Russian diplomat: Tajikistan and Uzbekistan do not intend to deploy US military withdrawn from Afghanistan


There will be no American military bases in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the governments of these countries are not considering the possibility of deploying American troops withdrawn from Afghanistan on their territory. This was announced by the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov.

According to Kabulov, the intentions of the Americans to gain a foothold in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan under the guise of providing assistance to Afghanistan have failed. Dushanbe and Tashkent made it clear that there would be no foreign military bases on their territory. In addition, the United States has not yet approached this proposal.

As the special envoy for Afghanistan said in an interview, "Izvestia "Tajikistan is a member of the CSTO and the issue of placing Americans on its territory should be decided and approved by the organization. Uzbekistan has passed a law prohibiting the deployment of foreign military personnel on its territory, as well as Tashkent has a strategic partnership with Moscow.

So we don't need to worry too much about this.

- added the Russian diplomat.

Earlier, some American media, citing sources in the military, reported on the Pentagon's intention to deploy troops withdrawn from Afghanistan on the territory of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Thus, Washington allegedly wanted to leave Afghanistan in its sphere of influence, controlling it from the outside. In this case, the main condition - the withdrawal of troops from its territory, would be fulfilled.
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    1. G17
      24 May 2021
      Good news. But it should be borne in mind that the main role in the "firmness" of the position of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan was played not by the goodwill of their political elites, but by the tough position of China and Russia. Both countries, economically and militarily, are completely dependent on Beijing and Moscow, but in domestic politics they have been pursuing an openly Russophobic policy for 30 years and are actively flirting with the United States, Britain and Turkey. Such Tajik and Uzbek "allies" need an eye and an eye.
      1. -1
        24 May 2021
        Dushanbe and Tashkent made it clear that there would be no foreign military bases on their territory. In addition, the United States has not yet approached this proposal.

        She is schizophrenic.
        Some have not asked yet, but others have already refused.
        And the 201st base is not foreign for Tajikistan?
        Journalists are rolling into the abyss at the speed of an express train.
        PS VO can still edit the news, preventing such mediocre and stupid presentation of them?
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. 0
        24 May 2021
        Quote: G17
        Such Tajik and Uzbek "allies" need an eye and an eye.
        One cannot do without an "eye", but Uzbeks and Tajiks have a good example, when the United States brought its troops into Afghanistan in 2001 and forgot to withdraw for 20 years. Tajikistan and Uzbekistan can also wait. No one has faith in the states.
        1. 0
          24 May 2021
          "He will eat, but who will give him!" The world is changing! smile
    2. +1
      24 May 2021
      Central Asia and the Middle East as a whole is a zone of US national interests, they will never leave here voluntarily, they will find a way out of this situation, for that they are masters, Turkmenistan can help the Americans, well, Azerbaijan, perhaps, they are not part of the CSTO, and a lever of pressure to Russia and Iran will work in the Caspian region, although there is an agreement between the Caspian countries on the non-deployment of armed formations of third countries in the territories of the countries participating in the treaty
    3. +2
      24 May 2021
      The Pentagon's thoughts are clear. How best to control Afghanistan. It is best to have a base in Crimea, or right in Russia, which is already there. The creeping tactics of the Pentagon have already led to the fact that Ukraine really wants them to have a Pentagon base, and they themselves are already on the Abrams we traveled across the Crimea.
    4. +5
      24 May 2021
      Lavrov probably did not go in vain, reminded of something, and reminded of the consequences if the governments of the Republic of Tatarstan and Uzbekistan did not want to turn into Afghanistan, and move into the 14th century, with a bearded Sharia. Examples of how the US Army and Navy ensured order and prosperity in a bunch of countries, you don't even need to count. So even thinking about tempting offers would not be worth it. And the elites of these republics, instead of armchairs with briefcases, will have to sit in the squalling pans of Maidans, the Yankees will quickly find approaches to all kinds of oppositionists, this is with them in blood. Let the pig at the table, she and hooves on the table. So guys from RU and RT, sit quietly, but don't be dashing.
      1. +2
        24 May 2021
        Quote: Pamir
        So guys from RU and RT, sit quietly, but don't be dashing.

        People may be stupid and short-sighted, but cunning. I hope that the current top of RU and RT has "Eastern wisdom"
        1. +2
          24 May 2021
          Quote: Egoza
          I hope that the current top of RU and RT has "Eastern wisdom"

          Yes, they understand that if shtatovtsy come in, then they will not be "smoked".
    5. +5
      24 May 2021
      So we don't need to worry too much about this.

      - added the Russian diplomat.

      There is no need to flatter ourselves, we need to work so that the Americans do not appear there.
    6. +2
      24 May 2021
      Okay, these are okay, here the Kirghiz are more worried: their geolocation is unique - from there you can swing the Uyghurs, and Kazakhs with Tajiks and Uzbeks. The Kirghiz can be led - now the southerners are pressed, the striped ones can play on this ... soldier
    7. +2
      24 May 2021
      I hope that the end result is that none of the neighboring countries of Afghanistan will provide. Including Pakistan. There will be the nearest bases in Qatar and South Korea - and this is not a tasty opportunity to control Central Asia, but quite even throwing China and Russia out of the deep rear.
      To start. And then ... "reforms cannot be stopped", someone else, and we have been listening to these mantras for thirty years. Let the Americans "join" now - we will be happy for them when they follow the "path of reforms and democratization", and even with "freedom of speech" in addition!
    8. +1
      25 May 2021
      Quote: G17
      tough position of China and Russia.

      There is no other way with them!

      Give a little slack (as it was in the 90s, when the Russians were abandoned in these "camps"), and the genocide of the Russian people began. Girls were raped and killed, tortured with monstrous cruelty.
      Zionists like Solovyov from ORT and other TV channels are silent about this.

      “On the overcrowded carriage of those who managed to get on the train going to Russia, they gave a queue from AK, smashed windows and threw burning rags inside ...

      The kindest said that they did not need to leave, because there was no one to work in schools: "We need slaves."

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