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What awaits the Bundeswehr after Merkel leaves the post of chancellor: reflections on the prospects of the German army


According to the decision of the German government, military spending will grow by more than 2 billion euros in 2022. Instead of 46,93 billion euros in 2021, it is planned to spend 49,29 billion euros on defense next year. According to the German government, by increasing defense spending, the country can solve most of the programs for the modernization of its armed forces.

By the way, just 6 years ago, in 2015, defense spending in Germany was only 33 billion euros. Thus, in recent years, the increase in military spending has been quite significant, but at the same time Germany still fails to solve the issue of financial support for the modernization of the Bundeswehr.

Modernization of the Bundeswehr: reasons and obstacles

It is precisely the lack of funding that is one of the main reasons for the slowdown in the pace of military modernization. Firstly, many of Berlin's military projects are really expensive in cost, such as the Puma or Eurofighter BMP project. Secondly, the costs of routine maintenance of military equipment and equipment are growing. Third, personnel costs inevitably rise.

It is worth noting that over the past few years, the Bundeswehr has grown from 177 to 000 troops. For Germany, 184 "additional" soldiers is a lot, given the high costs of their maintenance and training. Moreover, these figures are not the limit for the growth of the personnel of the German army. For example, after rebuilding the short-range air defense system from scratch, there was a need for an additional 000 troops.

But despite the increase in the number of personnel, the Bundeswehr continues to experience serious problems - both with equipment and with manning. So, the newspaper Die Welt once wrote about the big problems in the field of logistics of land units: in 2018, in the 9th tank to a brigade of 44 Leopard 2 tanks, only 9 vehicles were on the move, out of 14 Marder tracked infantry fighting vehicles, only 3 vehicles. A similar situation is in other units and divisions of the Bundeswehr.

However, what to say about technology, if last year the newspaper Deutsche Welle reported a shortage of shoes for army units. The Ministry of Defense was supposed to complete the supply of the required number of boots to the troops by the end of 2020, but due to financial and organizational difficulties, it was decided to extend the program until mid-2022. So the modern German soldier is also barefoot: while the army needs 360 thousand pairs of boots, it now has only about 200 thousand pairs of boots.

Now - about recruiting: there is a huge shortfall in the units of the Bundeswehr. So, in the technical subdivisions of the Air Force, the staffing level is only 53%, in the artillery 30% of the positions of non-commissioned officers are vacant. This was announced a year ago by the Bundestag's representative for the armed forces, Hans-Peter Bartels. The prestige of military service remains low, so many foreign migrants and persons with dual citizenship serve in the army, which is also unlikely to have a positive effect on the combat capability of the Bundeswehr.

Parliamentary elections will decide the fate of military modernization

Meanwhile, parliamentary elections will be held in Germany as early as September 2021. With almost one hundred percent probability, not only will Angela Merkel leave the post of German Chancellor, but her CDU / CSU party will no longer be able to secure a majority for itself.

By the way, it is the CDU / CSU, as well as the liberals from the FDP and right-wing radicals, who are the main lobbyists for increasing defense spending. At the same time, right-wing radicals, while advocating an increase in the military budget, at the same time advocate close cooperation with Russia, which is contrary to the position of the FRG's allies in the North Atlantic Alliance.

The position of the left, including the SPD and the Greens, is much more skeptical of Germany's military spending. Traditionally, both the Left and the Greens have advocated cutting military spending and demilitarizing Germany.

Thus, the future of the Bundeswehr is very much dependent on the outcome of the September 2021 parliamentary elections. If the CDU / CSU manages to maintain a dominant position in German politics, then defense spending will remain the same or even increase, as Christian Democrats aim to further increase the power of the armed forces and increase the number of personnel.

The victory of the Social Democrats or the Greens will inevitably turn into a slowdown in the modernization processes for the Bundeswehr: the left is very likely to cut defense spending, and also try to stop a number of expensive defense projects. But abandoning modernization programs could be costly for the German army.

Even now, during the reign of Angela Merkel, rising defense spending was primarily directed to the implementation of expensive projects in the field of naval fleet or aviation, while the ground forces as a whole remained in the background, although it was they who played and are playing, due to the geographical position of the FRG, the main role in ensuring its defense capability.

Therefore, Berlin has tried in recent years to increase defense spending, but the parliamentary elections, with their still unpredictable results, could lead to a long hiatus in the implementation of ambitious plans to re-equip and increase the number of personnel of the German armed forces. What awaits the Bundeswehr after the departure of the government of Angela Merkel will become clear only after the parliamentary elections.
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  1. Holuay T.O
    Holuay T.O April 1 2021 13: 23
    Their army is so-so, it is noticeably inferior in organizational terms to the Swedish and especially the Finnish army, which is strange
    But the KSK special forces are the third in Europe after the English and Belgian
    1. infantryman2020
      infantryman2020 April 1 2021 16: 36
      ... unless it was recently broken up ...
      1. dSK
        dSK April 1 2021 19: 24
        US Department of Defense lifted ban previous presidential administration to serve in the military (Sun) USA transgender.
        - Will the FRG army follow the example of the NATO chief to ensure replenishment ...
  2. New Year day
    New Year day April 1 2021 13: 41
    What will happen after Merkel, she will not be, and what will be unclear. But what's not better is a fact
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 April 1 2021 14: 01
    What awaits the Bundeswehr after Merkel leaves the post of chancellor: reflections on the prospects of the German army
    ... Eck swooped .... there and with the elections there is still a whole business to be done!
    However, coffee grounds are always at hand, you can throw a coin or chicken powder ... the main thing is to find the blackest rooster ... or a chicken!
    1. cniza
      cniza April 1 2021 17: 09
      There the main rooster is striped and he will not tolerate a second in this hen house ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 April 1 2021 18: 59
        Yes ... that's why they don't listen to the Gali cockerel at all .... but the fru kluche, she wanted to retire, so they want to shove her into the soup, she has no time for cockerels at all!
        1. cniza
          cniza April 1 2021 20: 49
          Galsky is generally resting, he will not even be allowed on the doorstep ... but Europe must wake up ...
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 April 2 2021 08: 02
            Quote: cniza
            but Europe must wake up ...

            Geyropu was heavily carried in that direction and only extraordinary events can turn her back!
            1. cniza
              cniza April 2 2021 12: 05
              Good time ! hi

              Well then, their Muslims will simply oust them and they will cease to exist ...
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 April 2 2021 12: 15
                In vain their mooter said that they can handle it .... oh, how not sweet it will be to everyone who believed her!
                Anyway, they themselves, themselves got into it!
                1. cniza
                  cniza April 2 2021 12: 22
                  Sometimes it seems to me that they do not understand what is happening ...
                  1. rocket757
                    rocket757 April 2 2021 12: 27
                    German ordrung, backed up by exhortations from the mooter ...
                    In the rest of the gamerope it is very different, but the Brussels bureaucracy brushes everyone with the same brush!
                    1. cniza
                      cniza April 2 2021 12: 43
                      If they continue in the same spirit, then very soon they will become unwelcome guests there and the Muslims will ask them to leave, or ...
                      1. rocket757
                        rocket757 April 2 2021 13: 06
                        Well, yes, there is no smell of assimilation ... or rather, what the emigrants will remake geyrope for themselves !!! I don’t think it will make us very happy.
                      2. cniza
                        cniza April 2 2021 13: 07
                        We cannot allow this to happen, just how ...
                      3. rocket757
                        rocket757 April 2 2021 13: 24
                        Well, yes, the gayropean caliphate, the neighborhood is not pleasant ... you will have to fence off as in the toughest times ... swam, we know.
                      4. cniza
                        cniza April 2 2021 13: 35
                        And some who dream of throwing this muck on us ...
                      5. rocket757
                        rocket757 April 2 2021 13: 46
                        We will wait for the citizens of those countries to scream ... come to us and set us free !!! This, too, cannot be ruled out.
                      6. cniza
                        cniza April 2 2021 17: 02
                        I have the impression that everything is going exactly to this ...
                2. Klingon
                  Klingon April 2 2021 16: 09
                  and so that the party of ADG (AFD) would come to power, if not strange, these did not really want to let the bearded migrancho go to Germany. Only the chances of being chosen are not very good.
  • Niko
    Niko April 1 2021 14: 14
    All this actually says that NOBODY in Germany is going to fight. The budget increase is taking place under enormous pressure from the states, and, unfortunately, German politicians cannot yet afford to send an "ally" directly.
  • Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko April 1 2021 14: 55
    What awaits the Bundeswehr after Merkel leaves the post of chancellor: reflections on the prospects of the German army
    will become clear only after the parliamentary elections.
  • NF68
    NF68 April 1 2021 16: 15
    But the Bundeswehr always had enough money for bureaucrats wiping their pants.
  • knn54
    knn54 April 1 2021 16: 43
    "Is there life on Mars, is there life on Mars."
    But a moratorium on SV-2 should be expected from a potential receiver.
  • Lister
    Lister April 1 2021 17: 00
    What awaits the Bundeswehr after Merkel leaves the post of chancellor

    I think the "fuhrer in a skirt" to leave while is not going to. Well, if he leaves, then who knows how it will be in the Bundeswehr ...
  • cniza
    cniza April 1 2021 17: 07
    What awaits the Bundeswehr after the departure of the government of Angela Merkel will become clear only after the parliamentary elections.

    The United States will not allow the creation of a combat-ready army, never ...
  • Undecim
    Undecim April 1 2021 18: 26
    Another publication about nothing. Where is the Bundeswehr, and where the author is Polonsky. He could just as well write an article about the prospects of the Sinta Larga tribe in the event of the death of the leader of the Eyes of Cayman.
  • Fisherman
    Fisherman April 1 2021 21: 47
    How is it "what's in store"? The Yankees are leaving Afgan, the Bundes need to increase their HP guarding poppy plantations!
  • iouris
    iouris April 2 2021 10: 55
    The problem is that the potential of the Bundeswehr can grow very quickly.
  • 1536
    1536 April 2 2021 15: 41
    Most likely, the Bundeswehr will follow the path of training and participation of military personnel in police operations, and, as a result, an increase in their number, the development of appropriate skills among soldiers and commanders, and mastery of equipment and technologies corresponding to such tasks, including in the field of psychological warfare. The question is, where will the FRG military forces be used? First of all, to maintain order within the country, when a situation of mistrust in the internal affairs bodies arises among German citizens. However, with a certain development of events, which is probably assumed, the FRG army will be involved in providing and supporting the occupation administrations on the territory of some states, which these events will affect or will be organized, including by secret units of the German army.
    Are there many people left in Russia today who believe it is correct that in 1990 the absorption of the GDR took place, as well as the withdrawal of Russian troops from Europe?
  • Klingon
    Klingon April 2 2021 16: 11
    Quote: rocket757
    Well, yes, the gayropean caliphate, the neighborhood is not pleasant ... you will have to fence off as in the toughest times ... swam, we know.

    there will be no caliphate. Germany is still full of Russians and Russian-Germans