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Was the Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda the capital of Russia under Ivan the Terrible: one of the versions


Historiography today seems to be a real field for experimentation. Traditional historical science is increasingly questioned, especially when it comes to centuries past, including the pre-Roman era.

One of the issues that has been actively discussed for some time now is associated with the reign of Ivan IV the Terrible. Here is a whole range of questions that are asked by modern lovers of "a thorough analysis of history." This also includes questions of the oprichnina and the relationship between the sovereign and the church. The question of the role of the Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda in the life of the tsar and all of Russia at that time can be called isolated.

In the classical interpretation, Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda (now part of Aleksandrov, Vladimir Region) was the place where Ivan the Terrible spent about 17 years. Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda or Aleksandrovskiy Posad is often called the capital of the oprichnina army, or even the capital of Russia of John IV.

On the channel "Chairman of SNT" the official version is subject to doubts, to put it mildly. In particular, the author asks questions about the fact that if the tsar lived in this settlement for 17 years, then why is there no palace in it?

It should be noted that historians speak of the Church of the Intercession of Alexandrov precisely as a part of the sovereign's palace that has not been preserved in its entirety.

About questions and answers about Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda - in the plot:


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  1. Cat Kuzya
    Cat Kuzya 28 May 2021 20: 22
    Well, the version of the chairman of SNT is interesting. He correctly asks the question: why, in the capital of the king there are no residential and utility buildings at all, as well as a palace, but there are ... some churches and temples. Moreover, these churches and temples are full of leapfrog - they changed their names sometimes and several times. And yes, he wonders where all the tsar's wives lived, where was the oprichnina court, where the stables, where there were government services and institutions with clerks and clerks, and so on. Also, many churches can be seen completely rebuilt from some kind of buildings, completely non-church type. In general, he asks interesting questions, to which the officials have strange answers, like there is no king's palace because it was ... destroyed by the Poles during the Time of Troubles. So they took it and destroyed it ... yes
    1. Sergey Sfiedu
      Sergey Sfiedu 18 June 2021 11: 56
      "Chairman of SNT" is the same "eccentric" with the letter "m", who in a sober eye repeats that the "New Testament" was written in the 19th century? And do you believe him? The terrible tsar had a wooden palace, and so it has not survived, also to me, by "Newton's binomial".
  2. Puppeteer 111
    Puppeteer 111 28 May 2021 20: 56
    I have not looked and do not intend to
  3. Yuriy71
    Yuriy71 28 May 2021 21: 12
    In my entire past life, I have passed one hundred times exams on the History of the USSR, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Philosophy, etc. And so on. What I want to say about the results of all this - All History is Lying and Selling !!!
  4. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 28 May 2021 21: 41
    And I had an embarrassment in the Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda:
    My brother and I went to see the local museum in the Kremlin. We approach and see the nearest door in the wall. We open it, go in ... The museum is poor - there are no visitors, everything is clean, but miserable ...
    An elderly woman in a headscarf comes up to us.
    - You, - he says: - Probably to the museum?
    - Yes, - we answer.
    - Then you go there, - and points to another door in the next wall ... - And here - WOMAN'S MONASTERY!
    We apologized and followed the advice. Everything turned out to be familiar behind the wall. Noise, tourist routes, souvenir trade and so on.
    1. Puppeteer 111
      Puppeteer 111 28 May 2021 21: 50
      The main thing is that it's not male)))
  5. forty-eighth
    forty-eighth 28 May 2021 21: 45
    Soon, the site foreman will ask physicists about loop quantum gravity, and the repairman will deny the artistic value of the rococo.
  6. nikvic46
    nikvic46 29 May 2021 07: 46
    Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda was a religious center. And such a center does not imply domestic housing. It is like Mecca, where the population even in our century does not exceed 2000 people. Karamzin is not the only historian who studies the period of Ivan the Terrible. If you take palaces outside Moscow, they are all wooden It is simply not clear what motivates the chairman's thoughts.