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"Showed its naval power": British AUG took part in NATO naval exercises


Britain has demonstrated its naval power to Russia by joining the Steadfast Defender exercise. According to Stephen Brown, author of an article for the British edition of Express, Great Britain is returning to the status of a "great maritime power".

Last week, Britain's AUG, led by aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, joined the massive Steadfast Defender naval exercise amid rising tensions with Russia. These exercises, as the author writes, began off the coast of Portugal, and should end in the Black Sea region.

The British aircraft carrier led a "huge armada" of NATO ships participating in the exercise. In addition to frigates and destroyers, submarines entered the armada, and from the air it was covered by the stealth aircraft of the Royal Air Force F-35B, the Portuguese F-16 Fighting Falcon and the Spanish F-18 Hornet. American anti-submarine aircraft were also involved in the exercises.

These exercises have shown that the Royal Navy of Great Britain is again coming out on top and can control any regions of the world's oceans, the author writes. In addition, NATO has demonstrated that it can deploy large forces to any region and "project military power." This is important against the background of the growing "Russian aggression" against the countries of the Black Sea region, in particular Ukraine, he stressed.

Against this background, official London declared its "unshakable support" for the alliance and "protection of values" and allies.
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  1. wow
    wow 2 June 2021 14: 56
    The islanders are clearly overwhelmed, especially the newsmen and all sorts of "bloggers"!
    1. Anachoret
      Anachoret 2 June 2021 15: 07
      exercise titled "Britain's Global Leadership and" Unwavering Support "for the Alliance and" Defending Values ​​"and Allies, while avoiding the gaze of the orderlies"
    2. RealPilot
      RealPilot 2 June 2021 23: 41
      When they were "an empire over which the sun did not set," then all their ships were their own! And now they go along with the fleets of their then rival opponents ...
      But in the event of a real war, who will go to sea with them? And this is a million-dollar question, and not one - in the most literal sense. How did they themselves fulfill their allied obligations? And the rest remember ...

      Again, neither Russia nor China will meet this armada with white flags. And they won't fire cannons if necessary. And just missiles with SBS will fly towards her ...
      Sorry Sir!
  2. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 2 June 2021 14: 56
    Greatness mania has begun in Britain again ?! Well, what if their aircraft carrier led the coalition of NATO ships, immediately felt like the mistress of the sea ???
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 2 June 2021 15: 17
      Brita showed protection of their VM and Air Force base in Cyprus. huge colonial territory - not Guantanamo, not even. protected from Tartus. worked.
      from Byron comes influence in Greece -confirmed him
  3. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 2 June 2021 15: 00
    Has the prince been dried out of the sea water yet?
  4. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 2 June 2021 15: 08
    The Chinese are learning the phrase in their language: Drown them all! laughing
  5. Kelwin
    Kelwin 2 June 2021 15: 27
    Hockey leaked, decided to inflate bubbles in the sea?) At 10Mt, this "armada" of yours is exchanged with a margin.))
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 2 June 2021 15: 28
    Britain has demonstrated its naval power to Russia by joining the Steadfast Defender exercise.
    Until the first Zircon. laughing
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 2 June 2021 15: 47
      Maybe before the first "Floor" for a start! wassat
  7. Other
    Other 2 June 2021 15: 56
    I think so: if there is no heavy nuclear aircraft-carrying cruiser in service, then the country cannot be called a "great sea power"! The British know about this and they cannot calm down in impotent rage!
  8. Bolo
    Bolo 2 June 2021 16: 28
    Well done, they didn't sink fighters like in Russia!
  9. CYM
    CYM 2 June 2021 16: 42
    Britain showed Russia its naval power
    Was it not far from Russia's territorial waters? Isn't it time for the northern and Baltic fleets to organize a return visit to the British Isles in order to adjust the "great naval power" priorities in "projection of military power." And then they have not answered us for Sevastopol in 1855. angry
  10. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 2 June 2021 17: 51
    The former power cannot be restored, of course,
    but a brand new aircraft carrier with an air wing appeared again in Britain. And he demonstrated his ability to work at sea.
    The second aircraft carrier of the same type is on the way. Two AUG is not bad for a naval power.
    1. gev_ru
      gev_ru 4 June 2021 09: 36
      Is not a fact. Not everything is as it seems. Specific theater of military operations. Stationary sites for the deployment and use of groups of attack aircraft along the borders with the Russian Federation are more profitable, both in terms of price and security. In modern conditions of the transition to hyperspeed, the significance of the AUG is shifting to the direction of the fight against backward countries and terrorists. Outside the radius of the protection zones, AUG will be very quickly destroyed at distances of 2500-4000 km. It must be understood that there are no weapons of self-defense against low-altitude maneuvering hypersound yet. All systems of foreign ship missile defense systems work in anticipation of targets flying along ballistic trajectories. The hit of 1 missile or torpedo with a nuclear charge will detonate the entire nuclear arsenal of an aircraft carrier and guaranteed destruction of all ships and submarines of the strike group. And also significant damage to civilian structures within the radius of the shock wave propagation. So "not bad" for a "sea power" can be safely written in quotation marks.
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 4 June 2021 10: 18
        "You have to understand that there are no weapons of self-defense against low-altitude
        maneuvering hypersound "///
        It must be understood that there is still no low-altitude maneuvering
        hypersound. smile There are no such missiles and will never be.
        On the approach to the ship, any anti-ship missile system must slow down to normal
        average supersonic sound. Or even before subsonic sound.
        Otherwise, it is guaranteed to miss the ship.
  11. Charik
    Charik 2 June 2021 23: 52
    How did she demonstrate naval power, it is not clear, maybe by maneuvering ships on the water? Taking off the F35h from Avik? What was the naval power manifested, did not the newspaper scribbler say?
    1. CYM
      CYM 3 June 2021 12: 48
      According to some reports, after takeoff, one of the F-35s has already "hung out" in Ibiza, allegedly a problem with the chassis. And on the way to the Black Sea there are still so many different hot spots ... lol
  12. gev_ru
    gev_ru 4 June 2021 08: 29
    Not everything is as it seems. We already know what they want to show. The target of this demonstration is not even Russia. They are trying to intimidate the Scandinavian countries, so that they are forced to tune in to the inevitable involvement in the event of an armed conflict and begin to successfully and energetically buy American, etc. weapon. Wherever you tinker, everywhere the financial interest of international corporations sticks out.