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"Acoustic attacks": American diplomats have problems with their heads



Cause for concern

Maintaining diplomatic wars requires constant attention and good imagination. The easiest way to come up with storiesthat cannot be verified. In the Czech Republic, for example, they decided to accuse the Russians of subversive (in the literal sense of the word) activities on the territory of the country. Diplomats were expelled from a number of European countries. Even those who are ignorant of the intricacies of North Atlantic diplomacy understand that now it is the turn of the United States to maintain an anti-Russian attitude. And then there was a hacker attack on the Colonial Pipeline, an analogue of our Transneft. The Americans still have problems from stopping the giant pipeline. Rising prices and scarcity have hit American gas stations. In the United States, for several generations, they did not know what high fuel prices and even less shortages are. News agencies share information on plastic bags used in the United States to restock gasoline. One such zealous owner has accidentally set fire to his "Hummer", having filled it with containers of gasoline.

The combination of "United States" and "hacker attack" has already taught us that the Russian special services will be unambiguously named guilty. This time nothing happened, and Joe Biden even made excuses to the voters, they say, there is no need to blame Moscow in vain in this case. In the very near future, we will definitely find a reason for the accusation. But the United States has already formed a stereotype about the power of Russian hackers, and part of the public has hung the state of emergency on pipelines on overseas opponents. The official apology of the guilty group of hackers DarkSide does not help much either. They, they say, did not want to hurt ordinary Americans so much, but hoped only to make money. By the way, Colonial Pipeline paid $ 5 million to extortionists to restore access on the day the operating systems were infected. Now it is time for the Russian side to blame. Info Watch President Natalya Kasperskaya expressed a quite sensible idea of ​​the CIA's involvement in hacker attacks on its own oil workers. This whole performance was played with the sole purpose of creating another precedent for accusations against Moscow. Formally, you can't find fault with Kaspersky's logic. The attack was clearly planned, the Colonial Pipeline suffered significant financial losses, and most importantly, ordinary Americans left their comfort zone.

Before the scandal with the allegedly paralyzed oil pipelines from Russia had subsided, 130 diplomats, intelligence officers and other workers abroad had head problems. The New York Times and Politico published the results of a large-scale study of numerous incidents in which Russian and Chinese special equipment has been remotely torturing Americans over the past five years. In the best traditions of Western propaganda, Boshirov and Petrov will be nominated for the role of the main villains. Washington's opponents have chosen quite savage technologies as tools - acoustic and radio frequency weapon.

Waves of indignation

It all started in 2016 in Havana. Officials at the US Embassy in Havana periodically complained of severe discomfort - headaches, tinnitus, vision problems, and even confusion. It came to a reduction in the number of the embassy and almost escalated into an international scandal. But the Americans did not have any serious evidence of the destructive activities of Cuba or Russia in this story. Later, several more diplomats and CIA officers in the Asian missions of the United States fell ill with similar symptoms. One of the last to happen was a mysterious Russian helicopter flying over an American base in Syria. Allegedly, after such a frightening act, the Marines suffered mental and physiological disorders. It's a shame to admit, but in the end everything was blamed on banal poisoning. Or the noise of the propellers of Russian attack helicopters is really capable of causing gallant Americans to have bouts of diarrhea.

The logic of permanently accusing Russia of various provocations is already becoming the rules of good form for Western diplomacy. This is largely a consequence of the concept adopted in the United States in 2018. It is based on the United States Nuclear Posture Review, which points directly to the Kremlin's aggressive plans. According to the American elite, Moscow has chosen the "escalation for de-escalation" tactics. Constantly increasing the degree of confrontation, organizing provocations against potential enemies around the world, Russia is counting on the weakness of the enemy. Say, we need to push a little, and the NATO bloc will falter. Hence the massive cyberattacks, the Novichok poisoning, and the explosions in Eastern European warehouses. A very convenient concept, in line with which the new hypothesis about a Russian trace in the affected brains of American intelligence officers and diplomats perfectly fits. The Pentagon treats such asymmetric threats very responsibly and is even ready to spend millions of dollars on the development of some kind of compact signaling device. The main task of such a gadget is to alert soldiers to dangerous levels of radio frequency exposure. It is intended to be a skin sticker that changes color in response to an invisible hazard. On what principles the smart device will work and what its sensitivity is, the defense department does not report.

Meanwhile, it is the NATO countries that currently hold the world leadership in the field of non-lethal acoustic and radio frequency weapons. At the end of the last century, they learned to influence the psyche of prisoners in Great Britain with the Mosquito device. They tried to calm down especially violent prisoners in prisons for youngsters using a tone signal at a frequency of 17 ... 18 kHz with a sound pressure of 75 to 99 dB. It is noteworthy that work on infrasonic weapons in the United States was officially terminated several decades ago. Then the developers were faced with the large size of the sound generators, their lack of directivity and low efficiency.

If we take radio frequency radiation as a hypothesis as the main factor in the ailment of American diplomats, then there really is something to think about. Similar symptoms can be caused by long-term exposure to low-intensity radiation, which not all equipment can detect. For example, at an intensity of 0,4 mW / cm2 possible auditory effects similar to the complaints of diplomats in Havana and Guangzhou. Interestingly, from a purely technical point of view, the radiation source can be located at a distance of several hundred meters and even kilometers from the target. At an intensity of 0,3 mW / cm2 within 5-10 years, changes in the nervous system can be observed. Exactly what - no one can say, since the research was carried out at best on guinea pigs. Therefore, the United States cannot unambiguously determine the source and parameters of radiation harmful to the health of diplomats. If the RF intensity is estimated at 1 mW / cm2, visual impairments may already be recorded - a decrease in ophthalmotonus. This, again, was the complaint of US intelligence officials and diplomats. Is it a scrutiny of scientific literature to blame Russia, or is the United States really facing a non-lethal weapon attack?

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  1. andrewkor
    andrewkor 16 May 2021 05: 34
    A long time ago in the magazine "Around the World" there was an article that the conquistadors in America at the beginning of the conquest were faced with the use of the Indians, albeit not in large numbers, infra sounds, issued in a special way just by the vocal cords. As soon as I remember the description of the scene of the Indian hanging on the yards, and he was already dangling in the noose as he yelled that all the participants in the execution were suddenly sick.
    Do not judge strictly what you bought and sold for.
    1. knn54
      knn54 16 May 2021 08: 14
      Defective (or "upgraded") Chinese microwave ovens.
      Mutant crickets.
      Havana and Guangzhou are on the sea / ocean coast.
      As an option, "something" in the depths.
      The catch is why the Americans and the Canadian, but not the British.
      Otherwise I would have "blurted out" about something genetic ...
    2. atakan
      atakan 16 May 2021 12: 44
      Before, it seemed to me, well, everything is simple there, coke, whiskey and antidepressants every day, but smart people noticed that -
      1. Vladimir Mashkov
        Vladimir Mashkov 16 May 2021 14: 46
        No, well, what many high-ranking Americans have большие "problems with the head" we somehow knew before. I don't know about their diplomats. Practically today, such an impact on unwanted persons (not necessarily foreign diplomats) is quite possible, technically it is not difficult and accessible to many, not just the special services. For example, various idiots around the world are trying to use lasers on all planes indiscriminately when landing, but it never occurs to anyone to blame the states!
  2. Jacket in stock
    Jacket in stock 16 May 2021 05: 40
    The logic of permanently accusing Russia of various provocations is already becoming the rules of good form for Western diplomacy.

    "You are to blame for those
    what I want to eat ... "
  3. Jacket in stock
    Jacket in stock 16 May 2021 05: 46
    At an intensity of 0,3 mW / cm2, changes in the nervous system can be observed over 5-10 years

    Modern offices, in principle, are crammed with all kinds of electrical equipment, which both "shine" with electromagnetic fields and make noise in a fairly wide range of frequencies.
    And the embassy also has all sorts of radio transmission facilities.
    So no Petrovyboshirovs are needed.

    I remember at our research institute, when the first Intel computers appeared, they measured the radiation from them, and instantly they were removed to the "iron room" - they fired so that not only the secretaries tensed, but also the doctors. They wrote out a prescription to limit the time of work, it’s good at least they didn’t make me wear copper panties (but we can, on the contrary, it’s bad, you see, and there would be fewer sores now)
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 16 May 2021 08: 35
      Quote: Jacket in stock
      Modern offices, in principle, are crammed with all kinds of electrical equipment, which both "shine" with electromagnetic fields and make noise in a fairly wide range of frequencies.

      But it seems to me that it's not about weapons or any electronics. I, of course, can fall into esotericism, but ... The degree of hatred towards Americans in the world is so high that you will not want to, but believe in the materiality of thought. It's like an old expression: "if you spit on a team, the team will drown, but if the team spits on you, you will drown." So when they sow the wind, they get an emotional storm in response. Accordingly, gentle democratic brains can not stand this, which is manifested in the forms indicated in the article
    2. svd-xnumx
      svd-xnumx 16 May 2021 18: 00
      Maybe they got upset from the equipment of the embassies from wiretapping. There is a jammer in the embassy and it puts pressure on their brains.
    3. Alf
      Alf 16 May 2021 22: 53
      Quote: Jacket in stock
      copper panties

      Lead. laughing
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 May 2021 06: 09
    130 diplomats, intelligence officers and other workers abroad had head problems
    The trouble is that this category, like the politicians in the United States, the EU has problems with their heads for a long time. This is especially noticeable in their attitude towards Russia. When the brain is struck by terry Russophobia, it does not need to be irradiated, and the clinical picture is written even on the face (just look at the photos of these diseases). Well, what remains for their loud statements about their guilt in their well-being, the GRU wish them "health."
    1. depressant
      depressant 16 May 2021 14: 00
      But even at the household level it is so.
      Let's imagine a hypothetical situation.
      You had a serious quarrel with your neighbor in the stairwell, and what will be the subsequent pressure of the situation on your psyche? It will be powerful! And if it is also long, then you can get sick. The constant scrolling in my head of him and your arguments, your annoyance that at the right moment they did not find what to answer, but this would be more correct, and so on. And the unpleasant feeling that when leaving the apartment you can run into the enemy, and his eyes will send a huge charge of hatred in your direction, and this happens by accident, and more than once. In addition, there is a suspicion that in revenge he can do you undeserved muck, and now fear creeps into the soul, and your imagination further increases the pressure on your own nervous system. Consider that your body has already lost its safety margin, and neuralgia is provided for it.
      If we transfer the situation to the US Embassy, ​​then diplomats are not stupid people. They understand that they are not loved. And they don't like it more and more. The mental pressure of rejection from the bulk of the population, which they failed to win over to the United States, means a failure in their work, not approved by their own government. This is the source of disease, no matter where the embassy is located. Being the conductors of the overwhelmingly unreasonable policy of their government, American diplomats inevitably become patients of the clinic. Experiences are a source of illness that shortens life.
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 16 May 2021 19: 22
        hi I also think Lyudmila Yakovlevna that
        ..... Experiences are the source of disease .....

        The work is nervous in itself, and then there are changes in your country, a lot of things are going ...
        And biden negative unpredictable....
        1. depressant
          depressant 16 May 2021 20: 05
          Biden is predictable, for those who installed him, the beneficiaries of his elected company, are predictable. Their predictability lies in their persistent dislike for our country, therefore, Biden will always be noticed in the same way. And practice has shown that this type of dislike does not depend on the time of day, seasons and historical epoch. It was given from the very beginning, and you have to live with it. All other Biden deviations are shades of gray.
  5. nikvic46
    nikvic46 16 May 2021 06: 18
    If we talk about the threat of radio frequencies, then we quite legally use equipment with a frequency of 5Hz. But this does not apply to the topic of the article. The West often uses our advantage for their propaganda purposes. It is worth publishing some post about a powerful novelty in our military equipment, then they are scrupulously looking for an answer. Our propagandists are lazy fighters in the information field compared to them.
  6. Dimy4
    Dimy4 16 May 2021 07: 02
    And what about physiological problems after the helicopter? Craped up or something?
  7. Thrifty
    Thrifty 16 May 2021 07: 21
    Diplomats were picked up from psychiatric hospitals, medicines were not given on time, that's the problem with my head!
  8. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 16 May 2021 07: 23
    What is it - a thorough study of the scientific literature to blame Russia, or did the United States really face a non-lethal weapon attack?
    Neither one nor the other. It's just that mattresses have another element of political schizophrenia. winked
  9. riwas
    riwas 16 May 2021 07: 29
    Americans are simply degenerating - GMOs, chemistry, psychosis.
    1. Alf
      Alf 16 May 2021 22: 55
      Quote: riwas
      Americans are simply degenerating - GMOs, chemistry, psychosis.

      Especially if you remember the book by Elizabeth Wurzel "The Nation of Prozac" ...
  10. sergo1914
    sergo1914 16 May 2021 08: 54
    The Americans need to call Commissioner Juve ... How beautiful it sounded during my childhood ... "I am calling Commissioner Juve!" And that's all. The problem has been resolved.
    1. Catfish
      Catfish 16 May 2021 12: 39
      "They are looking for passers-by, the police are looking,
      Seeking, Can't Find
      Some guy, about twenty "(c) laughing
      1. Korsar4
        Korsar4 16 May 2021 13: 18
        "He who seeks - he will always find" (c).
        1. Catfish
          Catfish 16 May 2021 15: 32
          Adventure aft your steamer? smile
          1. Korsar4
            Korsar4 16 May 2021 19: 20
            “Went on Wool, and returned with a haircut” (folk).
            1. Catfish
              Catfish 16 May 2021 19: 54
              Bad luck, "hair on the nose"!
              1. Korsar4
                Korsar4 16 May 2021 20: 06
                "Only, bastard-och, has grown again" (c).
                1. Catfish
                  Catfish 16 May 2021 20: 38
                  "Chubchik, forelock, curly forelock" (c)
                  1. Korsar4
                    Korsar4 16 May 2021 22: 58
                    "Eh, went on a spree, spree,
                    Young-young boy "(c).
                    1. Catfish
                      Catfish 16 May 2021 23: 12
                      "... Are they walking now? Here, I remember, they walked under the young king - they burned half the city and did not notice how." (Almost S.)
                      1. Korsar4
                        Korsar4 17 May 2021 06: 15
                        “Take the bread out of the barn. I will set fire to the barn ”(c).
                      2. Catfish
                        Catfish 17 May 2021 13: 20
                        "Something boring without a guitar" (c)

                        The second day there is nothing to read, it's hot outside, we sit at home. request
                      3. Korsar4
                        Korsar4 17 May 2021 13: 22
                        While the weather is mild. They frightened me more.

                        "And now they took away the silver strings" (c).
                      4. Catfish
                        Catfish 17 May 2021 13: 31
                        Let me inform you: "Carter walked the string." (from)

                        "Outpost in the mountains".
                      5. Phil77
                        Phil77 17 May 2021 15: 49
                        * It became boring without a guitar *?

                        The man on the left in a * vest * is a famous stuntman Oleg Savosin.
                      6. Catfish
                        Catfish 17 May 2021 16: 28
                        I liked the priest with the "Mauser" performed by Belokurov more. smile
                      7. Phil77
                        Phil77 17 May 2021 16: 43
                        Yes, but how did he get into the third part? In the role of the applicant for the crown ?????
                      8. Phil77
                        Phil77 17 May 2021 16: 49
                        He? Exactly he!

                        By the way, the weakest series, in my opinion.
                      9. Catfish
                        Catfish 17 May 2021 17: 32
                        An excellent actor and his first role was Valery Chkalov, then some sheer scoundrels, including the inimitable Lyovka Zadov.
  11. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 16 May 2021 09: 41
    It's just that planet Earth began to cleanse itself and started it with the Americans, the most advanced nation on Earth, but our planet doesn't think so.
  12. Poetry
    Poetry 16 May 2021 10: 07
    They walked in silence, checking against surveillance,
    The irradiator was dragged behind us on a cart.
    Dragged very carefully, going round the holes.
    Today they will irradiate the brains of the mindless Yankees.

    A couple of dangerous passengers roam Europe
    One of them is Petrov, the other is Boshirov.
    Their heads are cold and their hands are clean
    The people easily nicknamed them, the Chekists.

    The motto is simple in close knightly circles:
    "To love Russia and not to love her enemies."
    They are calm. No hinges. No show-off.
    They are fighters on invisible fronts.

    They do not swagger, they go silently for themselves,
    They are holding cans of "Novice".
    TNT sticks are carried in backpacks,
    They are laconic, their mouths are locked.

    They blew up warehouses, hounded the Skripals,
    For the Motherland, not for the sake of pounds and rubles!
    Someone was intimidated, just kicked in the face.
    They were in Paris too. Burned Notre Dame.

    Marked themselves with one more nasty act,
    The Polish plane was shot down with a slingshot.
    We drove around Europe, messed up the people.
    They threw stones at the European vegetable garden.

    The Chekists have done business, be healthy.
    Boshirov entot and his friend, Petrov ...
    They are looking everywhere for these two faces, painfully familiar.
    Of course you do. Yeah. Winds in an open field.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 18 May 2021 03: 56
      Quote: Poetiszaugla
      One of them is Petrov, the other is Boshirov.

      Terrible villains! Sweet couple ! Screw and Shpuntik! Chip and Dale ! Gog and Magog! Robinson and Friday! Ice and fire! Bonnie and Clyde! Chuck and Huck! Kai and Gerda! Osya and Kisa! Tarapunka and Plug! Zita and Geeta! Mulder and Scully! Timon and Pumbaa! Ravshan and Dzhamshut! Tom and Jerry ! Wolf and Hare! Juve and Fantômas! Smith and Wesson!
      and all in one pair! lol
  13. Double major
    Double major 16 May 2021 10: 26
    Judging by US foreign policy, there have been problems with the head for a long time ...
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 17 May 2021 19: 07
      Oh, come on! And where are we, with our foreign policy? I have already asked this question, but I will ask it again. Are our allies and partners available? Well, yes, the President of Tajikistan had the honor to be at the parade.
  14. shinobi
    shinobi 16 May 2021 10: 28
    Everyone read the "Inhabited island"? Long-term irradiation of the contingent was required for the desired effect. Combat psychotropic substances such as WZ (vizet) gave results within 60-2 minutes after inhalation, the emitter required from 3 hours to 4 days. The project was frozen. In the 3s there were talks that the idea of ​​the generator was modified so that the carrier signal could be broadcast by the emitting grid of a picture tube of any TV. Then the term home "zombie box" appeared. So laughter, laughter, but ...
    1. Avior
      Avior 16 May 2021 11: 40
      the carrier signal could be broadcast by the emitting grid of the kinescope of any TV

      among other things, the CRT does not only have a radiating grid, but not even any other grid.
      1. shinobi
        shinobi 19 May 2021 00: 38
        Well, what then stands in front of the electron beam and directly glows?! Hint, luminescent screen. You should at least look at the wiki, connoisseur.
        1. Avior
          Avior 19 May 2021 00: 47
          dropped in
          nothing new in the last forty years

          a screen covered with a phosphor - a substance that glows when an electron beam hits it;
          1. shinobi
            shinobi 19 May 2021 04: 41
            That is, it does not count, so in your opinion? The material of the phosphor? On which the characteristics of the output radiation depend.
            1. Avior
              Avior 19 May 2021 06: 17
              That is, there is no grid.
              If you are not overly familiar, give a link and quote
              1. shinobi
                shinobi 19 May 2021 09: 45
                Hmm, what year of birth are you dear? There is a suspicion that the end of the 80s and a live TV with a picture tube have never been seen. Any boy from the USSR will tell you what kind of grid it is. To do this, it was enough to take a magnifying glass and look at the screen. By the way, the word pixel comes from exactly from here and meaningfully meant a single point of radiation from this grid. The grid was called according to the anology of the sieve grid. In color TVs, such a unit consisted of three separate multi-colored dots. In the 90s, this concept smoothly migrated to LCD screens.
  15. lelik613
    lelik613 16 May 2021 11: 25
    This is a well-known disease - Forestall syndrome.
    1. cniza
      cniza 16 May 2021 13: 45
      One way or another, but the expression "The Russians are coming!" with a light hand, the overseas media became winged and the concept of "Forrestal syndrome" appeared. This is when a person in a crisis situation begins to scare himself, scare, scare, until ...

      They decided to finish off themselves. yes
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 16 May 2021 19: 30
        hi Greetings!
        ..... a person ..... begins to scare himself ...
        Well, yes! He scares himself more and more every time. This intensifies stress. In addition to being ill, there are worse things.
        1. cniza
          cniza 16 May 2021 20: 28
          Good time! hi

          If only they weren't very hysterical ...
          1. Reptiloid
            Reptiloid 16 May 2021 21: 21
            Interestingly, someone moved the mind? What would be for real?
            1. Phil77
              Phil77 17 May 2021 19: 10
              That's a good question, but it's better to address it to the state nashudum, no?
              1. Reptiloid
                Reptiloid 17 May 2021 19: 23
                hi and why? request and so clear. And who can vaaasche did not have it ..... here again artists, stylists, some others are going, not noticed in something reasonable.
    2. Alf
      Alf 16 May 2021 22: 57
      Quote: lelik613
      This is a well-known disease - Forestall syndrome.

      His symptoms are screaming Russians go and run to the open window.
  16. mavrus
    mavrus 16 May 2021 12: 57
    In Havana, the Americans switched from cigars to all sorts of rubbish from astrozeneks, pfazer and other pharmaceutical giants ...
    The result is obvious.
  17. faterdom
    faterdom 16 May 2021 13: 08

    Group of Comrades
  18. cniza
    cniza 16 May 2021 13: 42
    The Pentagon treats such asymmetric threats very responsibly and is even ready to spend millions of dollars on the development of some kind of compact signaling device.

    Oh yes, they really like it ...
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 16 May 2021 19: 38
      Quote: cniza
      ..... Oh yeah, they really like it ....
      of course the enemy is invisible, the means of attack ------ invisible am very scary! You can spend a lot of $$$$ to protect against this!
      1. cniza
        cniza 16 May 2021 20: 31
        And the sawing is not very weak ...
        1. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid 16 May 2021 21: 18
          Yes, there is a huge investment in the fight against invisible rays. In my opinion, no one protested with them because of this
          1. Vasilenko Vladimir
            Vasilenko Vladimir 17 May 2021 09: 39
            Quote: Reptiloid
            Yes, there is a huge investment in the fight against invisible rays.

            gordon (well, why do I want to replace letters) to help them
            1. Reptiloid
              Reptiloid 17 May 2021 15: 43
              Quote: Vasilenko Vladimir
              ...... (why would I want to replace letters) ......

              Not only lol You, Vladimir.
  19. flicker
    flicker 16 May 2021 18: 14
    American diplomats have problems with their heads
    They had problems with their heads for a long time (it's not surprising - to live in such a moronic country as the states), it's another matter that only now they began to notice mental abnormalities that are not visible against the background of the American population (they are all like that), and, on the contrary, they are extremely noticeable in other countries where the American way of life does not yet fully dominate.
  20. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 16 May 2021 18: 16
    American diplomats have problems with their heads
    Is it? Judging by American diplomacy, if it can be called diplomacy at all, they have always had problems with their heads!
  21. Mister who
    Mister who 16 May 2021 19: 05
    This weapon seems to have been used by the British in the middle of that century. Most likely it is classified under the heading secret, tk. very comfortable, leaves no residue. By the way, the detonation of unguided projectiles by influencing the emitters is not the development of this weapon. ))
  22. Moreno
    Moreno 16 May 2021 20: 22
    This has already been written. Reprint of the material. The VO site already looks like a tabloid press. There are fewer and fewer interesting articles.
  23. Prisoner
    Prisoner 16 May 2021 21: 40
    And they want to hang the de-bilism of the "supernation" on us ?! At least stand, at least fall.
    1. Alf
      Alf 16 May 2021 22: 59
      Quote: Captive
      And they want to hang the de-bilism of the "supernation" on us ?! At least stand, at least fall.

      And who else? Do not blame yourself, your beloved? It is dangerous to run into the PRC, the guys there are frostbitten, again the supply of rare earths will press down, but it is possible to run into Russia, there they can only express concern.
  24. Palestinian
    Palestinian 16 May 2021 22: 51
    by the way, if anyone has read Y. Semenov in one of the novels ... in particular, if my memory serves me .. the intercontinental node ... the deputy director of the CIA complains that the embassies drink a lot ... prof. cirrhosis disease ... data from 73 embassies ... so it's just like mooing ...
  25. SiberianGun
    SiberianGun 17 May 2021 00: 57
    Do you think that the Russian special services do not have any secret means at their disposal? If you collect some statistics of some cases, when people suddenly stopped their heart, when suddenly a stroke happened, or it just suddenly became not very good with the head. And then analyze them, then logical suspicions may arise. Do you think the special services never use anything towards their population?
    In Soviet times, there were definitely studies of the paranormal in the interests of the services. And now there is silence and complete silence. The only trouble is that no one can somehow control the activities of these services and they can do whatever they please.
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 17 May 2021 09: 42
      Quote: SiberianGun
      or it was just that the head suddenly became not very good.

      why all of a sudden ?!
  26. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 17 May 2021 09: 33
    maybe they were just under-examined?
  27. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 17 May 2021 14: 06
    They have a "problem" with their heads since the moment they were conceived by dad and mom, but that's not all ...
  28. Evil 55
    Evil 55 17 May 2021 14: 57
    Yes, all American diplomats, like their presidents from Kennedy to modern ones, judging by their deeds, decisions and actions, have long had "head problems" ..
  29. Egor53
    Egor53 17 May 2021 15: 36
    In the United States, head problems occur with almost the entire population. The proof of this is their current president. And the point here is not in the irradiation of Russian aggressive waves, but in the general illiteracy of the population.
  30. Castro Ruiz
    Castro Ruiz 18 May 2021 19: 01
    So they have problems with their heads for almost the whole life of the United States.