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Diesel-electric submarine "Magadan" built for the Pacific Fleet has entered the stage of mooring tests


The completion of the second serial diesel-electric submarine "Magadan" of project 636.3 has been completed, the diesel-electric submarine has begun testing. This was reported by the press service of the Admiralty Shipyards.

The third "Varshavyanka" for the Pacific Fleet has entered the stage of mooring tests, which will last, according to preliminary data, a month and a half and end in early June. During this time, the shipyard will undergo a final check of all the systems and mechanisms of the submarine, and the diesel-electric submarine will also be prepared for the first exit to the factory sea trials, which will start immediately after the mooring. The crew will begin settling on the submarine at the end of April.

Factory running gear should be completed by Navy Day, which is celebrated on July 25th. Most likely, the submarine will participate in the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg, after which it will return to testing. The transfer of the submarine to the Navy is planned for this fall.

The Magadan submarine is the third in the series and the second serial after the lead Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and the first serial Volkhov. It was laid down on November 1, 2019, on the same day as the fourth submarine of this project, named Ufa. At the present time "Ufa" is at the stage of docking; the ship's solid hull is being welded. The launch of Ufa will take place, according to the Ministry of Defense, at the end of 2021.

Recall that the lead submarine of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky series was transferred to the Russian Navy on November 25, 2019, the first serial submarine - Volkhov - entered the fleet October 24, 2020. Both submarines will go to Kamchatka this year, making an inter-fleet voyage along the "southern" route: Mediterranean Sea - Suez Canal - Indian Ocean.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U April 20 2021 14: 02
    Not bad, not super, of course, but nonetheless. Boat and crew of good service and seven feet!
    1. Real Pilot
      Real Pilot April 20 2021 14: 05
      They were needed for a long time ... Now there is!
      Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
      The Pacific Fleet will be replenished.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee April 20 2021 14: 12
        Quote: RealPilot
        The Pacific Fleet will be replenished.

        Good news... hi
        1. WHAT IS
          WHAT IS April 20 2021 14: 26
          Well, for the strength of a solid hull! Let the number of dives at the Magadan diesel-electric submarine always equal the number of ascents!
      2. alexmach
        alexmach April 20 2021 15: 57
        The Pacific Fleet will be replenished.

        Maybe there will be ... funny news ran through the news about the previous 2 boats of this project.
  2. Serg65
    Serg65 April 20 2021 14: 03
    In the title photo to the left of the floating dock there are fishermen hulls?
    1. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U April 20 2021 14: 10
      Quote: Serg65
      In the title photo to the left of the floating dock, the fishermen's hulls are

      Similar to the BMRT ST-192.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 April 20 2021 14: 20
      The customer of the ST192 project is the Russian Fishing Industrial Company. The number of vessels will be built 10. The head one built in Turkey, the price of one $ 100 million, is already in operation. 9 Admiralty shipyards will be built. They are simply handsome. I envy today's fishermen with white envy!
    3. Bashkirkhan
      Bashkirkhan April 20 2021 14: 21
      Two fishermen and one Arctic research platform "North Pole".
  3. Popandos
    Popandos April 20 2021 14: 12
    ASZ in the end ditched sad
    It's easier to drive boats through half a ball than to restore factories to the Far East.
    Sadly crying
    1. Eldorado
      Eldorado April 20 2021 14: 23
      It is now loaded with corvettes 20380 and MRK "Karakurt" + citizen.
      1. Popandos
        Popandos April 20 2021 15: 03
        I worked at this plant when it was still ZLK, that's why I say that the plant was ditched. In those days, all sorts of corvettes, MRK and other citizen it was like that, on little things.
        1. Popandos
          Popandos April 22 2021 08: 18
          Minusers confused ZLK with ZiL along the way.
          For those who took the exam
          ZIL - plant named after Likhachev Moscow
          ZLK - plant named after Lenin Komsomol Komsomolsk on the Amur
      2. Popandos
        Popandos April 20 2021 15: 10
        In the 80s a year, Pike was handed over to the Navy, and Varshavyanka was handed over two.
        1. Petrol cutter
          Petrol cutter April 20 2021 20: 34
          In those years, we also handed over steamers in batches.
          And now ... Not those years in one word. In short.
          Why not hand over when a series of pieces of fifty / one hundred, for example?
          And then they order one and a half pieces, and even more, with a million changes to the design ...
          1. Popandos
            Popandos April 20 2021 21: 44
            I completely agree, the years are not the same, the customers in general - only obscene expressions
  4. Ratmir_Ryazan
    Ratmir_Ryazan April 20 2021 14: 27
    Diesel electric submersibles are baked like pies))
  5. Turist1996
    Turist1996 April 20 2021 14: 46
    Here are the messages about the launching of boats of this project are already taken for granted. But this is a rare case in modern Russia, when ships for the Navy (quite modern and technically not at all simple. I will not raise the topic of VNEU - a separate conversation) are built in a really intelligible series and without the notorious "time shifts to the right." That is, the project is well-functioning, and the production base for construction has not been lost, and there are specialists.
    What can not but rejoice!
    Glad for our shipbuilders and submariners!
  6. Rubi0
    Rubi0 April 20 2021 14: 49
    Lyuchno my eye is pleased with the photo for the article, 3 cases of fishing processors look powerful against the background of a small submarine.
    1. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter April 20 2021 20: 49
      The funny thing is that this small submarine can cause a lot of sorrow to large hulls. crying
  7. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat April 20 2021 14: 58
    And there is not a floating nuclear power plant behind? And next to the boat, to which another diesel-electric submarine is moored?
    1. Eldorado
      Eldorado April 20 2021 16: 20
      Behind the autonomous station for the study of the Arctic "North Pole".
      Yes, there is another diesel-electric submarine nearby. The quality is bad, I can't make out what project it belongs to.
  8. Aleksandr97
    Aleksandr97 April 20 2021 14: 59
    If ferry to the Pacific Fleet via the Northern Sea Route will not be shorter ???
  9. xorek
    xorek April 20 2021 16: 53
    Small bug, but smelly .. Well, so that without a hitch and seven feet under the keel hi