This car has become a real workhorse of the Chinese army and is used to transport not only personnel, but also special combat vehicles. At the same time, BJ2020S can be used as a self-propelled platform for launching various projectiles and rockets. Often the machine is used for use in marching conditions, equipping it with ATGM or a large-caliber machine gun.
This car is used not only by Chinese troops, but also by Chinese police units. In such vehicles, detainees are transported during operational raids, as well as mobile forensic laboratories are being created to carry out simple examinations at the scene of incidents.

In 80, the Chinese created another military vehicle based on Soviet design. This is a WS2400, which is based on the MAZ-543. The Chinese counterpart has the same wheel formula 8х8 and it is used for the same purposes as the Soviet version: rocket systems, fire fighting equipment, ensuring combat duty.

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  1. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 1 September 2012 12: 03
    They stole, steal and will shuffle technology ... Now Hammer has already copied and released ...
    1. Bismark
      Bismark 1 September 2012 12: 32
      It is necessary to be afraid that the defense industry has been strengthened and is being strengthened, and rapidly! That opponent does not grow weak!
    2. 53-Sciborskiy
      53-Sciborskiy 1 September 2012 19: 33
      The Chinese military, who entered the US reconnaissance aircraft, were pleasantly surprised to find that all the secret equipment on board was made in China.
    3. Uruska
      Uruska 1 September 2012 20: 38
      They stole, they steal and will
      Let them steal what I need.
    4. Narkom
      Narkom 2 September 2012 06: 57
      Hamer they just bought))) and the WS 2400 pleased, even the rear lighting UAZ))
      1. Lieutenant colonel
        Lieutenant colonel 5 September 2012 03: 57
        In the photo, our maz, not Chinese.
  2. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 1 September 2012 12: 29
    Yes, the Chinese have it in their blood, most of the things they steal and copy ...
    1. Generalissimus
      Generalissimus 1 September 2012 14: 55
      They steal or do not steal - this is the forty-fifth business.
      Japan also stole everything and introduced it at home.
      The bottom line is that they are moving. And as they move, the world shudders.
      What has recently been Chinese electronics? Laughter and contempt.
      And now? Lenovo - Chinese copmy - it’s expensive, a welcome comp.
      They fly into space. And, according to the forecasts of Roscosmos and NASA (not official, of course) - in 15-20 years they will be leaders in space.
      TAVKR was bought from Ukraine for scrap metal, and they made an aircraft carrier out of it. SAMI.

      So somehow ... And it is not a matter of releasing disparaging remarks regarding China. This is an occasion to think deeply.

      And so - yes. In the first shot, the design is a hybrid of the Goat (Gas-69) and UAZ 469. =)) funny.
      1. gor
        gor 1 September 2012 15: 11
        lenovo is a continuation of the ibm computers. Until 2010, they used the ibm logo along with lenov. the ibm itself produced purely manframes
      2. with
        with 1 September 2012 20: 38
        Quote: Generalissimus
        Japan also stole everything and introduced it at home.

        Japan at the beginning of the century stole drawings on ships.
        The scheme was simple, a tender was announced for the ship, drawings were sent, the Japanese considered them (read copied), then they said, sorry your project is not suitable for us, and after that after a certain time the ship came out, an EXACT copy of one or another drawing.
        The Europeans taught them a lesson by sending a drawing of the next ship, the Japanese worked according to the scheme.
        BUT, when the ship was launched into the water, an overkill occurred, a mistake was made in the project, specifically.
        After that, the Japanese began to pay !!!
        Maybe it's time to teach China a lesson?))) bully
        1. nikoli25
          nikoli25 1 September 2012 21: 14
          Maybe it's time to teach China a lesson?)))

          It is high time
          1. Zerstorer
            Zerstorer 2 September 2012 10: 38
            Well, how are you going to do this? Write a vicious comment on some of their official website? Turns to the international court? To them this court decision will be that the dog barks at a distance of 5 km. And I do not advise anyone to fight with China, especially us.
        2. Generalissimus
          Generalissimus 1 September 2012 21: 35
          Maybe it's time to teach China a lesson?)))

          Duc would be nice) But they, parasites, take active samples. It can be seen that they also know about the story with the Japanese =)

          In general, the problem is different for us. They invest huge money in the reconstruction of their country. Soon there will be the first economy in the world. This is what we must strive for.
  3. Kochetkov.serzh
    Kochetkov.serzh 1 September 2012 12: 36
    well-eyed quick-eyed)
  4. Bobxnumx
    Bobxnumx 1 September 2012 12: 57
    Yes, the Chinese Communist comrades blew off the cars from the Russians and didn’t
    well done huevbinnoy walk! drinks
    1. 53-Sciborskiy
      53-Sciborskiy 1 September 2012 19: 36
      Chinese manufacturers of weapons and military equipment have recognized that they are taking the best Russian weapons as the basis for their development. In particular, in the latest issue of the Chinese special edition Tanks and Armored Vehicles, the chief designer of the modern Chinese BMP ZBD04 claims that he not only copied the Russian BMP-3, but introduced a number of improvements to its parameters, as an example he called the change in the fire control system. The Russian Defense Ministry believes that our state will not sue Chinese gunsmiths, although the copyright protection of all military equipment being exported is provided for by government documents. It’s just that China, despite a slight decline, is our biggest and most promising future partner in terms of arms procurement, and it’s not profitable to enter into litigation with it.

      China continues to copy Russian military equipment But what will such cooperation turn out to be?
  5. erased
    erased 1 September 2012 13: 15
    To step in. And do not hell to sell them new. In the light of China's plans for the systematic seizure of the Far East and neighboring territories.
  6. tetrarx
    tetrarx 1 September 2012 13: 47
    hail and no chinese
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 3 September 2012 17: 57
      Minuses are probably given to you because one hail is not enough here. But for "watering" so that the "poplar" grows higher, it's a good thing;)
      1. Lieutenant colonel
        Lieutenant colonel 5 September 2012 03: 23
        At the school, we have one teacher, a fireman, an old guy (there would be more such teachers), with a specific example, explained all the difficulties of the war with China. an example was as follows - if you put a machine gun with an endless belt and all the Chinese in the back of the head, then they will be born faster than die)))))). Of course no one has tested this theory. So about the "watering" - the Far East and Siberia are nearby, they can hook their own with the flowering of poplar))))))))
  7. Lexa_71rus
    Lexa_71rus 1 September 2012 14: 03
    Chinese tanks will collapse as soon as they cross our border wink
    1. Konstantm
      Konstantm 1 September 2012 22: 30
      Quote: Lexa_71rus
      Chinese tanks will collapse as soon as they cross our border

      ... about Russian hats of Chinese cut.
    2. Zerstorer
      Zerstorer 2 September 2012 10: 45
      Yeah, they will work out their resources when they reach our borders. More precisely, to our European borders.
    3. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 3 September 2012 18: 00
      Lexa_71rus I am afraid that things will not reach the Chinese tanks on our border, there are really no tank hazardous places, besides it’s not the fact that they just get to the border))) You can talk about Chinese weapons, their quantity and quality, but while in stores I buy Chinese equipment, whose firmware is buggy every other time, you can sleep peacefully.
      1. Lieutenant colonel
        Lieutenant colonel 5 September 2012 03: 46
        Unfortunately, you did not have much time to sleep in peace. I'm not a pissimmist - I just really assess the state of things. And about tank accessible directions, I’ll say the following - if you look at a map of the Far East in the Dalnerechensk – Bikin – Khabarovsk region in winter, you will find that a strip with a width of 100 to 150 km is very accessible. In the area from Khanka to Ussuriysk there are also several directions that are fiercely expressed and somewhat not bright. Where I will not say. What is buggy in you (read here in Russia) is not buggy in their territory. What I personally witnessed. Two devices, one was from the Chinese military and the same device we brought in (released in China for the Russian Federation) worked completely differently, for some reason they worked better. And about the backwardness of China. Our UAZ did not drive their fuel, flew. Our carriers were simply shocked. Yes, the metal compositions used in their armor are inferior to ours, but will it be easier for you that the tank that shot you and hit you is worse armored? Moreover, here they almost pulled themselves together.
    4. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 5 September 2012 03: 18
      Already, unfortunately they will not fall apart.
  8. Melchakov
    Melchakov 1 September 2012 14: 15
    Quote: Lexa_71rus

    Chinese tanks will collapse as soon as they cross our border

    Well, don’t ... underestimate the enemy.
  9. lelikas
    lelikas 1 September 2012 14: 16
    I wonder how in the Chinese layout looks like counter-counter-ve?
  10. patriot64
    patriot64 1 September 2012 14: 20
    The gun hanging on the wall in the first act will certainly shoot in the second. This perfectly characterizes the Chinese. They will smile, nod their heads and keep the nuclear charge ready.
  11. Ataturk
    Ataturk 1 September 2012 14: 27
    Continuation of the Chinese copy machine.



    1. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 5 September 2012 03: 29
      The most interesting thing is that on the photos posted on the top it is a hummer and not a copy, moreover, released after the purchase of a hummer by the Chinese, But in the article there is no car that I saw in 2009 during the Peace Mission 2009 joint exercises. Very similar to our Tiger and Hamer at the same time. interesting car, and their Chinese showed us a lot.
  12. maxiv1979
    maxiv1979 1 September 2012 15: 14
    Well done Chinese, there is someone to take an example
  13. AIR ZNAK
    AIR ZNAK 1 September 2012 15: 51
    There is reason for our Defense Ministry and, especially, Rosoboronexport to think about it .. Yellow-faced sly, conclude a contract for the purchase of a large batch of modern weapons, after receiving several samples, terminate the contract on far-fetched pretexts. And boldly copy what they bought. And they don’t spend on R&D. who sold this new product to us, even if they incur R&D expenses. And copyright is not a decree for them in all areas, starting with clothing brands and ending with a complex aviation topic. And it may impose an unspoken moratorium on our government and Sale sallow modern weapons systems than at the expense of their taxpayers to arm them ?????
    1. Makk
      Makk 1 September 2012 16: 02
      Have you personally tried to copy something? I agree to the copyright account, but copying also requires R&D and (or) industrial espionage.
      "The trouble is, since the pies will start the cobbler oven,
      And the boots are for the cake-maker, "talk about what you know.
      1. Zerstorer
        Zerstorer 2 September 2012 10: 41
        Even if industrial espionage ... All the same, RKD will be processed under the technologies and those industries that are available.
  14. rinzhak
    rinzhak 1 September 2012 16: 15
    ba ... a ... a, how similar to our Bunsh laughing )))
    1. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 5 September 2012 03: 56
      If you are talking about Lower Bunsh, he is the network too)))) Look at the numbers - a photo of our maz, moreover with the numbers of the USSR Armed Forces. In China, this car looks from the top projection a little differently and their numbers in the army are slightly different than they were in the USSR.
  15. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 1 September 2012 16: 17
    Quote: Lexa_71rus
    Chinese tanks will collapse as soon as they cross our border

    Do not judge by theirs consumer goods supplied to our "flea markets"! If everything were as it seems to you, they would hardly have been able to fill the entire world market with their goods. Therefore, I think that there is nothing more dangerous than underestimating your opponent (even a potential one!) Russia has already stepped on this rake more than once!
  16. Su24
    Su24 1 September 2012 16: 34
    The wise son of the east will not start a war. It’s easier for them to wait until we crumble.
  17. Melchakov
    Melchakov 1 September 2012 18: 06
    Quote: Su24

    The wise son of the east will not start a war. It’s easier for them to wait until we crumble.

    Well, well.
  18. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 1 September 2012 18: 56
    What I like about them is that they spat on their high Chinese bell tower pagodas for all licenses, copyrights and other Western tripe. They don’t care that someone there saliva on their copies, Trut, as they say, to the nose and do their job. What kind of quality of a copy is already a second matter. Moreover, this applies not only to technology, but also to legislation. If necessary, they will put it to the wall and do not care that tolerant Europe is screaming there. They are on their mind. Here are some things we need to learn from them.
  19. AIR ZNAK
    AIR ZNAK 1 September 2012 19: 46
    I agree, brains are needed too. But not in the same volume as the creation of the source. And change costs.

    And it’s worth adding that China has territorial claims to all border countries, with the exception of Pakistan, and a well-armed nuclear neighbor is not a good neighbor.
    1. Makk
      Makk 2 September 2012 07: 03
      When copying, the gain is obtained in time, and regarding the possibility of copying, the questions are not for the manufacturers, but for the developers.
  20. koosss
    koosss 1 September 2012 21: 44
    even few cars are presented, as many as 2 pieces (
    1. sazhka0
      sazhka0 2 September 2012 07: 40
      And how much can we "imagine"?
      1. koosss
        koosss 2 September 2012 18: 16
        you want to say that we have few cars in the army?)
        Yes, and these 2 cars I doubt that they represent the entire fleet of the Chinese army), especially at the moment
  21. sazyckin
    sazyckin 1 September 2012 21: 55
    The Chinese will soon be in front of the entire planet.
  22. suharev-52
    suharev-52 2 September 2012 00: 40
    Underestimating the enemy leads to defeat. China is our potential enemy number 2. So transferring your military developments to him is more expensive. But does this worry our traders from the MO. They have a spare "airfield" in the West, and the real estate was bought in the same place. Eh-x-x! I advise you to look at Chinese sites, as they call us there. And in the Urals, the territory is painted in their color. So think guys, what would that mean ?. Sincerely.
  23. sazhka0
    sazhka0 2 September 2012 05: 59
    But they do. Good or bad, all this is relative. In any case, strive. Instead of arguing and sorting out the relationship in the media. "You shouldn't." That this leads to another question. But .. "The road will be mastered by the one walking." I think it's not long left to wait, they will learn ... and then not only We will have problems ..
  24. sazhka0
    sazhka0 2 September 2012 07: 18
    These guys make the electronics that we use in every home. I think they’ll also learn how to work with metals. Moreover, they don’t shout that they also have nuclear weapons and they are the coolest of all .. They just work. Just a plus. You can’t argue against the fact
    I have not seen such "unanimity" in the minuses for a long time .. Bravo !!! I think the minus players also use Chinese electronics.))). This is FACT. I do not see or hear "STUNNING" reports from Skolkovo about "great achievements" in the field of nanotechnology.
    The metamorphosis of the transformation of thought into a result is simply interesting. There are words, a lot of words .. There are a lot of thoughts and plans, promises too. Where is the result? And the Chinese "just" work ..
  25. I-16M
    I-16M 23 September 2012 11: 10
    We speak Chinese, we mean copied, slightly remade Soviet
  26. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 22 November 2012 20: 15
    I will insert my "5 cents" into this dispute. China need not start any war of conquest to expand its territory. According to scanty rumors, the entire Far East is filled with their workers (workers at least, and how many professional military among them, I think no one will undertake to count). And this armada is spreading over the territory of Russia, like a Colorado potato beetle.
    They have already said that their electronics have flooded the houses, but who can say that it will not turn off all at the "X" hour?
    You can sell equipment, this is the currency, but what prevents us from introducing our bookmarks into it at a critical moment? It's time for a long time.