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Japan joins the race to create electronic warfare


The militarization that we have been witnessing in Japan lately (to be honest, bypassing some agreements of a prohibitive nature) is expressed in the fact that the "self-defense forces" are quietly mutating into a completely normal army and navy.

The Japanese fleet is generally a separate issue. Almost forty destroyers - here you can easily attack anyone, except, perhaps, China, and even then, it is difficult to say who is who.

The army is fine too. Follows the path of development.

One of the points of this development was the adoption by the ground forces of the new electronic warfare system "NEWS". NEWS - From Network Electronic Weaponry System. The task of the new system is to actively disable radars, communication and control systems.

The first active NEWS components will be deployed at the electronic warfare base in Kengun this year, and by the end of the year the first complexes will start operating on alert.

This is according to the official statements of the relevant press services of the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

Here, of course, the question immediately arises: against whom will the new EW stations work on "alert duty"? For those who are aware that Japan is an island state that does not border on anyone by land, the presence of such complexes in the structure of the ground forces is more than interesting.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Defense of Japan will spend 8,7 billion yen on the development, production and deployment of electronic warfare stations this year. Or $ 90 million. The figure is quite decent.

Not very pleasant thoughts arise here. The fact that the United States was actively pumping money and technology into the Japanese military department is understandable. The Americans have good electronic warfare systems. Not great, but good.

It is probably not worth telling what Japanese electronics and microelectronics are. What the Japanese could not come up with themselves, the Japanese can very easily not just blindly copy, but improve and improve much.

Considering that the main requirements for new electronic warfare systems were high mobility, the highest possible capabilities for analyzing the radio environment and suppression of a wide range of electromagnetic radiation. Separately, the designers were ordered to pay attention to minimizing the impact of electronic suppression stations on the radio electronic means of their troops.

Naturally, everything was done under the auspices of the minimum costs for the creation and operation of equipment.

Independent sources claim that about 2101 billion yen was spent on NEWS R&D from 2016 to 10. Or $ 110 million. Secret military institutions operated under the auspices of the Mitsubishi Denki company, which is well known in the military world.

Naturally, everything was done in the best Japanese traditions. Secret and using all existing technologies, up to computer 3-D modeling.

The Japanese took the path of creating complexes in which reconnaissance and suppression means operating in the same frequency range were combined. Nothing new, almost all the developers of electronic warfare in the world have passed this way, but what the Japanese specialists brought in was the ability to actively operate the stations on the go.

Practical tests of the stations were organized on the basis of the ground communications school in Yokosuka, on the island of Honshu and the 1st EW battalion of the Northern Army in the city of Chitos, on the island of Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Island is a good place to test electronic warfare. Especially since the Kuril Islands are very close there, where Russian units of a similar nature are deployed.

But the fact that Japanese electronic warfare stations can operate on the move is a serious step forward. Here you can applaud the Japanese engineers who were able to create the most important component for such work - compact antenna units.

True, compact antennas also need appropriate hardware and new algorithms for navigation and direction finding, without this no work “on wheels” will simply work. The station (and its calculation) must know at what point in space it is, and at which - the enemy complex, on which it will need to work. When both points are static, there is no problem. But when the station is in motion, then, in addition to everything, it must track the movement of the enemy relative to itself, as is done by the electronic warfare "C" stations operating on air targets.

In principle, the algorithms are known, but it is just that not only the target is moving here, but the station itself. In general, apparently, the Japanese did it. Unfortunately.

Unfortunately - because a working station on the move is an additional problem for anti-radar missiles, for example. And what is an "umbrella" over a moving column performed by a station similar to ours "Dome" and "Pole-21" - this is very serious.

It is also said that the Japanese have taken significant steps to improve the detection, positioning and recognition of enemy electronic equipment. This, of course, will only have a positive effect on the subsequent suppression of these funds.

The NEWS system includes four types of electronic warfare stations. To increase mobility, they are placed on the basis of Toyota trucks with a carrying capacity of 1,5 tons. Looks funny, ours are mainly on a tracked chassis or monsters from BAZ, which is justified. But in Japan the roads are decent, they can.

Control centers with processing equipment are placed in more serious equipment - all-wheel drive "Izudzu" with a carrying capacity of 3,5 tons.

Log-periodic antennas (for range operation) are mounted on single-axle trailers. Cheap and convenient, by the way.

Japan joins the race to create electronic warfare

In general, for actions in the conditions of the Japanese Islands - everything is quite beautiful and logical.

Needless to say, the level of mechanization is the highest. There are no hand winches for unrolling the antennas, everything is done by electric drives. Naturally, all machines are equipped with generators for lifting the same telescopic masts and antennas. The time that you save on deploying the station returns with interest as soon as you send the first impulse to the enemy.

The "culprit" of all this, Mitsubishi Denki began supplying stations in 2017. The first set was sent to the school (very logical), where army specialists were trained on it. By the way, the kit cost $ 70 million (or 7,5 billion yen). Expensive? But on the way out there were specialists ready to work for NEWS.

And the next serial stations during 2021 and 2022 will enter the 1st EW Battalion of the Northern Army (this is against us) and the 3rd battalion of the Western Army (this is against China). Quite intelligible and understandable.

Everyone knows that Japan is the leader in radio electronics. However, telephones, radio tape recorders and televisions are one thing, but electronic warfare stations are completely different. But if the Japanese continue to develop and improve the means of electronic warfare in the same way as they did with household and musical equipment, nothing good should be expected.

A good engineering school, an excellent industry, imperial revanchist ambitions in the end can give a rather explosive cocktail, in comparison with which the crush around the Kuriles will seem like really frivolous digging in the sandbox.

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 13 May 2021 05: 10
    pretty explosive cocktail
    For us, this is the main threat in the East.
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 13 May 2021 06: 06
      Someone says that China is a threat to us smileso who is more afraid of Japan or China?
      Undoubtedly, Japan, having reached a certain power, will discard everything that hinders her and begin expansion into the surrounding world by military means, we need to prepare now for the onset of this moment.
      I hope our intelligence will get technical documentation on Japanese electronic warfare to assess the threat posed by them.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 13 May 2021 06: 12
        Quote: Lech from Android.
        who is more afraid

        It's easier to calculate who we shouldn't be afraid of ...
        1. NIKN
          NIKN 13 May 2021 11: 03
          Well, it is not possible to count all this without taking into account investments ... What is Japan? That there is an infinite intellectual level? I once repaired Japanese electronics, there was Taiwan, and cheap at the same time ... And now we are looking at what Japanese electronics are ... Marketing rules ...
          1. NIKN
            NIKN 13 May 2021 16: 11
            your division, which is on the VO and the Japanese lobby? laughing
    2. Free wind
      Free wind 13 May 2021 06: 33
      The main threat is China. And in the east and west.
      1. Lech from Android.
        Lech from Android. 13 May 2021 06: 42
        For Russia, China is not a threat at the moment ... the Americans really want to pit Russia and China in a war. smile
        1. prior
          prior 13 May 2021 07: 51
          I have complaints about the Americans:
          why did they drop only two atomic bombs on Japan?
          Apparently two were not enough and the Japanese did not get it ...
        2. OgnennyiKotik
          OgnennyiKotik 13 May 2021 07: 54
          Quote: Lech from Android.
          For Russia, China is not a threat at the moment

          Seriously? China single a country that poses a threat to us. The rest do not have the necessary Army and the will to occupy. China has it all. Its land army has long surpassed the Russian one in tanks, artillery, and the number of soldiers in 1,5-2 times... The number of Air Force fighters they have is almost 2 times more, according to AWACS we have a catastrophe of 9 versus 43. The fleet is simply impossible to compare, they have a wild superiority in this component.
          Our superiority remains only in the strategic nuclear forces, and their number of nuclear weapons is sufficient to inflict irreparable damage on us.

          1. Lech from Android.
            Lech from Android. 13 May 2021 08: 41
            China has not declared Russia the enemy number, and the United States has declared and is doing everything to harm it, unlike China.
            1. OgnennyiKotik
              OgnennyiKotik 13 May 2021 08: 54
              Funny. He does not announce today, he will announce tomorrow. What does this affect? The words of politicians are worth less than the air spent on their pronunciation. nothing... The size of the divisions on our borders and the lack of defense in Siberia and the Far East are important.
              And whose friend China is clear to all adequate people. We do not have a single union agreement with them, not even joint projects, except for the supply of resources. In Afghanistan, China most of all supplied weapons and instructors to spirits when the USSR was there and did not supply a single rusty AK when the United States entered it. In general, trade speaks for itself.
              1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                Sergey Aleksandrovich 13 May 2021 13: 07
                And what about the support of Ukraine from the United States and China in comparison? Or is it more pleasant to draw the turnover than to accept the harsh reality?
                1. OgnennyiKotik
                  OgnennyiKotik 13 May 2021 13: 55
                  Quote: Sergey Alexandrovich
                  And what about the support of Ukraine from the United States and China in comparison?

                  China supports Ukraine very well. Without him, Ukraine has long gone around the world, and even lost its military-industrial complex. No comparison with the loud but paltry handouts of the United States:

                  In 2019, for the first time in the history of Ukrainian independence, China became the country's main trading partner, bypassing Russia and European countries; this applies to both exports and imports: that year, Ukraine exported goods to China for $ 3,59 billion, and imported - for $ 9,19 billion.

                  In 2016, Motor Sich, a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of aircraft and helicopter engines, and China's Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co Ltd created a joint venture based in China itself. A plant for the production and maintenance of aircraft engines is under construction in the city of Chongqing. Beijing Skyrizon finances the launch of production, the Ukrainian side provides technology.
                  Moreover, the Chinese have already invested $ 100 million in the modernization of Motor Sich's production facilities in Ukraine, and an agreement has been signed to invest another $ 150 million in a center for advanced development and pilot production.

                  China is the largest buyer of Ukrainian military technology. Cooperation is carried out in such areas as the purchase of high-power ship gas turbines VST-2500 for large surface ships (recently an agreement has been reached on the sale of technologies), TRDDF AI-222 for supersonic L-15 trainers, negotiations are underway to acquire the technologies of the most powerful In the post-Soviet space, the D-18T turbojet engine (produced at a plant in Zaporozhye, this acquisition will play a huge role in the development of Chinese military transport aviation), at one time China chose Ukraine to acquire the AR GOS produced by the Kiev plant to modernize the R-27 air combat missile system. Ukrainian technologies not only made it possible to modernize the R-27 missiles, but also allowed China to begin work on creating its own medium-range air combat missiles. China supplies spare parts for the repair and modernization of the Ukrainian Su-27.
                  1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                    Sergey Aleksandrovich 13 May 2021 14: 27
                    It seems that you have lost touch with reality, since you are completely unaware of the situation on Motor Sich.
                    1. OgnennyiKotik
                      OgnennyiKotik 13 May 2021 14: 51
                      What is the situation? China stopped buying engines? Or are they denied service? Everything is good for them, how they worked and they work.
                      Buying shares has nothing to do with real work.
                      1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                        Sergey Aleksandrovich 13 May 2021 15: 16
                        One must have a completely unhealthy perception of the surrounding reality in order to see China as an enemy on a par with the United States. Especially in connection with the situation in Ukraine.
            2. Sergey Aleksandrovich
              Sergey Aleksandrovich 13 May 2021 13: 11
              You see how many minuses have been thrown over to you! Our people are in love with the United States. And someone else dares to claim that we have a dear problem. Of the two age-old problems, the road is not at all the main thing, as it turns out.
          2. Israel
            Israel 13 May 2021 09: 00
            What do you think is a priority for China to resolve the issue with Taiwan, territorial conflicts with Japan, Vietnam, India or a conflict with Russia? For many years to come, China will be busy fighting for Taiwan with the United States.
          3. Barberry25
            Barberry25 14 May 2021 21: 17
            those. do you think the Chinese are asleep and see the start of war and expansion .. not from Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam or Laos with Nepal / Myanmar .. but with the only neighboring country that can destroy China?
  2. ximkim
    ximkim 13 May 2021 05: 55
    The Japanese are great, they will. and there will be something to run in the system.
  3. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 13 May 2021 06: 09
    The station (and its calculation) must know at what point in space it is, and at which - the enemy complex, on which it will need to work.
    This is in the case of directional interference.
  4. Professor
    Professor 13 May 2021 06: 27
    The Americans have good electronic warfare systems. Not great, but good.

    Well, how does the author know when not only the performance characteristics, but also the names of the bourgeois electronic warfare systems are classified?

    Everyone knows that Japan is the leader in radio electronics. However, telephones, radio tape recorders and televisions are one thing, but electronic warfare stations are completely different.

    What else"? Is it easier to make an anti-jamming communication system than to interfere with this system? Quite the opposite. It is easier to put sticks in wheels than to create these very wheels.

    Why is the author surprised that Japan is creating its own electronic warfare system? Own planes, ships, tanks and further on the list including electronic warfare. Everything is natural.
  5. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 13 May 2021 06: 41
    In general, I am amazed why the Japanese, as leaders in electronics technologies, have not been involved in this topic for so long, even for export purposes.
    1. OgnennyiKotik
      OgnennyiKotik 13 May 2021 07: 27
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      did not deal with this topic

      Why did you decide so? Ships without electronic warfare systems are not combat units. They are needed there as a matter of priority. But more important are electronic warfare systems for airplanes and on airplanes, it is vitally important. But their location on the "ground" is a very controversial decision, there are too many restrictions, because of which it is sometimes meaningless.
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      even for export purposes.

      Japan is too rich a country. She does not need additional income, and weapons are not sold for money. This is an element of promoting the influence of the country. They are now passive in foreign policy.
      1. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 13 May 2021 08: 58
        Quote: OgnennyiKotik
        But their location on the "ground" is a very controversial decision

        Moreover, the location is not on ATVs. Are they supposed to be used in Japan or in the Kuril Islands? what are the roads in the Kuril Islands? what in China?
  6. Free Island
    Free Island 13 May 2021 07: 03
    To the author's tears I want to note that Japan is no longer a leader in radio electronics
  7. Boromir1941
    Boromir1941 13 May 2021 07: 16
    39th forgotten
  8. Maks1995
    Maks1995 13 May 2021 09: 29
    clear. Right.
    Ordinary international life begins.

    Trump asked a friend to promote underwafli)))), and now everyone who has happily milked money from parliaments rushed to create their own underwafli.
    Electronic warfare, aircraft of the 5th generation, new armored vehicles, BP torpedoes, drones-tanks, drones-planes, aircrafts, and so on, so on, so on ...
  9. pytar
    pytar 13 May 2021 09: 30
    The Japanese are the fastest aging nation in the world. Moreover, the demilitarization of social thinking has been carried out there for half a century. Modern Japanese have little to do with samurai. Japan is not ready and not preparing for any expansion. Rapidly growing China scares them. He is ready to pick up even the useless half-drowned in the rocky seas. Nearby is the unforeseen North Korea, and the problem with the Kuril Islands is haunted by the Japanese. So they are updating their aircraft. I think no one doubts that a Japanese engineer is capable of creating great electronic systems! But in the economy they have been stagnating for many years.
    1. Anzhey V.
      Anzhey V. 13 May 2021 10: 21
      Finally, some reasonable reasoning.
    2. Sergey Aleksandrovich
      Sergey Aleksandrovich 13 May 2021 18: 58
      Stagnation in the economy is probably due to the fact that the samurai are over.
  10. Sergey Aleksandrovich
    Sergey Aleksandrovich 13 May 2021 13: 13
    These cars do not look like military ones, more like systems for scaring off drones at airfields.
  11. Gosha Smirnov
    Gosha Smirnov 13 May 2021 14: 47
    OOO, this is already a serious application. Get ready! The star crept up unnoticed