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May 18 - Day of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy


The oldest of the four fleets of the Russian Navy, bearing the same name, is based on the Baltic Sea. Today, 18 May, the Baltic Fleet celebrates its birthday.

This annual holiday date was chosen in honor of the day of the first victory of the Russian fleet, which took place in 1703 during the Northern War, which Russia waged against Sweden. Then the rowing flotilla, on which the soldiers of the Preobrazhensky and Semenovsky regiments were under the personal command of Emperor Peter I, attacked two Swedish warships at the mouth of the Neva and captured them. The rowing flotilla means 30 boats with Transfiguration and Semenovites on board.

In modern Russia, this day has become an official holiday of Baltic sailors since July 1996 after the release of the corresponding order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Felix Gromov.

Usually, on the Day of the Baltic Fleet, large-scale events and parades are not held; all this is organized later, on the Day of the Russian Navy, which is celebrated on the last Sunday of July. The festive program is provided only at the main bases of the Baltic Fleet - in Kronstadt and Baltiysk. On the same day, Kronstadt also celebrates its City Day. Concerts and marches are held in these two cities on 18 May. In addition, visitors are admitted to warships by organizing so-called "open deck days".

Today the editorial board of Voenny Obozreniye, like the rest of Russia, congratulates the Baltic sailors on the Day of the Baltic Fleet. Let your service take place in a calm, peaceful time, and your relatives and loved ones are always waiting at home.

Happy holiday to you!
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 18 May 2021 04: 12
    Happy Birthday to Baltians! drinks
    SERGE ANT 18 May 2021 05: 01
    Happy Holidays, Balts!
    1. SERGE ANT
      SERGE ANT 18 May 2021 05: 01
      Baltic Sea, sand and wave,
      and behind a large country
      Proudly serving in the west,
      glory of Russia - beloved Baltic Fleet!
  3. Thrifty
    Thrifty 18 May 2021 05: 03
    So that the fleet is replenished with NEW COMBAT ships, and the old ones undergo modernization! Congratulations to the real and in stock Balts! hi good
  4. Dude
    Dude 18 May 2021 05: 16
    May 18 - Day of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy

    I will ask - Twice Red Banner Baltic Fleet! Exactly so, and nothing else!
    1. Essex62
      Essex62 18 May 2021 09: 23
      Exactly! Twice Red Banner Baltic Fleet Hurray !!!
  5. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 18 May 2021 06: 26
    Happy Baltic! fellow
  6. Gardamir
    Gardamir 18 May 2021 06: 47
    What a fabulous time we live, holiday after holiday.
    In modern Russia, this day has become an official holiday of Baltic sailors since July 1996.
    If not for Yeltsin, there would be no holiday today.
  7. Ruslan Sulima
    Ruslan Sulima 18 May 2021 07: 13
    DKBF from KChF! Everyone who used to be involved has a booze, everyone who is on watch, work, still have time to booze!)
  8. Alien From
    Alien From 18 May 2021 08: 18
    Happy holiday to all involved! Calm sea and peaceful sky hi drinks
  9. d1975
    d1975 18 May 2021 09: 24
    Seven feet keel!
  10. iouris
    iouris 18 May 2021 10: 09
    Gulf of Finland fleet.
  11. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 18 May 2021 21: 17
    Well, now, accept congratulations from the Black Sea Fleet to the Baltic Fleet! In my face hi
    All the best and good luck!