In the United States announced a vulnerability in the production of electronic warfare systems


The Western press released material on an analytical report on the dynamics of specific segments of military-technical production. The report says that there is a special segment that has not stopped growing even during the pandemic. As it turns out, this is the sphere of production of electronic warfare (EW).

It is predicted that growth in this military-technical segment will continue over the next few years. According to experts, in the period from 2021 to 2025, the average annual growth in the electronic warfare market will be about 3,5 percent. Between 2016 and 2021, it was about 3,9%. In other words, in 10 years the growth will be about 37 percent.

It was noted that there is no such stable and long-term growth in any of the areas of military-technical activity in the world. The reason for this is the growing demand in a number of countries for products related to electronic countermeasures. In this regard, many companies from the military industry, having studied analytical data, are trying to reorient part of their production specifically to electronic warfare equipment.

However, there are some difficulties in this case. In particular, we are talking about the difficulties for the United States of America.

In the publications of Western experts, it is said that the United States has recently "become critically dependent on the electronics market." For example, a stable supply of rare earth metals from China is extremely important for the United States. These deliveries account for up to 75% of the consumer electronics market and over half of the so-called dual-use market. If China limits the supply of rare earth metals to the United States, then Washington will face serious production difficulties. And, in particular, the main blow will be inflicted on the production of electronic warfare equipment for aviation.

Therefore, in the United States, it is believed that the sphere of production of elements for electronic warfare systems has a significant vulnerability. And they have not yet figured out how to mitigate this vulnerability.
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    1. +2
      7 2021 June
      In the United States announced a vulnerability in the production of electronic warfare systems
      And in the production of microchips, tanks, aircraft, shipbuilding, everything is OK? fool
      The reason for this is the growing demand in a number of countries for products related to electronic countermeasures.
      Oh how. The USA has no problems with electronic warfare, it's just the market demands ...
      1. +2
        7 2021 June
        Here everything is even more complicated.
        It is not so difficult for Americans to buy and make microcircuits for the defense industry themselves, the main technologies are just theirs, there are far from all factories in China. Deposits of rare earth metals are also on the continent ... Most of them are conserved, but it doesn’t matter if it gets pressed.

        The problem is that electronic warfare negates most of the advantages of modern American weapons. That is, it will be necessary to fundamentally change the means of communication and guidance, install new electronics. Yes, there are examples that are successful and resistant to most influences. But not all ...
        1. +1
          7 2021 June
          It looks like another "groan" of the military-industrial complex and the US military on the eve of the coordination and approval of the defense budget.
          To listen to them like this is bad everywhere and terrible enemies are about to begin aggression against the weak and peace-loving USA. Only now the reality is the opposite and the United States has already gotten everyone with its endless military incursions into different countries around the world.
    2. -1
      7 2021 June
      China will not limit anything, and if it does, it will not be for long.
      1. +1
        7 2021 June
        Quote: Alexey Alexandrovich
        China will not limit anything

        Depends on how China stepped on mattresses. And if you put your deposits into production, the Fed's machine will break down.
    3. +1
      7 2021 June
      Mothballing mines and processing plants, further down the list. In a few years, the deficit will be overcome. wassat An amazing thing. To declare the main enemy the country on which we are critically dependent ... and not only in rare earths!
      1. +4
        7 2021 June
        Quote: Mountain Shooter
        Several years later

        So this and it, that this is the time. And the mattresses are already in full. in terms of electronic warfare.
    4. +2
      7 2021 June
      For example, a stable supply of rare earth metals from China is extremely important for the United States.
      So yes, because the Chinese comrades-cabbage soup and keep this fact as one of the trump cards in the economic war with the Merikatos.
    5. +3
      7 2021 June
      And they have not yet figured out how to mitigate this vulnerability.
      And you introduce more sanctions and people and countries will "reach out" to you.
    6. 0
      7 2021 June
      The United States occupies the 3rd place in rare earth metals, after China and the CIS. So they will mine
    7. 0
      7 2021 June
      The United States has all these rare earths. But while their green candy wrappers are in use, the United States uses this power by 100%. For example, lithium, in the United States it is. The Biden administration decided to invest $ 130 billion in lithium production. The local manufacturer was delighted, but it’s not there. it was, money will be invested in foreign production. Two Australian companies at once merge and open a head office in Buenos Aires. Why in Buenos Aires, and nearby the country of Chile, produces 60% of lithium. So we are waiting for the revolution "lithium battery" in Chile with full orientation to the USA.
    8. +2
      7 2021 June
      The reference to the fact that the problems of US electronic warfare may arise due to the dependence of the supply of rare earth elements from China is nothing more than an excuse.
      In fact, the problems of electronic warfare in the United States arose due to the curtailment of their development programs in the late 90s. Someone at the Pentagon thought that their power is excessive and they interfere with the use of their own high-tech weapons.
      In Russia, at that time, conclusions were drawn equally opposite. And if earlier electronic warfare was financed on a leftover basis, being one of the auxiliary types of combat support for various types and types of troops. After the US operations in Iraq and Yugoslavia, this approach had to be revised fundamentally. From here, the US lagged behind and its problems in the field of electronic warfare.
      Although if we talk about the problems of electromagnetic compatibility when using electronic warfare in our country, then this problem will also be relevant for a long time. Especially when their communication systems are forced to switch to noise-immune modes.
    9. Kaw
      7 2021 June
      And how the Americans used to do without Chinese rare earth materials. After all, they were not always friends with China?
      PS It looks like Majumdar again.

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