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"Argentine tango" of the defense industry of Russia and Buenos Aires


Mi-171E Argentine Air Force

All sorts of markets are needed, all sorts of markets are important

As you know, Russia is the second largest exporter of arms, military and special equipment in the world after the United States in terms of monetary value, and it firmly holds this place. It will not work to get the United States in the near future - we do not have so many satellites dependent on us with top-bought ones that are ready to overpay exorbitantly (yes, no matter how much sometimes) for weapon from Uncle Sam. Although it would be nice to slowly buy up the "elite" of the native countries, it is much more profitable and cheaper than buying up the sympathies of the natives themselves.

But we cannot be moved from second place either. But you can't rest on your laurels, you need to constantly look for and conquer new markets. Latin America is one of the promising markets, which until recently was completely under the United States and, to a lesser extent, under its closest allies. Russia has already entered this market for a long time. And at the moment it holds strong positions in countries such as Cuba, Venezuela (where not only our weapons, but our military and "Russian military specialists" from various PMCs are present tightly), Nicaragua, as well as Brazil, Mexico and a number of other countries ... But such a large country as Argentina is practically not covered by our Rosoboronexport.

And it cannot be said that there were no attempts - there were. About 10 years ago, 3 Mi-171E helicopters in the SAR version were sold to Argentina (rescue, in particular, additional tanks, equipment for flying over the sea, inflatable ballonets on the chassis). There were other intentions, but they did not lead to anything.

Fashionista at the helm

Then Argentina was ruled by the Peronist Cristina Elizabeth Fernandez de Kirchner, who became president after her husband, who soon died. A very unusual figure for the politics of the region. In her youth, she is a very interesting woman, who has not lost her charm both in mature and in "overripe" age, "most of all loving politics and expensive shops", according to her ("and also plastic surgery" - the Argentines are joking). Emotional, impulsive, but at the same time very cunning and calculating, like a politician.

She, in view of her striving for a position as independent from the United States as possible, has developed good relations with the Russian leadership, in particular, with V. V. Putin. Some Western media still tried to joke that “they found each other” - Putin likes to keep himself waiting, as the leader of a great nuclear power, and Kirchner is always late because he chooses makeup, jewelry and outfits, and in general, being late is the norm for a woman.

Under Christina Fernandez Kirchner, relations with Great Britain around the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands have once again worsened. First, because of the British exploration around the islands. It has long and stubbornly been asserted that there are "huge" reserves of oil and gas, but huge ones have not yet been discovered - there have been statements about the discovery of an oil field, but something has not yet grown up oil rigs. Then the British, seeking to confirm their, frankly, dubious sovereignty, held a referendum among all the several thousand British living on the islands, who, of course, voted "for" British sovereignty over the archipelago. Kirchner then spoke in the spirit that “when Russia holds a referendum in the centuries of its Crimea, and millions of locals vote“ for ”it is illegitimate. And when the British vote among a handful of descendants of immigrants from Britain, everything is fine. " Of course, dona Cristina is different, you have to understand! Any Russian liberal "with a good face", something like Gozman's, will explain to you!

Argentina then tried to buy 2 squadrons of Swedish Gripen fighters, 24 aircraft. But the British, producing a number of units for it, blocked the deal. Then Kirchner decided to buy or lease in Russia 12 or 24 Su-24M bombers, which scared the British much more than the Gripenes. "Rasp", as our Su-24M aviators have long been called, is a more than serious plane. And he proved it once again in Syria, although история with an attempt to lease began even before our entry into the war in the SAR. And this machine is exceptionally striking, and it is not difficult to guess where their main goal is (no, of course, the Argentines and the Chileans had problems, but mostly in the past). In London, we figured out the radius, including at extremely low altitudes, looked at a set of weapons, such as long-range anti-radar missiles Kh-58U / USh, Kh-31A / P / AD / PD, and, especially, tactical KR Kh-59MK with a range of slightly less than 300 km - and they really did not like it. We conducted exercises in the area of ​​the islands, temporarily deployed several Typhoon fighters there. In general, they tried to demonstrate the power, although with the naval power of the British, everything is now completely different from 40 years ago, and at that time there was not even a relatively combat-ready aircraft carrier.

Ultimately, the Su-24M deal fell through, along with Kirchner's dismissal through impeachment. As they say, inspired by pro-American circles - then in Washington they decided that they had lost too much influence south of their border. And they took a number of countermeasures that led to changes in Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil. They tried with Venezuela and Nicaragua - but completely disgraced themselves. And with Ecuador, as we can see, it also "turned out badly" in the end. They tried to put Christina Kirchner behind bars, but all the processes and accusations did not lead to anything in the end, and she came to power again, this time in the role of vice president under President Alberto Fernandez, who is with her husband and herself was the prime minister. Such a "castling" came out. And they say that Christina rules through her former prime minister, although this is not so important. In general, of course, she is a strong-willed woman who overcame the death of her husband, the fight against cancer, impeachment, courts and remains at the pinnacle of power in a very problematic country.

For the first time since the military junta, the army was remembered

What is important is that the current leadership has understood that following in line with the "valuable instructions" of the IMF leads even a rich country to a complete Ukraine. But Argentina is not rich, and has an external debt of $ 100 billion, and half of it is payment for the phony “Argentine miracle” (remember, maybe in the 90s we were lied to about it), that is, the debt of the IMF. Kirchner said last February that the country would not pay more “half a cent” to the IMF until it emerged from the recession. But, I must say, it remains unknown whether they really gave up paying their debts? There was a coronavirus in the world, and they could simply not pay attention to this.

Also Buenos Aires finally remembered that it has an army. I looked at it and realized that the austerity regime led to the fact that it would soon have to be created again from scratch. And, as they say there, in the modern world, power is becoming more and more necessary. This country is, of course, extremely far from even regional strength, but something has to be done, nevertheless.

Some measures are already being taken now, such as organizing the repair of equipment that can be repaired on their own, work on the repair and expansion of air bases and lengthening the runways on them, etc. The Boeing B737-700 was purchased for military transportation within the country and abroad, the restoration of the Hercules fleet C-130H and H-30, the modernization of 24 Skyhawk A-4 attack aircraft, and IA-63 training aircraft of local production "Pampa" and the purchase of 16 more such machines. And also the modernization of the fleet of anti-guerrilla twin-engine attack aircraft IA-58 "Pukara" under the "Pukara-Phoenix" program, which includes the replacement of engines, avionics, weapons. The first two Pukars are currently being converted into this version for testing.

Assembly of the first prototype IA-58M "Pukara-Phoenix" with new Pratt & Whitney PT6A-62 engines and other new equipment

Flying affairs

Among the urgent measures in which Russia is interested, in particular, is the renewal of the helicopter fleet. It is planned, in addition to organizing the overhaul of those three rescue Mi-171Es, to buy in Russia 5 more (3, then 2 more) similar vehicles for use with similar purposes. This contract is already, as reported by the Argentinean media and blogs (it is sometimes more difficult to find information on export contracts here than on deliveries to the RF Armed Forces - they are afraid of meanness from the United States, of course) is being signed.

By the way, with the organization of the overhaul of those three helicopters, not everything is going smoothly - due to the effect of coronavirus restrictions, the process is being delayed. Also, the Argentines expect to replenish their fleet of "more than 20-30" (exactly 20 for the ground forces and at least 20 more vehicles for the Air Force) with transport-assault helicopters, and in this capacity they are considering the Mi-171SH. Russia proposes organizing the assembly of these machines from car kits, organizing a service center that will service cars in the region (that is, opportunities to earn money) and other benefits. But these are, in general, standard mechanisms for working with clients. There is also interest in the Mi-35M2 strike.

Russia has also reportedly offered Argentina the purchase of a couple of dozen MiG-29M / M2 multifunctional light export fighters or MiG-35 and MiG-35D. Argentines have been trying to acquire new combat aircraft for a long time, but, as they say, "the Englishwoman shits." Today's Britain, of course, is not even a shadow of its past, but a piece of a shadow. But Argentina is already in a position to shit, which is what it is doing.

Buenos Aires tried to acquire the "supposedly combat" combat trainer FA-50 from South Korea (an extremely dubious option, which they decide either out of greed or despair, like the Philippines). But London blocked the deal because these planes also had British units. The same story was with the Italian "brother" of our Yak-130, M-346 "Master" - again the British interfered, although what they did not please the completely toothless and positioned, unlike the older Russian brother, as a pure "trainer", M- 346 is hard to say. Probably, they just could have done nasty things - and they did.

Some Argentinean media are lobbying for "a real combat aircraft, which will not be ashamed for a long time" - this is "Gripen-NG", they say, the Brazilians bought, we also need one. Of course, this is also not the best option, and it will be blocked again. There were options to buy, one might say, from the dump of the Israeli "Kfirs", but they are already pouring sand no less than from the "Skyhawks". Used French "Mirage-2000-5" - London again appears on the horizon and persuades Paris to refuse, because the "Mirage" has a good set of strike weapons, and on the "stolen islands" there is no normal air defense. In general, Buenos Aires became interested in the Sino-Pakistani JF-17 with Russian engines. But they are confused by the capabilities of the aircraft and the notorious quality.

Remains Russia and MiGs - we deeply do not give a damn about London's opinion, and we will not miss the opportunity to make it "nice". Moreover, the Russian ambassador to Argentina a couple of years ago quite openly supported the country's claims to the disputed islands, it is clear that under the sauce of a "diplomatic struggle for the return of sovereignty."

Considering the first version of the MiG-29SMT, the Argentines are now more inclined towards much more modern versions of the MiG. Fighters of the Su brand, obviously, are considered too expensive and heavy for a poor country, although they would be much more suitable in terms of range - Argentina is rather big. There was no talk of renting or buying the Su-24M yet, but you never know - will it still surface?

Russia offers the Argentine Armed Forces modern air defense systems, however, what the nomenclature is - the Argentines have not yet reported. We are interested there and in Russian-made electronic warfare systems and radars of various types.

Argentina is also very interested in Russian drones, starting with small Tachyon-type vehicles. They were especially interested in the Orlan-10E, and, probably, the export version of the new Orlan-30. Moreover, they are interested in the fact that the Orlans carry a huge set of reconnaissance equipment - visual, thermal imaging reconnaissance, electronic reconnaissance, jamming transmitters, target designation equipment and even light strike capabilities, which were actually implemented on the Orlans for a long time. As the Argentinean publications write, “Orlan” is well spoken of by “the military campaigns in Syria and Libya. They like the low price, simplicity, reliability, proven "Orlan", resistance to interference and even the ability to control it, including through cellular 3G / 4G communication systems, which is apparently important for the country's poor army. We are also interested there in the newest serial Orion-E (Paceman), but so far - at the level of dreams.

Armored vehicles and everything else

For the Argentine army, the issue of replacing armored vehicles is ripe. But if the question with the replacement tank TAM (which the Argentines themselves consider the average, but made on the basis of the Marder BMP, it is clearly light) is not yet on the agenda - no money has been given for this yet. Replacing self-propelled anti-tank guns SK-105 "Cuirassier" is on the agenda, but there is nothing to replace them with. But there is already a competition to replace the M113 type armored personnel carriers and a number of other obsolete armored vehicles in the army and marines. The choice will soon be made between the VCBR 6 × 6 Guarani, developed by IVECO and manufactured in Brazil; 8x8 Stryker M1126, American, of course, from GDLS; Chinese 8x8 VN-1 (export version ZBL-09) from NORINCO and our armored personnel carriers.

Russia offers a choice of either the BTR-80A, or the BTR-82A, or the more advanced BTR-82AT with a thermal imaging sight and attached armor, as well as the commander's BTR-80K and BREM-80K. The initial batch may be just over 30 vehicles, with the purchase of the next batch of approximately the same size, although the final volume of deliveries has not yet been determined. More precisely, it is planned to re-equip 3 mechanized brigades, the 9th, 10th and 11th, based in Patagonia and La Pampa, each of them requires from 200 to 300 (some strange state of the brigades, it looks more like a division ) vehicles, and 50 for the Marine Corps, which means an order from 650 to 950 vehicles, but here the country has enough money. Potentially, the chunk is quite "fatty and tasty", but it is possible that the steak will turn out to be made from soy and for vegans.

Recently, the Argentines are more inclined towards our proposal. The fact is that the Guarani, which, by and large, does not correspond to the terms of reference of the army of the country, which only wants 8x8, and the Stryker are too expensive, and even with their cross-country ability, especially the latter, they are so-so. The Chinese are cheap, about the level of our machines, but not too positive experience of operating them in the Venezuelan marines goes against him, as they somehow learned in Argentina. The Russian car has been tested in many wars. And the good indicators of the survivability of the BTR-82A during the recent episodes in Syria, also in Argentina, caused a response. In addition, I like equipping the car with a 30 mm cannon and a grenade launcher, which other participants do not offer (and if they do, the price tag will be completely, completely different). By the end of summer 2021, the results of the tender will become known.

Interesting Argentines and "Tigers-M", and a number of other wheeled armored vehicles of our production. Although there are high chances and the Brazilian licensed version of the well-known IVEKO "Lynx", which is in service in a dozen countries, including Russia. In general, as you know, in the arms business, a lot is solved through political pressure and banal corruption. So it is not known who and what will choose in the end.

One of the most "costly" proposals of the Russian defense industry complex for Buenos Aires was made for fleet... Or rather, for the submarine forces of the country's Navy. After the tragic loss of the submarine "San Juan" 3 years ago, in the search for which our reconnaissance and hydrographic ship GUGI Navy Yantar took part (it is, of course, officially hydrographic, but few people in the world believe in it), about which Argentina is well remembered.

The San Juan sistership, the TR1700 Santa Cruz, built in the mid 80s, needs to be replaced. And the boat of Project 209, built in 1973, "Salte" - and even more so. "Salta" is in reserve and is unlikely to get out of there. And "Santa Cruz" is under repair, but it is not clear whether it will ever be finished or not.

Russia offers Argentina to build a pair of the latest Amur-class submarines (export Lada pr.677 or in a modernized form - 06771) in a modification as close as possible to the Lada itself - Amur-1650. Obviously, small projects of submarines such as "Amur-950" and P-750E are unlikely to interest the country - they have an ocean, not seas and bays.

The offer is interesting, but also not cheap. And whether Buenos Aires will find money for it is a question. For the rest of the above, there would be at least. And for a long time there were a lot of production problems with the Ladas themselves. And only recently the question has moved off dead center in the right direction.

Russia also offers the country small combat boats, including the BK-10 and BK-16 assault boats from the Kalashnikov Concern. Moreover, both with boats and boats, it is proposed to arrange their assembly at national shipyards. Local shipyards have experience in assembling submarines, however, very old. But, as already mentioned, it is somehow hard to believe in a quick purchase of boats.

What will you pay with?

Argentine bloggers are also wondering, they say, how to pay for supplies of the same Russia?

And they find answers - concessions and licenses for the development of natural resources, which the country is not deprived of. For example, uranium ores or hydrocarbons. Except, of course, real money and, probably, loans.

And there are also rumors that, among other things, a basing point or PMTO of the fleet along with the airfield may be offered to pay for supplies to Russia. These are, of course, only rumors that have not been confirmed by anything. But, if you look, on the way to Antarctica, the Russian fleet needs something similar. And then suddenly again at the "Sevmorput" the propeller blade will break, and the ports of the nuclear ship will not be allowed in different countries suffering from neurasthenia.

And in light of the likely claims in the future of a number of states to revise the status of Antarctica, it will not be superfluous either. There are, of course, some plans for South Africa. Yes, and in Angola, our warships and planes are ready to receive. But this is from a completely different side of Antarctica.

Time will tell what will come out of this "Argentine tango" for Russia around the supply of weapons to this country.
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  1. Bashkirkhan
    Bashkirkhan April 12 2021 18: 10
    The Russian car has been tested in many wars. And the good indicators of the survivability of the BTR-82A during the recent episodes in Syria, also in Argentina, caused a response. 

    If Vyatkin writes this seriously, the question arises what the author smokes. These machines are outdated for a long time.
    “Russia offers Argentina to build a pair of newest submarines of the Amur type (export Lada pr.677 or in a modernized form - 06771) in a modification as close as possible to the Lada itself - Amur-1650.” And with the Ladas themselves "There have been a lot of production problems for a long time. And only recently the issue has moved off dead center in the right direction."
    And what has moved there, I would like to ask the author of the article. "Kronstadt" pr.677 has been under construction since 2005. Moreover, it is not a submarine, but an ordinary diesel-electric submarine.
    1. OgnennyiKotik
      OgnennyiKotik April 12 2021 19: 19
      Hmm ...
      A very sad comparison. Each point given by the author is a loss for a generation or a half. In fact, there is nothing to offer.
      Of the current only Mi-8/17, Su-30, S-350/400 and Pantsir. Everything else is for free or when there is no way out. This is what 20 years of stability brings.
      1. lucul
        lucul April 12 2021 20: 45
        A very sad comparison. Each point given by the author is a loss for a generation or a half. In fact, there is nothing to offer.

        Why is there nothing? Argentina has nothing at all, not even armored vehicles.
      2. Lara Croft
        Lara Croft April 12 2021 20: 52
        Quote: OgnennyiKotik
        In fact, there is nothing to offer.

        I don’t think so. The old Su-24M with anti-ship missiles will turn gray hair of the British ...
        Of the current only Mi-8/17, Su-30, S-350/400 and Pantsir.

        Yes, yes. All this has been supplied by us for a long time or relatively long ago, incl. in different "cockroach corners" of the world ... the British are angry, and the United States on the British about. Ascension is also WB ...
        Supply on the terms of the Concession of local mines, wells, etc. The very thing, before such remote PMTOs as in the South Atlantic, we probably have not yet matured, although it would be cool to have an PMTO, and the Royal Navy would have to divert part of its forces from the North Atlantic to the South ...
        Our main thing is not the military, but the economic and military presence of the Russian Federation in South America, in extreme cases, the United States, under the pressure of the British, can spit on Ukraine, limiting itself to the economic presence in it ...
        And the Argentines will feel more confident with the military presence of the RF Armed Forces on their territory and the presence of the "Argentine Express" ...
      3. bayard
        bayard April 13 2021 06: 08
        Quote: OgnennyiKotik
        In fact, there is nothing to offer.
        Of the current only Mi-8/17, Su-30, S-350/400 and Pantsir. Everything else is for free or when there is no way out. This is what 20 years of stability brings.

        There is more to offer, but Argentina is not capable of paying for everything. But proposals with concessions and mines are interesting. You can also marble beef - for army stew - that's it. Yes, at least where-have already tried.
        Of the weapons, in addition to the BTR-82A, you can offer the upgraded BMP-1 with 30 mm. combat module - cheap, cheerful, practical, and BMP-2. This is a very good offer for them.
        And also T-62 and T-72 tanks from storage bases and with overhaul / modernization at will - also cheap and cheerful.
        In aviation (combat), in general, the full spectrum - from helicopters to combat fighters and combat training Yak-130.
        And service centers (not only for aviation), so that other countries in the region can repair equipment, and therefore sell it to us.
        And the PMTO base will not be superfluous, especially if our fishing fleets reappear in those waters ... which must be protected.
        You need to look at the questions comprehensively. If we provide Argentina with our market to equalize the trade balance, then it is quite possible to switch to trade in national currencies - through the SWAP. And for our economy, Argentina may be interesting not only as a market for weapons and mines, but also as a sales market for quite civilian products. I remember that both Argentina and Brazil were interested in our power equipment for hydroelectric and thermal power plants - turbines of both types up to turnkey construction ... or for joint operation.
        Now stirring is again resumed with the creation of the Eurasian Union. And Argentina can be offered to become a partner country. Trading partner with the opening of markets is mutual. This will revive trade, and hence the economy.
        And with the revived economy, they will buy more weapons.
        We have .
      4. yehat2
        yehat2 April 14 2021 14: 11
        understand a simple thing - Argentina is rebuilding the Armed Forces almost from scratch.
        They need to build something capable of fighting for little money.
        No one, except for the Russian Federation, can do better with modifications of old Soviet designs.
        Even China. And you need to use this by expanding any trade turnover.
        After all, one of the main weaknesses of the Russian Federation is narrow sales markets and the same suppliers. We have become small and it suffocates us. And Argentina has a lot to offer.
        At one time, they helped the USSR out a lot when trying to embargo the United States with their supplies.
        It is worth developing cooperation.
        1. OgnennyiKotik
          OgnennyiKotik April 14 2021 14: 32
          Why do they need the old Soviet? They already have a lot of old junk. They will go broke on spare parts if they are driven out of Russia. We need inexpensive, but modern technology. MRAP, medium tracked vehicles, combat training aircraft, light helicopters. We have none of this. China will be able to supply all this, locate production with them and find how to recoup the investment.
          The potential of Soviet technology has ended, even modernization is no longer interesting to anyone. Free only.
          1. yehat2
            yehat2 April 14 2021 14: 39
            Quote: OgnennyiKotik
            The potential of Soviet technology has ended

            why do you think so?
            as an example, take the operation of helicopters in the mountains of Afghanistan
            nothing was better than ours. And Argentina is full of mountains.
            take the operation of technology in Iraq. They are happy there.
            The Saudis are happy not only to buy some of our equipment, but also to invest in modernization. This is how the Shell appeared. so your negativity is at least strange.
            Indeed, some of the technology is outdated. But we are capable of delivering cheap armored personnel carriers.
            Foreign counterparts at the same price are no better.
            And about spare parts is just ridiculous. The Argentines can make a wheel from an armored personnel carrier or a sheet of armor themselves. We are not planning to supply an air division there, spare parts from which will really come out expensive.
    2. lucul
      lucul April 12 2021 20: 48
      If Vyatkin writes this seriously, the question arises what the author smokes. These machines are outdated for a long time.

      You can offer 6 pieces of Varshavyanka - for Argentina this is simply a must have.
  2. Eldorado
    Eldorado April 12 2021 18: 21
    Almost all of the text is the author's fantasy.
    1. SovAr238A
      SovAr238A April 13 2021 18: 48
      Quote: El Dorado
      Almost all of the text is the author's fantasy.

      Similar impressions.
      Really dreams.

      And not related to realities.
  3. iouris
    iouris April 12 2021 18: 38
    Wish all dreams come true ... or dreams?
    1. paco.soto
      paco.soto April 12 2021 20: 40
      Wish all dreams come true ... or dreams?
      Reply © ©
      Dreams. Now I will leave a comment myself.
  4. Holuay T.O
    Holuay T.O April 12 2021 18: 47
    The author is ridiculous in comparing the Grippen and the SU24 ... The Grippen fighter actually has the function of a bomber
    1. yehat2
      yehat2 April 14 2021 14: 14
      The flu at such a distance from the continent is rather nominally a fighter - it is more of a strike and patrol aircraft. Therefore, the comparison is correct.
  5. donavi49
    donavi49 April 12 2021 18: 49
    JF-17. But they are confused by the capabilities of the aircraft and the notorious quality.

    The possibilities are normal there, the Chinese have made relatively cheap bombs, and he also out of the box supports the Murikan Mk-82, which Argentina has entire warehouses. And he also carries 2 Exocets, which the Argentines respect very much, or Chinese improved versions of the C-803. And he also works out of the box with the Sidewiders, which Argentina has a wagon and a couple of carts, but old ones, but still there. Well, you can buy new ones.

    FA-50 from South Korea (an extremely dubious option, which they decide on either from greed or from despair, like the Philippines)

    Normal option. A single-engine, lightweight, multifunctional aircraft - like a Swiss knife. Radar up to AFAR. By air, support for AIM-120C5 + in the FA version out of the box. Everything is on the ground, from NARs to all sorts of planning small-caliber guided bombs. And the container is also hung up. All this on an engine with a wild resource (twice from RD-33).

    If anything, the FA-50 and Thunder are now the only finalists in the tender for 18 aircraft for Malaysia. And even the Hornets bought this palm superpower. And she was actively asking the West about 18-22 modern IFIs. And they bought Sushki not as Indonesians - primitive Komsomol aircraft, but normal aircraft from Irkut with Bars and UHT.

  6. svp67
    svp67 April 12 2021 18: 57
    What will you pay with?
    Well, in particular, the supply of beef meat ...
    1. Polite Moose
      Polite Moose April 12 2021 19: 40
      Quote: svp67
      Well, in particular, the supply of beef meat ...

      You can also take the players.
      1. mvg
        mvg April 12 2021 21: 04
        Nobody really started playing: Parejo, Paredes are an exception.
    2. lucul
      lucul April 12 2021 20: 52
      What will you pay with?

      It is possible to rent the Falklands from Argentina, for our naval base, I think the Argentines would not refuse. )))
      1. SovAr238A
        SovAr238A April 13 2021 18: 53
        Quote: lucul
        What will you pay with?

        It is possible to rent the Falklands from Argentina, for our naval base, I think the Argentines would not refuse. )))

        What are you going to do with the British?
    3. CommanderDIVA
      CommanderDIVA April 12 2021 20: 58
      Basically, in Russia, Argentine buffalo meat is found
    4. SovAr238A
      SovAr238A April 13 2021 18: 52
      Quote: svp67
      What will you pay with?
      Well, in particular, the supply of beef meat ...

      Quality Argentine beef has a market value of twice or even three times ours.
      It is at this price that it is bought all over the world.

      So why do we need beef twice as expensive. if 80% of our citizens have never eaten steaks. fried as is customary in the world ...
      And they will not eat.
      1. yehat2
        yehat2 April 14 2021 14: 44
        Quote: SovAr238A
        So why do we need beef twice as expensive

        because if our guys feel a monopoly, they will charge 4 times more.
        In addition, the reserve for purchases is never superfluous. And to deliver meat to Novorossiysk or St. Petersburg or to Khabarovsk is relatively inexpensive. Not more expensive than taking it from Khakassia or Mongolia.
        1. SovAr238A
          SovAr238A April 14 2021 20: 00
          Quote: yehat2
          Quote: SovAr238A
          So why do we need beef twice as expensive

          because if our guys feel a monopoly, they will charge 4 times more.

          Meat is the same exchange product.
          If they "charge ours" - then there will always be those who will bring from over the hill, cheaper than ours.
          1. yehat2
            yehat2 April 15 2021 09: 22
            the problem is the reliability and stability of such supplies, as well as environmental friendliness.
            the same Poles or the USA can cancel the delivery at any time.
    5. yehat2
      yehat2 April 14 2021 14: 20
      Argentina is an agricultural country. The ability to diversify the supply of products from there is not a very bad strategic bonus. In addition to meat, they can supply durum wheat, cotton, leather for light industry, resources for pharmacology, fish, and much more.
      There is another bonus - the more South America is positively involved in the turnover with the Russian Federation, the easier and stronger the position of our economy, the easier it is to conclude contracts, the simpler the logistics, the greater the influence.
      And as the author wrote, a possible logistics center in conditions of friendly neutrality is also valuable for our country. This has also become in demand lately.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav April 12 2021 20: 46
    Americans will not let us into South America, and Latinos themselves do not burn friendship with the Russian Federation
  10. paco.soto
    paco.soto April 12 2021 20: 47
    Neutral opinion: read the post and forum. Thanks to the commentators! - Until "our Petrosyans came running" - I just read it with interest.
    To the author, as it were, my wish: please write
    henceforth articles in "style - how men talk, and not how ..."
  11. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA April 12 2021 20: 58
    From the economic point of view, the export power of the military-industrial complex of the PRC is somehow underestimated in the article, the Chinese, due to cheaper analogs, will push us out of second place, it's a matter of time, look what they have been doing with their Navy in the last 10 years.
    From the point of view of politics, South America has always been the backyard of the United States, and given the instability of political regimes in this part of the world, it makes no sense for us to seriously invest in military-technical cooperation with Argentina, the Americans are stupidly organizing a coup and our investments will be lost, and the country is poor, if is fixed in South America, then only in Venezuela, Nicaragua (hello to the Sandinistas) and traditionally in Cuba, well, in fact, what ours are doing
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 April 12 2021 21: 28
      Once upon a time Argentina was considered one of the richest and most successful countries in the world and the richest and most developed country in South America.
  12. Basarev
    Basarev April 12 2021 21: 08
    I foresee that there will be a non-repayable loan again. There is nothing to do in those poor countries of Russia. You only need to trade with the rich, who are able to shell out the entire required amount at a click. And there should be only colonial treaties with nothing, when, in addition to money, there is a right to resources, market share and other nishtyaks that are guaranteed to bring a profit in excess of all investments. Trading should only be profitable in one direction, because it is a zero-sum game.
  13. Pavel57
    Pavel57 April 12 2021 23: 49
    If you wanted to take the Italian, then you can take the Yak-130 in a combat training version.
    1. OgnennyiKotik
      OgnennyiKotik April 13 2021 00: 01
      When the radar with AFAR is delivered and the engine resource is at least half that of Honeywell, then they will be able to compete.
  14. Pavel57
    Pavel57 April 12 2021 23: 51
    Quote: Basarev
    Trading should be profitable in one direction only, because it is a zero-sum game.

    Trade + politics is more complex arithmetic - multidimensional.
  15. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh April 13 2021 17: 06
    Argentina is constantly on the verge of bankruptcy.
    A classic example of the gradual degradation of a country focused on natural
    resources. Including endless pastures and countless herds of cows.

    I am ready to take any military equipment, but on a loan.