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On the way to the Mediterranean: UAE orders Falaj 3 missile ships


The United Arab Emirates has signed a nearly $ 2017 billion contract with local Abu Dhabi Ship Building to build a series of warships. ADSB previously built Baynunah-class corvettes for the UAE Navy, the last of which was transferred in XNUMX.

The UAE will pay $ 952,7 million for four missile-armed Falaj 3-class patrol ships. Their construction will take place at the shipyard in Mussafa, the area of ​​which is more than 300 thousand square meters. m. Integration and installation of all equipment will also be carried out here. Work is expected to begin at the end of the third quarter of 2021. The contract is planned to be implemented within five years.

The Singapore company ST Engineering took part in the design of the project. It is expected that each ship will have a fire control system, detection equipment and electronic warfare, armament will be represented by main and auxiliary caliber artillery, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missile systems, and decoys. Specific details on the stuffing of the ships were not disclosed, however, it is indicated that all equipment meets the requirements of modern naval warfare.

UAE builds up combat power fleet in conditions of acute confrontation with Turkey on the borders remote from the country. Abu Dhabi is providing serious material and technical assistance to the Khalifa Haftar regime in Libya, which is waging an armed struggle with the Ankara-friendly government in Tripoli. It is quite possible that the expansion of the strike capabilities of the UAE fleet is designed to ensure the presence of the country's navy in the eastern Mediterranean, covering the routes of communication with the allied regime.


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  1. Anachoret
    Anachoret 19 May 2021 20: 44
    Also, the ships will have gilded pools, a powerful stereo system and an additional hangar for an eagle, a beautiful girl, a horse and a white Mercedes with an open top) in a word, not a ship, but Wai-nu-nah)
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Luminman
      Luminman 19 May 2021 20: 55
      You have forgotten about the gilded toilet bowls!
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 20 May 2021 03: 54
        Quote: Luminman
        You have forgotten about the gilded toilet bowls!

        This is a battle ship! Maximum silver!
    3. Blacksmith 55
      Blacksmith 55 19 May 2021 20: 57
      Where will the camel be? Will they not take it?
      1. Anachoret
        Anachoret 19 May 2021 21: 02
        Quote: smith 55
        Where will the camel be? Will they not take it?

        Camel is a ship of the desert) delivered to the Navy of the republics of Chad, Mali))
  2. Xlor
    Xlor 19 May 2021 20: 51
    The Houthis from Yemen will take these ships away from them, and they will click on their ears ... wink laughing
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 19 May 2021 21: 14
      They will not take it away. UAE from Yemen dumped a year ago. And now it is only feeding the southern committees, which are suddenly fighting against the Hadi government and not fighting the Houthis (although they are far from friendship).
  3. Russ
    Russ 19 May 2021 21: 05
    We cannot understand the rich ... sad
    1. Petr Vladimirovich
      Petr Vladimirovich 20 May 2021 00: 31
      Interestingly, in Dubai there are branches of the main Iranian banks such as Melli, etc. All legal entities of the emirate ... No amer's sanctions. And all the contraband, including whiskey, on boats to Bandar Abbas, is also from there. Mixed crews ... fellow
  4. Butchcassidy
    Butchcassidy 20 May 2021 00: 19
    In my opinion, the Emirates and Oman are the most adequate of the Arab monarchies.
    1. unhappy
      unhappy 20 May 2021 08: 10
      Don't be fooled. These are people with an alien mentality, you think in neighboring comments people just smile like that. hi
      1. Butchcassidy
        Butchcassidy 21 May 2021 13: 30
        Alien to whom? And how does alienation contradict adequacy?
        1. unhappy
          unhappy 22 May 2021 06: 46
          Alien to us, Great Russians.
          For example, the mentality of the Meskhetian Turks, the population of the regions where they were given land after the "acquaintance" with the whole world tried to drive them out or destroy them (nice people laughing ). How did the war in the Caucasus end? The people who renounced peace and good neighborliness even abandoned their lands and got out of the territory of our empire. Adequacy is an abstract concept.
          1. Butchcassidy
            Butchcassidy 24 May 2021 21: 16
            I don't see any logic. Are you planning to move to the Emirates or Oman? Or should all Arabs from these countries be resettled in the Moscow region? How does the difference in mentality prevent you from living or trading or something else?

            There is no need to compare the Caucasian war or someone else and force the mentality of the muhajirs on everyone else. You are very primitive and oversimplifying the situation.
            1. unhappy
              unhappy 25 May 2021 07: 55
              You are in trouble with logic. The mentality of the Arabs from the Emirates is the same as that of the Arabs who entered Europe, just some have bad money and live at home, while others are seizing new lands. Their life values ​​are the same and do not coincide with the values ​​of the countries where they climb. Look at the news sometimes, for example, in France, quarters were formed where the gendarmerie did not enter, by the way in Uzbekistan a similar picture took place and the final was bloody.
              Before reasoning, collect information and then build logical constructions hi
              PS: the events taking place in European countries where the Arabs are "settling in" also apply to Russia.
              1. Butchcassidy
                Butchcassidy 25 May 2021 16: 08
                I'm fine with my logic. As well as knowledge of the issue. You just have no idea that not all Arabs are the same and not all Arab states are the same. They don't go to France or anywhere else either from Oman or from the Emirates. They are fed well there too (c)