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"Sometimes the combat readiness is twenty percent": the state of the air fleet of the Bundeswehr


The German Ministry of Defense assessed the state of its aviation... Thanks to manipulations with statistics, it was possible to "raise" the level of combat readiness of 71 main weapon systems to 76%. However, the real state of affairs looks depressing.

The Bundeswehr, in its new report on the readiness of the main combat systems, declares an improvement in the situation. But some types weapons continue to look gloomy

- noted in the edition of Flug Revue (FRG).

At the same time, it is emphasized that the share of serviceable materiel was withdrawn by the military department from the volume of the "stock", ignoring the size of funds that are in long-term factory repair, modernization or work when making structural changes and now reach about a third of the total reserves, constantly increasing in number ...

It should be expected that the size of the materiel in the next few years will be significantly reduced due to the implementation of programs for the unification of air fleet, extensive re-equipment and the introduction of technical innovations to prevent obsolescence.

The average material readiness of combat vehicles in attack and transport aviation is 64%, and for helicopters for the first time more than 40%. Nevertheless, the state of one third of the systems is still unstable and, most importantly, their available stock is extremely small. This applies to both old systems that are planned to be removed from service in the future (for example, Sea King, Sea Lynx), and new ones, for example, A400M, NH90 NTH Sea Lion

- the report says.

Difficulties are typical for a wide range of vehicles, "sometimes the combat readiness is twenty percent", for example, in the case of the NH90 NTH Sea Lion multipurpose helicopter fleet, although this type of equipment has been supplied to the country's navy only since 2019. The state of the KH Tiger attack helicopter fleet continues to deteriorate due to a lack of production capacity; "The elimination of the congestion [on them] is not expected until the end of 2024."

On old helicopters, operational flight work is possible only with great effort. Re-purchase of subsequent models is mandatory

- stated in the document.

A difficult situation developed with the A400M military transport aircraft, which was supplied by France "with numerous technical deficiencies." At the same time, there are no spare parts for it and there is no capacity for servicing equipment.

The material readiness of the Tornado's [fighter] can only be ensured with great effort due to its age and increasingly complex supplies. Again, reliance on industrial capacity is an important pillar

- indicated in the report.

The situation with the Eurofighter fighters looks better, where the readiness level of about 70% has been achieved and continues to grow. Since 2019, the number of these machines that could not be used due to the lack of spare parts has been halved.

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  1. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 2 June 2021 22: 50
    And I saw a tornado alive, a beautiful plane flew below the main deck, though an English one and in 1992, they still fly? But 100500 Arabs were accepted, this is better than combat-ready aircraft! , England Germany 11 against 11, they do it very well! I am always for the Germans when they chase the ball across the field.
    1. dauria
      dauria 2 June 2021 23: 50
      I am always for the Germans

      They, bastards, slyly dealt with both Russia and Ukraine. We pulled the bagpipes from the An-70, studied it under the pretext of "buying". They found out that the car had turned out quite well .... And the tender was won by exactly the same A-400, but not even built yet. Well, now they are whining
      "A difficult situation has developed with the military transport aircraft A400M, which was supplied by France" with numerous technical deficiencies "
    2. Anachoret
      Anachoret 3 June 2021 00: 55
      The radio operator with the call sign "Ursula" worked "excellently" with the German army)))
      1. Civil
        Civil 3 June 2021 07: 09
        "Sometimes the combat readiness is twenty percent": the state of the air fleet of the Bundeswehr

        How so? On the Military Review, every third article about the "aggressive NATO bloc is preparing an attack on capitalist Russia." And then it turns out they were not going to war - there is nothing to fight with. It turns out that for 3 years there is no Wehrmacht and no Hitler. Who would have thought.
        1. Dart2027
          Dart2027 3 June 2021 19: 19
          Quote: Civil
          aggressive NATO bloc is preparing an attack on capitalist Russia

          The United States would like to, but it is scary.
    3. knn54
      knn54 3 June 2021 06: 07
      As they say in poker, "The card loves a tear."
      Let's see how with aviation technology ...
  2. Evil troll
    Evil troll 2 June 2021 22: 52
    Why should the Germans spend money on the defense industry ?. They are protected from Russia by the strongest army in the world and the Americans to boot.
    1. iouris
      iouris 2 June 2021 23: 11
      Quote: Angry Troll
      Protects them from Russia

      There is no need to protect anyone from Russia; it cannot even invade its own territory. And there is no such task. All this colossus is needed in order to keep the "allies" subordinate, to force the Russian Federation to spend huge resources on the armed forces, to crush attempts to resist in the event of the overthrow of the government. They will try to overthrow.
  3. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 2 June 2021 23: 05
    When I served, there were situations when there were not enough spare parts. We got out of the situation by removing the spare parts from cars awaiting repair caps (aviation uterus). Upon arrival, the equipment was returned.
  4. isv000
    isv000 2 June 2021 23: 07
    Guys! Let's live in peace! Permafrost in our country, of course, requires manure, but maybe we can manage with potash fertilizers from Belarus ?! ... winked
    1. Normal
      Normal 3 June 2021 07: 15
      Quote: isv000
      maybe we are potash fertilizers

      We won't do it. It is known from the course of agronomy that organic fertilizers are much more effective than mineral fertilizers. Greener again.
  5. iouris
    iouris 2 June 2021 23: 07
    So what? NATO outnumbers the Russian Federation at times. And in all respects.
    1. poquello
      poquello 3 June 2021 00: 24
      Quote: iouris
      So what? NATO outnumbers the Russian Federation at times. And in all respects.

      in numbers, let them compete with the Chinese
    2. Cananecat
      Cananecat 3 June 2021 06: 39
      AND? In the West, for several centuries they have already surpassed Russia in many respects ... how does this help them in wars? )))
      1. iouris
        iouris 3 June 2021 13: 16
        Who's going to fight?
        1. Cananecat
          Cananecat 3 June 2021 13: 24
          Ask your hosts this question. ))
  6. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 2 June 2021 23: 14
    This is good, the armored vehicle manufacturer would have gotten excited, the Germans still know how to make tanks!
  7. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 2 June 2021 23: 19
    Why are they, all in turn, began to cackle, about their unpreparedness and obsolescence of weapons ...? Are they asking for money or did they really intimidate themselves with the Russian threat and fear an invasion "tomorrow"?
  8. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 2 June 2021 23: 32
    And if you just paint the equipment with good paint, it will be like new. The next Minister of Defense will like a woman, she does not need to go, shoot, fly, swim. The most important thing is to look beautiful!
  9. v.tochenn
    v.tochenn 3 June 2021 02: 45
    Quote: iouris
    So what? NATO outnumbers the Russian Federation at times. And in all respects.

    They fight not by number, but by skill... However, one of the Great Generals of Russia said.
  10. riwas
    riwas 3 June 2021 05: 10
    And why does the FRG need armed forces at all? The likelihood of external aggression is zero (unless Poland has claims against Germany). Is that to maintain the status of a strong state and foreign NATO expeditions.
  11. Normal
    Normal 3 June 2021 07: 23
    I see no reason to rejoice.
    The Germans do not keep silent, but indicate the problem.
    So they will look for opportunities and ways to eliminate it.
    That means they will find it.
    That means they will solve it in one way or another.
    This means that the percentage of combat-ready equipment will be raised.
    We need it?
  12. Alien From
    Alien From 3 June 2021 09: 06
    Freshly giving, but hard to believe .....
  13. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 3 June 2021 10: 38
    The tornado is long overdue.
    And focus only on Typhoons. Everybody should upgrade, install AFARs.
    One type of aircraft is easy to maintain on high alert.
  14. iouris
    iouris 3 June 2021 13: 23
    And who started the panic over the fact that "Western partners" may stop the maintenance of Airbus and Boeing aircraft? What will be the "combat readiness" of the aircraft fleet of "domestic" airlines six months after the introduction of this plan into effect?
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 3 June 2021 15: 55
      Zero point tenths. And it's not a secret for anyone. Just bribes from Boeing, on the one hand, and dirt (whole mountains) from the CIA, on the other, very much limit our honest officials.
  15. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 3 June 2021 15: 54
    What about? Very high rates. In general, hardly anyone succeeds in realistically maintaining readiness of more than 20%.