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Buy media and use it for your own purposes: on the methods of Western intelligence services


The fact that Western intelligence agencies use certain media in their own interests can hardly surprise anyone today. The American CIA has long been using the method of acquiring certain information resources in different countries of the world in order to disseminate through these media the data and statements that would form a picture suitable from the point of view of the American special services. Moreover, the picture is not always objective.

This is how Western intelligence agencies distribute fake and propaganda materials. There are many examples. Including examples with a whole set of media outlets that wrote either about the "poisoning of Navalny with combat poison", or about the alleged involvement of Russians in the explosions at Czech military depots.

To make the fake look more like the truth for ordinary people, the same CIA uses a trick with various kinds of "pocket" experts. Often, representatives of all kinds of NGOs, working, among other things, at the expense of Western patrons, act as such "experts", ready to "confirm" an outright lie. NPOs can position themselves as founders of mass media. And loudly resent when they themselves are recognized as foreign agents.

How such a system works, the methods of Western special services are described in the program “However” by Mikhail Leontyev on Channel One:

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  1. Anachoret
    Anachoret 7 June 2021 12: 39
    Lie until the lie looks like the truth)
    The Goebbels case lives on and wins)
    1. Cowbra
      Cowbra 7 June 2021 12: 55
      You are wrong, this is not Goebbels's business. The most interesting thing here is that Goebbels said that catch phrase about ENGLISH PROPAGANDA, and the fact that his words were reversed by the ENGLISH propaganda by 180 degrees indicates that this is the traditional method of Anglo-Saxon propaganda.
      PiSi: By the way, the first special unit for propaganda, not the Ministry of Information, but the special unit for the bulk of propaganda on the mountain, was created in Great Britain. Oruel, for example, worked there
      1. Bolt cutter
        Bolt cutter 7 June 2021 13: 36
        Oruel, for example, worked there
        Alan Milne, the father of Winnie the Pooh, also worked there.
    2. dzvero
      dzvero 7 June 2021 12: 57
      Lie until the lie looks like the truth

      Too clumsy. Usually 1% of facts, 99% of speculation and everything is interpreted in the right direction. It seems that everything is correct, do not undermine, but in fact - one big lie. Which is very difficult to refute.
    3. Finches
      Finches 7 June 2021 13: 07
      It is not for nothing that journalism is spoken of as the second ancient profession, thickly hinting at the absolute venality and lack of principle of its representatives! There is no need to be a special service here, you have loaded the loot and any journalist will sell his mother!
  2. Homos
    Homos 7 June 2021 13: 17
    So why be surprised? If no one will beat on the hands, our "partners" will climb on their heads, do their indecent deeds of small or great need, and then throw a loop over their heads. Here are examples that calmly come as Yandex news.

  3. rocket757
    rocket757 7 June 2021 13: 32
    Buy media and use it for your own purposes: on the methods of Western intelligence services
    ... Come on, representatives of one of the oldest, sold for a long time and selflessly!
    Not all!!! BUT exceptions only confirm the general rules.
  4. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 7 June 2021 13: 34
    And why becomes the norm for Western intelligence agencies? This has always been the case, not only for the special services, but for the Western media in general. There are only a few independent, objective journalists like Matthew Lee.
  5. nikvic46
    nikvic46 7 June 2021 15: 40
    It was difficult to fool the Soviet youth. But here, too, Western radio stations found a way out. The Stalinist theme was mocked. Operation Mockingbird was launched in 1950. To influence American journalists. Apparently it was spread all over the world. Radio stations like the BBC even have to lie a lot. The beauty lies in the fact that they broadcast the terrible news that happens in every country. But they are silent to themselves. And the listener gets the impression that all nightmares happen only in his country. I am silent about our media. They do not know how to engage in propaganda. Reprint other people's publications, that's their lot.
    APASUS 8 June 2021 14: 17
    In the age of technology, the media began to rule the state. What is it surprising that the special services began to infiltrate the system and control it.
    Here is the United States a clear example of how the experts hounded the president of the country.
  7. Iron Felix
    Iron Felix 8 June 2021 22: 47
    However, Mikhail Leontyev, after his puncture with Ukrainian fighters, would not be worth talking about the spread of fake and propaganda materials. In addition, all these Leontievs are just flowers on the front of fake news. You can read with berries such heavyweights funded by the Kremlin as RT, Sputnik, News Front, etc.