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Concerns of German senior officers during surrender to Soviet captivity

Concerns of German senior officers during surrender to Soviet captivity

When the Nazi troops entered Soviet territory, the Nazis kept in their heads the dogma: to reach Moscow and do away with the "Soviets" before the onset of cold weather. At the same time, the ideological scheme of the "superiority of the Aryan race" was working. All this untied the hands of the Nazis to commit any crimes in the occupied territories.

At the same time, the possibility of surrender to the Soviet troops was viewed as a real nightmare, since Goebbels' propaganda painted the images of the Red Army soldiers exclusively as savages and barbarians for the German soldiers.

However, when the "blitzkrieg" failed, the Nazis had to surrender en masse. The most significant case in this regard is the surrender of the Paulus army in Stalingrad. A variety of German ranks began to be captured by Soviet troops, including representatives of the generals, who, even 3-4 months before the surrender on the banks of the Volga, were confident of their victory.

In this regard, attention is drawn to what the highest German officers took care of when they surrendered. If for some it was a shame, others surrendered with a clear “sight” for a subsequent return to Germany. And those who 2-3 ago (at that time) intimidated privates with execution for surrender, willingly surrendered themselves, grabbing suitcases with personal and looted things, even worrying about taking food with them.

A plot with specific examples on this topic - on the "Memories of a Soldier" channel:

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    1. 210ox
      210ox 3 May 2021 15: 22
      Everything is somehow logical. When it got hot, the high Prussian spirit turned into a selfish soul.
  2. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 3 May 2021 15: 50
    I reread it twice. I really didn’t watch the movie.
    What sorrows visited the highest German officers when they surrendered to Soviet captivity, it remains unclear ...
    The article is just like a blueprint for the superstructure of the Comet!
    1. 210ox
      210ox 3 May 2021 16: 16
      Interesting. Read in the VIDEO section, but do not watch this video. ... Arouses respect for the enemy, and the merciless enemy, not caring about belongings, but thinking about duty and the desire to accept death along with your soldiers. But it seems that it was not so often. An episode from the commander of the Poznan garrison comes to mind.
      1. Petrol cutter
        Petrol cutter 3 May 2021 16: 39
        I'm sorry. I don’t look at the sections.
        I read what was given out on a five-year-old tablet.

        Watching video through a browser is self-torture.
        Thank you for the clarification.
        1. Petrol cutter
          Petrol cutter 3 May 2021 17: 22
          What the hell do I care about the sorrows of the German officers? request
          Burn them in hell, devil take me!
          Neither I nor my grandfather invited them here ...
  3. Sergej1972
    Sergej1972 3 May 2021 18: 05
    Some generals have a non-Aryan appearance.)
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