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A noticeable similarity with the Russian "Kornet": foreign press about the new ATGM GAM-102 from the PRC



From April 10 to April 13, the IQDEX exhibition was held in Baghdad, quite modest by regional standards. But a number of products have caught the attention of military observers. Among them is the new creation of the Chinese developer Poly Defense, in which the contours of the Russian weapons.

Thirty years ago, China's military products were rejected by potential customers because of the nondescript weapons that it produced in huge quantities [...] In particular, the anti-tank weapons available at that time lagged behind those of NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Of course, in 30 this is no longer the case.

- writes the Philippine edition 21AAR.

At this exhibition, Poly Defense from China presented two ATGMs of the GAM family [not to be confused with the series of products of the same name from Norinco]. The lighter GAM-10X (firing from the shoulder) competes with the HJ-12 from Norinco and is positioned as a competitor to the FGM-148 Javelin from the American Raytheon.

Another model was the GAM-102, which is mounted on a folding tripod. According to the developer, the GAM-102 is a laser-guided medium-range ATGM with a diameter of 152 mm and a length of 1200 mm, capable of covering a distance of up to 4 km [armor penetration of a tandem shaped charge, according to some sources, is 1000 mm]. Its closest Chinese counterpart is the HJ-11 from Norinco.

There is a noticeable similarity with the Russian-made Kornet, especially in the part of the portable launcher, which houses the rocket, and the day / night rangefinder attached under it [...] The portability of the Kornet, in which the main components of the entire weapon system (tripod, rangefinder, rocket ) are separated, well suited for the design of their products by other countries

- writes the foreign press.

For our part, we note that the firing range of the Kornet ATGM is 5,5 km, armor penetration - 1300 mm behind ERA.

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Iraqi Defense Ministry website
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy April 22 2021 05: 09
    A noticeable similarity with the Russian "Kornet": foreign press about the new ATGM GAM-102 from the PRC
    Well, what is new or unexpected here? request
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome April 22 2021 06: 02
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      Well, what is new or unexpected here?

      I also thought that the ATGM would be released under the name Obolensky ...
  2. for
    for April 22 2021 05: 17
    Looks like, especially a pipe. Especially especially copy everything in the world, only someone, wheels and wings.
  3. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I April 22 2021 05: 23
    Although many publications talk about the "Cornet" with a firing range of 5-5,5 km (this is the so-called "portable" complex ...), somehow it turned out to read about the "wearable" version of the "cornet" with a range shooting up to 2,5 km! (There was even an index after the name "cornet" given by the developers from KB ...) Alas! for a long time nothing has been heard about such an option! Perhaps, you will also find such a mention in the internet now! request
    "Cornet" in its functional niche is "relevant" even now (especially with a range of 8-10 km) ... but, in my opinion, it would be nice to add to the "assortment" ammunition with EFP charges to destroy armor targets in the "roof" and ammunition with a laser seeker ...
  4. Thrifty
    Thrifty April 22 2021 05: 31
    It is impossible to calculate that the Chinese have copied our weapons, it is easier to calculate what has not been copied, for now!
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome April 22 2021 06: 04
      zhyguli did not copy, thank God ... at least they began to make normal cars.
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins April 22 2021 06: 21
        What is it ?! A friend's "amulet" was from the salon. So he, not only repaired a little less often of the same "Zhiguli", but also barely sold it after a while - people quickly lost out that the Chinese auto industry, supplied to us for the time being, is not for our roads.
      2. knn54
        knn54 April 22 2021 06: 48
        Judging by the recent criticism of the MiG-31 interceptor, it was not possible to copy.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 22 2021 05: 54
    The point of the article, as I understand it, is that over the past 30 years the Chinese have learned to do something worthwhile, but this often outwardly resembles the models of weapons of other countries. So this is not a secret, and attention has been paid to this for a long time and not only in the Philippines.
  6. Revolver
    Revolver April 22 2021 06: 02
    Someone once sold to the Chinese a batch of "Cornets" type "to familiarize and study the needs of China." And who will the Chinese take its market share from now? Obviously not Javelin or Spike.
    1. Bolt cutter
      Bolt cutter April 22 2021 09: 02
      Javelin (Hóng Jiàn-12), like Spike (HJ-10), has already been copied by the Chinese and offered for export, so everything is fair yes
  7. Dmitry Izmalkov
    Dmitry Izmalkov April 22 2021 06: 58
    As always, the copy is worse than the original
  8. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek April 22 2021 07: 01
    Iran produces both a copy of the Cornet and a copy of the Tou-2.
  9. iouris
    iouris April 22 2021 11: 03
    "Cornet" under a narrow eye.
  10. APASUS
    APASUS April 22 2021 11: 41
    Where are the American menacing statements that China is stealing Russian intellectual property or is it only with regards to Chinese counterfeits of American weapons?