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The United States said that "foreign hackers" attacked the New York subway network for several days


In the United States, they announced that they faced another intervention of "foreign hackers". In the materials of the American press, it is reported about the object of the alleged hacker attack. This object was the subway of the largest American city - New York.

According to US media reports, the attacks were carried out over several days in the second half of April. "Foreign hackers", according to the NSA and the FBI, targeted the computer networks of the company that operates the New York subway.

Special attention is drawn to the information according to which the signal about the hacking of the computer network was not given by the company itself, but by the American special services, including the aforementioned Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency.

From publications in the American press with reference to representatives of the FBI:

The attack caused difficulties in the operation of three of MTA's 18 systems. This is video control, service of passenger cards. The key systems were not hacked by cybercriminals. The hackers were unable to gain access to the New York subway train control system, although they tried to do so.

For some reason, MTA did not notice any encroachments on its databases and computer networks. According to the technical director of the company Rafail Portnoy, the existing multi-level systems allow protecting the entire complex for servicing the metro operation. At the same time, Portnoy added:

But cyberattacks are becoming a global threat anyway.

After that, publications appeared in the United States, which stated that "with a high degree of probability we can say that hackers controlled by the Chinese government are behind the attacks on the New York subway." On what basis this conclusion was made and what exactly this probability is, is not reported.

For reference: the New York subway transports about 1,7 billion passengers a year (data for 2019), has 36 lines and more than 470 stations. The total length of the tracks exceeds 1,3 thousand km.

New York Subway:


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  1. knn54
    knn54 3 June 2021 08: 22
    - "foreign hackers" attacked for several days
    Someone did not pass the test / exam ...
    1. Finches
      Finches 3 June 2021 08: 32
      Petrov and Boshirov go ahead,
      One with a laptop, the other with an ax.
      The subway computer gets hooked
      The Trojan "Newbie" has been loaded onto the USB stick ... laughing
      1. mojohed2012
        mojohed2012 3 June 2021 09: 57
        Every week there is a cyberattack, or "wrong behavior", "threatening actions", "provocative movements", "They did not leave the Ukrainian border and NATO borders" and so on, other yelping at meetings and sessions of Russophobic structures about Russia. They can't sleep, they can't eat, s ... they can't live without another stench ...
        So that you are there gentlemen Russophobes ..... Health to you!
        1. NIKN
          NIKN 3 June 2021 10: 33
          The key systems were not hacked by cybercriminals. The hackers were unable to access the New York City subway train control system, although they tried to do so.

          Much of the equipment of the New York subway has not been updated in over 100 years. If hackers could break into manual traffic control, it would be a breakthrough. :))

          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 3 June 2021 10: 55
            In the theory of warfare, there are certain classical conditions for the initiation of aggression by an aggressor against a victim country. It:
            1. The level of the aggressor's armed forces must EXCEED the level of the country's armed forces is a victim of aggression.
            2. The aggressor needs foreign allies to START hostilities and wage war - countries supporting the aggressor country. For this, the aggressor country must promise them something as a gain from the war with their participation - new lands and the ability to plunder and ravage them, engage in genocide of the local population in order to change the demography there in favor of the invaders.
            3. The authorities of the aggressor country must obtain permission from their own people and from the world community to start an aggressive war against the country - the victims of their aggression ..
            To do this, it is necessary to demonize the country victim of aggression - in the eyes of OWN people and in the eyes of the WORLD COMMUNITY so that the aggressive war looks like a "JUST" PUNISHMENT from the majority of the population against the country - the victims of their aggression.

            On this basis, Washington's standing accusations in cyberattacks allegedly from the Russian Federation or China they expose the United States as an aggressor country that is preparing an invading war against the Russian Federation and the PRC.

            As for small countries - US puppets - such as Russophobic Tribaltia, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia - this is just for the United States, ordinary expendable geopolitical colonial materials, which the United States may well sacrifice in its PROKI war with Russia, and which ultimately will not receive anything worthwhile from the United States.
            The United States itself will definitely not fight for these puppets - and perhaps it will send other NATO countries to fight for them, which, in principle, will not need it either, since they will not receive any truly economic preferences from such a war.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 3 June 2021 10: 51
        Quote: Finches
        Petrov and Boshirov go ahead

        Definitely not them. Petrov and Bashirov do not exchange for trifles, so to trawl the "beacon of world politics" Lyonchik, and the spy of all countries and peoples, Skrypka, or to blow up the world's largest warehouse in the Czech Republic, and then there is a subway. Let them deal with their African Americans.
        1. Cat Alexandrovich
          Cat Alexandrovich 3 June 2021 13: 36
          Of course not them. Since nothing really worked out, not a single train to Alaska was hijacked, then they were not. But if it worked out !!!
    2. Vend
      Vend 3 June 2021 11: 39
      The United States with its Silicon Valley, the best programmers, Google, etc., cannot resist hackers from impoverished Russia, with an economy plundered and torn to shreds. laughing laughing
  2. prior
    prior 3 June 2021 08: 22
    What kind of Americans are they ?!
    And all that they are threatened, and they are all afraid, and all the hackers of the world attack them every day ...
    Even a pipe at the bottom of the sea is a threat to them.
    No one in the world whines more than them about threats, attacks, terrorists, hackers ...
    A frail people, cowardly. negative
    1. seregatara1969
      seregatara1969 3 June 2021 08: 37
      their metro was attacked by hackers and the carriages were painted
    2. Pereira
      Pereira 3 June 2021 09: 31
      Crushed, however. As the negro was appointed prez, so the omerica ended. The corpse begins to decompose among us. It stinks. (Tse).
    3. lucul
      lucul 3 June 2021 09: 38
      What kind of Americans are they ?!

      No-no-no - all in feng shui)))
      Remember Die Hard 4.0 with Bruce Williss, there is just this topic of hackers who disconnect the city infrastructure remotely - the main one)))
      The film was simply released too early, not everyone was ripe then)))
    4. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 3 June 2021 11: 00
      Quote: prior
      And all that they are threatened, and they are all afraid, and all the hackers of the world attack them every day.

      I don’t recognize the Americans, all the scared ones have become, like a cow, “afraid of a frightened bush,” for a whole year, as hysterics from the Square yell, then they are attacked, then threatened, then attacked. Vysotsky Vladimir has long been singing about these boys with a "parent" ...They scare with plates, they say, vile, fly, Then your dogs bark, then the ruins say.
  3. Klingon
    Klingon 3 June 2021 08: 23
    striped ones constantly itch in one place, so they are looking for another source of irritation wassat
    1. Cotton Colorado
      Cotton Colorado 3 June 2021 10: 53
      Quote: Klingon
      striped ones constantly itch in one place, so they are looking for another source of irritation wassat

      Worm pills to help them.
      1. Cat Alexandrovich
        Cat Alexandrovich 3 June 2021 13: 39
        Antidepressants for worms! laughing
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 3 June 2021 11: 02
      Quote: Klingon
      striped ones constantly itch in one place, so they are looking for another source of irritation

      Tar soap for itching and irritation helps. And you need to wash at least once a week.
  4. cniza
    cniza 3 June 2021 08: 30
    This object was the subway of the largest American city - New York.

    Very convenient, all problems are for hackers ...
  5. dimy44
    dimy44 3 June 2021 08: 33
    It turns out interestingly - the MTA company itself did not notice the attack, but the FBI insists that there were. Smells like a planned action for hitting China.
  6. carstorm 11
    carstorm 11 3 June 2021 08: 38
    The metro is attacked several times every year. What's the news then?
    1. Cananecat
      Cananecat 3 June 2021 08: 46
      The news is that the passenger passage system has collapsed, collapsed ... but not collapsed.
  7. Viktor Sergeev
    Viktor Sergeev 3 June 2021 08: 43
    And the poor are always to blame, either the Chinese or the Russians.
  8. Russobel
    Russobel 3 June 2021 08: 45
    The MTA company did not notice any encroachments on its databases and computer networks for some reason.

    Maybe they didn't notice the hacker attacks because there weren't any ...
    And China, because one of the two enemies, Russia does not want to blame for the summit, then China.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 3 June 2021 08: 46
    faced another interference of "foreign hackers"
    They blame Russia and China, but for some reason they keep quiet about their hackers, of which there are plenty in the United States. But the latest attacks were related to extortion of money, which gives reason to believe about internal problems in American cyberspace. It is clear that it is easier to blame outside interference than to fight with the inside. But the Russian side has been proposing for many years at least to conclude an agreement on a joint fight against cybercrime.
  10. askort154
    askort154 3 June 2021 08: 46
    We changed the record. Before that, Russian hackers did not give them a quiet life, starting with the presidential elections, now they switched to China.
  11. v.tochenn
    v.tochenn 3 June 2021 09: 04
    How helpless they are ... Take it with your bare hands. There is no fuel, there is no meat, while talking about the subway with a stake - collapse, take it with your bare hands. laughing
  12. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 3 June 2021 09: 07
    For me who is zero, computer literacy is understandable, the control of the technological chain should not be associated with anyone. Well, I want operators to gamble at night and watch porn, let them suffer. If memory serves, a Jewish boy 15 years ago, generally the Pentagon Therefore, the Pentagon periodically holds contests to hack its networks. And this is a country that teaches everyone how to live. Probably it's time for the United States to take control of their nuclear forces. If they cannot protect themselves in such trifles. I only know of us that banks and flasks, that is, telecom operators, suffer. Ward number 6 is a madhouse, I'm talking about the United States.
  13. Alien From
    Alien From 3 June 2021 09: 08
    Soon the meme about P-B will go out of fashion ......... so a new mattress will come up with!
  14. APASUS
    APASUS 3 June 2021 09: 11
    All according to the same scheme:
    1 There is no final investigation yet, but the culprit has already been assigned
    2 With evidence again, take my word for it
    3 Depending on the political situation, the perpetrators are usually Russians, but now there should be a summit meeting.
  15. Shkworen
    Shkworen 3 June 2021 09: 38
    The New York subway control system was developed at the beginning of the last century and still exists almost unchanged. There was an article on this topic on Habré. I don't even know what can be attacked there :)
    1. Trapp1st
      Trapp1st 3 June 2021 10: 30
      The New York subway control system was developed at the beginning of the last century and still exists almost unchanged.
      Judging by the video there is not only a control system, but all the metro from the past ...
      1. Shkworen
        Shkworen 3 June 2021 10: 50
        almost it is :)
  16. yfast
    yfast 3 June 2021 10: 12
    Either China or Russia, there simply cannot be other options. Private hackers who work in their own interests simply do not exist. Or maybe the US CIA trained to hack its networks through other countries. Since there is nothing useful in metro systems. You can activate several compromised computers in Russia directly from the United States, let the hacking traffic through them, then format the disks with the Secure Erase command. Erase the logs in a dozen routers, the states probably have backdoors. And voila, fagot.
  17. rotfuks
    rotfuks 3 June 2021 13: 52
    It is unclear whether Russia is so progressive or America is so backward that anyone is not too lazy to interfere in the elections in the United States, Americans are left without meat, riots are organized, the Capitol is seized, e-mail is hacked, ... the oil pipeline is stopped, the metro is blocked ...
  18. Evil 55
    Evil 55 3 June 2021 15: 24
    Well, of course ... Some hackers who are sick in their heads, perhaps from BLM, there is nothing more to attack in Matrastan There is nothing but the metro ..
  19. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 4 June 2021 10: 18
    FOREIGN hackers. The devil knows whose, but certainly foreign) Maybe the Chinese, but why maybe, is not reported. Since the considerations on which the conclusions are drawn are not disclosed. It's funny, but maybe not so much.
    The fact is that the vast majority of routers that are responsible for the direction of traffic in large and largest networks, until recently, were produced by Cisco. As if by chance American. However, the Chinese Huawei has gradually brought its routers to the required quality and began to occupy the market. Then, suddenly, Huawei turned out to be an enemy of the United States) For completely different reasons, of course)
    It seems that the Americans can easily and quickly track many parameters with hardware, and in such a way that no one, in principle, will be able to find out anything. And of course, they will never openly say that they are in fact holding by the throat all the data transmission networks on the planet. Well, excluding the ones that the Chinese are holding by the throat.
    True, it is not clear why it so happened that there are no and cannot be Russian routers on the market. Not by Juan Sombrero. Now, if only for robbery and nonsense ... But there are only American and Chinese. The masters of the world.
  20. Charik
    Charik 4 June 2021 14: 13
    Have seen enough of a strong nut