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In Chad, rebels ready to attack the country's capital


The rebel offensive against N'Djamena, the capital of Chad, is only a matter of time. It will start as soon as the right moment happens.

About this agency RIA News said the political adviser to the leader of the rebel movement Front for Change and Accord in Chad (FACT) Musa Muli.

We are ready to attack N'Djamena at any moment that is convenient for the Front.

- he said, adding at the same time that the insurgent movement has neither difficulties nor fears in this regard.

Thus, according to Muli, the issue of the upcoming attack on N'Djamena has already been resolved, and at some point it will begin.

In recent years, the rebels have been fighting against the Chadian Armed Forces near the border with Libya. They are headed by Mohamed Ali Mahdi. The authorities call FACT bandits and do not negotiate with them.

Since April 20, the country has been ruled by the army, which dissolved the parliament and government after the death of President Idris Debi and created the Transitional Military Council. The head of the council, the son of the assassinated president, Mahamat Idris Debi, announced that the transition period in the country will last 36 months.

The opposition disagrees with this decision and demands an immediate resumption of the constitution, and mass protests took place in the capital.
Photos used:, Минобороны Чехии
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  1. OgnennyiKotik
    OgnennyiKotik 6 May 2021 15: 56
    It's strange somehow. On the one hand, the government of Idris is backed by France and the United States, on the other, FACT is backed by Haftar, who is a citizen and agent of the United States and supported by France. The layout is strange.
    1. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 6 May 2021 16: 21
      Quote: OgnennyiKotik
      Strange somehow

      They are fighting for power! They will bite to the point that there will be no stone left over from the country ...
    2. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 6 May 2021 16: 25
      Quote: OgnennyiKotik
      The layout is strange

  2. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 6 May 2021 16: 23
    An attempt to redistribute the spheres of influence and power.
    Old as the world ...

    I remembered something
    Just humor, but ... with overtones:

    There are two classmates at a military school in Africa:
    - Hi, Seryoga, what are you doing here?
    - Great, Sanya, but I'm here as an advisor to the Tumbo-Yumbo tribe. They are at war with Yumbo-Tumbo.
    - ABOUT! And I, just an advisor in Yumbo-Tumbo!
    There is a battle, a cannonade, the whistle of bullets, a roar ... A complete animal, in general.
    By the end of the day, the shooting had subsided.
    - Seryoga, how are you?
    - Namana, Sanya! Only I have run out of monkeys!
    - And I have no cartridges left!
    - Tomorrow morning at the same place?
    - Yes, buddy! It’s too early for us to finish, the Center didn’t give the go-ahead!
    1. cat Rusich
      cat Rusich 6 May 2021 20: 47
      Quote: Aleks tv
      An attempt to redistribute the spheres of influence and power.
      Old as the world ...

      I remembered something,!
      Ethiopian-Somali War 1977-78 - War for Ogaden ...
      The USSR first became a friend of Somalia, then began to be friends with Ethiopia. Then the "friends of the USSR" did not share the "flower bed" (Ogaden) and fought ...
      Along the way, 18 Cubans, 000 southern Yemenis, and 2 Soviet citizens got involved in a "fight".
      Somalia was "wrong" and beaten.
      war for ogaden 1977-78
      Maybe these photos are the same Seryoga and Sanya ...
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 6 May 2021 21: 59
        ... then he began to be friends with Ethiopia.

        Yes, I remember that well.
        It was in these years that Dad almost left as an Advisor, he had already completed the documents. Did not work out.
        Maybe for the better ...
  3. Stanislav82
    Stanislav82 6 May 2021 16: 29
    Good old Toyota.
  4. CastroRuiz
    CastroRuiz 6 May 2021 17: 07
    Well, with the surname Makhdi, just defeat the Svetiats. Nomen Oomen. :)
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 6 May 2021 18: 15
      Quote: CastroRuiz
      Well, with the surname Makhdi, just defeat the Svetiats. Nomen Oomen. :)

      1. CastroRuiz
        CastroRuiz 6 May 2021 18: 18
        Did you hear about the prophet Mahdim and his uprising in Sudan?
        1. Grandfather
          Grandfather 6 May 2021 18: 19
          and let me write you on the fence with chalk from right to left?
  5. NF68
    NF68 6 May 2021 17: 11
    Chad are ready to attack the capital of Chad.
  6. knn54
    knn54 6 May 2021 18: 20
    Chad may repeat the fate of Libya. Today, the country bears the main burden (Operation Barkhan) in the fight against the Islamists. If the son of the deceased president withdraws troops to defend the capital, and the French leave, the irreparable will happen in the region - ISIS and al-Qaeda militants will activate. Mali and possibly Niger will collapse.
    Therefore, the French support a transitional military government (essentially putschists), not democratic rebels.
    1. Petr Vladimirovich
      Petr Vladimirovich 6 May 2021 19: 10
      Toyota engineers are real geniuses!
      The whole continent is fighting on them !!!
    2. Sergey Sfiedu
      Sergey Sfiedu 6 May 2021 20: 31
      Rather, Libya repeated the fate of Chad. There are civil wars with enviable regularity, governments are changing, the country is breaking up into anti-subdistrict camps. It was only for the last 20 years that the late president held all the Chadians in one place with an iron hand, but in the end he did not hold it, heroically fell in battle, personally repelling the attack of the insurgents, for the "guard was tired" ..
  7. Puppeteer 111
    Puppeteer 111 6 May 2021 19: 58
    Somehow few comments. Probably the magic word did not sound - Ukraine
    1. cat Rusich
      cat Rusich 6 May 2021 20: 30
      Quote: Puppeteer 111
      Somehow few comments. Probably the magic word did not sound - Ukraine
      So far, the inhabitants of Ukraine have not yet come under the "distribution of someone else's war" in Chad ...
      il-76 libya
      We got to Libya, we just wait and discuss "current events".
      PS The photo shows the remains of the IL-76TD burned down in Al-Jufra, Libya.
      1. Puppeteer 111
        Puppeteer 111 6 May 2021 20: 59
        Thanks for the comment. But in this article there is probably no opportunity for dudes to develop a topic for discussion
  8. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA 7 May 2021 22: 28
    "For a long time, the main split in Chad ran along the north-south line, where the northern regions with a predominance of Muslim ethnic groups and the southern regions dominated by African traditional beliefs and Catholicism were opposed to each other" - this is from the media, where this conflict is involved on interfaith and interethnic grounds kept smoldering by the French, apparently acting on the principle of divide and conquer