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Prospects for the development of the armed formations of Ukraine


For any armed forces, two main things are important - economy and personnel. With the first in Kiev it is very bad, with the second - it is normal. True, "very bad with the economy" is compensated by external financing. Right now, a US bill is being considered on the annual allocation of $ 304 million for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine only through the Pentagon. And "good with cadres" is leveled out by their lack of ideology and lack of willingness to die. Although they are trying to overcome this with the help of aggressive propaganda. As for the rest, if we compare Russian and Ukrainian personnel, there is not much difference.

We all come from the USSR, and all the hurricane reforms could not finish off neither education nor mentality. Taking into account the fact that Ukrainians, in essence, are the same Russians, then the average recruit in the intellectual and physical sense is approximately the same here and there. True, there is a subtle point here - after all, the quality of human material is gradually deteriorating there: due to poverty and the outflow of the smartest and strongest to the EU. In Russia, the problem is not so acute. Again, it is one thing to go to serve as a contract soldier in the army, and another thing to join the fighting army. The latter frightens off many.

To summarize, the command structure is approximately the same in the Russian Federation and in the Ukraine. True, the Russian is the bearer of more advanced technical knowledge. Sergeant and private - intellectually and physically better than Russian. But on the other hand - combat experience, which gives the screening of people who are not able to withstand the war.

Air Force and Air Defense

Prospects for the development of the armed formations of Ukraine

I deliberately bring it down to one point, because in the formation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine this is one branch of the army - Podvitryani strength. And let's start with the air defense, or rather, with the recent scandal around the air defense.

"The facts of illegal delivery established by the Service weapons from the Russian Federation indicate that the organizers have no scheme of any desire to strengthen the defense capability of our state. We are talking exclusively about private motives. The findings completely dispel the myth that individuals allegedly helped the state. As you can see, they bought this group of goods (klystrons, which are used to launch missiles of the S300 anti-aircraft missile system - ed.) At a price of $ 30, and sold them to defense enterprises for $ 200. That is, we see that there is no question of helping and defending state interests here. "

Semyon Semenchenko, notorious for his crimes against the population of Donbass, was arrested, but not for his own affairs, but for, calling things by their proper names, fraud against the state. Apparently, he was instructed to establish a channel for the purchase of spare parts and components for the S-300 air defense system in the Russian Federation, and he began to shamelessly profit from this.

At one time, Ukraine received a powerful air defense system, but the years go by, and from the former splendor, in which not a penny of money was invested, there are only 250 S-300 launchers, of which, God forbid, two dozen have been repaired, and a few Buks. And now, it turns out that the repair and modernization of the complexes continued at the expense of Russian spare parts. This will not help seriously, the complexes of retirement age cannot be raised to the level of modern ones by any repairs, but it is quite possible to put them in order and use them in something local. In general, everything is sad with air defense there, and it will only get worse - the newest Western-made complexes will hardly be sold to Kiev.

The same cannot be said about airplanes:

By 2030, according to the long-term plan for the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, regular deliveries of new fighters should be established, up to a total of 36 aircraft.

Media write about supplies "Rafalei", but again, this is a long and dreary business, and if you keep within 10 years for 36 cars, then this, perhaps, will even be a kind of breakthrough. In the meantime, the few planes of Ukraine are terrible only for the LPNR Corps, due to the lack of adequate air defense there, which is now represented by "Wasps" and "Strelami-10".

In the event of a direct conflict with the Russian Federation, all this can perhaps die heroically ... If, of course, it manages to rise into the air. It is not surprising in such conditions to rely on Bayraktars, some kind of strike complex capable of delivering the first strike and which can be used for reconnaissance purposes. With all the glory of the UAV data after the Karabakh war, such toys are good only in the fight of equal opponents, in which a manned aviation completely neutralized, and the electronic warfare is fragmented.

All of the above does not mean that these same Devilish forces are generally useless for anything. They are unable to fight on equal terms with Russia, to bomb the republics of Donbass in the Stone Age (if there is no support from Russia) or to inflict provocative strikes on Crimea, they are quite capable. The results will be sad, really. But the Ukrainian army used a disposable tool (and not Ukrainian, at one time similar to it, but less powerful Georgian), without even raising an eyebrow.


On the one hand, after 2014, the Naval Forces of Ukraine turned into a purely nominal structure, and attempts to build ships under President Poroshenko gave nothing. Still, the construction of river armored boats and a certain mutant rebuilt from a long-term trawler is not a fleet. Likewise, do not the US Coast Guard cutter fleet, no matter how many hand them over. On the other hand, the fleet is not only and not so much ships.

In recent years, Kiev has been actively purchasing equipment and equipment for combat swimmers in the West, which has been written about in the blogosphere, and has a powerful training base in Ochakov. Kiev created two coastal defense brigades, called for some reason the marines, an artillery brigade (406 artillery brigade) and a rocket artillery regiment (32 rocket artillery regiment), armed with Hurricanes. There are also tests of the anti-ship missile system "Neptune", but the author is skeptical about them. After the pogrom of the defense industry, which took place there over the years of independence, the maximum they can do is piece copies of missiles. Otherwise, "Hurricanes" would not have been transferred to coastal defense. Even a dozen anti-ship missiles of incomprehensible quality in modern warfare is about nothing.

So, saboteurs become the main striking force of the Ukrainian Navy, which, provided that they are equipped with equipment from NATO countries, can become a problem. And the equipment goes: from Italian equipment to American "Zodiacs". There are plans there, however, for ships. And the ships are not bad: corvettes of the "Ada" type, from four to five pieces. How will it be in practice and will it be at all? Controversial issue.

And ... they do not need them. Unless, like the Poles, destroyers in the interwar period - to satisfy their sense of their own greatness. The only adversary that post-Maidan Ukraine considers in such a role is the Russian Federation in the limited waters of the Black Sea, where saboteurs and coastal defense can bring benefits.

And the conflict with the republics of Donbass requires boats for Azov, small ones for corvettes. And the point is with anti-ship missiles against an enemy who has no fleet, no ports - near-zero. Kiev has enough boats: both new and old.

Special Operations Forces

Again, I give along with the airborne assault troops. Because there is little objective information on this issue, but subjectively there is a set of opinions: from “good for nothing” to “terrible threat”.

It is more or less clear with the military transport aviation - it really does not exist. Formally, there are 7 Il-18 and 76 An-19 in the National Guard for 26 brigades and two regiments of two types of troops. But how much of this goodness can take off? Great question. Attempts to re-equip with new aircraft from the Antonov Design Bureau led to an epic failure. So their airborne assault brigades, together with airborne and airborne assault brigades, are infantry. In fact, light infantry with a small number of armored vehicles (10 T-80s in a brigade), capable of working effectively in a limited conflict.

With two regiments of spetsnaz story similar. Having suffered heavy losses in 2014-2015, they are now only capable of local operations in the Donbass, but it is difficult to imagine that they are conducting full-scale sabotage activities against the RF Armed Forces.

And attempts to work on the territory of the Russian Federation have so far led to failures. Exactly three in number: from two DRG visits to Russian territory and to attempts to kidnap an ensign of the DPR Ministry of State Security in Moscow. Recently, cases of media coverage of the detention of the FSB of the Russian Federation of pro-Ukrainian radicals have become more frequent, which is one of the fruits of the activities of the Ukrainian centers of information and psychological operations. But, by and large, all this is also a profanation and purely amateur moves. At least, attempts to influence the events in Belarus from Kiev did not show anything, in the sense - in general.

Ground forces

If other branches of the armed forces have receipts of foreign equipment, or at least plans for this, then the ground forces have nothing. On the one hand, this is understandable - mountains remained of Soviet weapons. In addition, there are purchases of Soviet weapons from countries that were former members of the Department of Internal Affairs. And there is simply no money for NATO equipment. On the other hand, it is unrealistic to name the real amount of equipment of the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. How many of it is working properly - they probably don't even know in Kiev.

Briefly go over the numbers. Army aviation - 4 brigades of up to 50 helicopters (Mi-24, Mi-8, Mi-2), operational-tactical missile systems. One brigade is armed with Tochka-U with an incomprehensible number of launch complexes and missiles of unclear serviceability. In 2014-2015, the complex was actively used in Snezhnoye, Donetsk, Shakhtyorsk and in the Debaltsev campaign, and, I think, the newest and most useful missiles.

In addition to the OTRK, there are 9 more cannon and rocket artillery brigades. But then again, how many serviceable artillery systems are in them? And most importantly, what are the BC stocks and the degree of its suitability? The questions are purely philosophical, the answers to which can only be given by war. And as its practice shows, if these 9 brigades give a strength equal to two or three full-fledged ones, then it will already be good ... for them. Although in the event of a local conflict in Donbass, this force is undoubtedly formidable. And capable of destroying the infrastructure of local agglomerations, following the example of the winter of 2014/15, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to knock out boiler houses to organize a humanitarian disaster. And it also has a strong side - American-made radio electronics. In the event of a direct conflict with the RF Armed Forces, without adequate air defense and air forces, all this equipment is doomed to be knocked out in the first days of the conflict.

Tank Armed Forces brigades formed as many as 5 units. Outwardly a formidable fist, but ...

The only modern tanks are the T-64BBM "Bulat", a deep modernization of the T-64 tank. The Ukrainians themselves declare the presence of hundreds of them. But taking into account the losses incurred in 2014 by 1 OTBR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the presence of these tanks in the Desna training center and the academy - the real number is less ...

The purely Ukrainian "Oplot", built in two modifications in the amount of as many as 11 pieces, did not take off either. Of these, seven are in service, and they are purely nominal weapons. The rest is the mass of T-64s, modernized depending on the availability of funds and imagination. Of these, 150 BV modifications should be fully operational. There are still some T-72 (from 5).

In short, there are up to six hundred tanks of various modifications in the ranks. At least three or four hundred of them are capable of going into battle, but against an enemy that is clearly weaker than the APU. War is a complex game. And, losing in the air, in artillery, in OTRK and as a technique, it is foolish to hope for one amount.

I won't talk much about the infantry. All the same BMP-1, -2, armored personnel carriers from 60 to 80. The only interesting thing is the division of brigades into mechanized and motorized rifle. Having formed a bunch of units, "the most powerful army in Europe" is unable to provide them with either transport or armored vehicles in full. So you have to create lightweight ersatz.

If, on the whole.

The Armed Forces are capable of capturing the republics of Donbass if Russia remains on the sidelines. True, with a lot of blood and grinding down its composition to the nominal. Most of the vehicles will not survive another campaign. Yes, and the BC was shot in order.

To commit a provocation against Crimea ... are also capable. True, with a further rapid defeat.

Although this is not their main task. Their goal is to create tension for Russia, which requires an increase in the already Russian Armed Forces and ever-increasing costs. Well, Donbass, where the Russian Federation is in an openly ambiguous position. And where, having created the classic "execution cannot be pardoned," now you have to get sanctions and think.

In this sense, as a kind of auxiliary corps of NATO, such a native formation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fully responsible for their tasks.

And if this year does not happen a war, the vector of development there is unlikely to change. And why? The Armed Forces of Ukraine, capable of equally opposing the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, is unscientific fantasy.

And as an instrument of hybrid war, it is quite a reality.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 April 13 2021 15: 14
    In this sense, as a kind of auxiliary corps of NATO, such a native formation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fully responsible for their tasks.
    Turning to history ... only in the ranks of the USSR Armed Forces, it was a real force, and nothing more remarkable can be found.
    1. Civil
      Civil April 13 2021 15: 31
      $ 304 million from the Pentagon alone

      23 480 625 600 rubles. More than 10% of the military budget of Russia (according to estimates for 2019, about 2 trillion rubles). This is without taking into account the rest of the "helpers" and Ukraine's own funds. It's sad.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 April 13 2021 15: 57
        So not the first and not the last handout ... and sho, everything dissolves there, disappears like in a black hole! And then the minke whales inspect and wonder, where did it all go then ???
        1. Konstantin Gogolev
          Konstantin Gogolev April 13 2021 17: 14
          I remember how they were selling night vision devices in a race).
          1. Vladimir Mashkov
            Vladimir Mashkov April 14 2021 16: 03
            I am not a specialist in the Armed Forces, and I do not especially follow this topic. But, in my opinion, Roman is right in assessing the composition and capabilities of ukrovoyaks.
            1. Konstantin Gogolev
              Konstantin Gogolev April 14 2021 16: 38
              I am in solidarity with you, especially in an objective assessment of the capabilities of technology - the last generation, in 10 years all the service life will be out. In storage, equipment is even weaker, and de-preservation is not just about starting and driving. The greatest threat comes from sabotage injections - they are always extremely painful. They can also arrange a large zapadlyanka.
      2. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 April 13 2021 17: 43
        23 billion 480 million 625 thousand 600 rubles from two trillion is clearly not 10%. A trillion is a thousand billion. Two trillion is two thousand billion.
      3. tacet
        tacet April 14 2021 04: 09
        23,5 billion is far from 10% of 2 trillion! This is less than 1,2%.
      4. NKT
        NKT April 14 2021 12: 34
        How do you calculate that $ 304 million is 10% of $ 65 billion (2019), a mystery
      5. Filxnumx
        Filxnumx April 14 2021 19: 13
        don't be so sad, colleague. The Armed Forces of Ukraine "since ancient times" are famous for their ability to direct financial flows of any capacity into the "necessary" channels. bully Nobody knows what will reach the "end user" (and whether it will reach it at all). And if these denyushki are directed to the purchase of foreign equipment, then they will not buy much anyway, because it is expensive.
      6. The comment was deleted.
    2. Artyom Karagodin
      Artyom Karagodin April 13 2021 19: 01
      Well, that's what we are talking about. In general, it is sensibly written, in my opinion. Without unnecessary emotions, trying to be objective and impartial. By consistently analyzing the facts. Considering all this, it seems that there is a lot of truth in what has been said.
    3. Nikoha2010
      Nikoha2010 April 14 2021 14: 15
      Did you serve in the USSR Armed Forces? There, too, are not fools. And they can fight no worse than us. They just have no motivation. I am silent about all sorts of natsbats, but do not underestimate the enemy, if you consider the APU as such.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 April 14 2021 14: 40
        What motivation should a MOTHERLAND DEFENDER have?
  2. Stena
    Stena April 13 2021 15: 22
    To summarize, the command structure is approximately the same in the Russian Federation and in the Ukraine.

    Dear author!
    Behind the command staff of the VFU - defeats in the form of boilers: Izvarino, Ilovaisk, Donetsk airport, Debaltsevo, etc.
    Behind the command staff of the Russian Federation - magnificent victorious operations in the Crimea, Syria, Georgia, etc.
    What is the sameness of the commanding staff?
    Only in the fact that this and that are the officers? Name?
    No - and they are already different.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine April 13 2021 15: 29
      Quote: Stena
      What is the sameness of the commanding staff?
      Only in the fact that this and that are the officers? Name?

      For seven years they have been fighting, and they have been beaten more than once. So they have combat experience.
      1. Nikoha2010
        Nikoha2010 April 14 2021 14: 16
        This is exactly what is alarming!
    2. knn54
      knn54 April 13 2021 15: 37
      It's just that the author does not know a few points, in particular:
      - full dismissal (voluntary) of smart officers;
      -schools (for example Kharkov tank) are subject to "optimization". They close in Kharkov and open, out of the blue. in Lviv. And some just combine.
      Here NATO instructors train saboteurs to the maximum.
      Information about the National Battalions is contradictory.
      It is also important that time does not work for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore, nervousness and haste.
      1. NEOZ
        NEOZ April 14 2021 12: 02
        Quote: knn54
        It is also important that time does not work for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore, nervousness and haste.

        justify, please.
    3. Andrei Nikolaevich
      Andrei Nikolaevich April 13 2021 15: 46
      I don’t serve the generalshaba, but even me, an ordinary person, understands that putting our officers and Ukrainian officers in the same row is stupidity and bias. Ukrainian "officers" are former Soviet officers who did not want to leave their dachas and vegetable gardens, with pigs and chickens, when a big state was falling apart. Conclusion: the psychology of philistinism and rural commercialism. So, the author, be careful with expressions .... (
      1. Egoza
        Egoza April 13 2021 16: 21
        Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
        Ukrainian "officers" are former Soviet officers who did not want to leave their dachas and vegetable gardens, with pigs and chickens, when a big state was falling apart. Conclusion: the psychology of philistinism and rural commercialism.

        Add to this the fact that, in terms of the quality of their knowledge, many of them would never have taken the posts they currently occupy. The best and most honest left on their own, making room for gray worthlessness.
        1. Andrei Nikolaevich
          Andrei Nikolaevich April 13 2021 21: 52
          Exactly! I shake your hand!
        2. bistrov.
          bistrov. April 14 2021 12: 41
          Quote: Egoza
          The best and most honest left by themselves, making room for gray worthlessness.

          Some left, and some were simply squeezed, creating unbearable conditions of service with all sorts of nit-picking. "broad" Ukrainians, mainly from the western regions, who immediately began to fill their pockets due to all-embracing corruption and theft. But they are no longer there, because 30 years have passed, these, though, had a Soviet education, and now the battalions and brigades are commanded by semi-literate, thieving and corrupt, in fact, people ...
        3. Nikoha2010
          Nikoha2010 April 14 2021 14: 22
          Elena low bow to you if you remember! Alas, I forgot how to give flowers!
        4. Nikoha2010
          Nikoha2010 April 14 2021 14: 39
          Elena, you should never underestimate your opponent. I have acquaintances born in 1979 with the rank of senior staff of the airmobile troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So they washed their head so much that there was enough foolishness for everyone. And they are all from the USSR! It is clear that all this is show-off, but children, people, wars are dying. The state of Ukraine, not the people !, needs a war, this is their excuse. How much hryvnia are they paid in the trenches? ZE in an armored lifter pisses just Natsiks. So fuck it, what's what! They would sober up from this orgy, BUT! The state of Ukraine needs a war to hide all the shoals. IMHO! Donbass to hold on, although everyone is already sick of it! But, Goncharenko must be hung by his feet in Odessa! No, Odessans vote for the party that covers up these crimes. I have no words! Sorry! Elena health to you!
      2. 210ox
        210ox April 13 2021 22: 08
        Thirty years have passed since then. These are Ukrainian generals, former Soviet lieutenants ..
      3. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine April 14 2021 15: 20
        Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
        Ukrainian ,, officers ,, are former Soviet officers

        For 30 years, some of them were fired, and some are already retired. Units remained. Basically, the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are young animals of the post-Soviet spill, subject to Ukrainization.
  3. Jaromir
    Jaromir April 13 2021 15: 23
    If in general

    On the whole, the picture is not complete. Non-combat casualties such as suicides, accidents, premeditated killings and security breaches are not reported. And the cause of almost all non-combat losses is poor discipline and general drunkenness.
    1. boris epstein
      boris epstein April 13 2021 15: 55
      And if we add to this the mass desertion and the reluctance of the Russian-speaking population to fight (although during the "truce" to shoot at the civilian population - Nikitovskoe Zaitsevo, Kominternovo, Leninskoe and at the same time get combat) do not refuse.
      “According to the report of the head of the military service of law and order in the OOS, over the past two weeks, 244 militants have left their units, six of whom fled with weapons. The largest number of deserters in the OTG "Vostok" - 183 militants, the largest number in the 36th Marine Brigade, which occupies positions in the Mariupol direction. 44 Marines fled there.
      However, the first place in terms of the number of fugitives is occupied by the 10th brigade, in which a unit of 52 militants left without permission, "the message says." And this is a purely Bandera formation, a place of permanent deployment, Ivano-Frankivsk. My note.
      "The department suggested that the reason for the mass desertion is the aggravation at the front and the emerging danger of the start of large-scale hostilities.
      “According to the head of the VSP, some of those who escaped were detained. In their explanations, the detainees give various reasons that prompted them to flee - family problems, hazing and low level of security.
      In addition, more than half of the detained fugitives called the reason for their escape - unwillingness to participate in hostilities, which, in their opinion, are currently possible against the background of aggravation on the front line, ”added the defenders of Donbass.
      It is noteworthy that, according to the NM DNR, a fifth of the deserters are officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including unit commanders.
      "It is important that 18% of the deserters are officers."
      1. Andrei Nikolaevich
        Andrei Nikolaevich April 13 2021 21: 56
        There was nothing to rob. So the Ukrainian peasantry ran, “to the house to the hut,” This is their national tradition.
        1. kytx
          kytx April 14 2021 04: 15
          IMHO "robbing" is not the main thing here
          just to fight as an adult, no one really has a desire
          but there is an understanding "on the ground" that the Russian Federation will not be able to stay aside and the separatists miraculously have modern technology and even these vacationers :).
          IMHO this is why the hot phase does not begin, in Kiev they understand that now they will certainly screw up.
          1. boris epstein
            boris epstein April 14 2021 14: 44
            To begin with, let's try to figure out who the separatist is. It was after the MaydaUnny coup that Ukraine began to FORCE Donbass to Bandera, the new "history" of Ukraine and lie that Donbass was subsidized and Ukraine does not need so many factories and mines. And Donbass, even in 2014 Ukraine and 22% of foreign exchange earnings to the budget of Ukraine. The population of Donbass was called the second grade. That is, Donbass was FORCED to retaliate. So who is the separatist? And the equipment of the Soviet Army was in Donbass. In Artemovsk, Donetsk region, 20 divisions - 2 tank and 46 motorized rifle divisions were stationed. In Luhansk-254 is a motorized rifle. In Artemovsk and Ilovaisk there were BHVT storage bases for military equipment. In 36, the Ukrainian army was armed with 2002 T-320 tanks, 80 T-1300 tanks, 72 T-2200 tanks and 64 T-150 tanks, 55 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. In a tank division there were two tank regiments of 4947-250 tanks each, in a motorized rifle regiment, one tank regiment each. In total, there were 255 tank regiments, about 4 tanks in Donetsk and Lugansk regions alone. Each division has about 1000 armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, MT-LB, BRDM. Plus, in each division there is a tactical missile division, an anti-tank artillery regiment, a howitzer artillery regiment, an anti-aircraft regiment. Donbass.
            Sources-book "The Armed Forces of the World", Potpourri, Minsk, 2002. The site "Kiev Special Military District", and there - "The Armed Forces of the USSR in Ukraine in 1991"
            "... just to fight as an adult, no one really has."
            You are wrong. After the deaths of civilians in Donbass at the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteers, the 1st and 2nd corps of the LDPR HAVE a desire to stop the deaths of their civilians - fathers, mothers, wives, children. and Luhansk regions.
    2. Financier
      Financier April 13 2021 21: 16
      Quote: Jaromir
      almost all non-combat losses are caused by poor discipline and general drunkenness

      In addition to drunkenness, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have an acute problem with drug addiction. It is very easy for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to get drugs. Cases were recorded when the commanders themselves turned out to be drug traffickers.
  4. The comment was deleted.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine April 13 2021 15: 25
      For the United States, it is precisely such a pseudo-state that will pull the bear by the tail and keep it in constant tension.
  5. Dimide
    Dimide April 13 2021 15: 24
    That is so uncle (Russian transcription). wassat
    I like the way you think. wassatThe main thing is that there are enough hats
    1. April 13 2021 15: 52
      And you try ...
      1. Konstantin Gogolev
        Konstantin Gogolev April 13 2021 17: 26
        What for? If you stop nightmare and spit, you will start realizing democratic European values ​​- we will be happy. The problem is that only such frozen you are needed by the Hegemon and others like them. You yourself should understand that in the European society the Nazis are not needed, only as a neighbor of the Russian Federation.
    2. Insurgent
      Insurgent April 13 2021 16: 17
      Quote: Dimid
      The main thing is that there are enough hats

      stop Wait, wait Yes ... Of course you are strong about hats Yes
      But ... but what you personally tell about the transfer of ukroverrmacht to the line of contact?

      Repeat your mantra from previous comments about "rotation"? Or write something else?"
      1. Dimide
        Dimide April 13 2021 16: 58
        I debunked one fake with a video about the composition with equipment at the Dnepropetrovsk station, so they threw me cons to you, too. Do you need the truth? (Rhetorical question, there is no need to answer)
        1. Insurgent
          Insurgent April 13 2021 17: 37
          Quote: Dimid
          Do you need the truth?

          Yes, I know your "truth".
          This is due to the fact that under the pans there is no perception that you were fucked on the Maidan, and they continue to have to this day.

        2. nnm
          nnm April 13 2021 17: 38
          What are you debunking there if the entire beginning of March was simply choked with news about how the Ukrainian Armed Forces is concentrating its forces? Have you decided to debunk yourself? Or did they decide that all this had already been forgotten?
          Look at the date of the article:

          1. Insurgent
            Insurgent April 13 2021 17: 43
            Quote: nnm
            What are you debunking there

            Well, there he allegedly "as a local" determined that the line-up with the equipment was going "in the wrong place." request .
            This is all his "debunking".
            But in fact, "not there" may be a direction to Crimea, where dill also strengthens the grouping.
            1. nnm
              nnm April 13 2021 17: 46
              Clear. I mean, I didn’t understand that he as a whole, in fact, denies - Ukraine vied with each other to praise itself on the topic of how it is redeploying closer to the OOS and now how it will free everything in a couple of days. And when Russia responded, they immediately began to squeak about redeployment, immediately forgot about their promises to "liberate" Donbass in a couple of days ...
            2. Dimide
              Dimide April 13 2021 18: 08
              He smiled, there it turns out, from the "concentrated" Donbass to the border with Crimea, and not to Moscow right away?
          2. Dimide
            Dimide April 13 2021 17: 50
            Don't confuse soft with warm. It was your media that "whipped up", but I wrote about rotation and, using the example of a vidosik from the Dnieper, clearly proved that the train is leaving in the direction of Dniprodym, and not Donbass.
            I'm not going to prove anything to anyone anymore, it's like peas against the wall
            1. nnm
              nnm April 13 2021 17: 57
              See above. I brought you an article from ukrosmi about the transfer of your own equipment to the oos. And there are a lot of such articles. So I don’t need to pass off the particular for the general. And if you look closely, below the article itself, you will see a link to another material, where it is written how in the LPNR they are shaking with fear as you will defeat them in a couple of days.
              I'm not really interested in what you "exposed" there. I want to ask you about something else - what, the Ukrainian media vying with each other at the beginning of March did not boast about the transfer of equipment towards the OOS (without mentioning any rotation)?
              1. Dimide
                Dimide April 13 2021 18: 55
                Didn't particularly notice
                There was a planned rotation (I know from reliable sources). Then your media used a video of the movement of echelons with equipment to whip up hysteria
                Then your VIPs began to talk about the loss of sovereignty in the event of an offensive in Donbass and, as the apogee of Zakharova's statement about the loss of statehood in the event of Ukraine joining NATO
                1. Insurgent
                  Insurgent April 13 2021 19: 05
                  Quote: Dimid
                  There was a planned rotation (I know from reliable sources)

                  Again ! Where reverse movement parts "rotated", replaced with technology? BUT ?
                  You don't know how to lie ...
                  1. Dimide
                    Dimide April 13 2021 19: 28
                    For the gifted, in the video from the Dnieper, the train went from the direction of Donetsk, and not vice versa
                    And once again, I know for certain that in early March a planned rotation of at least a certain number of units began. I will not name the source, let it be OBS, so in the report and reflect
                    1. Insurgent
                      Insurgent April 14 2021 07: 17
                      Quote: Dimid
                      For the gifted, in the video from the Dnieper, the train went from the direction of Donetsk, and not vice versa

                      Well yes Yes Only the very gifted can buy into your information about the alleged "rotation", looking at a single echelon moving in an undefined direction.
                      1. Dimide
                        Dimide April 14 2021 08: 01
                        You need to use proven information so as not to get into a puddle and do not have to awkwardly make excuses.
                      2. Insurgent
                        Insurgent April 14 2021 12: 49
                        Quote: Dimid
                        You need to use proven information so as not to get into a puddle and do not have to awkwardly make excuses.

                        Well, who would say ... You are lying, and you are not making excuses.
  6. Ryazan87
    Ryazan87 April 13 2021 15: 42
    If other branches of the military have receipts of foreign equipment, or at least plans for this, then the ground forces have nothing.

    Well, this is at least extremely optimistic. There are also very important supplies: for example, modern communication facilities. The APU switched to "digital" completely, in contrast to the buildings.
    The Ukrainian army is now an order of magnitude stronger than it was in 2014.
  7. NF68
    NF68 April 13 2021 16: 21
    The Armed Forces of Ukraine, capable of equally opposing the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, is unscientific fantasy.

    If the APU- * shniki additionally put one more saucepan on their heads, they will become generally invincible!
  8. boris epstein
    boris epstein April 13 2021 16: 24
    One of the big problems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the TOTAL absence of an industry for the production of ammunition. And Soviet stocks were partially sold out, partially blown up in warehouses in Artemovsk, Balakleya, Ichnya, Novobogdanovka, Lozovaya, Malinovka, Svatovo, partially shot. Last year, the United States took money from Ukraine for this production, but so far it's not that they have not built anything, but they are not starting to build anything. Yes, there are supplies from the countries of the former Warsaw Pact participants, but this is a drop in the ocean. I think that the war itself as such is no longer needed by anyone (including the United States). You just need to keep Russia in suspense and divert its funds from economic development.
  9. From Tomsk
    From Tomsk April 13 2021 17: 17
    For the author, the title of the article does not correspond to the content (both the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the Donbass, and the conflict with Russia - all mixed up). In my opinion only svidomye think that they will fight hand-to-hand. In the event of a conflict with Russia, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will work with precision weapons, that's all.
  10. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer April 13 2021 18: 05
    I want to ask the author, when did he last see Banderaffen up close?)))
    The officers are approximately the same?))) Did you measure them with a caliper or a micrometer?))) There is nothing to compare at all. ukroSS is not an army, but a gang dressed in camouflage. The word discipline, not everyone even heard it, let alone performed it. Sending a platoon (company) commander on an erotic journey on foot is the norm. Or they can fill their muzzle. All sorts of garbage, drunks, drug addicts and other waste that have no place in normal life have dug themselves into Banderaffen. Look at BanderaSMI, not a day goes by that the heroes either did not self-destruct, or they didn’t stuff their snouts, or they didn’t kill someone (crippled). In general, there is nothing to compare. Banderaffen next to the Russian army was not even lying around.
  11. Pashhenko Nikolay
    Pashhenko Nikolay April 13 2021 18: 22
    Looking at the old zilas and shishigs on the platforms of the transferred equipment, in principle, one can imagine the general state of the military equipment of the outskirts.
  12. faterdom
    faterdom April 13 2021 19: 48
    There is also such a feature that the Russian army still does not have: epic alcoholism, which, in fact, is the cause of most of the losses incurred by the Ukrainian Armed Forces over the past five years, this is what the author for some reason calls "combat experience" ...
    Combat experience, this is in Syria, we have, and losses there are small, but - combat, no doubt.
    Not alcoholic.
    You can, of course, say: "Who does not drink" ... but this is only the one who has not seen a well-drinking army, which out of the blue every day suffers losses, both physical and moral and organizational.
  13. Financier
    Financier April 13 2021 21: 20
    Prospects for the development of the armed formations of Ukraine

    I must say bluntly, their perspective is so-so.
    1. Dante Alighieri
      Dante Alighieri April 14 2021 08: 43
      I must say bluntly, their perspective is so-so.

      I involuntarily recalled an anecdote: Man - it sounds proudly! Monkey sounds promising!

      In general, if Ukraine were a friendly state, I would certainly recommend a radical military reform, guided by the old as the world principle: "divide and rule." In particular, I would suggest dividing the Ukrainian armed forces into 2 camps, semi-isolated from each other: nat. the guard, which must be removed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and transferred to the army, as well as the rapid reaction forces, which would include all the special forces, the air force, the air defense and the fleet (what remains of it), as well as the most combat-ready (read guards) armored units and the entire rocket and barrel artillery with a caliber of 120 mm and above.

      The rapid reaction forces should be formed exclusively from contract soldiers and be at the direct disposal of the President, who, through the Minister of Defense and the General Staff, would exercise general command over them.

      Thus, the President of Ukraine could receive in operational subordination not a handful of highly motivated, but weakly armed and poorly disciplined nat. guardsmen, but a very real fighting force, with which all players in the Ukrainian political arena would have to reckon with the will - not the will.
      As for the most nat. guard then, in my understanding, it should become a grassroots, but at the same time the broadest link, formed from conscripts and officers, whose use is impossible without the approval of parliament. First of all, these should be motorized infantry units with the minimum available weapons (mainly on mtlb and wheeled vehicles), possibly with reinforced tank platoons (on the base T-64), provided with barrel artillery up to 120 mm (based on mortars ), as well as short-range army air defense (such as self-propelled systems Osa and Strela, ZSU-23-4, towed ZU-23 installations and portable missile systems). The main role of the nat. guards - a buffer through which the path of any professional soldier begins, for without service in the ranks of the nat. it is impossible for the guard to become a contract soldier and get into the presidential RRG, or enter a military school or academy. Thus, the "subordination" and "parochialism" of the armed formations would disappear, and the national guard would be used only when the interests of the state as a whole really required it, whether it be the elimination of the consequences of natural disasters or the fight against akupants. Thus, the war would become the lot of "professionals" who make their choice consciously, while ordinary citizens, having served the prescribed year and a half and not finding the strength for a feat of arms, could return to everyday life as long as the duty and Homeland will not demand the opposite.

      The organizational structure of the National Guard should be represented by the headquarters (command) of the individual military districts, the general management of which is carried out by the commander of the national. guard. The candidacy of the commander is submitted to parliament for approval by the President of Ukraine from among the current employees of the General Staff. Given the close and friendly relationship between the gene. headquarters and the President (remember, the general headquarters, exercising command of the rapid reaction forces that can be used without parliamentary sanctions, is directly subordinate to the head of state), the latter also has quite powerful tools for controlling the national guard. In addition, the President has the right to early terminate the powers of the commander of the nat. guard due to loss of confidence.
      Commander nat. the guard is authorized to convene a council of the headquarters entrusted to him. Unlike gene. of the headquarters, the council of headquarters acts on an irregular basis, and its decisions are not collegial.

      During the threatened period, with the approval of the Verkhovna Rada, the powers of the command of the nat. guard can be transferred to the general staff, and its structural elements are included in the composition and reassigned to the structures of the general staff.

      In a peaceful period, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine is responsible for coordinating joint actions between the General Staff and the National Guard (he is appointed and dismissed by the President of Ukraine).

      At the same time, it is critically important to observe the proportion of these elements, not allowing the numerical prevalence of the rapid reaction forces over the national guard. To do this, it is necessary to conduct an extremely accurate monetary policy in terms of the payment of monetary content. So, although the officer corps in both structures will have a difference in monetary allowance, however, for the rapid reaction forces, it cannot be more than 1,5 times higher than the monetary allowance for a similar position in the ranks of the National Guard (excluding combat and travel allowances). Z. p. the same contract soldier, must be spelled out in the contract and be at least ½ of the salary of junior officers.

      Such a structure, in my opinion, could not only allow observing all the nuances stipulated in Article 85 of the Constitution of Ukraine, in terms of the Rada's powers to control the armed forces, but also give the president, as supreme commander-in-chief, real leverage to counteract rabid Westerners on the one hand. and, on the other hand, to parliamentary factions encroaching on the head of state's right to pursue an original power policy.

      Moreover, a similar "division" should be carried out in relation to the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in which, in my opinion, it is also necessary to create 2 structural elements: a wide grassroots stratum represented by the people's militia (patrol services, precinct, riot police, transport police), dealing with the long-forgotten phrase in the CIS countries - crime prevention, as well as the detention of criminals, and the criminal police (Investigative Committee and Co.), investigating already committed crimes.
  14. Bongo
    Bongo April 14 2021 02: 37
    Very weak and at the tops. Dull "journalism", almost complete absence of analytics. Article minus. negative
  15. Radius
    Radius April 14 2021 04: 07
    "For any armed forces, two main things are important - the economy and personnel. With the first in Kiev it is very bad, with the second - normal" ...
    In this case, the worse with the first item, the better with the second.
  16. kytx
    kytx April 14 2021 04: 21
    Quote: boris epstein
    , partially blown up at warehouses in Artemovsk, Balakleya, Ichnya, Novobogdanovka, Lozovaya, Malinovka, Svatovo,

    oh vi make me funny! :)
    if a warehouse with a power supply is on fire, everything has been stolen from there for a long time
    1. boris epstein
      boris epstein April 14 2021 15: 00
      Nope. When the warehouse in Artyomovsk was burning, rockets from Grad flew in one direction to Kurdyumovka (this is 10 km from Artyomovsk), in the other direction to Shevchenko station (this is about 5 km from Artyomovsk). When warehouses burned in Balakleya, the residential sector also got it. In Novobogdanovka, warehouses burned THREE TIMES, in Lozovaya twice. According to your logic, specially sold back was brought back.
      1. kytx
        kytx April 16 2021 12: 57
        Dadatushki. when the warehouses under the Northern Koryaks were burning there, too, no, no hailstones flew. Only from sources that are not available I know that most of them have been exported to a non-dependent state. Do you need to put the delay somewhere? :)
        1. boris epstein
          boris epstein April 16 2021 14: 18
          And what, were Grady only in warehouses in Ukraine? Stop spam.
          1. kytx
            kytx April 16 2021 14: 35
            that is, you have no arguments other than a minus?
            1. boris epstein
              boris epstein April 16 2021 14: 43
              Are you white and fluffy? I ONLY minus the answer. The first minus was yours. And now your minus is earlier than mine. And what about us?
              And it is useless to give arguments like you. You don’t recognize it anyway.
              1. kytx
                kytx April 17 2021 02: 42
                I didn't minus
                so by
                1. boris epstein
                  boris epstein April 17 2021 15: 58
                  Let me disbelieve you like a cherry nine. He also swore and swore that he would not minus, until I applied my knowledge.
  17. astra wild2
    astra wild2 April 14 2021 10: 47
    "with a further rapid defeat" they prefer not to think about the future - It's calmer.
    In fact, the site has repeatedly flashed that they buy ammunition in: Poland, Romania, Hungary.
  18. iouris
    iouris April 14 2021 13: 27
    Personally, I am only interested in the prospects of their disbandment in the very near future and the trial of war criminals and Nazis.
  19. Cool but not Igor
    Cool but not Igor April 14 2021 18: 11
    The problem is that the situation in the Baltics, Ukraine, Syria and around the Kuriles is influenced by the same puppeteer. And the most unfavorable scenario for Russia is if this puppeteer pulls all the strings at the same time. Then the question with the dispersal of forces will come around tenfold.
  20. Oleg Shlyapin
    Oleg Shlyapin 1 May 2021 14: 51
    For any armed forces, two main things are important - economy and personnel. With the first in Kiev it is very bad, with the second - it is normal. True, "very bad with the economy" is compensated by external financing. Right now, a US bill is being considered on the annual allocation of $ 304 million for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine only through the Pentagon.

    Well, it is clear that in the understanding of the "Russians" everything can only be bad in our country. But so, for general development - the defense budget of Ukraine for 2021 is about $ 9,13 billion, directly to the Ministry of Defense of about $ 4,6 billion, for the purchase of military equipment - about $ 0,65 billion.