"The simulator is the enemy of the tanker": from the memoirs of the foreman of the Red Army


The memoirs of the participants of the Great Patriotic War have been actively published recently on numerous Internet resources. Some look quite true, others are so "combed" that it is difficult to say where exactly are the words of the soldier himself, and where are the author's "lyrical digressions".

On the channel "Memories of a Soldier" material is provided, which presents the story of a tankman, foreman of the Red Army Semyon Matveyev.

Several excerpts from memoirs (from the video, which is shown on the mentioned channel).

The simulator is the enemy of the tanker. A simple armchair with levers and that's it. It was supposed to sit on it for 12 hours. And they sat more - they saved the motor resource of real tanks.

Then the Finnish (war) happened. This is scary. We were glad we didn't get into this meat grinder. After that, they began to take us out to the shooting with their own tank.

About the sudden attack of the Germans on June 22 is not true. How "sudden" it was, when we already knew with Polskaya that a German would climb.

The narrative says that initially the combat training was poor, and the Germans had superiority in this regard. At the same time, it is added that "during the war, they studied and aroused anger in themselves."

Material according to the memoirs of a Soviet tanker, who was first named Semyon Vasilyevich on the channel, then Semyon Matveyevich (in the first author's comment):

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    21 May 2021 14: 36
    There is a saying: "Everyone imagines himself to be a strategist, seeing the battle from the outside."
    Probably, it is not for us to judge the veterans, the training in the military districts could be different.
    Some veterans said that they "drove" them in "training" until the seventh sweat.
    Others learned bayonet combat, tactical and firepower training with sticks.
    The elder brother of his maternal grandmother, participated as a T-34-76 mechanic in a tank battle near Prokhorovka.
    He survived, probably with the tankers as with the pilots, if after the first or second battle the crew survived,
    He kept the equipment, which means he will continue to fight ...

    Perhaps later, they will also discuss the memories of Afghan veterans, and the first or second Chechen, professionally discussing combat situations, referring to the combat regulations, tactics of waging urban battles, or in mountain-wooded areas ...
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    21 May 2021 14: 50
    The simulator cannot be harmful.
    Moreover, there is no way without simulators now.
    - study of the mathematical part.
    - working out knowledge on maintenance and preparation of equipment for battle.
    - development of driving skills, possession of the MSA.
    - tactical fields.
    There are many of them.
    And the KUV? The shot costs like a good car.
    You stand next to the simulator and see all the actions of the fighters. It's easier, faster and safer to train crews.

    By the way, the T-14 is being debugged and the first deliveries to the training centers are in progress:
    - classroom educational computer technical training KUKTP - "Armata",
    - computerized T-14 tank driving simulator (dynamic TVK-"Armata"),
    - static fire training simulator, computer TOPK-"Armata BM-S".

    And the study of ESU-TK. How without exercise equipment?
    You do not.
    And in the field everything begins with the old "Walking on the tank".

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      21 May 2021 18: 18
      Agree-simulator-enemy! In the training in Elan in Dauria, there was a training class with a real eighty-on it, they worked out the equipment of the Ministry of Health, and the standards for embarkation and disembarkation, and the skills for preparing the vehicle for battle. There was also a kung with a Cobre-nifiga simulator, not a realistic SHOOTING with a guided projectile at moving luminous rings. Sense-zero! The same - shooting from rockers - in the main mode, the MSA does not feel all these swinging, the cartridges of the insert and machine gun fit into the point. But the first, the second shooting by the STAFF is a stress! The sphincters of each shrank to the utmost! This misfortune took place from 10-20 arrival, for some it remained until the very final exams. The systematic steering of the cadet's headset instructor with the boots added to the jitters. But in the troops, after the first hundred regular ones, just work began. Calm and measured. More at night than during the day, all year round. Two years .. Until the demobilization.
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        22 May 2021 09: 30
        You just had an imperfect simulator.
        In a good simulator, there are vibrations, and "hits on the tank", and all the noise effects.
        The memoirs of Abrams tankers who did not have time to
        pass practical shooting and immediately after the simulators were sent
        to "Desert Storm" (1st Iraqi). They were very worried that they did not shoot
        on the exercises "for real".
        But it turned out that a real oncoming tank battle with Saddam's tanks
        (at night in a desert area) did not differ from training shooting.
        Roughly: “We stood in line and fired continuously.
        Enemy tanks took turns on fire, some exploded.
        It was all over in half an hour. "
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      22 May 2021 16: 06
      Quote: Aleks tv
      The simulator cannot be harmful.
      Moreover, there is no way without simulators now.

      good Trainers are essential! Only then for four hours on the simulator "held the target" on the Metis, sitting on a chair. And then he could even hold a car on the machine, let alone a tank.
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    22 May 2021 13: 43
    I burned three times in the tank wassat wassat wassat
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    22 May 2021 13: 44
    The simulator is the enemy of the tanker. A simple armchair with levers and that's it. It was supposed to sit on it for 12 hours. And they sat more - they saved the service life of real tanks.

    The simulator cannot be the enemy. The fact that they spent much more time on them than is really necessary is, of course, superfluous. A simulator for the initial acquaintance and learning with the operation of the equipment is needed, even as simple as it was in the 1930s.