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The road of private Torgovtsev is 78 years long

For what year I have been lying here at the turn.
And the silence is here ... And the bullets don't whistle ...

I don’t cling to the ground - I’m already the ground.
And how I fought - the sleeves will confirm.

Yuri Arutsev "What year have I been lying here, at the turn ..."

Probably, in some kind of opposition to all these "I remember, I am proud" and other external manifestations of "respect" for the feat of our great ancestors. Of course, in the sticker on an imported car, there is simply an abyss of respect for those who won the Great Patriotic War and World War II, as well as about the same amount in wearing a garrison cap sewn in China on May 9.

The road of private Torgovtsev is 78 years long

But here really, to each his own. And, once again quoting the great Russian poet of the Soviet era, Aleksandar Bashlachev, who sang in one of the songs “I was not with him, with others,” I want to talk specifically about others.

I have an acquaintance from the northern capital, in general we met on the website of one Russian performer from among the “not for everyone”. Then it so happened that he reads VO. A year of unhurried communication, discussing something, congratulating ...

And then suddenly, on a May evening, a fountain. Not even a fountain, I don't know what to call it, Niagara Falls in the opposite direction. WE! FIND A FIGHTER !! AND THE MEDALLION IS WHOLE !!!

With so many emotions one could easily illuminate the village if desired. I knew that Constantine was related to the search movement, because newsthat he and his companions found someone is not so surprising (I had a lot of reports on this topic), but what it became possible to identify is a rare rarity. Indeed a holiday.

And I decided to ask around in more detail. The matter turned out to be completely simple, and on the eve of Victory Day I offer you a story of people who accomplished their Victory by creating a Miracle with a capital letter - by finding one of the fallen soldiers of that war.

Artem Perepelitsa, commander of the "Pathfinder" search unit of the OMIIPO "Valor":

Not every exit we manage to find dead soldiers, it is even more rare to find signed things by which it is possible to establish an identity, and very rarely - to find a medallion, filled and readable. A death capsule containing information recorded by a soldier. His name, year and place of birth, details of relatives.

On May 3, 2021, my detachment left for a well-known place on the southern lines of the defense of Leningrad. We have been working on this very small patch of forest for 5 years. Paths have been passed many times, funnels, trenches and dugouts have been examined. But every year we find the remains of dead soldiers here.

This morning, a lot happened, it was in that place that we turned off the path, it was near that dugout that we folded our backpacks and worked with probes, it was near that bump under the probe that the iron clinked.

It turned out to be cartridges from a three-line, near which in the excavation we began to find fragments of ammunition, and there they were - the remains of a soldier. The whole group immediately got involved in the work and gradually removing the layers of soil and expanding the excavation, we removed the remains, laid them on a banner, sifted through every lump of earth in search of the most valuable - a medallion. And at some point a black capsule appeared from the ground ...

Everything worked out that day, the medallion was not empty and tightly closed, it was not lost in the excavation, the thin paper did not rot, and carried through the decades the words written in pencil by the soldier's hand.

The capsule was handed over to specialists for examination on the same day. The note was carefully removed from the capsule and unfolded. It had a name on it - Torgovtsev Nikolai Vasilievich.

The search for data on the soldier began, Alena Manshina was engaged in it. She did a lot of work in the archives and found out that Nikolai Vasilyevich was drafted in Leningrad in July 41 by the Vyborg RVK and fought in the 245 sapper regiment as an ordinary sapper. According to the unit commander, he died in July 1943.

Our squad is 5 years old this year. Over the years, more than a hundred trips have been carried out, the remains of dozens of Red Army soldiers have been raised, and only 4 medallions have been found. Only TWO of them allowed to establish the names of the fighters.

Konstantin Oboishev, fighter of the "Pathfinder" search unit:

On the morning of May 3, the commander of the Pathfinder squadron, in which I have been a member since the summer of 2019, called me. It was proposed to go in search. I was not busy, there were no plans for the day,
therefore he immediately agreed.

This time the three of us went: Artyom Perepelitsa, the commander of our detachment, Sergey Baranov - his friend, who also stands at the origins of the Pathfinder, and me.

There were three places to choose from: Nevsky Pyatachok, where Artyom and I had raised (presumably) a German soldier a few days before, and two in the Krasny Bor area. We decided to go to the "TsPS" - a place near the central substation near Krasny Bor.

We decided not to go into the depths of the forest, to look closer to the road. Checked with a probe and a metal detector. But it was with the probe that they found the shells from the three-ruler near the dugout. We started work near the shot. And, working literally layer by layer on the ground, we found fragments of the remains of a soldier. In the truest sense of the word, archaeological work has begun. With your hands, with a knife, so as not to hit the fragments with a shovel.

We didn't care: what the weather was, cold, wet - it didn't matter (and here, alas, we were not very lucky). We've found a soldier! And most importantly, a medallion was found. In our business, this is a huge rarity, especially if it is in good condition.

It was because of the state of the medallion that they decided to open it on their own. Artyom carefully opened the lid, and when it was removed, the surroundings were shocked by a triumphant cry of joy: inside there was a perfectly preserved note! This gave a very big chance that the soldier would be identified and it would be possible to find the relatives of the one who defended our Motherland.

Then we closed the medallion and, returning to the city, handed it over for examination. A little later, Artyom will call me and tell me that the note has been read, and the fighter has been identified ...

I cannot describe my emotions: this is the first time when I was not only able to find a missing soldier, but also to find out his name. This is especially dear to me.

Mixed feelings. I am so glad that I got into the squad and was able to become a participant in such a case as the return of the missing hero home. These are indescribable feelings.

Two people in five years. How to establish and how to measure the value of such? How to evaluate the work of people who use themselves and their time in this way? By the way: in St. Petersburg on May 3, 2021, the air temperature was already 4 degrees above zero and the probability of rain was 90%. That is, it rains all day. Feels like minus 3 degrees.

Yes, everyone has their own approach to the topic of respecting and honoring the ancestors-winners. Someone just needs to stick a trophy sticker on the Audi, someone will spend a little more on a fake uniform. Someone will come out in any weather in order to search and dig. And find the fallen soldiers of that war.

Respect in deeds, not in words, is a good slogan for the future. After all, without respect, we are just people.

And the sapper Nikolai Vasilyevich Torgovtsev will return the fighters of that war to the ranks precisely through the efforts of people who prove their respect for the victorious soldiers by deeds. So good luck to the search squadrons across the country. They really remember and are proud. In the field, with a probe, a shovel and a knife. As befits real people who respect the memory of their ancestors.
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    SERGE ANT 9 May 2021 05: 32
    People are doing a great job, thanks to them.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 9 May 2021 19: 43
      Quote: SERGE ANT
      People are doing a great job, thanks to them.

      In order to find the remains from the ground and return from the war every Soviet hero of the Great Patriotic War who fell in battle - this is what the search engine itself needs a big soul to be a man and a real patriot of his Motherland! And that's what they are.

      Mark Bernes - Cranes
  2. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 9 May 2021 07: 03
    So there are fewer other missing persons. This means that somewhere relatives will be able to remember the soul, come at least to that forest, and later, I believe that everything will be organized - and at the grave of the deceased grandfather / great-grandfather ...
    Guys do a good deed. Bow to them.
    And it is symbolic that all this happened on the eve of the great Victory Day.
  3. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 9 May 2021 07: 55
    “The war is not over until the last soldier is buried” - this catch phrase uttered by the great Russian commander A.V. Suvorov, today is a guide to action for those who have dedicated their lives to the noble search movement. For those who are looking for the burial places of warriors who gave their lives for our lives, whose ashes were not buried with due honors.

    Thanks to these people for their noble work and deep bow.
  4. Revolver
    Revolver 9 May 2021 08: 27
    Quote: Generalissimo Suvorov A.V.
    The war is not over until the last soldier is buried!
  5. Tank hard
    Tank hard 9 May 2021 08: 28

    He was a father to his own grandson,
    He went through two wars alive.
    His shot in the arm
    When the German did not take into account.
    And he was always friends with the struggle,
    And the hand is strong from the struggle.
    And he dragged the finca with him,
    Behind the bootleg.
    He met them when in the heat,
    Collided with a bullet and lay down.
    And they did not expect him,
    They were eager to attack and to the haystack,
    We got on the newly mown ...
    In a haystack he involuntarily lay down.
    There were three of them ...
    Only two of them had machines,
    Their meeting-straight-movie is mute:
    He released the clip at them.
    Almost in time, that's just the wound,
    He let him down a little.
    Survived, oddly enough,
    One of three, after all, that's the case!
    The fascist piled on his grandfather,
    He began to choke by the throat.
    But the day for the Germans did not work out,
    I didn't manage to live long ...
    Fritz did not take into account the sore hand,
    I did not take into account the struggle and the Finn.
    And the grandfather left memory to his grandson,
    I hope God envisioned him.

    my verse.
    1. Serg65
      Serg65 10 May 2021 11: 04
      Quote: Tank Hard

      Danya, class !!!!! good
      Happy Victory Day !!!
      1. Tank hard
        Tank hard 10 May 2021 12: 27
        Quote: Serg65
        Happy Victory Day !!!

        hi Seryozha. Happy Victory Day !!!
    2. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 11 May 2021 07: 39
      ..... my verse .....

      Just no words, it's so great! Respect! I'll publish mine a little later, about a German.
    3. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 11 May 2021 08: 21
      Happened as expected, there are no fewer Russians
      They got me now, today hell is pitch
      Why was this city needed at the headquarters? .... how annoying. ..
      These fantasies were driven to death for us, you bastards.

      As before, everything is beating louder than the Russian machine gun
      But God is no longer with us, and he will not save us
      Lying in the dark, lying in a ditch among the frozen dead
      Here the rats come running closer. .... they bite on the face ....
  6. cniza
    cniza 9 May 2021 12: 34
    And the sapper Nikolai Vasilievich Torgovtsev will return the fighters of that war to the ranks precisely through the efforts of people who prove their respect for the victorious soldiers by deeds.

    Thank you guys and a deep bow for what you are doing ...
  7. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle 9 May 2021 13: 02
    Yes, everyone has their own approach to the topic of respecting and honoring the ancestors-winners. Someone just needs to stick a trophy sticker on the Audi, someone will spend a little more on a fake uniform. Someone will come out in any weather in order to search and dig. And find the fallen soldiers of that war.
    Respect in deeds, not in words, is a good slogan for the future. After all, without respect, we are just people.

    Something in your thesis disintegrates (s). After all, was there a word first or not? A person pays tribute to memory and respect in different ways, I would even say, by any means. And the "fake uniform" * (fie on you!), And St. George's ribbon worn on May 9 (in Kiev, for example), and just a bottle of vodka drunk with friends on Victory Day, all this also matters. After all, the inhabitants of the regions where the hostilities did not take place are they secondary in their manifestations of respect for the fallen? They have nowhere to excavate! But the time spent on the "fake" form (pah on you again!), Something pasted on the car, this is just a form of manifestation. Or maybe in your opinion there is a Procrustean bed of patriotism?
  8. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 9 May 2021 14: 37
    The guys are doing a great job, risking their lives returning the names of the fallen soldiers from oblivion.
    May 6, 2021 about 18 hours at 30 km. from the village of Samofalovka, Volgograd region, in the explosion of a 45 mm projectile, two searchers from the Pamyat squad from the Orenburg region were killed. One was 59, and the other was only 15 years old. The war took two more lives. Eternal memory to them.
  9. wow
    wow 9 May 2021 16: 30
    Eternal Memory and Glory !!!
  10. Sfurei
    Sfurei 9 May 2021 17: 39
    Roman thank you very much for the article. Low bow to the guys who are doing this necessary work. Peaceful sleep to the great soldier of that terrible war.
  11. 3x3zsave
    3x3zsave 9 May 2021 18: 11
    The guys are working, thanks to them!
    And thanks to Roman for the lighting!
  12. Akuzenka
    Akuzenka 9 May 2021 19: 38
    Roman, I apologize. Once you started writing about such people, you know why. Itself more than once "raised" fighters. Difficult and dreary. Conditions, I'm no stranger - field worker, geologist. But what happiness is when you bring data about those who, at the cost of their lives, made it possible for your parents and you to live. In Kazan there is a "Snow landing", all raised fighters are published in the "Book of Memory". Write about the "Snow Landing". There is a reason.
  13. vladcub
    vladcub 9 May 2021 20: 27
    As a child, he often talked with front-line soldiers and in a conversation someone said: among the Red Army soldiers there was a sign: if you filled in such a medallion, you do not hope to return alive.
    He says that he scribbled his name on the bowler hat and spoon, and his friend marked all his things with a snake. His last name was: Polozov (?). Is he still alive?
    About 40-45 years ago, there were still many living front-line soldiers and their memory was still strong, but somehow I was scrapped to listen attentively to their stories. It seemed that the movie or book is more interesting. Now I'm very sorry that I was
  14. puskarinkis
    puskarinkis 10 May 2021 01: 48
    I don't know, maybe I forgot what, but when we found medallions, we were always advised to open them under special conditions, i.e. in the laboratory. Often haste and emotions "killed" documents ... As soon as something got on the air, it immediately began to decompose. And they often scratched names on things ... I remembered one surname well: Fedorov - it was scrawled on an aluminum frame for a box of matches. As it was later determined, there was a direct hit from a howitzer shell in the machine-gun cell ... Bones no larger than 15 cm in length were smeared across the "mainland" - the walls of the trench. From the fragments of the surviving bones, it was determined that there were 3 fighters and one clue - this frame with the surname and initials. Then, working in the archive, they found a machine-gun crew who had gone missing in those battles (near Osintorf in Belarus), which included Fedorov. Be attentive and careful in your work, guys! Happy search!
  15. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 11 May 2021 11: 29
    A very good article about good people. Wonderful photos.
    Also, the comments are all good.
    Thank you very much.
  16. Vasya the Enemy
    Vasya the Enemy 15 May 2021 21: 58
    TsPS is a central pumping station for oil products, located at a distance of 4 km from m10