The Hunt for the Beast


The film is dedicated to the outstanding designer of small and managed weapons Academician Arkady Georgievich Shipunov.
In the 50s, Shipunov, his friend and ally Viktor Gryazev developed a fundamentally new quick-firing aviation guns GSh-23 and GSh-30. Even today they are equipped with the latest modifications of the Mi-24 and Mi-35 helicopters, SU-25 attack aircraft, MiG-27 fighter-bomber and Su-24 bombers. These unique aircraft guns are also used on navy. They became the basis for the defense of surface ships from cruise missiles.

In 60, the designer created the first anti-tank missile system with the Fagot automatic control system, followed by the Competition and Metis, which are still in service with many countries around the world.

In 70-s in the Tula KB under the leadership of Shipunov, Bumblebee hand-held flame throwers were developed, which later, during the Afghan war, would become a nightmare for the Mujahideen

In the 80-e in Tula KB created a truly unique rocket and gun armament:
- weapon systems tanks and lightly armored vehicles "Reflex";
- short-range anti-aircraft complex "Tunguska";
- interference-proof ATGM "Kornet", breaking more than a meter of homogeneous
- Krasnopol range of guided artillery weapons

In 90, Shipunov created individual small arms that became extremely popular with the security forces: the GSH-18 pistol and the small PP-90 submachine gun, camouflaged as a radio station,

In 2002, the Russian army received the Igla-S MANPADS created in Tula, the world's only portable missile defense systems.

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