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The President of Dagestan proposed the creation of self-defense units

The President of Dagestan proposed the creation of self-defense unitsSelf-defense units proposed the creation of the President of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov on August 28 during an emergency meeting of the republic’s Security Council held in connection with the death of Sheikh Said-efandi Chirkey (Atsayev).

“We need to create a squad of young people who are ready to work together under the guidance of the internal affairs bodies to ensure internal security, to punish these bandits,” RIA Dagestan reports the words of the President of the Republic. “All that is necessary is for this, organizationally and financially, we must do. We must rally in the face of this threat. They think they will be able to scare the Dagestan people and the Dagestan authorities. This will never happen. "

"The authorities of Dagestan will take all necessary measures to ensure that the criminals get what they deserve. We urge Dagestanis to fulfill their civic duty for the future of the republic, to provide all-round assistance to law enforcement agencies in countering extremism and terrorism," the head of the republic said.

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  1. empty
    empty 30 August 2012 12: 20
    The main thing is that under this "guise" gangs are not created, some kind of shaky position, the armed population is dangerous hi It reminds me of gangster private security companies in the 90s, the legalization of weapons in gangs, under the guise of security guards winked
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 30 August 2012 13: 01
      I consider this unacceptable for Russia!
      So the government recognizes its powerlessness !!
      1. INTER
        INTER 30 August 2012 15: 49
        Quote: Yarbay

        I consider this unacceptable for Russia!
        So the government recognizes its powerlessness !!

        Absolutely right! This shows powerlessness not only to the population, but also to gangs underground. But there is + everyone will know that anyone can give an answer and will not show off, but in Dagestan that it will work, I doubt it. winked
        1. curious
          curious 31 August 2012 16: 57
          As if these "squads of young and armed guys" did not end up in Moscow in order to earn a little extra money. The whole republic in the police and in the troops in a throat, but little sense. Something people are in no hurry to help the authorities, maybe this is the problem?
  2. vadimus
    vadimus 30 August 2012 12: 21
    Until the people themselves help the authorities, the bandits will feel at ease.
    1. Rezun
      Rezun 30 August 2012 12: 59
      I agree. But on the other hand, people want to live a normal, calm life!
  3. Commodus
    Commodus 30 August 2012 12: 22
    It’s dangerous not for the population, but for the people who control it. Figs knows what they’ll think of. Your K.O.
  4. Apollo
    Apollo 30 August 2012 12: 34
    The President of Dagestan proposed the creation of self-defense units

    my point is a dangerous precedent !!! it is still unknown how to turn things around.
    everyone should do their own thing
    1. танк
      танк 30 August 2012 15: 40
      it is not known how to turn things around

      It is roughly known, as in Chechnya, there were also self-defense units ...
  5. Skiff
    Skiff 30 August 2012 12: 44
    Well, he offered everything quietly and smoothly, and as soon as they offered the Cossacks to create patrols, EVERYTHING squealed, these are calls from the authorities that the situation is getting out of control, people don’t hope to hear proposals about a voluntary army, patrols, squads.
  6. General_Nogay
    General_Nogay 30 August 2012 12: 45
    I have long offered it to them! Finally we heard! I’ll go for cartridges ...... and ..... to wet everyone in the toilet!
  7. JonnyT
    JonnyT 30 August 2012 12: 46
    is he with Kadyrov so going to counteract ???
  8. PLO
    PLO 30 August 2012 12: 49
    in Chechnya, too, weapons were handed out for self-defense units, nothing good came of it
    1. Wehrmacht
      Wehrmacht 30 August 2012 13: 16
      Yes, it's all bullshit! Take people away from other problems. The officials and law enforcement agencies themselves are creating disorder, making people fearful. But what can we say, if the chair of the president of the republic was bought)) At the head of the republic are murderers, the leaders of mafia clans. And all these "forest lads" operate under the patronage of the special services, extorting huge amounts of money from businessmen. They brought in a lot of equipment and people, the atmosphere of war is in the air. On the one hand, "officials-barons", afraid of losing the loot, on the other hand, "forest" sick people. If Moscow wants to, this forestry activity can be destroyed in a matter of days, weeks. But no, someone warms their hands on this. A lot of money is allocated for the so-called special operations. It's just ridiculous when hundreds and thousands of people are thrown on 2-3 people, they use artillery and aviation, but the highest ranks do nothing but jam vodka. All of this has one result - the victims and suffering of the civilian population.
    SPBOBL 30 August 2012 13: 05
    It's time to transfer the front line from the Caucasus to the territory of the sponsors ...
  10. Vasily79
    Vasily79 30 August 2012 13: 16
    "It is necessary to create squads of young people who are ready, together and under the leadership of the internal affairs bodies, to work to ensure internal security, to punish these bandits,

    Why create them there, it is necessary to disarm and which (bandits) understand among themselves who steals who extorts who roofs not to hell all to blame for Islam.
  11. the polar
    the polar 30 August 2012 13: 17
    This "president" must first shoot all the corrupt officials in his mountains, then ensure full employment of the population in industry and agriculture.
    And then no "self-defense units" will be required.
    Or let him declare an emergency in the republic and introduce the appropriate regime.

    The most disgusting thing is that the Kremlin does not react in any way to the statements of this "president".
    After such statements, they must either dismiss him or introduce an emergency in the region and lock all the dugs in the republic, until all Wahhabis are completely exterminated
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 30 August 2012 13: 58
      the polar

      Quote: Polar
      The most disgusting thing is that the Kremlin does not react in any way to the statements of this "president".

      Why not, here you are. Well, not specifically for this case, but ...
      "Islam is rightfully an integral part of the modern religious, social and cultural life of Russia, its traditions are based on the eternal values ​​of goodness, mercy and justice. Millions of people in our country profess this ancient religion," the president's telegram addressed to the meeting participants says.

      According to him, the Muslim community is actively involved in the country's public life, develops widespread charitable activities, takes care of strengthening family values, and opposes manifestations of religious intolerance and extremism.

      "I would like to emphasize that the state highly appreciates the fruitful activity of Muslim organizations, guarantees its citizens the opportunity to follow the norms of the professed religion, including in making a pilgrimage to the holy sites of Islam," Putin said.

      He also added that in recent years the Hajj mission has not only strengthened its authority, but also made an invaluable contribution to solving the multifaceted problems associated with organizing the pilgrimage of Russian Muslims to holy places. "
      Rosbalt, today.
    2. Chicot 1
      Chicot 1 30 August 2012 14: 35
      Respected the polar, officials are not sitting in the mountains, but in offices. And if Magomedov suddenly shoots them, then who then will bear the money for him? ..
      And what do you think this population can take? .. She doesn’t want to fall in sheep’s mouth, although she knows how, but she can’t do something else, because she doesn’t know how or doesn’t know ... So it turns out that the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of Dagestan except there’s nowhere to go to the cops or militants ... Just to not work, but so that the money is and always with weapons ...
      No wonder one of the residents of Makhachkala (aged a man) noticed that the principle of "Grandma," Priora "rules over the modern youth of Dagestan (well, they really love this brainchild of AvtoVAZ!), A pistol" Comments here, I think, are completely unnecessary. They simply don't want to work ...

      The Kremlin generally stopped responding to anything. And what? !! ... The third term. There is already nothing to lose kag-be, but I want to meet the Olympics as head of state. In vain did chtoli GDP encroach on the thresholds of the IOC?
  12. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 30 August 2012 14: 24
    And he doesn’t want his presidential guard? .. Or is there, for example, the national guard of Dagestan? ..
    Interrupted. They already have a car, a can and a small cart ...

    Only here, the most interesting trend, however, is observed in the North Caucasus, and perhaps throughout Russia as well - everyone has weapons except for the Russians. How to explain this fact? ...
    1. oper66
      oper66 30 August 2012 14: 36
      Yes, it’s strange that everyone is afraid that we will kill them together with corruption officials and oligarchs — and migrants will scatter across national apartments
      1. Shooter308ful
        Shooter308ful 30 August 2012 15: 20
        As aptly and unequivocally told the truth.
        SASCHAmIXEEW 30 August 2012 19: 46
  13. Per se.
    Per se. 30 August 2012 16: 21
    Self-Defense Units! You must perform your duties well, and if you cannot, resign. Fools or provocateurs, not by washing, so by skating, are trying to bring Russia to a state of armed civil strife, to destabilize the situation in the regions, to the collapse of Russia.
  14. SPQR1977
    SPQR1977 30 August 2012 20: 24
    And who will control them ??? Yes, there each head of even a small village has a guard motorcade no less than the president)))
    and most importantly, everyone knows the leaders of the radicals and cannot do anything with them !!!
    they have too much money and security. and the victims are simple zombie guys. poor fellow.
  15. suharev-52
    suharev-52 30 August 2012 20: 54
    Yes, something our boyars attended to the creation of their oprichnina. So that each boyar had his own regiment. They protect, and they affect whoever is needed. Sincerely.
  16. Apollo
    Apollo 30 August 2012 21: 13
    What will the Dagestan "people's guards" lead to? Expert opinions

    Roman Silantiev (Member of the Expert Council for conducting state religious studies examination under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation): This idea comes from despair. Although, on the other hand, if other ways of combating terrorism do not help, then maybe this will help. It is possible that ordinary people know who is killing their near and dear ones, and can force these killers to do something in a somewhat simplified way. Maybe if we give the terrorists a worthy rebuff in this direction, the spirits of the latter will somehow drop sharply. And now the game is going one way, so far only the spiritual leaders of traditional Muslims are being killed, none of the ideological leaders of the terrorists have recently been particularly hurt. The situation in Dagestan is already as bad as possible. It will not be any worse. There can be no talk of a civil war, since far from a significant part of the population are supporters of extremists, there are very few of them in percentage terms.
    Ruslan Kurbanov (Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences): The initiative to create volunteer squads to fight terrorists, announced by the head of Dagestan, is not new. In 1999, during the invasion of Dagestan by militants from Chechnya, such attempts were already made. If these detachments are created by the authorities, without civil responsibility, then this may not lead to the results that officials expect. Without civil consolidation, any efforts "from above" will be ineffective.
    Konstantin Kazenin (IA REGNUM): In some parts of Dagestan, the population has long been engaged in self-defense against terrorists - as, for example, in the Tsuntinsky region, where not only security officials, but also local residents are killed at the hands of bandit formations. And in some Daghestani villages, anti-extremist "people's guards" were formed back in the mid-1990s - mainly where there was a serious internal religious split. Then neither the federal, nor even the regional authorities were interested in this at all. Now, by the way, it makes sense to take a closer look at the recent history of such "split" villages: I think, from it one can understand something about how and why radicalism arose in the specific conditions of Dagestan. It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of the idea of ​​"people's guards" for Dagestan as a whole - its cities and regions are very diverse in their internal situation, including in the religious sphere. Somewhere it will work, somewhere it won't. I will point out two of the possible risks. First, it is very dangerous if the "squads" find themselves willingly or unwittingly involved in various "non-core" conflicts for themselves, for example, in land conflicts between villages, which are not uncommon in Dagestan. Second, according to the experience of 1999, various influential persons of a republican scale did "PR" for themselves on the creation of the militia. It looked incredibly cynical, especially against the background of the heroism of ordinary Dagestanis.
  17. T72B
    T72B 30 August 2012 21: 51
    To streamline and control all the informal armed formations of the country, I propose the creation of a general headquarters for gangs. To elect an authoritative kid as the chief of the general staff of the gangs based on the results of the graters of the gangway of the brigades of the territorial units of gangs. Shoulder straps of the chief of staff of the gangs in the form of tattoos of large stars on the shoulders of which to hand (tattoo) immediately on the gangway. In case of demotion of the chief of the general staff of the gangs, remove shoulder straps with the skin. The skin of the former chief of the General Staff of the gangs should be transferred to the Historical Museum of the Gangs for use as a visual aid in educating the younger generation.
  18. wulf66
    wulf66 31 August 2012 13: 20
    Yeah, let’s let us prepare a reserve for the gangs ourselves? Yes, and arm it? And with that level of clannishness and venality in these territories, I think everything will look that way. Personally, I have no confidence in young people from Dagestan, I think the guys who are fighting with bandits there, too.
  19. Che
    Che 31 August 2012 14: 46
    It is high time and not only there but everywhere. Amer plow against Russia with terrible force.