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Modern Ndrangheta

Modern Ndrangheta
Arrested member of the Ndrangheta

Today we will continue the story started in the article Calabrian Ndrangheta... Let's talk about clan wars, Calabrian families outside Italy, the state of affairs in modern Ndrangheta.

"The first war of the Ndrangheta"

By the early 70s, the most authoritative in Calabria were the three "families", the heads of which were reverently called Padrino ("father").

The first of them, led by Domenico Tripodo, controlled the city of Reggio di Calabrio. Domenico was considered a friend of Salvatore Riina, the head of the Sicilian Corleonesi clan.

Domenico Tripodo

The second was "held in hand" by Siderno, headed by Antonio Macri.

Antonio Macri

The "possession" of the third family (capobastone - Girolamo Pyromalli, nicknamed Mommo) was the port city of Gioia Tauro, the largest port in Italy in terms of container traffic.

Girolamo Piromalli, March 1973

In 1974, the "war" (faid) began, in which the Tripodo and Macri clans opposed the Pyromalli clan and the De Stefano "family" allied to him (which had grown stronger after the union with Ndrina Cataldo from Locri). The reason was the conflict of interest around the contracts for the reconstruction of the port of Joya Tauro. The heads of the allied clans Girolamo Piromalli and Giorgio De Stefano believed that they themselves would cope with all these matters perfectly, and their respected "colleagues" had nothing to worry about. However, the neighbors believed that "there is enough for everyone", and indeed, being greedy is bad, "it is necessary to share."

This faid entered history called "The First War of the Ndrangheta" and lasted until 1977. The victims were 233 people, including several police officers.

Initially, success was accompanied by the "Don" people of Reggio di Calabrio and Siderno: the head of the De Stefano clan, Giorgio, was wounded and his brother Giovanni was killed. But in 1975, De Stefano's men shot and killed Antonio Macri (among the "killers" was the future drug king Ndrangheta Pasquale Condello, who was mentioned in the last article - Calabrian Ndrangheta).

And Domenico Tripodi, who was serving time in Poggio Reale prison, was killed by the Closed Skies activists Raffaele Cutolo (who was described in the article New Camorra and Sacra Corona Unita structures). The services of his Camorrists, Cutolo estimated at 100 million lire, but it was worth it: Reggio di Calabrio came under the control of the De Stefano clan. It was the Pyromalli and De Stefano clans who later initiated the creation of "La Santa" - the internal organization of the Ndrangheta, which was described in the article Calabrian Ndrangheta.

Giorgio De Stefano did not enjoy success for long: in 1977, he was killed by members of their clan, who then theatrically presented a silver dish with his head to the new capobastone - Paolo.

Paolo de stefano

"The second war of the Ndrangheta"

Paolo De Stefano was killed in 1985 when a new "faid" ("Second War of the Ndrangheta") began - this time with the "family" of Imerti. This "war" ended only in 1991, more than 700 people became its victims. Sicilian mafiosi acted as intermediaries in the conclusion of the "peace treaty".

Girolamo Piromalli died a natural death in 1979 and more than 6 thousand people attended his funeral.

Ndrangheta's new business

In the 80s, some of the Ndrangheta families took part in the smuggling of nuclear waste from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France and even the United States to Somalia, where illegal burials of radioactive materials were arranged. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, Ndrangheta began to buy weapon on the territory of the former republics, reselling it both in Europe and abroad.

Shooting in Duisburg

The Calabrian "family" of Strandzha-Nirta "became famous" in the German city of Duisburg. Here, outside the Italian restaurant Da Bruno, on May 17, 2007, her Picciotto d'onore was killed by six people belonging to the rival Pelle-Votari clan. At the place of the execution, an image of the Archangel Michael was found (you remember that he is considered the patron saint of the Ndrangheta).

These were echoes of a clan war that began in the Calabrian city of San Luca back in 1991. In 2000, a truce was concluded through the mediation of the leaders of the De Stefano "family", which was broken in 2005. Before the shooting in Duisburg in Calabria, 5 people were killed and 8 injured.

The crime in Duisburg caused such a resonance that investigators from Italy and the Netherlands joined in the investigation of this case. In 2008, the heads of the opposing clans - Antonio Pelle and Giuseppe Nirta were found and arrested in Italy.

Arrest of Antonio Pelle. We remember that he was the "evangelist" and the head of "Santa"

Arrested Giuseppe Nirta

In March 2009, in one of the suburbs of Amsterdam (Diemen), Giovanni Strandzhi, one of the murderers of his clan, who shot rivals in Duisburg, was arrested. Prior to this crime, by the way, he was the manager of the "Tonis-Pizza" company in the German city of Karst.

Giovanni Strandji

This "war" was stopped with the mediation of Antonio Nirta (previously he also mediated peace between the Imerti and De Stefano families), who was nicknamed "clan diplomat" and "mafia mediator" for his services as a negotiator.

Antonio Nirta

The last war of the Ndrangheta

In 2008, the last known war of the Calabrian clans began, in which 9 "families" took part. During this faid, several hundred people died, and it ended only in 2013 - after a series of police operations that drained the howling clans.

Calabrian Ndrins outside Italy

On the initiative of Antonio Nirta, already known to us, new structural units of the Ndrangheta were created - "Crimine i provincia". And in 1991 Calabria was divided into 3 territories: La Piana, La Montagna, La Citta. Then they were joined by the "provinces" "Liguria", "Lombardy" and "Canada". Some also speak of the "province of Australia".

Crimine i provincia

In 1933, the ndrina Serraino Di Giovine was practically destroyed by the authorities in Reggio di Calabrio. The remnants of the family moved to Milan in 1960, taking control of the area around Piazza Prealpi. The "Refugees" were headed by Maria Serrano. Under her leadership, the new ndrina began smuggling cigarettes, buying and reselling stolen property. And in the 1970s, this "family" "matured" already to the arms and drug trade. Maria's son, Emilio Di Giovine, founded the "family" branch in Spain, taking over drugs from Morocco to England and from Colombia to Milan.

In Canada, the first Calabrian ndrins were recorded back in 1911 - in the cities of Hamilton and Ontario. Some members of the aforementioned Macri clan, after their defeat in the Faida, also fled to Canada, where they founded a new and very successful branch of their "family" in Toronto. In this country, Calabrian families actively cooperate with cross-border Indian tribes in the supply of drugs.

The Calabrian ndrins also reached Australia, where they first declared themselves in Queensland - it is in this city and in its vicinity that many Italian emigrants traditionally live. Here, after the murder of policeman James Clarke in December 1925, Australia's first high-profile trial of members of the Ndrangheta took place. The main defendant, Domenico Candello, was then acquitted, which caused violent indignation among the public in Queensland. And in 1989, in Canberra, even Australian Federal Police Deputy Colin Winchester was killed by members of the Ndrangheta.

In June 2008, a 150 kg consignment of cocaine was seized at the port of Melbourne. In August of the same year, a shipment of 15 million ecstasy tablets was arrested here from Calabria in containers with cans of canned tomatoes.

Ecstasy pills in tomato cans

These shipments belonged to Ndrina Barbaro, part of a Calabrian clan based in the Plati commune, nicknamed in Italy the "Cradle of Abductions".
Immigrants from other Calabrian "families" settled in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, USA, Colombia and some other countries.

Luigio Bonaventura, one of the members of the Ndrangheta who went to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, argued in his testimony that two or three people are enough to found a new ndrina, who very soon organize a full-fledged separation of their family. He also reported that the Calabrian clans:

“They keep money in Switzerland, they own luxury villas on the French Riviera, control ports in Holland and Belgium, control drug traffic in the Balkans, and invest in the tourism sector in Bulgaria. It is easy to understand in which direction the Ndrangheta is developing, it is enough to follow where you can earn more. "

In an interview, the head of the German Federal Police Service Jörg Cirke said:

“Half of the criminal groups identified in Germany belong to the Ndrangheta. It is the largest criminal group since the 1980s. Compared to other groups operating in Germany, Italians have the most powerful organization. "

In 2009, 229 Calabrian ndrins were counted in Germany, the largest of which consisted of about 200 people (these were just people from the already familiar city of San Luca).

The ndrin positions are very strong in the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Brussels. In Malta, the Calabrians owned 21 gambling houses, whose activities were suspended in 2016 after it turned out that Lawrence Gonzi, the son of the former Prime Minister of this island state, actively collaborated with Ndrangheta.

Comfortable bunkers in Calabria

From the article Camorra: myths and reality we remember that many Neapolitan gang leaders live in poor areas of this city. And the Calabrian "dons", whose financial interests extend to the territory of more than 30 countries, often continue to live in their native villages. Here they have equipped comfortable bunkers for themselves, the entrance to which can begin in the basement of a poor house, in a mountain cave, or in an orange grove on some hill.

Italian police at the entrance to one of Ndragneta's bunkers, May 2011

Entrance to one of the Ndrangheta bunkers, found in January 2016

In one of these bunkers, Giuseppe Aquino, the head of ndrina Coluccio, who controlled the city of Marina di Giosa Ionica, was hiding from the police for more than 2 years.

Arrest of Giuseppe Aquino

In an underground bunker that looks like a five-star hotel room, Antonio Pelle, the head of the Votari clan, whom we mentioned when we talked about the shooting of his subordinates in Duisburg, was discovered and arrested.

Also in a bunker located in the Calabrian village of Benestar, another leader of this clan, Santo Votari, was discovered.

But the “underground fortress” of the already mentioned Barbaro clan in the Calabrian commune of Plati was especially shocked by the imagination of the police: its tunnels had many exits to city houses and to the forest, and some of them were so wide that a truck could pass through them.

Modern Ndrangheta

Currently, the bosses of the Ndrangheta strive to look respectable and socially responsible businessmen. They reasoned sensibly that high-profile violent actions and executions attract the attention of both the authorities and journalists, while big money "likes silence." Weapons are now deployed in the most extreme cases. New wars instead of killers are now increasingly being waged by no less cruel and merciless lawyers and lawyers.

The effectiveness of the "business models" of modern Ndrangheta is such that one of its bosses, Francesco Raji, after being arrested, accused the Italian government of increasing the number of unemployed and poor people in the country. He stated that

"The Italian state demonstrates its inability to put things in order in the sphere of the national economy and social projects."

As an example of inadequate economic policy of the state, he cited the situation in the capital of Campania:

"What was the cost of the stubbornness of the authorities of Naples, who did not want to make concessions to businessmen and, thus, turned the city into one big trash heap?"

Raji was referring to one of the protracted "garbage wars" of the city halls of Naples and Camorra, which controlled the collection and disposal of garbage in this city.

A little bit about "garbage wars" was told in the article. New Camorra and Sacra Corona Unita structures.
Calabria is a different matter, said Raji:

"In the territories controlled by us (Ndrangheta), we have solved the problem of poverty and unemployment."

And he offered the government a "mutually beneficial alliance", help Ndrangheta in the implementation of economic and social programs. Of course, the Italian authorities did not agree to cooperate with a criminal "mafia-type organization" (this is the official wording applied to the Ndrangheta since March 30, 2010). Moreover, this country has now made great strides in the fight against organized crime.

Back in 1991, an anti-mafia law was passed in Italy, thanks to which, by 2013, 58 administrations were disbanded in different cities of Italy - mainly in Calabria, but also in Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria.

So, on October 9, 2012, on charges of having links with Ndrangheta, the city council of Reggio Calabria was dissolved - 30 people, headed by the mayor of the city.

In June 2014, Pope Francis visited the Calabrian town of Cassano al Ionio. Among other things, he excommunicated members of the local families of the Ndrangheta from the Church - all in a crowd, without specifying their names and addresses: apparently, he decided that they were already known to God.
In 2017, the mayors of the cities of Avetrana (Apulia) and Erquie (province of Salerno) were arrested for cooperation with Ndrangheta.

On January 9, 2018, 169 representatives of the Calabrian clans Farao and Marincola were arrested during a joint operation by Italian and German law enforcement agencies. According to the investigation, the Calabrians forced the owners of German hotels, restaurants, pizzerias and ice cream parlors to make purchases in Italian companies controlled by them. In Italy itself, the Farao clan owned bakeries, vineyards, olive groves, and also controlled the funeral services market, self-service laundries, plastic processing plants and even shipyards.

In the same year, a joint operation was carried out by police officers from Belgium, the Netherlands and Colombia, during which 90 Calabrians were arrested, led by a representative of the already known Pelle-Votari clan - Giuseppe.

Arrest of Giuseppe Pelle

Finally, on January 13, 2021, in the Calabrian city of Lamezia Terme, an online trial began against the arrested members of the Calabrian Mancuso clan, whose sphere of influence is the province of Vibo Valentia.

Online court hearing in Lamezia Terme, 13 January 2021

This trial even got its own name - "Renaissance". One of the organizers of this process, prosecutor Nikola Gratteri, has been living under state protection for over 30 years.

Prosecutor Nikola Gratteri

The number of defendants in this trial is 355 people, including the head of the clan, Luigi Mancuso. Other defendants include a city police chief, a former senator, regional politicians, lawyers, and businessmen. Most of them were arrested in Italy, others in Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria. Some of those arrested are members of the Sicilian Mafia and the Apulian Sacra Corona Unita.

It is curious that a member of one of the Ndrangheta clans was the father of the famous Italian footballer Vincenze Iaquinta, the 2006 world champion (40 caps for the national team). Giuseppe Iaquinta received 19 years in prison, and Vincente was sentenced on October 31, 2018 to two years in prison for illegal possession of firearms.

Vincenzo Iaquinta

And in March 2021, there was a message about the arrest of 56-year-old Nella Serpa, nicknamed "Blonde", who led one of the Ndrangheta clans since 2003 - after the death of her brother. Together with her, 58 of her subordinates were arrested. Earlier, 250 members of the same clan were detained.

However, there is still a long way to go before a complete victory over the “many-headed” Ndrangheta.
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  1. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 April 4 2021 05: 13
    Tell us better how our bandits became deputies and officials, who made them a roof in the power structures, first names and surnames.
    1. Login_Off
      Login_Off April 4 2021 05: 34
      I also did not understand nicherta.
      And then the military review? Or just what to put out?
      This article does not apply to either Russia or military technologies.
      With the same success, let's write about penguins, show a map of their habitat, attach photos, tell us how hard it is for them to live in captivity, how they are transported by smugglers.
      1. Pessimist22
        Pessimist22 April 4 2021 05: 54
        The West is rotting, and in Russia breakthroughs one after another smile
        1. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar April 4 2021 06: 15
          It's more interesting to live here
      2. Lynx2000
        Lynx2000 April 4 2021 06: 19
        Quote: Login_Off
        I also did not understand nicherta.
        And then the military review? Or just what to put out?
        This article does not apply to either Russia or military technologies.
        With the same success, let's write about penguins, show a map of their habitat, attach photos, tell us how hard it is for them to live in captivity, how they are transported by smugglers.

        If penguins are to be used as frogmen, why not write ?! smile
        Organized criminals are always dangerous to the economic and public safety of the state. If I'm not mistaken, at the VO, the article mentioned the help of Sicilian mafiosi to the Americans in organizing the landing of allied troops in WWII.

        Is it a posthumous photo by D. Tripodo ?:
    2. Catfish
      Catfish April 4 2021 06: 59
      Colleague, just watch the movie "Zhmurki". laughing
    3. Undecim
      Undecim April 4 2021 19: 15
      Tell us better how our bandits became deputies and officials, who made them a roof in the power structures, first names and surnames.
      For such "stories" both the author and the resource can be "banned" for good.
  2. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar April 4 2021 05: 42
    Domenico Tripodo - looks like Kartsev))
    1. Catfish
      Catfish April 4 2021 07: 02
      After death? And that name is not Kartsev at all. Small-town Ndrangheta. laughing
      1. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar April 4 2021 08: 09
        That is not - just on Kartseva in his younger years laughing
        And the European mafias do not contact the Israelis - they quietly produce ecstasy in Europe, in Colombia they guard the laboratories and the bosses of the Cartel - they live by their own small-town affairs and do not interfere with anyone. Because those who are disturbed are no longer found - and where they go is a mystery in absolutely all cases of people missing request
        1. Phil77
          Phil77 April 4 2021 08: 54
          Hi Albert!
          The similarities are indeed traced. laughing
          1. Krasnodar
            Krasnodar April 4 2021 09: 14
            Good morning hi
            Italians are most like Jews - only more educated and more elegant laughing
  3. Avior
    Avior April 4 2021 08: 43
    One gets the impression that they have an unbalanced diet, which is why many have problems with being overweight.
    It is, of course, if spaghetti with cheese is the first dish, and for the second potatoes with meat and then eat everything with a can of nutella, then it is difficult to control the weight.
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar April 4 2021 09: 16
      It's not even about proper nutrition - the higher in the hierarchy, the more meetings you have to hold, and they, according to Italian traditions, take place at lunch and dinner)).
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    9. Rita Aletdinova 1999
      Rita Aletdinova 1999 April 7 2021 03: 22
      Actually, there are almost no overweight people among Italians and they are lean. Moreover, they live for a very long time, on average about 80 years. What contributes to the climate, food and a very high standard of living.
  4. podval57
    podval57 April 4 2021 08: 46
    What disgusting and disgusting faces! Are all all Italians outside the mafia border? Did they also enter Russia?
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 April 4 2021 09: 01
      Good morning, why? Paolo de Stefano, let's say, is very similar to the coach of a football team. He has a very respectable face. laughing
      About penetration into Russia.
      Nuu.It seems to be enough of our own, even with an overabundance.
      1. Bolt cutter
        Bolt cutter April 4 2021 10: 57
        About penetration into Russia
        In previous articles, they wrote about the symbolic kissing of Italian mafiosi on the lips (with each other). In Russia, it leads to a cock's corner without delay. So the Italian brutal mafiosos have no prospects (more precisely, there is one) laughing
        1. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar April 4 2021 11: 17
          That ..
          None of the Italian mafiosi millionaires will interfere here - if you need to, negotiate with the locals. And here the structure has long been different. Quite another laughing
          1. Bolt cutter
            Bolt cutter April 4 2021 11: 24
            By the way, yes, they do not hesitate to cooperate with colleagues in the shop. And after all, they are not afraid that those can eat them - they are not selling watermelons. Even in Italy, they are not afraid to use illegal immigrants brought by them for dirty work, who can later take root and squeeze out their overlords from their own territories.
            1. Krasnodar
              Krasnodar April 4 2021 12: 45
              They will not squeeze out - their mafiamen will simply turn over to the police, to everyone's delight.
              1. Bolt cutter
                Bolt cutter April 4 2021 12: 50
                They have an advantage - they practically do not exist (officially they did not cross borders). The documents are fake, it is impossible to introduce agents, it is even difficult to establish a wiretap - go find an interpreter from the prison slang of Kiswahili sad ... It is also worth noting their feeling of elbowing. Roughly speaking, there is nothing special to hand over.
                1. Krasnodar
                  Krasnodar April 4 2021 15: 33
                  So the mafiamen themselves will bring operas to them, under the guise of "clients".
                  1. Bolt cutter
                    Bolt cutter April 4 2021 15: 35
                    Only pawns can be caught this way. Otherwise, they would all retake each other. Although, if the relationship with the police paid friendly, that should do the trick.
                    1. Krasnodar
                      Krasnodar April 4 2021 15: 44
                      All reputable bandits have friendly relations with them - not necessarily paid ones. They surrender competitors, the cops do not climb for this, for the time being, where it is not necessary, but the bandits cooperate with them to a certain limit. Classics of the genre. laughing
                      As the "information officer" of one Israeli pre-trial detention center said, I have 890 prisoners. Knocking 889 - The Only Honest - Deaf and Dumb Chinese fellow
                      1. Bolt cutter
                        Bolt cutter April 4 2021 15: 47
                        Knocking 889 - The Only Honest - Deaf and Dumb Chinese
                        He has no hands either wassat ? And so yes, without a relationship with the police, the police will twist it pretty quickly.
                      2. Krasnodar
                        Krasnodar April 4 2021 15: 58
                        He cannot write in Hebrew and English, he does not know the international language of the deaf and dumb ..
                      3. Bolt cutter
                        Bolt cutter April 4 2021 16: 03
                        Does the police staff not have a translator from Chinese? (If your triads function) Or the possibility of outsourcing written translation? In England, even natural savages cops manage to blabber.
                      4. Krasnodar
                        Krasnodar April 4 2021 16: 08
                        No, no. The triad functions - it cuts the Chinese gaster if it is not paid.
                        A translator is a matter of expediency. It will be necessary to attract specialists from the University. But for the sake of the question “who hit whom first in the cell,” or who brought the drugs into the squadron, or who threw off the drugs after the expected transfer - no one will bother.
                      5. Bolt cutter
                        Bolt cutter April 4 2021 16: 12
                        In England they are almost always recruited - more often by telephone from a police call center. Human rights are respected.
                        Triad functions - cuts Chinese gaster
                        You have to start somewhere. And they are an ambitious people.
                      6. Krasnodar
                        Krasnodar April 4 2021 16: 16
                        Duc in Israel spies in all - industrial and military espionage, the second largest Chinese embassy in the world)).
                        In England, this is how you need to work - the number of foreigners, I admit, is greater than the population of the Promised laughing
                        In addition, 50% of the work of the Israeli police is devoted to the fight against terror, and the crimes of the Gaster and against the Gaster are the 10th case.
                      7. Bolt cutter
                        Bolt cutter April 4 2021 16: 19
                        the crimes of gaster and against gaster - case 10.
                        The appetites of immigrant groups tend to grow and demand more and more hunting grounds.
                        the number of foreigners, I admit, is more than the population of the Promised
                        Officially, 260 nationalities live here.
                      8. Krasnodar
                        Krasnodar April 4 2021 16: 44
                        There is no such problem in Israel - there are a bunch of others. laughing
                        And as for the emigrant crime - they learned how to deal with this long ago.
                      9. Bolt cutter
                        Bolt cutter April 4 2021 16: 46
                        And about emigrant crime - they learned to deal with this long ago
                        A very difficult task. Three of them can even use one set of documents. Plus the closeness of communities. Another plus is that they simply do not consider many acts to be criminal.
                      10. Krasnodar
                        Krasnodar April 4 2021 16: 57
                        In the UK, yes. In Israel, there were problems with Sudanese refugees - locals from the "districts" took over them, someone was imprisoned, but deportation began little by little.
                        It was easier with Jewish (and not so) emigrants - social programs, etc. The army is a melting pot. Benefits for admission to universities. Therefore, everyone mixed up, communities became the lot of those over 50.
                      11. Bolt cutter
                        Bolt cutter April 4 2021 17: 10
                        The army is a melting pot. Privileges
                        Most likely, Israel is much tougher towards refugees and their inalienable rights - the country has fought for its own survival more than once and the mournful stories of poor Sudanese are not "canalized". In addition, the functioning of a melting pot in England is impossible due to the size of the diaspora - they, like schooling animals, cling to each other and their identity - they just seem to themselves better in their own eyes than those who try to integrate them. Their privileges further assure them of their own uniqueness and superiority over others. Zugzwang as it is in a vacuum.
                      12. Krasnodar
                        Krasnodar April 4 2021 18: 02
                        So in the UK and service is optional, and you can emigrate regardless of the connection with the British / Scots / Welsh, etc. - another world.
  • Darkness
    Darkness April 5 2021 02: 36
    I am wildly sorry, but you wrote heresy, although, I think, out of ignorance.
  • Rita Aletdinova 1999
    Rita Aletdinova 1999 April 7 2021 03: 22
    Mafioso have yes, but Italians are often handsome!
  • Doccor18
    Doccor18 April 4 2021 10: 57
    I may be wrong, but I think that the main reason for the spread of crime is a low standard of living, poverty, unemployment, lack of origin ...
    Give a person a home, education and work, the payment for which will be a comfortable life, and 99% of the population will not go "on the high road" with arms.
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar April 4 2021 11: 12
      Do you think that there are more than one percent of the population of bandits in Italy? ))
      The point is to quickly achieve a high standard of living. Without hard study, then exhausting work for an uncle, only for the schaub when you are over forty and have children, to have a good house on a mortgage and two, above average, cars in the family.
      You have free cash, a nice car, beautiful girls at a fairly young age, "for love." At the age when the bulk of your peers plow as hired workers for salary in the area of ​​the minimum or count pennies as students.
      The problem is in the queries.
      1. Bolt cutter
        Bolt cutter April 4 2021 11: 27
        You have free cash, a nice car, beautiful girls at a fairly young age, "for love"
        Even the dumbest bandit realizes that this ends quickly - either by not very handsome young men in prison or by devils in a place with a hot climate.
        1. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar April 4 2021 12: 48
          Brains come after the first imprisonment, especially if you understand that you have been surrendered by your own. ))
          Before that, they think differently.
          With the fifth imprisonment, the fear of imprisonment disappears.
          1. Bolt cutter
            Bolt cutter April 4 2021 12: 55
            Before that, they think differently.
            Each of them believes that he has a lot of luck and he will be the second Tony Montana. I've talked to them a couple of times. Moreover, the faith is stronger than that of an Islamic terrorist, all arguments are broken.
            1. Krasnodar
              Krasnodar April 4 2021 13: 06
              They get high from the moment and believe that he was very lucky, compared to the workaholic dad and the brother who was scribbling on social media (for example).
              Well, he builds himself an absolutely absurd ideology, in which he believes - for the time being.
              1. Bolt cutter
                Bolt cutter April 4 2021 13: 11
                Endless optimism can be learned from these individuals. yes
                1. Krasnodar
                  Krasnodar April 4 2021 13: 13
                  Yes, their life is different ... from the word in general
                  1. Bolt cutter
                    Bolt cutter April 4 2021 13: 19
                    More likely no than yes - everyone wants big houses and cars the sooner the better. In the post-Soviet expanses, the situation is complicated by the fact that before our eyes there are examples of the success of yesterday's hucksters and gopniks who have come to success. They just look at society differently - for them it is a food base.
                    1. Krasnodar
                      Krasnodar April 4 2021 13: 59
                      I'm about a friend.
                      Of these guys, the same 2-3% achieve success as in a non-criminal society.
                      But they enjoy the benefits much less than law-abiding citizens of the same level of well-being. Jail sentences, periodic restrictions on movement "on the street", etc.
                      And people who are successful within the framework of the law look at others with exactly the same eyes. laughing
                      1. vladcub
                        vladcub April 4 2021 19: 34
                        "imprisonment, periodic restrictions" + "comrades" in business can present your head on a "platter with a blue border"
                      2. Krasnodar
                        Krasnodar April 4 2021 20: 11
                        As soon as it smells fried, they will do it with a squeal of pleasure
            2. vladcub
              vladcub April 4 2021 19: 24
              That's right, they imagine they've caught the zarbird by the tail.
  • g1v2
    g1v2 April 4 2021 11: 50
    Rather, in 5 years he will call his life "poverty" and go to achieve "success". This is a banal psychology. If 25 years ago they showed me how we live now, then for me it would be a picture of heaven on earth and I would ask - who needs to be banged so that my country can live like this? But now we believe that we are living in dire poverty and suffering. Demands grow as wealth grows. This is an axiom. request If you ask our businessmen and deputies, many of them also consider themselves poor and will complain about their hard life. crying
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar April 4 2021 12: 56
      And sho - easy? laughing
    2. vladcub
      vladcub April 5 2021 06: 43
      Just about: "for a man is an ungrateful and insatiable beast" (c)
  • Rita Aletdinova 1999
    Rita Aletdinova 1999 April 7 2021 03: 48
    Italy has a high standard of living. Just in many developed and rich countries, gangster groups are widespread. Where there is money, there they are as a rule.
  • vlad.baryatinsky
    vlad.baryatinsky April 4 2021 11: 58
    Hello !
    I would like to clarify something.
    In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the power of Italians is in the past.
    Now almost all Albanians are cleaning or cleaning up.
    1. VLR
      April 4 2021 13: 58
      Good day. Yes, I wrote about this too - here, in the article "Albanian criminal clans outside Albania".
  • bandabas
    bandabas April 4 2021 18: 31
    Articles are normal. Full respect for the author. It remains to reveal our Rush. A. is much more cunning here.
  • vladcub
    vladcub April 4 2021 19: 20
    Comrades, good evening. Valery, as always, prepared good material for us.
    “Luigi Bonovintura”, when I read it, I immediately remembered: Captain Bonovintura: “earthly ahead of me” .. Remember, “Three Fat Men”?
    It’s not a boy anymore, but three years ago at his relatives’s house, he was eagerly watching for half an hour.
    Probably getting old
  • Decimalegio
    Decimalegio April 6 2021 19: 52
    Quote: Avior
    One gets the impression that they have an unbalanced diet, which is why many have problems with being overweight.
    It is, of course, if spaghetti with cheese is the first dish, and for the second potatoes with meat and then eat everything with a can of nutella, then it is difficult to control the weight.

    Bread and vodka is the best diet, you will be an alcoholic with liver cirrhosis, but you will be in great shape