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The third anti-sabotage "Grachonok" arrived in Kamchatka


Another anti-sabotage boat of project 21980 "Grachonok" was replenished with the Formation of Water Area Guard Ships of the Troops and Forces in the North-East of Russia (OKVS), it became part of the detachment to combat sabotage forces and means of OKVS.

The boat will provide protection for the base of the Pacific Fleet's ships and submarines; it has become the third boat of this type in the anti-saboteur squadron. As highlighted in the press service fleet, boats "Grachonok" have shown themselves to be excellent when performing service in the Far East.

The boat is the sixth one built at the Eastern Shipyard for the Pacific Fleet, launched on August 10, 2020, the acceptance certificate was signed on December 29, but was left "for the winter" at the shipyard and was sent to the duty station only after the ice melted.

Project 21980 "Rookie" anti-sabotage boat is designed to combat submarine sabotage forces and means, to support the actions of combat swimmers in the water area of ​​the base station and on the approaches to it. Able to autonomously stay in the sea for up to five days with a cruising range of up to 200 nautical miles.

Displacement - about 140 tons, length - 30 m, width - 7,3 m, draft - 1,8 m, full speed - 23 knots, cruising range - 200 miles, autonomy - 5 days, crew - 8 people.

Armament: one MTPU 14,5-mm machine gun, one DP-64 anti-sabotage grenade launcher, one DP-65 anti-sabotage grenade launcher, four Igla-type MANPADS. Electronic weapons: navigation radar MR-231, GAS "Kalmar", OGAS "Anapa". There are diving equipment and a pressure chamber on board.
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  1. bukhach
    bukhach April 30 2021 12: 30
    Good luck to the crew in combat and political!
  2. Bashkirkhan
    Bashkirkhan April 30 2021 12: 34
    By the way, the sovets nuclear-powered cruiser Admiral Lazarev arrived in the Far East today for scrapping. And this is good.

    1. FIR FIR
      FIR FIR April 30 2021 12: 38
      Quote: Bashkirkhan
      Correctly spelled - Soviet, from the word - advice.
      1. Bashkirkhan
        Bashkirkhan April 30 2021 12: 45
        Yes, I know. I like it more, in Albany. Okay, let's write in Russian. The cruiser was handed over to the performer. At the end of August, the cruiser will be placed on the PD-41 dock slip, after which preparations will begin for dismantling the superstructure. The bow should be disassembled in May 2024, the stern - in November of the same year. In general, the disposal works should take place in 12 stages and last until December 30, 2025. The cruiser will be brought into the floating dock twice, the first time to dismantle the bulb.
        The Soviet Pacific Fleet has almost finished.
        1. Stepan S
          Stepan S April 30 2021 14: 05
          Don't worry about the Pacific Fleet, about your "Albany" fleet, worry.
          1. Bashkirkhan
            Bashkirkhan April 30 2021 14: 13
            I do not worry. And you streamline.
            1. sustav75
              sustav75 1 May 2021 07: 35
              Bashkir Albanians got excited! Fun! Is this a new military-political alliance? !! Non-optic Bashkir Albanian aircraft carrier formations are already on the move? !!
              1. Bashkirkhan
                Bashkirkhan 2 May 2021 09: 30
                This is the Albansky yazyg. Darkness. Has nothing to do with the Albanians.
                1. sustav75
                  sustav75 2 May 2021 11: 43
                  It's humor! Uncle!
              2. Akuzenka
                Akuzenka 4 May 2021 17: 42
                This is not an ordinary provocateur, at least he will introduce himself to GDP.
      2. Stepan S
        Stepan S April 30 2021 14: 01
        How does he know how to spell it correctly? To work, to write comments on VO was accepted and okay.
        1. Bashkirkhan
          Bashkirkhan April 30 2021 15: 31
          And you read about the Albanese language first, hehe. And the good news for the cruiser. And if from there he drowned at the pier? Everything went to this! And so this radioactive legacy is being disposed of.
  3. Eugene-Eugene
    Eugene-Eugene April 30 2021 13: 06
    Armament like a British aircraft carrier. Although no, Rook's machine gun will be more powerful - not 12.7, but 14.5.
  4. Sergey Aleksandrovich
    Sergey Aleksandrovich April 30 2021 13: 09
    I really do not like the MTPU machine-gun mount. How can you shoot while standing, and even in conditions of sea rolling?
    After all, they made installations for seated shooting before.
    1. Stepan S
      Stepan S April 30 2021 14: 04
      Standing just when rolling, it is more convenient to shoot than sitting. It's still a boat, not a ship.
      1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
        Sergey Aleksandrovich April 30 2021 15: 05
        Standing to shoot could not be more convenient, so there is an additional instability of the shooter relative to the machine gun, the emphasis in the lower back of course compensates somewhat, but no more. And while sitting, the shooter is already united with the machine gun and does not have to control his own stability.
        It's like in children's books on physics they give an example of writing in motion, when the hand is pulled with a strap to a small board with a sheet of paper.
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 April 30 2021 14: 07
      21 century. For a long time they have been making machine-gun and cannon installations with stabilization and multi-mode optics, where the shooter drives the joystick in a comfortable chair inside the ship. Only the Navy still prefers to shoot at a mechanical sight.
      I think efficiency, safety for l / s, excitement tolerances yourself can estimate this

      and this

      1. Turist1996
        Turist1996 3 May 2021 17: 02
        And the frankly "no" cruising range is also embarrassing: 200 miles. Overland - 370 km. Smaller than a passenger car. The harbor tug has, I suppose, even more ..