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Reflections on the US military budget for 2022


Photo: Torrance Saunders / US Army

I wrote a lot about the active actions of the West to maintain dominance in the military sphere. It is clear that the inertia of thinking and the habit of feeling their impunity for any actions of the NATO bloc or individual states force American and European politicians to increase military spending, modernize armies, and create new types of weapons.

Moreover, in the West there is an understanding that the army, which the West so persistently developed, is now no longer fulfilling the tasks assigned to it. Dispersed throughout the world, the American army performs the task of the avenging sword perfectly, but only until it encounters serious resistance.

If earlier, especially after the collapse of the USSR, there really were no states in the world that could "spoil the mood" of the Americans with retaliatory strikes on the territory of the United States and Western Europe, today such states have appeared. This is not only Russia and China. There is also Iran, North Korea, Arab countries.

Yes, most of these countries cannot deliver a nuclear strike, but what we saw in the United States on September 11, 2001, showed one of the possibilities of waging war in modern conditions. There is a cyberspace war. There is a war in space. There are many more ways of conducting military operations today than there were even 30-50 years ago.

Why politicians and the military say opposite things about the world situation

The information space today is simply inundated with statements by politicians of various ranks about the situation in a certain region, about international relations, about the state of international politics in a global sense. And, at the same time, the military periodically makes similar statements. At the same time, the statements of the military are often fundamentally opposite to the statements of politicians.

It is clear that wars are started by politicians, but they are waged by the military. Hence the difference in approaches to international relations. Hence the ease with which radical politicians from different countries scatter threats of the use of military force, and at the same time, more realistic performances by the military, who calculate the options for conducting military operations in detail.

What happened in the "stronghold of democracy" in recent years that cooled the aggressiveness of politicians and strengthened the position of the military?

So, I will give a couple of examples offhand. The North Koreans quickly extinguished the US attempt to exert military pressure on their country. Several sensitive blows to the hands from the Russian army in Syria and the Black Sea. Almost complete disregard of the American Armed Forces by the PRC. And so on.

The Americans have come to understand that in the modern world the ocean will no longer save them from retaliation. Understanding that new weapons systems have appeared, especially in the traditionally defensive armies of Russia and China, which are designed specifically to deliver such a strike. To strike the territory of the United States. And so far there is nothing to resist such a blow.

The scouts of the US Army missed the moment of creating new weapons, and analysts - the moment of restoring the production and scientific potential of Russia. And China did educate itself, set up modern production facilities, and created a scientific basis for the development of such weapons.

Biden will set new record in absentee competition with Trump

When President Trump passed a record US military budget of $ 703,7 billion, some congressmen howled. Where is so much money? How much criticism the American president received then from his political opponents. The supporters of the Democratic Party did not call the “spender” with any words.

So what?

Today, a new record is planned in the draft military budget. $ 753 billion for defense and security needs in fiscal 2022. At the same time, the Pentagon directly receives $ 715 billion.

Moreover, the US Congress today says that several hundred million must be added! Not the President, but the Congress. By the way, Biden asked for $ 752,9 billion.

So, the military budget will be increased by 1,6% over last year's record.

Very indicative in this respect is the statement of "the guy I call General" (c), US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

"The US military faces significant challenges from countries such as China and Russia, as well as threats to global security stemming from factors such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic."

What are the priorities for the development of the armed forces in the United States

In addition to a certain financial interest, the budget of any country, even in its open part, gives an answer to the question of those areas that need to be strengthened at this time. The military budget, accordingly, provides an answer to the same question, but in the narrowly professional military sphere. Even though such expenses are often masked by secrecy or are carried out in separate articles in the civil part.

I'll start with the army.

It is no secret that confidence in their own security led to the fact that for many decades the Americans practically did not care about strengthening their nuclear forces. The dominant point of view was that the weapons that were available were enough to destroy the enemy. The understanding of the fact that missile defense systems exist and are developing came quite recently: just when Russia demonstrated some types of its new weapons.

That is why in 2022 the Americans will allocate $ 27,7 billion for the modernization of their nuclear forces alone. Two other aspects of the use of nuclear weapons automatically follow from this figure. First of all, these are delivery vehicles and means for the creation of a real missile defense system in the United States. For these purposes, $ 20,4 billion is allocated.

Traditionally, the Americans pay great attention to the modernization of the Air Force.

For these purposes, the budget provides for the allocation of $ 54,4 billion. Moreover, this amount does not include the costs of developing new aircraft. Funds are allocated for the purchase of new machines. It is planned to purchase 85 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fighters, 12 heavily armed F-15EX fighters, 9 CH-53K King Stallion transport and cargo helicopters. The remaining funds will be used to purchase the necessary equipment.

Slightly less funds are allocated to the Navy.

$ 34,6 billion! And again, excluding development costs. These funds will be used to pay for the construction of 3 submarines. Columbia-class ballistic missile submarines, two more Virginia-class submarines. In addition, funds have been allocated for the maintenance of the Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier.

As you can see, the Americans are not abandoning the policy of domination in the world's oceans. Yes, and it would be difficult to imagine this today, when the United States has the really strongest fleet The world.

I liked the Pentagon's reaction to some of the incidents in Syria. The United States quickly realized that armored vehicles were no longer the best in the world. Modernization required. In order not to be inferior, for example, to Russia, for these purposes (including) the ground forces receive $ 12,3 billion.

A very indicative figure that characterizes the importance of another side of the modern confrontation. $ 10,4 billion to develop and strengthen divisions working in cyberspace. A huge amount! This means that great attention is paid to this particular side of the confrontation.

Well, about space.

Over the past two years, there has been active talk about the closure of the ISS. I am not inclined to blame someone for any incidents at the station, such as a hole that appeared out of nowhere in the case. Anything can happen. But the fact that Russia and the United States will work independently in space is clear to everyone. We have not received a refusal from war in outer space.

In the future budget for space programs will be allocated $ 20,6 billion.

Catch up and overtake Russia

As you noticed, I said little above about the development of new weapons. But this does not mean at all that the United States will not be engaged in this.

The appearance in Russia of a hypersonic weapons was a tragedy for US military doctrine. In fact, the entire US defense was nullified with the advent of hypersound. The emergence of such weapons in China is simply forcing the United States to catch up.

Here are some quotes from some of the US military on this matter.

"China and Russia are deploying conventional long-range hypersonic weapons that can pose a threat to our allies and partners, as well as to US forces at a distance exceeding the range of existing air defense systems."

“We are starting the production of airborne rapid reaction weapons (ARRW). This hypersonic missile on an airborne platform will be ready in 2022 ",

- Ron Boxall, Vice Admiral of the United States Navy

The Pentagon will allocate $ 6,6 billion for these purposes in the coming year.

Moreover, the creation of missiles of this type is planned for 2022. At the same time, a land-based, sea-based and air-based missile is being developed. True, the American military has an understanding of the utopian nature of solving such a problem in a short time, therefore, at the first stage, it is planned to equip the Air Force with hypersonic missiles. And, for example, the Navy will be equipped only in 2025.

The answer to the question, who is the main enemy of the United States

Remember how many copies were broken when discussing this particular issue. Oddly enough, but we are already "not a friend, and not an enemy, but so ...". The main enemy of the United States is now China. And without any reservations.

"He (Xi Jinping) is firmly convinced that by 2030-2035 China will plug America in the belt because autocracies can make decisions quickly."

I specifically recalled the very recent speech of the US President and his words about the leader of China.

“I spent more time with Chinese President Xi Jinping than any other world leader. During the closed meetings, politicians talked for a total of 24 hours, and also covered a total of 17 thousand miles on joint trips around the United States and China. "

I will not recall the year 2035. Probably Joe Biden made a slip, and laughing at reservations is stupid. The main thing is that the president focused on China. On their efforts to smooth out the crisis of relations.

Even more specifically expressed and. about. Deputy Secretary of Defense Ann McAndrew:

"We will continue to modernize the global capabilities and operating principles of our forces so that our military can carry out deterrence and defense missions in the event of aggression in the Indo-Pacific region that could undermine the security of both the United States and our allies."

Are Americans Right? Is China really the kind of force that can withstand the United States?

Here it is necessary to clarify the position a little. There are two global players in the world. USA and Russia. China does not claim global domination. He follows a simple logic, once formulated by the Russian people in the saying "a chicken pecks by the grain."

Yes, the PRC is modernizing its nuclear forces, the Air Force, and the Navy. Yes, the Chinese army is the most numerous today, and its numbers are constantly growing. But for what purpose is this done? It is in order to take the lead in the Indo-Pacific region. China has long announced its claims in the region. China deliberately goes to conflicts in the South China Sea. China seizes abandoned islands, builds new islands in this sea.

It is not at all profitable for the Americans to lose their influence in this part of the world's oceans. Too many trade routes have been laid there. And the one who controls them gets too much. This can partly explain the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East and their transfer to this region. It is the threat of a military clash with China that Biden's main headache is now. Diplomacy, even at the highest level, did not work.

Returning to the topic of this article, the US is committing $ 2020 billion to the Pacific Containment Initiative launched in 5,1!

Probably, this topic will take the most important place at the meeting of Presidents Putin and Biden. Neutralizing Russia, as an ally of the PRC, will give the Americans at least some chance of victory. Otherwise, the US will be forced to crawl away.

No wonder and. about. Under Secretary of Defense Anne McAndrew, bluntly said the following:

"... the threat posed by China is designated in the budget as a priority area."

Interim conclusions on the draft US military budget

Immediately after the election of the new US president, a dispute broke out in the media and in political analysts about how the Americans would behave next. Will Democrat Biden continue the policies of criticized Republican Trump? Today these questions have disappeared. No matter how much American politicians would like to show the independence of US policy from the system of power, it is the system that decides. President Biden continues the policies pursued by President Trump. Whether he wants it or not, it doesn't matter.

The increase in the military budget of the United States is connected not so much with inflation as with the desire to "scare" the Russians and the Chinese.

Agree, even today, many Western political scientists, speaking about the military power of a state, compare not the army, but the military budgets of states. The one who spends more has the stronger army. But it is clear that this is far from the case.

For example, the army of Russia and China are similar in tasks, but the US army was created to solve other tasks. Hence the expenses for the army. It is one thing to maintain a brigade or division at home, on its territory, and another thing to maintain a military base of the same size abroad.

The same applies to the procurement of equipment and weapons. The cost of equivalent goods in China and the United States differs by an order of magnitude or even more. Is the same история the United States and Russia. Even equipment and weapons on international markets are sometimes sold with such a difference in price that it takes your breath away.

On the whole, the US military budget looks quite clear.

No matter how hard the United States tries to launch an arms race, so far only the United States is "driving" by increasing its budget.

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  1. KCA
    KCA 2 June 2021 05: 15
    In the United States, the military budget also includes pensions for military personnel and insurance premiums, these are also not cents, but many billions, taking into account how many conflicts the United States participates in, insurance premiums are huge amounts, insurers and sawmills will not miss their own, insure everything, and soldiers and equipment, I can't even imagine how many millions the insurance premium is for the F-35, and even more so for the aircraft carrier, that's where the dog rummaged ...
    1. Blackmokona
      Blackmokona 2 June 2021 08: 29
      Military equipment is not insured, only personnel.
      If you think otherwise, a proof for the insurance of military equipment.
    2. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 2 June 2021 09: 28
      Plus golf courses, and the USA has more than 100 of them all over the world! lol
    3. TermNachTer
      TermNachTer 2 June 2021 11: 50
      Yes, how the Washington Reich Chancellery can steal can only be described by the syllable of heroic epics)))
    4. Anachoret
      Anachoret 2 June 2021 12: 12
      a new "axis of evil" has long been formed in the world and this is not China or Russia))
  2. Far B
    Far B 2 June 2021 05: 37
    Sorry, I understood correctly - China does not claim global domination today, and the States and Russia, as it were, are already global dominators? I have a question in this place: in what place in the world is Russia globally dominant today (well, except for the author's fantasies)? The second question: and the fact that China today is a world factory for the production of total - is this not global domination? And his military component is now developing much faster than ours. In some strange world, the author exists, however.
    1. dorz
      dorz 2 June 2021 08: 25
      Catch up and overtake Russia ...

      Enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex are preparing for a new stage of modernization of the fifth generation Su-57 fighter. The aircraft has just entered service, is just being delivered, and we are already thinking and preparing for a new stage of improvement.
      We are moving from piece production to piece-by-piece modernization. sad
    2. Doccor18
      Doccor18 2 June 2021 10: 12
      Quote: Far In
      ... and the States and Russia, as it were, are already global dominators? I have a question in this place: in what place in the world is Russia globally dominant today (well, except for the author's fantasies)? ... In some strange world, the author exists, however.

      That's right.

      Patriotism is good, but it must be reasonable
      Here it is necessary to clarify the position a little. There are two global players in the world. USA and Russia. China does not claim global domination ...

      Not only claims to global domination, but is already influencing world processes with might and main ... Forms of meetings of the PRC + 10, 20, 30 ... states are being held ... Isn't this influence.
      Where and when did Russia do this?
      Yes, the PRC is modernizing its nuclear forces, the Air Force, and the Navy. Yes, the Chinese army is the most numerous today, and its numbers are constantly growing ...

      The PLA is not growing, but decreasing in number, and for a long time. But on the other hand, its technological development causes genuine interest and concern throughout the world. This development has already made China the indisputable leader of the Asia-Pacific region, and only Japan can still oppose something at sea .. But this will not last long, given the simply incredible pace of construction of Chinese warships.
    3. ammunition
      ammunition 2 June 2021 15: 13
      Quote: Dalny V
      Sorry, I understood correctly - China does not claim global domination today, and the States and Russia, as it were, are already global dominators?

      what Well, the United States is definitely a global dominator. .. anyway. And China is embarking on its fourth and final "modernization". In that sense ..- 40 years ago, China was planning 4 modernizations. 3rd ended this year. The third task was to "raise China to the level of an average developed country by the centenary of the CCP (by 2021)." Completed.
      The first three modernizations by China have been completed and overfulfilled. The fourth task is to turn China into a highly developed social. country to the 100th PRC (by 2049). So the United States got worried.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 2 June 2021 06: 20
    President Biden continues the policies pursued by President Trump. Whether he wants it or not, it doesn't matter.
    Both Biden and Trump are pursuing a policy beneficial to the US financial and industrial circle. There will be no US military-industrial complex, there will be no US.
    1. Blackmokona
      Blackmokona 2 June 2021 08: 31
      The military-industrial complex is only 1-2% of the US GDP.
      The main contribution is high technologies (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon ...), Hollywood, Wall Street and other gigantic ones that bring huge money to the USA
  4. Normal
    Normal 2 June 2021 08: 44
    It is clear that the inertia of thinking and the habit of feeling their impunity for any actions of the NATO bloc or individual states force American and European politicians to increase military spending, modernize armies, and create new types of weapons.

    It is not clear at all.
    Inertia thinking and habit feel impunity makes spend more money on military spending, modernize the army and create new species weapons?

    And if you check this postulate from the opposite, it turns out that the liveliness of thinking and the consciousness of responsibility for their actions forces to reduce military spending, do not upgrade army and do not develop new types of weapons?

    As the author believes, China and Russia are not modernizing their armies, are they not developing new models of military equipment?

    In general, after the first paragraph, I didn't feel like reading further.
  5. ban
    ban 2 June 2021 09: 18
    The scouts of the US Army missed the moment of creating new weapons, and analysts - the moment of restoring the production and scientific potential of Russia

    Amused. I didn't read further, I'm sorry ...
  6. spectr
    spectr 2 June 2021 09: 37
    And so everything is clear. China is the world's factory, so it's easier to explain the rise in military spending. And if they manage to squeeze China, then the growth of the Russian military-industrial complex will end immediately (and perhaps even a decline will begin), since from there comes a lot of technologies that are not available in Russia.
  7. Anzhey V.
    Anzhey V. 2 June 2021 10: 07
    If someone is interested in normal information without propagandistic embellishments and inventions, then here it is.

    For the 2022 fiscal year, $ 753 billion is provided for military spending:

    - $ 112 billion in military research and development (the highest in history),
    - $ 24,7 billion for the modernization of nuclear forces,
    - $ 3 billion for the B-21 Raider strategic stealth bombers program,
    - $ 5 billion for Columbia-class submarines,
    - $ 609 million for LRSO long-range missiles,
    - $ 2,6 billion for a ground-based GBSD containment system,
    - $ 1 billion for the AEGIS BMD sea-based missile defense system,
    - $ 1,7 billion for next generation interceptor missiles,
    - $ 12 billion for 85 F-35 fighters,
    - $ 2,5 billion for 14 KC-46 Pegasus tanker aircraft
    - $ 825 million for 30 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters,
    - $ 2,9 billion for a Gerald R. Ford-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier,
    - $ 6,9 billion for two Virginia-class nuclear submarines,
    - $ 2,4 billion for the Arleigh Burke-class missile destroyer.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 3 June 2021 01: 45
      Quote: Anjay V.
      $ 2,4 billion for an Arleigh Burke-class missile destroyer.

      something is a little expensive for one destroyer, maybe for a couple of destroyers (this is 1/3 of them and 1/4 of a Ford) ...
  8. pytar
    pytar 2 June 2021 10: 13
    I wonder what fate awaits Russia if, after all, China will overpower the United States? I suspect that Pax China will be much tougher than Pax Americana ... recourse
    1. ycuce234-san
      ycuce234-san 2 June 2021 14: 58
      China wants to build a trading Pax China, as it has always been historically, even from the caravan routes. For example, if the Russian Federation joins NATO (hypothetically), then there will be prerequisites for a serious conflict with hordes of tanks on the bordering Russian and Chinese territories and almost complete security for Western Europeans.
      Therefore, we need economic independence and withdrawal from raw materials, so that it would be impossible to be drawn into both blocs, Atlanticists and Asians.
  9. Colorado76
    Colorado76 2 June 2021 13: 36
    Biden promised to cleanse the ranks of the US army from white supernationalists! This will radically change the face of the US military!
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Outsider
    Outsider 2 June 2021 20: 22
    Quote: pytar
    I wonder what fate awaits Russia if, after all, China will overpower the United States? I suspect that Pax China will be much tougher than Pax Americana ... recourse

    - Not that word! It will be HORROR-HORROR ... "And the living will envy the dead" ...
    1. pytar
      pytar 2 June 2021 22: 22
      "And the living will envy the dead"

      I wondered where this apocalyptic expression comes from! hi
      Karamzin - "Martha the Posadnitsa" (1803) Martha warns the Novgorodians before the battle with the Moscow army: "If you return defeated ... then the living will envy the dead!" Later, in the "History of the Russian State", Karamzin wrote about the invasion of Batu: "The living then envied the calmness of the dead."
      In the summer of 1812, during the invasion of 70 languages, the Rzhev landowner Pyotr Demyanov prophesied: "Soon the hour will come when the living will envy the dead"
      Nikolai Polevoy's "Christmas Tales" (1826) speaks directly of the end of the world: "There will be ... a time when the living will envy the dead."
      There are literally no such words in the Bible, although there is something very close: “In those days people will seek death, but they will not find it; they will wish to die, but death will flee from them ”(Apocalypse, 9: 6); "And I blessed the dead ... more than the living" (Ecclesiastes 4: 4).
      But besides biblical prophecies, this turnover could have another source - "The Jewish War" by Josephus Flavius : “The Zealots ... equally deprived the burial of both those killed on the roads and those who were tortured in the city ... Whoever buried one of his loved ones was punished with death on a par with the defectors ... From the living their anger passed to the killed, and from the dead again on the living. Those who survived considered those who had been expelled earlier to be blessed. The early English edition of The Jewish War (1767) translated: "It made the living envy the dead."
  12. Ivanushka Ivanov
    Ivanushka Ivanov 5 June 2021 13: 12
    Russia, alas, has come to a critical point, when the technological backlog of the Soviet Union has already been eaten away, and there is no one and nothing to create something new.

    Some kind of strange article. The author paints a picture of the rough financial and technical dominance of the United States, and then (because he wants to) declares that, they say, look at the foe, how is he to you !? Are we worse ?! A little more and they will catch up with us.

    If we draw the curves over time associated with the financing of the army as a whole with a coefficient that takes into account the technological development (including achievements in science) of the country, it becomes clear that we are on the verge of collapse.

    I understand that China is our "friend". But friend Bill was once a good guy too.

    So, wealthy moles seem to be 23-24 years old - our limit, even taking into account the asymmetrical answers. A cancerous tumor called oligarchy has done its job. And for some reason I am not warmed by the fact that this tumor will disappear along with the organism on which it parasitizes.
  13. grumbler
    grumbler 5 June 2021 22: 08
    And what is even more miraculous and miraculous, see Vladimir Ivanov "A budget without borders. The American military breaks financial stereotypes",

    Since FY2011, this will be the first draft budget not subject to the spending controls that have so far been regulated by the Budget Control Act.

    It has long been known that the real military budget of any militarized country such as the United States, Russia or China is spread over a heap of non-core and secret articles. Or it is completely funded off-budget (remember how recently in the United States "accidentally found" 60 professional fighters from the forces of "unconventional operations", with all the trickery). It turns out that the most important of "checks and balances" is failing? This is a dangerous signal (only if V. Ivanov did not lose sight of the introduction of some compensation measures). And it is important and on what financial background this is happening. It’s one thing if during a period of financial heyday (although after the pandemic, capital is really running into the dollar again). But to restart the economy after the pandemic, the United States and many other countries have turned on the printing press to its fullest. They give huge state subsidies, both to individuals in the form of benefits, and to invest in infrastructure. In theory, this should boost consumption / demand and kick-start business activity. But it also threatens colossal inflation, which could outweigh all the stimulating effects.

    In addition, against the background of hyper-liberalism in the United States, "leftists" with populist slogans of guaranteed income, free education / health care / housing, demanding progressive taxes for "fat cats" are rushing to power. The introduction of "Swedish socialism" in the United States could only be welcomed, but only if one does not forget that it will require a complete overhaul of the US financial system, the system of public administration, and Business-State relations.
    In the USA, business is very independent in making decisions. But in exchange for freedom, business spends a lot on charity (this is how almost all large universities and colleges, many hospitals and houses of contempt, centers of research and the arts, sports teams and facilities were created), partly compensating for the weakness of the state in these areas. The United States culturally / economically / politically is never Sweden or Finland with their traditional cult of moderation and expediency
    (Sw. lagom - "moderation, sufficiency") and the absence of costly ambitions. The USA has always been a land of inequality and it was Inequality and Opportunity that moved it forward.
    But if social changes in the United States are not evolutionary, but revolutionary, then this threatens a systemic catastrophe similar to the socio-economic restructuring in the USSR / Russia in the late 80s-90s. One can say "Good luck to you, dear American comrades, good luck ...", but the agony and "convulsions of superpower" of such a colossus amid global strategic instability (which the United States itself has aggravated over the past 30 years) will not be a gift to anyone.
    The same Chinese. yes, Russia, fixated on confrontation with the United States (what will we do if it turns out that it is not the bad Americans who are to blame for everything, but ourselves?). And ordinary Americans are very sorry - we know the hard way what it is.
    1. Ivanushka Ivanov
      Ivanushka Ivanov 5 June 2021 23: 02
      Here is such a funny long post from October 14, 2020.

      The plan is broken down into three phases. The implementation of the plan opens a new blank page for America with qualitatively new plans, some semblance of which can be found, perhaps, in trailers from Hollywood science fiction films ...

      Stage 1.

      After the Second World War, America launches a long-term project - the growth of world GDP, phase 2 of which is the transfer of the production of the dollar to private hands. The meaning of the stage is simple: for the growth of world GDP, America prints the dollar both officially and unofficially. For example: until recently, an increase of 3% = 3 trillion, respectively, the owner of the press can safely print on the quiet, at least 500 billion. The official infusion of the dollar is just the tip of the iceberg. What happens to the printing press is a secret sealed with seven seals, for this is private property. Accordingly, by and large, the owner of a conventional printing press is not obliged to report to anyone. De facto.
      Thus, on the one hand, America saturates the world economy with a dollar, making it interested in keeping this very dollar afloat, on the other, it builds up assets, both financial and political, through agents of influence, and so on ...

      Stage 2.

      Currently, we (the whole world), together with America, are at stage # 2. The stage is designed for a maximum of 5 years. The world economy cannot grow indefinitely. The fundamental rule of everything that exists is unchanged: growth - stagnation - decline. the world economy has come to a standstill. What should America do in these conditions? Just looking at the stagnation of the entire world economy is like death for the world currency, because in 10 years the dollar will depreciate by a third. And America prints the dollar. Quite officially. Economic experts went into hysterics: how can this be? This is the dollar crash! Inflation! Nothing like this! It was America who arranged the deepest economic crisis for the entire world economy through a new virus, not so easily.

      The meaning is simple: in the conditions of the most difficult economic crisis, any SAVINGS tend to "have a safe haven". Sounds touching. However, in practice, this is = AGGRESSIVE DEALING WITH A DOLLAR OF OTHER CURRENCIES, and here an unofficial printing press works seven days a week.

      Thus, on the one hand, America saturates the world economy with a dollar, making it interested in maintaining this very dollar, on the other, SUPER ACTIVELY (before stage 3) builds up its assets through agents of influence - both financial, political and military.

      THIS IS WHY THE "UNEXPLAINABLE" dollar deficit occurs instead of collapsing. What's longer? and then there will come a moment when local currencies will simply have nowhere to fall. As one pseudo-expert wittily remarked: Have you tried to fall off the floor? the dollar will become an absolute monopolist. And only in these conditions the whole weight of the world economic crisis will fall on the dollar, as the only real support. Then the expected collapse will come, but this will not happen.

      Stage 3.

      SHOW called REVOLUTION IN THE USA. struggle, passion. victory. admitting mistakes. And ... DOLLAR REFORM (in the USSR it was called PAVLOV's reform). The dollar format will be "LIKE THE SAME", but more secure. All "OWN GUYS" will be able to exchange the old dollar for a new one "without prejudice."

      TERRORISTS, SPONSORS OF TERRORISM, MANUFACTURERS OF POISONING TERRORIST GASES OF THE TYPE OF NEWS, CRIMINALS (Chinese), JUST BAD - are sent to the scrap along with a financial hernia. The dollar is improving.

      Repin's painting: Russian oligarchs have sailed
      1. Ivanushka Ivanov
        Ivanushka Ivanov 7 June 2021 00: 05
        So, why this excursion in the context of the topic. And to the fact that at stage 3, America will be extremely vulnerable. Therefore, before it begins, it is simply vital to simplify the world. China will be the last to be eaten. Under various pretexts, fines will be imposed on him and easily recovered. China itself will be divided into four parts. And this will happen after the "Show Revolution".

        By the way, why is it necessary to start a revolution? Why not just throw everyone away? Apparently, it's so easy to throw - to admit de facto that the dollar was a financial pyramid, and the Americans were swindlers. The sediment will remain, and in the long run, they will no longer believe in a new American bubble.

        Another thing is the holy manifestation of democracy. Democracy victory (in this case, Republicans). The wrath of democracy. Democracy's decision to protect the dollar. And the most important thing - like any revolution - is a complete and cardinal cutting off of previous obligations to anyone. No no. And this Dollar would have stood for another 1000 years, but since democracy decided ...
        A network of influence prepared by the time, a powerful army, the wrath of democracy: few would dare to "disbelieve" all this. Over time, the mass media, an army of analysts, experts and historians will completely pump the topic.

        So: Iran and Russia are one bundle, because if it weren't for Iran, Russia would not have done anything in Syria. Indeed, Syria would become a second Afghanistan. When the first shock passed, ISIS dug in, so much so that whole underground cities appeared in a matter of months. The situation has reached an impasse. But the stalemate did not happen precisely because of them. It was the Iranians who climbed through the holes and smoked the bearded ones. Having stood, ISIS would have gone further, and this is Central Asia. And further in the text.

        First, the strongly interfering Iran is removed, ISIS revives. From the southern podbrshye across the absent border with Kazakhstan - ISIS. From the west - Ukraine. From the south - Turkey and the Caucasus. From the inside - an attempt to rock Bashkiria and Tatarstan. And all this in a country with inflation and a rotten government. I do not think that the Putin regime will survive in these conditions. And this is 23-24 years old. So, if they want to stay in power, they have very little time to put the army in order and put at least some order in the country.

        Yes, not only the dollar will be updated, but also the euro, and the franc, and the pound. There will be no loopholes and indulgences for the wrong guys.
  14. letovvany
    letovvany 8 June 2021 16: 51
    You can spend a lot of money, but you won't achieve any results. Here you need to think not about the budget, but about the goals that politicians set for themselves ...