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The cost of the contract for the repair of the NITKA complex in Crimea has been announced

The cost of the contract for the repair of the NITKA complex in Crimea has been announced

It became known that the defense department of the Russian Federation signed a contract with one of the domestic enterprises included in the United Shipbuilding Corporation (United Shipbuilding Corporation) for the repair and modernization of the ground test complex for the deck aviation... We are talking about the NITKA complex, which is located in the city of Saki (Republic of Crimea).

It should be noted that reports on the possible signing of a contract for the repair and modernization of the Crimean training complex were reported last year. At the same time, specific dates were also named - May 2021. Now it is clear that these dates have been met.

According to TASS, the complex for training fighters, which are part of the aircraft carrier's wing, will be repaired and modernized for 0,5 billion rubles.

THREAD in the city of Saki is actually an exact copy of the deck of the only aircraft carrier of the Russian Navy at the moment, "Admiral Kuznetsov". At the same time, as you know, the aircraft-carrying cruiser of the Russian fleet... Its renovation is scheduled to be completed in 2022. Recall that the "Admiral Kuznetsov" received serious damage during the already begun modernization work. This happened when the floating dock was flooded as a result, allegedly, of power outages as a result of bad weather.

It should be noted that there are two NITKA complexes in Russia. The second is located in the city of Yeysk, Krasnodar Territory.

NITKA in Crimea became part of the Russian military-technical infrastructure in March 2014, after the reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation. The runway of the complex has a length of 290 m. It is equipped with a springboard with a "lift-off" angle of a certain value.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 21 May 2021 06: 10
    At the same time, specific dates were also named - May 2021. Now it is clear that these dates have been met.
    The terms of signing were met, there was a trifle left, to withstand the amount of the contract and the deadlines for the completion of the repair! laughing
    1. NIKN
      NIKN 21 May 2021 11: 22
      In any case, I see the desire to support carrier-based aviation is already encouraging.
  2. amr
    amr 21 May 2021 06: 23
    I live in Crimea, I live in Saki .... NITK is 7 km from my house, since 2014 I hear every year that NITK will be repaired, modernized, etc. .... repair for a pollard ?? ? for this money, in my opinion, is it better to build a frigate or a submarine of some kind?

    The airfield healed 150% and the planes flew, but NITKu is being repaired for too long and too expensive)))
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 21 May 2021 06: 59
      Quote: amr
      but NITK takes too long to repair and too expensive)))

      This is not the fault of the complex, but of those who are not averse to siphoning off the loot, but we will secretly engage in sabotage, discrediting the need for carrier-based aircraft for our fleet.

      It could be, in addition to the "Thread" and simply the cheapest jumps to use, even though a shortened start would be practiced, and even for purely land aircraft. The idea of ​​a short start is not new and is relevant when the runways are damaged by the enemy.

      The first aerofinishers were ordinary sandbags, between which a cable was stretched to hold the brake hook. This would also come off as a temporary or additional workout solution.
      1. serg.shishkov2015
        serg.shishkov2015 21 May 2021 07: 50
        The Yak-141 fits the idea of ​​a short start! I was hoping that this project will be revived ,,,
      2. Ros 56
        Ros 56 22 May 2021 17: 43
        Does a short landing strip also work like that? laughing
    2. Eldorado
      Eldorado 21 May 2021 09: 30
      For a pollyard even for 10 %, neither a submarine nor a frigate can be built.
    3. Ros 56
      Ros 56 22 May 2021 17: 41
      Dear, are you an estimate engineer? After all, there is not just concrete, but a complex engineering structure with all that it implies.
  3. askort154
    askort154 21 May 2021 06: 24
    Two THREAD complexes and one permanently faulty semi-aircraft carrier, apart from spending on the state budget, do not bring anything. Their fate clearly shows that aircraft carriers for Russia are the fifth wheel to the cart. No.
    1. alexmach
      alexmach 21 May 2021 10: 32
      No, you can train on THREADS while the aircraft carrier is under repair, in service, just in the base ... Another thing is that they don't train for some reason .. There was some serious mechanics in Saki.
  4. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 21 May 2021 06: 26
    I would also like to know in more detail what exactly is included in the planned list of works?
    And then "whitewash - paint" is one thing, but the installation of new control equipment, repair of the coating, and so on - is completely different.
    1. Normal ok
      Normal ok 21 May 2021 06: 37
      They took it off the tongue. Yes, and Vlalimir 2U is also right: both terms and cost usually tend to increase. "Don't go to grandma."
  5. TerraSandera
    TerraSandera 21 May 2021 07: 04
    Udkshki with drones, and frigates, with air defense (for cover from their small friends, they would have come off for strike targets on the barmaley. With other countries, the USA, China, in which case other weapons will be used. But I hope this will not happen.
  6. RMT
    RMT 21 May 2021 10: 29
    "MOSCOW, May 4. / TASS /. The deadlines for the delivery of the new ground-based test training complex (aviation) NITKA in Yeisk - the second Russian ground-based analogue of the aircraft carrier - have been postponed to at least 2022 with the start of operation in 2023. TASS was told by a source in the defense -industrial complex.
    "In Yeisk, the completion of the construction of the complex is planned for the end of 2021 - the beginning of 2022, commissioning - in 2022, the beginning of operation - in 2023," he said.
    One is unfinished, the second is not renovated. In fact, both do not function. Where do deck aviation pilots train?
    1. Bez 310
      Bez 310 21 May 2021 15: 16
      Quote: RMT
      Where do deck aviation pilots train?

      From the "deck" aviation we have only helicopters, and they can do without a "string".
  7. CastroRuiz
    CastroRuiz 21 May 2021 10: 56
    There is no longitudinal and lateral rolling as in AB. Without this, training is 50%.
  8. Experienced_
    Experienced_ 23 May 2021 00: 18
    To cut the dough - ready!