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Replacement for "Clouds". Central Research Institute Tochmash has developed a new protective ammunition


Launcher for new ammunition

A promising jamming system designed for mounting on armored combat vehicles has been developed and is being tested. In terms of its composition and principle of operation, it is similar to the widespread system 902 "Tucha", but it uses a new protective ammunition with wider capabilities.

New generation system

The development of a new means of protection for armored vehicles was announced on June 4 by the state corporation "Rostec" and the Central Research Institute Tochmash, which is part of it, which created this project. Basic information about a promising product, some of its characteristics and information about current work are disclosed. In addition, photos and videos from the field tests have been published. At the same time, the name of the sample has not yet been disclosed.

Official reports mention that the new ammunition was created to protect armored vehicles from various high-precision weapons enemy. When a threat is identified, a combat vehicle must shoot such a product in the right direction, after which a combined aerosol-dipole curtain is created.

The process of shooting grenades

The appearance of the ammunition has not been disclosed. At the same time, it is indicated that it is made in a caliber of 76 mm and weighs 2,8 kg. The product uses a new pyrotechnic composition, due to which the density of the created curtain is increased by one and a half times. The ammunition, together with the appropriate launchers, can be used on any types of armored vehicles, providing an increase in its survivability and stability.

By now, the new protection system has managed to enter field tests. Moreover, the shooting with experienced ammunition was already considered possible to be shown to the public. By the end of the year, TsNII Tochmash and Rostec plan to complete state tests, the results of which will determine the future of the new development.

In August, the new ammunition will be shown to the military at the Army-2021 forum. Rostec State Corporation believes that this product will attract the attention of potential customers. In particular, foreign armies planning to develop their armored forces may be interested in it.

Technical features

Rostec and TsNII Tochmash have not yet shown the protective ammunition itself and do not disclose most of the information about it. At the same time, its main features are named, the launcher, the process of firing and the formation of a curtain, etc. are shown. All this already makes it possible to draw up a fairly detailed picture.

Curtain formation

The launcher of the new type resembles the serial "Tucha", but differs in appearance and design. The shown sample is built on the basis of a box-shaped body, on which mortar barrels of 76 mm caliber are fixed outside. An interesting feature of the system is the short barrel length. However, the mortar can be longer, and its breech is located inside the body. The barrels are positioned with a certain elevation angle and with horizontal retraction - for shooting in a wide sector.

The rig shown has four shafts placed at the same level. Probably, other configurations with a different number of launch mortars and with other options for their location are possible.

An obscure protective ammunition is made in a caliber of 76 mm and weighs 2,8 kg. From the announced data, it follows that this is a compact, but rather heavy grenade with a combined charge. It is based on a completely new pyrotechnic composition that forms a denser curtain for protection in the visible and infrared ranges. Taking into account the development and spread of radar, miniature dipole reflectors have been introduced into the product.

Outwardly, the work of the new protection system does not fundamentally differ from the use of the "902" product. The carrier armored vehicle fires off the ammunition, it moves away a certain distance, after which it is undermined. The pyrotechnic charge disintegrates into separate elements, which, falling to the ground, burn out and form a dense cloud of smoke. Separate dark elements can be seen against the background of the white curtain. Probably, these are reflectors for countering electronic systems.

It should be recalled that in the recent past, the Central Research Institute Tochmash reported on the development of a promising complex for the protection of armored vehicles from guided weapons. It was planned to include attack detection tools and a control system, as well as protective aerosol ammunition. Perhaps the new system presented the other day has the most direct relation to this project. However, then it was only about optical-electronic countermeasures, and interference with radars was not mentioned.

It can be assumed that tests of protective ammunition were carried out using advanced control systems and other new equipment. In this case, it cannot be ruled out that not only firepower will be shown at Army-2021, but also the entire range of protection.

Past generation

At the moment, the main means of optical-electronic countermeasures on domestic armored vehicles is the 902 "Cloud" system in various modifications. It includes the necessary control devices and 81 mm smoothbore mortars. The number and method of placement of launching devices are determined in accordance with the characteristics of the carrier. Various versions of detection and warning sensors and shooting controls are also used.

"Cloud" uses smoke grenades 3D6 (M) and 3D17. These are products with a caliber of 81 mm and a length of 220 mm, weighing from 2,2 to 2,34 kg. The grenade is fired at a distance of up to 300 m, after which it is blown up and forms an aerosol curtain. The size of the cloud and the time of its formation depend on the type of shot. 3D6 products provide masking only in the visible part of the spectrum; 3D17 have a wider range and also block infrared radiation.

The "902" system was adopted in 1980 and since then has occupied the place of the main means of its class in our armed forces and in a number of foreign armies. "Cloud" has long established itself from the best side, but its capabilities no longer fully meet the current requirements.

Mortar systems "Tucha" on the tower tank T-90A

Its main disadvantage can be considered the ability to protect only from optical surveillance equipment. At the same time, the design has a high modernization potential, and its characteristics can be improved solely by creating new shots.

A complex approach

However, the new project of TsNII Tochmash does not provide for updating the existing sample. Was created its own launcher for the new ammunition and the development of other units is possible. This comprehensive approach has its advantages. First of all, the task of creating a new protective ammunition with improved characteristics was successfully solved, and a significant contribution to this result was provided by changing the caliber and form factor of the product. This was followed by the development of other components.

Prospects for a new protection system, for obvious reasons, have not yet been determined. However, it can be assumed that the army will take an interest in such items. For all its advantages, the old "Cloud" no longer corresponds to the typical threats of the modern battlefield and needs deep modernization or replacement. The new project from Rostec and Central Research Institute Tochmash offers an effective and modern solution to this problem.

According to the results of state tests, which are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, the new protective ammunition and related equipment may receive a recommendation for adoption. The result of the future "Army-2021" may be orders from third countries. Thus, a great future can await a new Russian development. However, one should not hope that it will be able to replace existing analogues in the shortest possible time. For a long time, the army will have to use the Tucha system - not the most perfect, but massive and well-mastered.
Photos used:
Rostec, TsNII Tochmash
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 8 June 2021 05: 23
    New mortars and grenades are good, but the reaction time from detecting a threat to forming a veil is equally important. It is unclear how with this.
    1. Kote Pan Kokhanka
      Kote Pan Kokhanka 8 June 2021 06: 00
      I do not beg the importance of the Tucha, Shtora, etc. protection systems, but I would like to read the news about the serial KAZ on our tanks!
      1. novel66
        novel66 8 June 2021 07: 04
        that's it! otherwise scrap will arrive, instead of high-precision
        1. venik
          venik 8 June 2021 15: 20
          Quote: novel xnumx
          that's it! otherwise scrap will arrive, instead of high-precision

          But isn’t they use a laser rangefinder when the BOPS-ohm is "shot"? And if so, if there are laser radiation sensors, WHAT prevents to shoot the curtain without waiting for the "arrival of the scrap" directly?
      2. Viktor Sergeev
        Viktor Sergeev 8 June 2021 09: 12
        KAZ has both advantages and disadvantages, and most importantly a high price, with simple opposition, plus the likelihood of defeating its own infantry. They will put on T14 and that's it.
        1. Lt. Air Force stock
          Lt. Air Force stock 8 June 2021 12: 42
          Quote: Victor Sergeev
          plus the likelihood of hitting your own infantry.

          The probability of hitting infantry will be much higher if the enemy picks up the tanks.
      3. Starover_Z
        Starover_Z 9 June 2021 12: 21
        Quote: Kote Pan Kokhanka
        I do not beg the importance of the Tucha, Shtora, etc. protection systems, but I would like to read the news about the serial KAZ on our tanks!

        That's right, ON YOUR TANKS! And why the question is, have not yet begun production, but immediately selling abroad? For potential "partners" to develop a means of counteraction ?!
    2. novel66
      novel66 8 June 2021 07: 03
      Are there laser sensors? luchat - bullet
    3. parma
      parma 8 June 2021 10: 03
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      New mortars and grenades are good, but the reaction time from detecting a threat to forming a veil is equally important. It is unclear how with this.

      The veil is good, but only against the 2nd generation of ATGMs, it does not save from the third, because the crew or the system simply will not know about their spare ...
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 8 June 2021 10: 08
        Quote: parma
        maybe the crew or the system simply won't know about their spare wheel ...
        The curtain and the missile seeker are jamming, but there are missile launch detection and optics detection systems, I am more worried about the countermeasures of BOPS, and they do not shoot without a laser rangefinder.
  2. Old tanker
    Old tanker 8 June 2021 06: 36
    It is not clear only why this ammunition is not implemented in 81mm caliber ?! To immediately launch it into the troops and use it on the equipment in service. After all, she, too, needs such protection here and now.
    In principle, the answer can be simple - loot. After all, the installation costs more than ammunition. Plus money for development.
    1. novel66
      novel66 8 June 2021 07: 04
      you can be ashamed lol
  3. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 8 June 2021 07: 31
    This is the second publication about the new system of setting the curtains ... I agree with those who refer to the ambiguities of the district of this system! First, about the calibers ... why 76 mm and not 81 mm? Will there be more ammunition in a block of the same size? How much more ? Something not very convincing! Also ... no one has ever mentioned, for some reason, the "Cloud" (50 mm) smoke grenade firing system ... Where has it disappeared? As if she never existed! And yet, little by little the situation is clearing up ... in a commentary to the previous publication, defending the "term", aerosol-dipole munition, I reminded that in "nature there are" smoke munitions, for example, with 2 "sub .charges "(!) ... one -" aerosol-forming "... the other - with dipoles! This version seems to be confirmed in the" today's "publication!
  4. Konnick
    Konnick 8 June 2021 09: 26
    Quote: Victor Sergeev
    KAZ has both advantages and disadvantages, and most importantly a high price, with simple opposition, plus the likelihood of defeating its own infantry. They will put on T14 and that's it.

    And why on T14, in the same place, and so the armor hoo. It is better to put KAZ on a tank with lightweight armor, armor from rapid-fire small-caliber systems, such as 30mm and a little more. Accordingly, the cost of KAZ should be leveled by the cost of the tank. If KAZ is so good, then why make super armor?
    1. yanus
      yanus 8 June 2021 14: 42
      Any super-armor can penetrate into the side with any ATGM. Therefore, KAZ is needed.
      When the KAZ is "overloaded", an ATGM can fly over, so armor is needed.
  5. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov 9 June 2021 16: 44
    Quote: Lt. air force reserve
    The probability of hitting infantry will be much higher if the enemy picks up the tanks.

    1. Tank + infantry - the minimum probability of defeat for both tank and infantry.
    2. Tank + KAZ but without infantry - the probability of hitting a tank is much higher. But even without the defeat of the tank, he without the infantry will be lost in the enemy's line.
    3. Tank + KAZ + infantry - not allowed.
  6. tank64rus
    tank64rus 15 August 2021 19: 22
    "At the same time, the design has a high potential for modernization, and its performance can be improved solely by creating new shots." It is easier and cheaper to change the filling and cram a new composition than to change everything at once. By the way, "Armata" also has a new DGS system.