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The British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth again faced problems in the fire extinguishing system


Flagship of the Royal Navy fleet In the UK, the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth crashed again. According to the British edition of the Daily Mail, a pipe of the fire main burst on the ship.

The incident happened during the transition of the aircraft carrier from Portsmouth to Scotland at the end of March, but it was reported about it only now. At the same time, it is noted that the breakthrough of the highway happened in the fire extinguishing system, which underwent a major overhaul after a similar incident in 2019. The repair and modernization of the system cost £ 5,5 million.

The command of the British fleet reported that the leak was quickly eliminated and did not affect the plans to prepare the aircraft carrier for a long voyage to the Pacific region.

It is known that in May, Queen Elizabeth will lead an aircraft carrier group that will pass the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf and enter the Pacific Ocean. The task of the AUG in London was designated as "containment of China," which made Beijing laugh, which is the most powerful player in the Asia-Pacific region, despite the presence of the United States there.

Meanwhile, in Britain itself, the first hike of HMS Queen Elizabeth is causing some concern. This is due to the passage of the AUG through the Taiwan Strait, where it can be subjected to "electronic warfare attacks from China." In addition, China can arrange provocations against British ships.

Earlier it was reported that the British AUG will take part in the joint exercises of the fleets of the United States and Japan, which will be held in the Asia-Pacific region this summer.
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  1. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer April 15 2021 19: 29
    Yes, the Britons have forgotten how to build ships. But, only in Russia everything is bad, but in England, everything is just uh)))
    1. Evil543
      Evil543 April 15 2021 19: 31
      They laughed at Kuzya, but the tub itself may not even swim to Taiwan.
      1. Andrey Korotkov
        Andrey Korotkov April 15 2021 20: 06
        Quote: Evil543
        They laughed at Kuzya, but the tub itself may not even swim to Taiwan.

        What are you, so much to prepare for a battle-campaign and not swim? lol , I will assume that the English aircraft carrier will go in the wake of the US winked
    2. Torins
      Torins April 15 2021 19: 35
      In our country, no one would have paid attention to such a breakdown, this is eliminated by the boatswain's mothers and a piece of rubber with a clutch.
    3. antivirus
      antivirus April 15 2021 19: 54
      does this Av also smoke? about Kuzya joking, but ourselves ..... let's see to what state the Aglitsky will "smoke". maybe it will burn through and through?
      1. Artyom Karagodin
        Artyom Karagodin April 15 2021 22: 05
        If it burns out, we won't cry laughing
    4. RealPilot
      RealPilot April 15 2021 22: 28
      This is another breakthrough in the fire extinguishing system. And what about the sewage system?

      It leaked repeatedly, in different places ... The propeller shaft seal, for example, was leaking a month after commissioning. He did not even take part in the exercises with the Americans then, he returned to Portsmouth.
  2. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav April 15 2021 19: 50
    it will not be difficult for the Chinese to drown this missile carrier and it seems to them that there will be nothing for them
  3. Machete
    Machete April 15 2021 19: 54
    It's time for the pelvis to the bottom, it's time ...
    she does not pull life.
  4. Konstantin Gogolev
    Konstantin Gogolev April 15 2021 19: 55
    The system was checked for leaks after repair by pressure. Probably mechanical damage - they carried the piano past and caught the main pipe. Exaggerating, but something similar.
    1. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U April 16 2021 03: 42
      Quote: Konstantin Gogolev
      a grand piano was carried by and hooked on the main pipe

      They brought the harp, the harp!
  5. Fedorovich
    Fedorovich April 15 2021 20: 04
    It's good that the main line is fire, not fun ...
  6. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter April 15 2021 20: 26
    What kind of leaks are there so unbearable?
    I'm not an installer of course, but she always stands under pressure or what? ..
    In addition, for some reason it was thought that volumetric fire extinguishing had long been used on ships (especially of this level). And not pour water on everyone and everything ...
    At the unfortunate "Voskhod" we had it in the same car at the dawn of my distant youth.
  7. Thrifty
    Thrifty April 15 2021 20: 44
    Kashmar, this is Kashmare lol "the kremlin's furry paw" tore the democratic pipe of the tolerant aircraft carrier with its bear claw lol This is an assassination attempt on the ass of an aircraft carrier captain, oh lol to "free European values" laughing
  8. xorek
    xorek April 15 2021 21: 07
    Often, the Britons have something, however, like all Anglo-Saxons .. Nerves probably smoke constantly out of fear that soon the Russians will come or have already come and froze in the depths ..)) And the bulls are scattering nervously in the cockpits laughing
  9. Sasha from Uralmash
    Sasha from Uralmash April 15 2021 21: 12
    And what's the news? Dozens of kilometers of various communications, magimstral pipelines! Flows always and everywhere! That's what water is for!
    1. Thrifty
      Thrifty April 15 2021 21: 23
      Yes, you pull it ashore, put it in front of the Buckingham Palace - it will be more complete! !!
  10. Konstantin Gogolev
    Konstantin Gogolev April 16 2021 00: 03
    Quote: RealPilot
    how is the sewage system?

    We all hope that it is bad and all the decks are already densely seeded with "pyramids" lol
  11. Pastor
    Pastor April 16 2021 00: 24
    So the Queen is not a girl, she can hardly breathe either. As it is there: as we call the boat, so ...
  12. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 April 16 2021 03: 42
    - The repair and modernization of the system cost 5,5 million pounds. - not a weak figure !!! And isn't Russia really to blame !? - Bashirov and Petrov changed their qualifications. If you drown it, it will be cheaper.
  13. TerraSandera
    TerraSandera April 16 2021 06: 47
    Did the previous repair cost only 5.5 lam? Also + system upgrades? Probably wrapped with duct tape. But the truth is even somehow cheap. Did it flood him with water?
  14. Zhenya Khazarsky
    Zhenya Khazarsky April 16 2021 07: 52
    will pass the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf and enter the Pacific Ocean.

    Will pass the Mediterranean and ... enter the Red.
    The Persian Gulf, so not at all on the way to the Pacific Ocean ...
    And they forgot about the Indian Ocean)))
  15. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat April 16 2021 13: 42
    This is a system check. Putin will drown this tub when crossing the Suez Canal. laughing
    But really - what's the difference? This one and, moreover, useless tub does not matter.
  16. APASUS
    APASUS April 16 2021 15: 17
    You don't need a super missile that overcomes the AUG air defense system, you don't need super torpedoes. You just need to influence one CHIP from a UAV flying by from a sparrow and the fire extinguishing system will flood all these aircraft carriers by itself