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At the BMP today, everyone goes upstairs because no one wants to go in this “coffin”

How to connect the interests of society, the army and exporters weapons

Greece has suspended the conclusion of a contract with Russia for the supply of Athens 420 infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3. The deal, which has been prepared for more than two years and prompted almost 1,5 billion dollars to domestic defense enterprises, has been stuck in suspense. And the reason for this is not the well-known financial problems of one of the EU states (money was set aside for Russian weapons in the budget), and the critical phrase carelessly thrown at a press conference to this car by the Deputy Defense Minister - Chief of Armaments of the Russian Armed Forces, Army General Vladimir Popovkin. He then said the following: “We really need to take care of the soldiers. At the BMP today, everyone goes upstairs, because no one wants to go in this “coffin”. We need to make another car. ”

Greek journalists immediately published this statement in their newspapers. And the opposition made a scandal: how to buy useless military equipment, which even its creators refuse?

Vladimir Popovkin complained not only to BMP, but also to tank The T-90, which Delhi buys from us, to the tank support vehicle, which Rosoboronexport showed last week at the international arms exhibition in Kuala Lumpur and is also exporting it, to other military equipment, from which for one reason or another the army refuses, but which our country promotes for export and actively advertises there. Naturally, such statements by domestic generals have the right to life. Let's say more: the truth about the state of the Russian military-industrial complex, about the processes that are taking place there, about the systemic crisis in it and the inability of its individual leaders, including the government military-industrial commission, to correct the situation, is very important. It helps the public and those in power to identify problem areas, take some drastic measures to correct them. Direct efforts to resolve bottlenecks. In the end, provide the army and navy with that modern military equipment and weapons that will enable them to confidently carry out tasks to protect the country's national interests.

Without an honest and frank conversation with the citizens of Russia, unbiased and interested criticism of the shortcomings of this, it is almost impossible to do this.

But, on the other hand, how can it not harm the same defense enterprises that supply their products not only to the army, but also for export? And from such frankness they begin to lose their implicit advantages in the struggle with competitors for advantageous weapon orders on the world market. From this contradiction there are only two ways out. Turn into the role of losers and lose export orders, accept this or dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of the weapons being created, reduce their price, the non-production costs that are laid in each product, strive to be at the cutting edge of technical and technological progress, get rid of dependency and the senseless expectations of those who will come and give everything, teach everything.

Paraphrasing the old adage, we recall that the defense industry rescues in the hands of the defense industry itself. And no one else.

A new combat vehicle really need to do. But our army already has to buy sniper rifles from the British and Finns, landing ships from the French, from them the same night sights for tank guns, drones from Israelis, light and durable armor from the Germans. Already there have been conversations that armored personnel carriers will buy from the Italians. The international division of labor in the defense industry is a good thing. It brings our country closer to the recent "potential adversaries", but it may soon happen that we, too, will not be able to do nuclear submarines and strategic missiles ourselves. And nobody will sell them to us. And Russia’s national security will have to be remembered as a long-forgotten past.
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  1. 1
    1 27 May 2010 22: 55
    I quote "but it may soon happen that we will not be able to make both nuclear submarines and strategic missiles ourselves."
    I work at an aviation enterprise. Everything related to aviation, we have almost forgotten how to do it. I suspect the same with submarines and missiles. For reference - an engineer-designer ON the frame of the aircraft, 5 years experience!
  2. Michael
    Michael 30 January 2011 12: 18
    And what, in the west, do BMPs that are invulnerable to a shell or RPG of the latest modifications? With this approach, it remains only to admit that in addition to physical strength, the number of fighters and the presence of clubs, everything else is zilch. Then the PRC army is the most .....
  3. Sasha
    Sasha 30 January 2011 16: 45
    Michael - sut v tom chto bmp prostimi patronami proshivaetsya
  4. Don zeus
    Don zeus 30 January 2011 16: 56
    Sasha - you need to read carefully, Michael says that Western technology has the same protection.
  5. Satric
    Satric 30 January 2011 17: 10
    Sasha, in which place is it flashed with simple cartridges? o_o
  6. Slipfar
    Slipfar 30 January 2011 19: 06
    I don’t know how BMP, but BTR-80, I read on the special forces website, 5.45 penetrates armor-piercing only this way, not to mention 7.62
  7. Satric
    Satric 30 January 2011 19: 42
    And from what distance? :)

    Moreover, I read (also on the special forces website fellow), that from ordinary small arms it only breaks through the armor-piercing cartridge of the SVD, and then, from about 100m.
  8. Bolshevik bastard
    Bolshevik bastard 30 January 2011 21: 47
    The BMP-3 was specially created with reinforced armor, especially the frontal one, that's why the engine is located behind, the entire power unit was made not high, about 60 cm, if I'm not mistaken. As for Vladimir Popovkin, his statements did not affect the contract with the Greeks - time states have already persuaded the Athenians to buy their used Bradley on the cheap. And be calm, ours already knew all this.
  9. Maj.
    Maj. 31 January 2011 12: 59
    In the second Chechen one, the three-wheeler proved itself not on the good side. There were a lot of military failures, small body holes were very difficult to repair. We didn’t have a single argon apparatus in the battalion for welding aluminum armor. I really saw a machine that received 6 hits from RPGs, there were 3 through penetrations of the corps, and the whole crew survived. I can’t only understand Popovkin, the meaning of his words is that the soldiers would go into battle completely without interruption. The BMP is designed to deliver soldiers to the battlefield and support their fire, and not on use of BMPs as tankov.Pri skilful management of the fight, these machines cope with the tasks for which they were created.
  10. SOLDIERru
    SOLDIERru 31 January 2011 15: 31
    What is the BTR and the BMP:
    An armored personnel carrier is a taxi, brought infantry to the battlefield and into the bushes. He is not supposed to join the battle at all.
    BMP is already a more formidable car. And her goals are more serious. Namely. Transportation, motorized infantry squad, supporting it with fire while ensuring close interaction with tanks.
    BMPs are of two types: light (BMP-1, BMP-2, M80A) and heavy (BMP-3, Marder, SV-9040).
    Moreover, light but floating infantry fighting vehicles are typical for social camp countries. The West, on the contrary, is inclined to heavy medals but with limited buoyancy or with its complete absence. Given the similar survivability of both types of infantry fighting vehicles. In my opinion, the Soviet school was closer to the truth. And the fact that light infantry fighting vehicles allow penetration by small arms. So it is point blank, at a right angle, with the complete extinction of the destructive power of a bullet.
    A detonation of 150 mm landmine for BMP-1 and Marder will be equally deplorable.
    What is the way out of this situation. This is either the adoption of tanks, with the possibility of transporting infantry. What did the Israelites do. Or the development of a mine-resistant, open (or with the possibility of dismantling the roof) armored personnel carrier. But we must realize the low suitability of such a machine for general military units.
    PS I understand that the question in the article was not so much about the BMP, but about the deplorable state of affairs in Russia. But BMP is more interesting to me. And by the way at UVZ where they produced T-90, T90S. They closed the tank shop.
  11. Satric
    Satric 31 January 2011 17: 17
    Quote: SOLDIERru
    And by the way at UVZ where they produced T-90, T90S. They closed the tank shop.

    Can you give me more details? But somehow it’s not clear: why was it closed? Where will they release now?
  12. SOLDIERru
    SOLDIERru 31 January 2011 20: 18
    At UVZ, repairs will be made on previously released cars. Production will probably be brought near Petersburg. And tanks can be purchased in India (black humor).
  13. Satric
    Satric 31 January 2011 20: 33
    Quote: SOLDIERru
    And tanks can be purchased in India (black humor).

    Yeah, what do you have to buy T-90 smile
  14. SOLDIERru
    SOLDIERru 1 February 2011 07: 16
    First, the Indian economy is booming. And the stronger the country is on its feet, the easier it is to maintain its military potential at a high level.
    Secondly, India has its own tank industry. At the HVF plant in the city of Avadi, licensed production of the T90S tank has been established (information taken from the Internet I do not know how much is true). But India had previously produced licensed Vickers Mk.1 tanks (Vizhayant) and the Soviet T72M. And it even has a 3rd generation tank of its own design, “ARJUN” (but it didn’t go further than the installation party).
    And all purchases of armored vehicles by India were caused only by the great needs of the army. Yes features of license agreements
  15. Alexander
    Alexander 1 February 2011 10: 32
    The system should work. This is the Academy-VVUZI-NII-OPK. In this system, the main directions of development of weapons and military equipment, research and development work, research and development work, the creation of a prototype, tests, an installation batch, serial production are formed. since the 90s. The scientific backlog of the Soviet era has been exhausted. Military science achieves a disdainful attitude towards it and the latest "reforms." Therefore, this is the state of affairs in the defense industry. And the T-90 is a machine that is most suitable for creating on its basis a ground-air complex weapons, and this is a new type of armored vehicles BMPT for service is not accepted, it is not clear why, etc. Therefore, we will continue to lag behind the West.
  16. Oleg
    Oleg 20 February 2011 14: 50
    We must clearly understand that in the early 90s, a social and economic catastrophe took place in Russia. The destruction of half of the economy and agriculture in the Russian Federation is the result of "REFORM". There is no sphere of life, a branch of the economy, which would not be touched by the hand of "REFORMERS" in the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, the degradation of the Russian economy continues.
    The military-industrial complex is also a victim of "REFORM".
    Helicopter KA-50 - 20 years taken into service, it is already outdated.
    BTR-80 is a good infantry transporter, very high cross. But neither the BMP nor the APCs can withstand the shells and grenades of the anti-tank grenade launcher.
    How long will the BTR-80 machine gun Vladimirov be in service (adopted for service in the 50s)
    Change Vladimirov to a 30mm or 23mm cannon and it will be in service for another 20 years, and then the "reforms" may end. Buy new technologies of active protection against ATGMs, grenade launchers, protection against mines, etc.
    And do your armored personnel carrier, it’s a shame to buy weapons.
    The spy plane was the best in the Russian Federation 20 years ago, WHERE IT IS.
  17. Campaigner
    Campaigner 25 February 2011 04: 24
    And what about the guys, let's dissolve the army and navy, surely - they are fighting with nothing and nothing. And let’s go under the protectorate of India. And our pregnant generals - let them cry all over the world that we have a Rassean redneck, unlike the Merikos soldiers - they can only clean the needy.
    The salvation of drowning is the work of the drowning themselves. And the presidents didn’t ruin the economy, but WE are the best of friends with you!
    CARTRIDGE 7 June 2011 22: 47
    buying foreign equipment, they think to move from "quantitative superiority" to "quality" - since one of their armored personnel carriers will cost like 5 of ours! but in case of war, will we pull it? and I doubt their qualitative superiority. And Zhopin should be appointed Minister of Defense of Pindostana -then then our equipment will flow to their market smile
  19. TeR
    TeR 9 January 2015 13: 33
    "Vladimir Popovkin expressed his claims not only to the BMP, but also to the T-90 tank ..."

    Vladimir Aleksandr Popovkin (September 25, 1957, Dushanbe - June 18, 2014, Israel)



    He talked too much.