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The Brazilian edition accuses the GRU of the Russian Federation of cyber sabotage from the territory of Venezuela


Influence actions

On May 2, 2021, the Brazilian military-themed website Defesanet published Article, where he accuses Russian military experts in Venezuela of "actions to exert influence in the north of Brazil, with an emphasis on the internal political situation in Brazil and the international geopolitical context."

The Brazilian edition accuses the GRU of the Russian Federation of cyber sabotage from the territory of Venezuela

It makes sense to quote most of the article verbatim:

“After the scandal over the discovery of spy equipment in Brasilia (I mean a mobile phone signal scanner found in the government quarter - approx. CPLCRB-press), unaware of the risk, government intelligence sources were warned that Russian military advisers were working alongside Venezuelan servicemen and fighters of the Venezuelan National Guard on the Brazilian border.

Antennas to intercept electronic and communication signals have been installed in Santa Elena do Uairen, a city bordering the Brazilian municipality of Pacaraima. These systems can break encryption, intercept and interfere with (jam) messages from the Brazilian army and military aircraft flying in the region.
It was also reported that tactical air surveillance systems (ARPA categories 1 and 2), created in Russia, regularly conduct reconnaissance missions on the border between the two countries.

According to a foreign diplomat accredited in Brasilia, the Russians belong to the GRU, an acronym for military intelligence that operates abroad, or simply the intelligence service of the Russian Armed Forces. Some of them took part in illegal operations that culminated in the annexation of Crimea and wars in eastern Ukraine and Syria. GRU is the main thing weapon Of the Kremlin in the actions of a hybrid war.

Currently, neither the Brazilian Army nor the Air Force has electronic warfare equipment capable of identifying activity, determining geolocation and neutralizing systems installed on the Venezuelan side of the border, and lack the means and capabilities to protect the military communications network in the region. Despite this problem, the acquisition of systems that would provide the necessary capabilities is not seen as a priority for decision makers.

A diplomatic source told Defensenet that a cyberattack from Venezuela may have caused a power outage in Amapa state (November 2020), which triggered subsequent disruptions.

The system of the Rio Grande do Sul State Court is currently inaccessible to judges and the public due to a hacker attack, which apparently indicates that it was conducted from Russia, and as a result of which access to the entire system was seized through encryption files ".

“The catatonic communications of the federal government allowed the Maduro government to conduct psychological operations and propaganda in the Northern Arc (logistics network of ports in the north and north-east of Brazil - approx. CPLCRB), in particular, during the crisis in Manaus (refers to the collapse of the health care system in Manaus, during which Venezuela helped the city with oxygen for hospitals - approx. CPLCRB-press).

There is an urgent need for action at two levels (military and intelligence) to strengthen the Brazilian Northern Arc and minimize the disruptive actions supported by the government agents themselves, as well as by several state governors.

The Northern Arc will be involved in strategic and political planning, as intelligence foresees countless influence actions, the novelty of which is that they can be implemented both through the direct participation of Russia and through its continental ally, the Bolivarian government of Venezuela. "

The article is provided with a photograph of a serviceman who is allegedly an officer of the GRU and is allegedly among the border military contingent in Venezuela.

A Google search shows that this photo appeared on the Internet back in October 2020.

The problems with anonymous hacker attacks on the Brazilian judicial system have indeed been highlighted in the press on several occasions. Moreover, right now, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) is addressing such an attack, partially restricting access to its online services and pages.

But what interest can the Brazilian judicial system be for Russia, and even more so for the Russian military?

RDIF has not yet filed a lawsuit against the Brazilian pharmaceutical regulator (due to calumnies on Sputnik-V), arrested smuggler animals are too small a figure for organizing a hacker attack, the process is about slander media concern O GLOBO has been quietly going on Russians for more than a year and needs stability of judicial resources, and described in the Brazilian media arrest an unnamed "Russian" for drug trafficking, in general, most likely, a fake (the Russian consulate in Brazil has no information about the arrest).

What's going on

However, something important is still happening.

Starting from October 2020, the Russian organization for the fight against state terrorism CST command enters into correspondence controversy on the Internet with the President of Brazil, noting, in particular, that until Brazil deals with the terrorist cell operating under the roof of the federal police (analogue of the FBI) ​​of the state of Amazonas and organizing the mass hostage-taking of Russian tourists in 2016, the Brazilian Robson Oliveira, convicted in the Russian Federation for the carriage of narcotic substances is unlikely to be released.

March 16 сообщается on increasing the pressure of the CST command on the Brazilian prosecutor's office (MPF) and the Supreme Federal Court (STF) in order to force Brazil to carry out anti-terrorism measures.

And on April 6 CST command publishes materials (documents and photographs) disclosing the possible involvement of one of the 11 ministers (judges) of the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court (STF), Alexandre ji Moraes, in terrorist attacks on Russian tourists and, as a result, blocking the investigation at the request of the Russian side. The article also notes that the Russian Federal Law of March 6, 2006 No. 35-FZ "On Countering Terrorism" provides for the use of the formations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to carry out tasks to suppress international terrorist activities outside the territory of the Russian Federation.

On April 15, there is a resounding resignation of the Amazonas federal police chief, who is fired after Environment Minister Ricardo Salles publicly accuses him of complicity in illegal confiscations and massive arbitrary attacks on law-abiding citizens (in this case, lumberjacks).

Russia's reciprocal move - in two weeks President Putin had mercy Robson, who upon arrival at Rio de Janeiro airport with fanfare meets President Bolsonaro himself.

Against the background of the emerging understanding between the Brazilian authorities and the Russian side, at the end of April, STF categorically announced to the CST command its unwillingness to engage in an anti-terrorist investigation (in particular, against one of the federal judges). After that (from May 6), the ability to send electronic messages (petitions and appeals) to the STF and personal messages to independent STF ministers are blocked as a result of the announcement of an alleged hacker attack, announced by the federal police and investigated by the aforementioned Alekshandreji Moraesh , who appears as a suspect in the terrorist attack on the Russians.

Despite the fact that the responsibility for the attack on the STF is already took brazilian hacker, Moraesh claimsthat the attack has signs of political motivation and is aimed directly at him. And the site Defesanet, 3 days before the hacker attack on STF, already attributed its authorship to Russia.

What happens next resembles a blockbuster in the genre of "political thriller".

The dismissed head of the Amazonas Federal Police, Alekshandre Saraiva, who had previously stated that “he who laughs last,” accuses his abuser, Minister Salles, of obstructing investigations and corruption by filing lawsuits with the prosecutor’s office (MPF) and the STF.

Attorney General Augustu Arash is putting this statement on the shelf. And the republic's prosecutor, Filipe Pessoa de Lucena, is taking countermeasures by issuing an order to start an investigation into the mass arbitrary arrests of Russians, falsification of evidence, the possible inconsistency of the Amazonas federal police with its institutional functions and their involvement in terrorist actions against Russian citizens.

The terrorist wing of the federal police has a self-preservation instinct, and they unite around Saraiva and Moraesh (who was formerly the Minister of Justice and head of the federal police).

In the early morning of May 19, searches, confiscations and dismissals of subordinates of the Minister of the Environment begin in the offices of government agencies subordinate to Minister Ricard Salles. The federal police also violate the minister's banking secrecy and begin to examine his bank accounts in search of incriminating evidence.

At 8 a.m. Salles accompanied by a lawyer and an armed adviser rushes in at the Federal Police Headquarters in Brasilia and requires an explanation. He is told that "the case is classified and is under the jurisdiction of the Minister of the Supreme Federal Court, Alekshandre ji Moraesh."

Minister of the Environment Ricardo Salles and Minister of the Federal Supreme Court Alexandre Ji Moraesh

Salles then immediately issues an emergency a meeting with President Bolsonaro (who hates Moraesh) and asks for protection.

The press writes Articles under the headlines "The Federal Police Are Divided And Out Of Control!" - half for Salles, the Attorney General and the government, and half against (that is, for Moraesh, Saraiva and the terrorists from the federal police of Amazonas).

Attorney General Augustu Arash says that the federal police should have consulted with him about the operation against Salles, but did not. By According to O GLOBO, the largest publication in Brazil, Moraes did not inform the Attorney General, because he feared that information about the operation would be leaked to the government ahead of time.

Brazilian intelligence - ABIN appears on the scene. Feds сообщаютthat Salles used the ABIN agent to fire federal police henchmen in his jurisdiction and "obstruct any possible investigation by the federal police."

CNN on the war between Salles and Moraesh:

USA in scandal

Suddenly, the US starts to figure in the scandal. Alekshandre ji Moraesh officially сообщаетthat the operation against Salles was initiated on the basis of information from the US Embassy in Brazil. That is, it was the United States who handed over the compromising evidence on Salles to the federal police, which happened in January 2020, when стало известно about the possible participation of US FBI agents in organizing terrorist attacks on Russian tourists in Brazil and that Salles, as Minister of the Environment, can suppress the military and intelligence activities of the United States in Amazonas that are completely unrelated to his ministry, disguised as environmental activities and carried out together with terrorists who attacked the Russians (see article in the Military Review “Under the guise of environmental cooperation. American militarization of the Amazon ").

Unfortunately, the Brazilian left (traditionally sympathetic to Russia), represented by the Labor Party, hates Salles so much (and there are objective reasons for this) and is so afraid of the federal police that they chose to side with Moraes, formally asking him to authorize Salles' resignation.

Recall that the capture of Russian tourists in Manaus in 2016 took place in almost the same place (at a distance of 1 km) and on the same day (June 22), when the negotiations of the Governor of the State of Amazonas Jose Melo with Rosneft on the development of the field took place Solimunes. This allows us to consider this crime as a hostage-taking in order to put pressure on the Russian company and influence the outcome of the negotiations (everyone knows the US attitude towards Rosneft and Igor Sechin).

This analysis makes it possible to understand why certain forces in Brazil are interested in interpreting internal political problems as Russian interference and even attracting Venezuela and the Russian GRU to this. Defesanet's statement about Russia's interference in the Brazilian judicial system looks absurd, since it is clear from the materials presented in this article that, acting absolutely legally and using the resources of the Brazilian judicial system and prosecutors to achieve its goals, the Russian side is primarily interested in the smooth operation of the websites. MPF and STF.

Illustration from the site

Don't underestimate Defesanet's stuffing as insignificant articles on a low-impact website. This is the category of fighters on the information front who not only have literary abilities, but also try to transform their invented stories into the semblance of real facts. On May 18, DefesaNet publishes an article titled "Exclusive - Brazilian government confirms for the first time that Russians are operating at the border", in which he claims that "This is the first time an official representative of the Brazilian government confirms the presence of Russian armed forces operating on the borders of Brazil." In fact, this article is a wishful thinking, namely: a retelling of an attempt by one of the deputies to get the necessary comments from the Brazilian Defense Minister at a public hearing on "Russian interference" (monitoring, electronic warfare and jamming), referring to already the article we cited on

A public hearing where the Brazilian Defense Minister answered questions about "Russian electronic interference and attack on the judicial system":

In reality, as it becomes clear from a careful reading of the article, all that Defense Minister Braga Neto said is “Border maneuvers have taken place and the (Brazilian) armed forces have the ability to counter cyber threats. Every time there is a mobilization for an exercise, we (the military) monitor all kinds of such exercises. " That is, recently (March 30), the appointed minister did not succumb to the provocation, saying that everything that was happening on the territory of Venezuela was exclusively from the other side of the border and did not say a word about any radio-electronic sabotage that had taken place, never uttering the word “Russians "Or" Russia ", which does him credit as a politician (regardless of his personal ideas about the reality of the" Russian threat ").

A fragment of the deputy's question to the Brazilian Defense Minister with a request to comment on the publication of Defesanet about "Russian cyber threats and electronic attacks" from Venezuela:

In conclusion, it should be noted that among all the names listed in this article, there are no goodies.

Russia and the world community have a lot of claims against President Jair Bolsonar, most of Brazil hates Minister Ricardo Salles (for the environmental disaster in the Amazon), few people trust Attorney General Arash. And even the new superintendent of the federal police of Amazonas, Leandro Almada, who replaced Saraiva, raises a lot of questions about his competence. Since he previously headed the internal investigations service of the Amazonas Public Security System, where at that moment the first of the ISIS terrorists arrested in Brazil (a banned organization in Russia) was working Osiris Maurice Lundy.

But in the conflict under consideration with the federal police, these characters play a positive role, acting on the side of protecting democratic values ​​and against terrorists who threw not only Russian tourists into prisons, but dozens of other innocent citizens. For example, Senator Omar Aziz (which made Manaus is the capital of the coronavirus pandemic and has led to the emergence of the most contagious strain of COVID-19), as well as an entrepreneur Nair Blair, which is now in the procurement of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V for Brazil (it recently gave video interview Russian press).

Investigation continues

On the morning of May 20, it became known that the materials on the investigation of the terrorist attack on the Russians were redirected from the Prosecutor's Office of Amazonas to the capital of the country - the Seventh Coordination and Control Chamber of the Prosecutor's Office in Brasilia.

Electronic notification of reopening (after filing an appeal against objections from federal police agents) of the terrorist attack on Russians:

If the investigation is carried out properly and the perpetrators are punished, then perhaps this will deal a serious blow to the terrorist wing of Brazil's most influential intelligence service, forcing the state to completely reformat the federal police, abandon the practice of the police state and return the country to the path of democratic development.

Influence diagram of the Brazilian Federal Police:

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  1. mitroha
    mitroha 22 May 2021 07: 34
    Has its own Poland-Ukraine appeared in South America? With a senile government and a lured media that will carry nonsense, even when they do not ask, in order to bend in front of the United States
    1. xorek
      xorek 22 May 2021 07: 49
      The Brazilian edition accuses the GRU of the Russian Federation of cyber sabotage from the territory of Venezuela

      I personally like it very much! soldier
      At least something new and interesting .. hi Keep it up GRU !!!!
    2. Anachoret
      Anachoret 22 May 2021 11: 53
      military senile Bolsonaro now will not give out so much to curry favor with the State Department) after the moderate Lula and Rousseff, he just broke through to curry favor with the states))
      lovers of spiers and sellers of sports nutrition will soon surface in Venezuela)) an endless adventure story for foreign special services))
      1. CPLCRB-press
        22 May 2021 12: 55
        Dear moderators! If in the basement you added the flag of the fifth largest and sixth most populous country in the world, then you would not have a price. The Brazilians would be immensely grateful to you for the built-in Portuguese translation.
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    3. Olezhek
      Olezhek 24 May 2021 06: 40
      Does South America have its own Poland-Ukraine?

      Nothing in common!
      Brazil is the leading economic power in all of Latin America!
      The country is serious - you have to work with it!
      1. CPLCRB-press
        24 May 2021 10: 54
        It is absolutely necessary. It is the fifth largest and most populous country in the world and the locomotive of the continent. As one American president put it, "where Brazil goes, all of Latin America will go."
  2. Hagakure
    Hagakure 22 May 2021 07: 52
    And these there too ...
  3. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 22 May 2021 08: 52
    Interesting great article.
    Here's how it turns out! The disadvantage of the Brazilian press is that for so many years Petrov and Boshirov have not been noticed there.
  4. Vladimir Mashkov
    Vladimir Mashkov 22 May 2021 10: 43
    Yes, dashingly twisted. The "foreign diplomat and source" is, without a doubt, the Americans. I'm not convinced about the GRU, but the fact that the Americans and the CIA are there as they want to, they are buying and bribing many in power there. As well as the fact that this whole anti-Russian Russophobic operation was organized by amers against Brazilian-Russian cooperation.
  5. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 22 May 2021 13: 48
    And these there too ... with a bunch of complexes. Here is the spiteful, ubiquitous GRU and the refusal to use the practically donated technology of the Sputnik V corona vaccine, due to the alleged presence in it of the Russian vaccine, which is supposedly capable of multiplying after inoculation with adenovirus. It is not the "ears" of the United States that stick out there; everything, from head to ass, is built on American politics.
    1. CPLCRB-press
      22 May 2021 19: 39
      The Americans honestly admitted that they strongly discouraged Latin American countries from accepting help and buying vaccines from the Russians and Chinese. Yesterday, the angry governor of northeastern Brazil (a region that is three-fold left and sympathetic to Russia) personally handed over to the pharmaceutical regulator ANVISA the "lost on the way" documents for SPUTNIK registration. We will see what will happen now and what other excuses ANVISA will come up with.
  6. faterdom
    faterdom 22 May 2021 15: 35
    Pedroff and Boazhiroff in the jungle!
    "King Kong is alive!" - sucks!
    Luis Alberto is in danger, he will be forced to drink "Newbie"!
  7. Aleksandr123
    Aleksandr123 22 May 2021 22: 31
    In Russia, an urgent need to create a special unit that should deal with inventing and accusing the various dirty tricks of those countries that are engaged in this. For each such accusation - three counterparties.
  8. Prisoner
    Prisoner 23 May 2021 07: 09
    If everything that is attributed to our guys is in fact, then I'm happy for them. winked And what do they write? Let them write.
  9. CPLCRB-press
    24 May 2021 00: 12
    And here is this deputy (who studied in the United States), who promoted the idea of ​​a "Russian threat from Venezuela" - back in 2014 he was booed and called a fascist for his ultra-right slogans ("Down with Cuban doctors! Down with Dilma! Down with communists and the party of workers!") ... Check out the video - it doesn't require translation:,5ca46d1cdca58410VgnVCM4000009bcceb0aRCRD.html And also there is a video where he explains from the rostrum that fascism and communism are practically the same thing:
  10. Olezhek
    Olezhek 24 May 2021 06: 39
    I wonder damn

    Such powerful analytics for Brazil (!)
    Thank you sincerely! good
  11. Olezhek
    Olezhek 24 May 2021 06: 50
    most of Brazil hates Minister Ricardo Salles (for the environmental disaster in the Amazon), few people trust Attorney General Arash. And even the new superintendent of the federal police of Amazonas, Leandro Almada, who replaced Saraiva

    Right from the thick of things ... fellow
    1. CPLCRB-press
      24 May 2021 10: 35
      This work wink
  12. Sergej1972
    Sergej1972 25 May 2021 20: 36
    Here you cannot do without a hundred grams. Rather incomprehensible than understandable.)
    1. CPLCRB-press
      25 May 2021 23: 19
      The Political Expert has just published an article (and video) about the launch of an investigation into terrorist attacks on Russians in Brazil. Perhaps this will make the situation a little clearer. In short, by initiating an investigation into the organizers of the capture of Russians in 2016, the Russian side, on purpose or by accident, hit the bull's eye, provoking a confrontation between the most influential Brazilian intelligence service and the current government (which in this situation plays on the side of good, that is for the supporters of the investigation). Opponents of the investigation (the reactionary wing of the federal police and their defenders in power) defend themselves by launching an aggressive attack, one of the methods of which is informational stuff about alleged "Russian intervention" and "Russian military threat."
      1. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 25 May 2021 23: 33
        I get the impression that the current President of Brazil is not fully in control of the situation.
        1. CPLCRB-press
          27 May 2021 13: 01
          Quite right. The diagram at the bottom of the article shows who controls Brazil. And this is definitely not the president.
          1. Sergej1972
            Sergej1972 27 May 2021 16: 48
            It turns out that not only the left, but also some representatives of the right-wing forces, and many security officials, police and military, do not like (or do not respect) him? Despite. that he himself comes from a military environment?
            1. CPLCRB-press
              3 June 2021 19: 07
              Initially, he was a favorite of the military and police, but something went wrong ... A month ago, he completely decapitated the Armed Forces in one fell swoop, dismissing both the Minister of Defense and the army commander. Now the siloviki love him much less, although they remain his main voters. The right is still for Bolsonara, since there is no worthy (capable of winning elections) replacement for him in this part of the political spectrum, but the centrists are already distancing themselves from him. In the next elections, apart from Lula and Bolsonaro, no other strong candidates are even visible.
              1. Sergej1972
                Sergej1972 3 June 2021 23: 42
                Thank you for your interesting and comprehensive answer.
  13. CPLCRB-press
    24 June 2021 11: 18
    Well ... 1: 1 in favor of the federal police terrorists.
    The dismissed head of the Amazonas Federal Police (Aleksandre Saraiva) is seeking the sacking of Environment Minister Salles, who has prevented massive arbitrary detentions and confiscations. Most likely, the investigation, initiated by Minister Mopraesh (with official US assistance) against Salles, will now be closed, since it will inevitably reveal not so much Salles' flaws as the terrorist activities of the federals. Rose on the cake - Salles' confiscated phone number was sent by the federal police and Moraesh to the US to be hacked with the help of their FBI friends.
    Does anyone else have doubts that the phones seized from Russians in 2016 in Manaus ended up in the hands of the FBI, and it was from them that fake Brazilian Facebook accounts could be registered, which became elements of the so-called "Russian interference in Trump's elections"? Let me remind you that it was Moraesh who was the Minister of Justice and the head of the federal police in 2016-2017, being appointed to his post a few weeks before the arrests of the Russians and leaving his post immediately after the failure of the provocation. pf-tenha-acesso-aos-dados.ghtml? fbclid = IwAR1BQ-3SQaomzGhHvbNHgBGFXOIU5zrM8CdLNArjIpWqiB5HYefHCkI3oDQ