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Fire ability of the T-72B tank: shooting at reinforced concrete blocks and sandbags


The T-72B main battle tank is a vehicle created in the mid-1980s, at the height of the war in Afghanistan and the Cold War of the USSR against the United States and the so-called collective West. Some experts are confident that this is one of the best combat vehicles of its time, capable of effectively resisting NATO tanks... Others believe that the T-72B had shortcomings that would not allow it to fight “on equal terms” with the American Abrams and German Leopards, if such a struggle really manifested itself not in the reflections of analysts, but on the battlefield.

The T-72B crew consists of three people: a driver, gunner and tank commander. The tank is equipped with a circular automatic loader with 22 rounds loading. The same number of shots are kept separately.

The T-72B tank is also capable of moving under water. It was designed for overcoming water obstacles up to 5 meters deep - with movement along the bottom of the reservoir.

This tank is capable of hitting targets with various types of ammunition, including guided missiles.

On the Krupnokalibernyi zapolokh channel, you will find a complete overview of the T-72B MBT, as well as its firepower. Reinforced concrete blocks and sandbags were selected as targets. The plot tells about how effectively the ammunition fired from a tank gun cope with these means of protecting the enemy.

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  1. Torins
    Torins 11 May 2021 19: 16
    This video came out quite a long time ago, but in general a cool channel, and its presenter deserves a separate autobiographical fmlm good
  2. Blond84
    Blond84 11 May 2021 20: 44
    I agree, he tells interestingly
  3. 113262a
    113262a 11 May 2021 21: 43
    As practice has shown, well-folded, even without mortar, but with bandaging, the pillbox from FBS can withstand 2-3 hits from HE shells by shells of the D-81 cannon (and this is it on all Soviet tanks). If you also overlay sandbags, it's almost the same. After the first hit, the bags fly apart. Best of all is just a frontal embankment, such as a parapet from the ground. At least, from 1200 meters it arrives and does not harm. You manage to escape into the trenches. Although, ground structures are still broken. Only from shrapnel. Do you want to live, bury yourself! In the summer of 14 we were lazy, but quickly let it go.
    1. Prizr
      Prizr 12 May 2021 13: 37
      I flew in from a tank of 3 m in diameter and took out the bricks.
      1. 113262a
        113262a 13 May 2021 10: 13
        Don't level brick and FBS. Yes, the entrance of the five-story panel building is folded from the first to the fifth, but the foundation blocks withstand. Not for long.
  4. 113262a
    113262a 11 May 2021 22: 13
    Video-assembled hodgepodge-in the liner-on the 1.51-t-64 engine, then its loading mechanism, which is no sideways to 72. And the Exerciseists with almost unreinforced wall slabs - he would have fired at the stretched newspapers! In short, the kids are indulging ... In Germany, I had a chance to shoot at fascist pillboxes, which have been practiced by all generations of tankers since the war. There are reinforcement and concrete - almost in half, and the cable is also woven. So, the BOPS ricocheted, and the OF-beat off pieces into a brick size! The concrete is blue-green on the chip. These were the experiments!
  5. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 12 May 2021 00: 53
    Much smiled, and the "delta D" switch and the "welded" PKT and the firing themselves))
    But the presenter conducts the program very decently, without that enthusiastic puppy squeakiness of the kindergarten.
    Really well done.
    The sound of "Drive" is forever already in the subcortex - you can't forget it ...
    Therefore, I definitely liked the first part - there was no interfering background music. It really hinders the viewer to "feel" the Tank.
    That would have started the engine, turned on the OMS, started the AZ and blasted it with the regular one ... and everything on the move ... that's where the REAL SYMPHONY and the most harmonious music, where you feel every instrument. ))

    The work of the AZ could be shown more efficiently, there is something to see.
    The commander's TKN-3 tried to move, well done))))
    And with ZPU without skill you can not cope, at the beginning the third hand is not enough.))
    Yes, stop grumbling.
    Quite a worthy video for civilians, worthy. Better than many others.
    1. lucul
      lucul 12 May 2021 10: 24
      The commander's TKN-3 tried to move, well done))))

      And then we are surprised that the tank is so blind. Was it difficult to put an electric drive on TKN-3? After all, the easier it is for the commander to look around, the longer the tank will live.
    2. Reserve buildbat
      Reserve buildbat 12 May 2021 19: 53
      You are a crawler maniac laughing laughing
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 12 May 2021 21: 48
        Quote: stock buildbat
        You are a crawler maniac laughing laughing

        I strongly agree and am happy about it.
  6. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 12 May 2021 04: 00
    Fire ability of the T-72B tank: shooting at reinforced concrete blocks and sandbags
    What purpose? fool To fight the barmaley in the cities?
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 12 May 2021 09: 31
      Yes. The T-72 is well suited for supporting infantry.
      Destruction of enemy firing points.
  7. Vadim F
    Vadim F 16 May 2021 08: 23
    there were no reinforced concrete blocks in the video. the author chose the most "rotten" facing concrete panels filled with insulation (and almost complete absence of reinforcement), which are not intended to carry any load other than their own. this creates a false picture of the power of a tank shell. I remember how the star on the TV channel similarly "advertised" the power of the cumulative jet firing at the concrete "rot".