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Contradictions between Russia and NATO will manifest itself in Syria


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Today, only a very lazy person does not write about the deterioration of relations between Russia and NATO, Russia and the EU, Russia and the United States. It is clear that much of what has already been said by politicians, top officials of states and other people well-known to the world really inspires some fear in the average person. What if there is an inadequate among the presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, who will press a button in a nuclear briefcase ...

It is clear that the "war of nerves" looks quite menacing. All these plans for the collapse of the enemy's economy, the threat of a military attack, sanctions, restrictions, expulsion of diplomats and so on, correctly submitted to the average person through the media, arouses fear in him and distracts his attention from problems within the state. And if we add to this, for example, the upcoming elections, then it also plays on the popularity of candidates for deputies or for some positions.

Meanwhile, the confrontation that really exists between Russia and the West, between various Western countries, is already causing real changes in the situation in the world. No, not where we wait. Not in the west, but in the Middle East, in Syria. It is about this region, more precisely, about what has changed there today, and it is worth talking about. And the changes are indeed global, albeit subtle for the average person.

How the leading players on the Syrian field behave today

If we analyze the situation that has developed in relations between the players in Syria, then several interesting facts immediately catch the eye. The first is a change in the attitude of Bashar al-Assad and his team to the Syrian hydrocarbon fields. We somehow forgot that almost 90% of such fields are now controlled by the United States. And the Americans do not hesitate to openly plunder Syria, exporting oil from there.

Honestly, I don’t remember right away the time when the question of control over these deposits was raised at all. Everyone talks about the American zone in northeastern Syria, but few remember the robbery. In my opinion, this issue was raised by the Syrian ambassador a year ago. Now voices are being heard that the funds received from the sale of oil would greatly help the recovery of the country's economy.

The next fact is the contradictions between the Americans and the Turks. I have already written that the Turkish president is playing his game in Syria and solving his problems. Erdogan skillfully uses his advantages in relations with the United States. Moreover, since the Turks are also not averse to having a piece of the Syrian oil pie, both countries turn a blind eye to the actions of the SAR against a competitor. There is no open confrontation, but the inner tension is felt.

Changes in Russia's actions are also interesting. Many people remember how much we talked about mutual warning of the military about impending operations. This is clear. The security of your own military is important. It is one thing when, during some operations, strikes are delivered to militants or to the positions of the SAA, it is another thing when the strike is directed at the Russian, American or Turkish military.

After the Americans warned our military about the strike a few minutes before it began, the actions of the Aerospace Forces also changed. The latest strikes directed against the militants' oil depots have shown that today, if the military does not have data on the presence of foreign military personnel in the area, the strike is delivered in approximately the same vein as the American strike, which I wrote about above.

We are somehow used to the fact that the militants in Syria no longer represent a serious military force. Yes, these are the allies of the Turks or the Americans who are fighting the SAA. But this war is local, in certain territories. And for certain territories. Meanwhile, the problem of militants in Syria has not been resolved! Here is a quote from an interview with Syria specialist, political scientist Kamran Hasanov on Sputnik radio:

“The situation in Idlib province remains frozen after about a year ago the presidents of Russia and Turkey concluded an agreement on the cessation of hostilities, on the delimitation of the line of fire. But the topic of terrorists has not gone anywhere. A certain part of Idlib is occupied by the armed opposition, which Russia also recognizes to one degree or another, but still the largest part is the terrorists Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. " (request in RF)

It is Hayat Tahrir al-Sham ”(requested in RF) that has become more active today. Field commanders, according to some sources, maintain contact with both the Americans and the Turks. The situation is like in the Russian proverb about an affectionate calf that sucks two queens. And the strikes of the Aerospace Forces are directed precisely at the militants of this organization. But for some reason, Turks and Americans are expressing "concern" to us ...

Again the war ...

We tried to persuade the opposing sides to start negotiations for a long time. We inform the world about upcoming provocations. We're talking about strikes against civilians. And at the same time they agree to put enemies at the negotiating table.

Let me remind you why the Aerospace Forces struck at the headquarters of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (requested in the Russian Federation) in the province of Idlib. A few days ago, mobile militants fired homemade rockets and mines in Aleppo. A fairly large number of civilians were killed and injured. The raid was a response to this shelling.

Moreover, the video most often shows a raid on the headquarters and fuel trucks. And there were several targets, and the losses of the militants from this only increased. According to a Reuters report citing its own sources in Syria, the Russian Aerospace Forces struck a terrorist target near a border crossing on the outskirts of Sarmad, and a ground-to-ground missile hit a target in the city of Kakh. True, there is no confirmation of the message about the target in Kakh so far. I do not yet know who delivered this blow.

It is strange to write this, but against the background of the scandal with the interview of the American president, the US military "hid". Regular patrols, common work that the military of both the United States and Russia regularly do. There are no serious incidents. Perhaps because today they are performing a different task - to embroil Erdogan and Putin. Hence, the transfer of active actions of the militants to the Idlib de-escalation zone.

At the same time, Syrian oil from the US-controlled areas is regularly delivered to Iraq, and from there it is sold as local oil. The United States is not going to remove its military base at Al-Tanf. Moreover, the Americans are strengthening another military base. In the area of ​​the Kharab al-Jir airfield in Hasakah province. A large military convoy of 40 trucks and several armored vehicles recently arrived there.

Here it is appropriate to quote one of the Russian senators, Alexei Pushkov:

“Together with allies from the Kurdish formations of the Forces of Democratic Syria (SDS), the Americans organized the transportation of black gold to Iraq, from where the raw materials go to the international market. According to the Syrian Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Bassam Tuome, due to the actions of the Americans, the country has lost more than $ 92 billion. They act like pirates, targeting the country's oil wealth and the ships that supply oil. "

Thus, today special attention should be paid to the regions controlled by Turkey. Moreover, the militants are not going to stop attacks and provocations in Idlib. Recently, Deputy Head of the Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria, Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov, announced the following information:

"The Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties is receiving information about the preparation by the terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham of a provocation with the use of poisonous substances in the north-east of Idlib province."

"Terrorists intend to stage a chemical attack in the area of ​​Kitian in order to blame the Syrian government army for this."

Interim conclusions on the situation

No matter how far Syria is from the United States or Europe, the problems that have arisen in Russia's relations with the United States or the European Union and NATO will certainly respond there. Simply because the very same military confrontation between global geopolitical players - Russia and the United States - is taking place on Syrian soil today.

No matter how we treat Turkish President Erdogan, he just uses this confrontation for his own purposes. He uses it competently, sometimes even dashingly. But everyone understands perfectly well that Turkey is acting only to the extent that the Russian Federation and the United States allow it.

Recent events, especially the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces, show that there will be no quiet life for the militants. The time for negotiations is passing. Now the guns will speak. In the modern version, of course. Today it has become interesting to read the materials of Russian military correspondents in Syria. Sappers blew up the "underground city" of the militants. Russian planes destroyed the militants' headquarters and base. And so on.

It is clear that the intensification of the actions of the Syrian government army and the Russian Aerospace Forces will not lead to a conflict with the United States or Turkey. But the fact that the militants really want to start negotiations with President Assad is quite possible. Damascus has not yet been able to oust the Americans and Turks from the areas they control.

So the immediate task will sound like this - to stop provocations, establish peace throughout Syria and begin negotiations on the political and economic structure of the state. Almost the same that stood after the elimination of ISIS (request in the Russian Federation).

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  1. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 29 March 2021 15: 06
    That's what you definitely don't want - it's to get a Nuclear rocket into the garden ... somehow everything became very tense, it's time to slow down. I'm only afraid of the current US politicians - they are not ready for this, they have the whole world as enemies or vassals. Where are the Roosevelt-level politicians ???
    1. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 29 March 2021 15: 12
      Quote: Hunter 2
      Where are the Roosevelt-level politicians ???

      Unfortunately, there are no politicians of Stalin's level in the Russian Federation either.
      1. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 29 March 2021 15: 43
        Quote: Stroporez
        Unfortunately, there are no politicians of Stalin's level in the Russian Federation either.

        No offense to all of us said, but Stalin was born in the 19th century.
        1. bang
          bang 30 March 2021 00: 21
          but Stalin was born in the 19th century.
          What has changed since then in the art of politics?
          1. tihonmarine
            tihonmarine 30 March 2021 09: 28
            Quote: bang-bong
            What has changed since then in the art of politics?

            Politics is always a mess, and great people are born once every 200 years. Follow - Ivan the Terrible, Peter the First, J.V. Stalin. That's the conclusion when a new leader appears.
            1. Non liberoid Russian
              Non liberoid Russian 30 March 2021 19: 57
              stalin the great leader? and who recognized him as great? a bunch of sufferers for a seseser?
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. tihonmarine
                tihonmarine 30 March 2021 23: 03
                Quote: Not Liberoid Russian
                stalin the great leader? and who recognized him as great? a bunch of sufferers for a seseser?
                Of course not you and your Western liberal masters.
                1. Non liberoid Russian
                  Non liberoid Russian April 2 2021 14: 05
                  I adore you, you are so predictable with your templates, frozen in development in the USSR, you invented a god for yourself and everything, all enemies are liberals and so on, only the witnesses of the sect of holy socialism are correct ...
              3. vin605na
                vin605na April 2 2021 20: 55
                Indeed, it is not a Russian liberoid, but a non-Russian liberoid in life.
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 29 March 2021 15: 40
      Quote: Hunter 2
      Where are the Roosevelt-level politicians ???

      The same thing happened to such politicians as to Roosevelt. Trump tried it, and I'm glad he got out of this carnival alive.
      1. dSK
        dSK 30 March 2021 00: 05
        Damascus has not yet been able to oust the Americans and Turks from the areas they control.
        So the immediate task will sound like this - to stop provocations ...
        - how the author suggests that this can be done:
        Send a full-fledged army to help Damascus to liberate the occupied regions, like in Afghanistan, or issue an ultimatum to Turkey and the States "about termination of funding their PMCs "?
        1. dSK
          dSK 30 March 2021 01: 56
          Russia in 1905 lost the Kuril Islands and half of Sakhalin, but received 40 years of peace with Japan and "the absence of a second Far-Eastern front" in the Second World War.
          Syria, the same would have long been worth not to resist because of the Golan Heights and conclude a peace treaty with Israel.
          North Korea and South Korea have been separated for 70 years. World, relations periodically escalate ...
          1. tihonmarine
            tihonmarine 30 March 2021 09: 33
            Quote: dsk
            Russia in 1905 lost the Kuril Islands and half of Sakhalin, but received peace with Japan for 40 years and "the absence of a second Far-Eastern front" in the Second World War.

            The absence of the Far Eastern Front was for a different reason.
          2. Alexey RA
            Alexey RA 30 March 2021 18: 26
            Quote: dsk
            Russia in 1905 lost the Kuril Islands and half of Sakhalin, but received peace with Japan for 40 years and "the absence of a second Far-Eastern front" in the Second World War.

            Really? And who in 1922 was barely able to get rid of from our Far East, having bought off oil and fish concessions? wink
            23 years of relative peace with Japan is not a merit at all of diplomats, but of the Red Army. Throughout the 30s, half of the personnel forces of the USSR army sat on the Far East, guarding the Japanese. Fortifications were built almost every year. The DVF, if not in practice, then in propaganda, exposed itself as a steel wall in the path of the Japanese aggressors.
            But the main bogey was long-range aviation.

            It was the upper circle that was one of the main reasons that the Metropolis considered Khasan and Khalkhin-Gol to be an internal affair of the Kwantung Army, and decided not to stir up the conflict to a full-fledged war. For the TB-3, of course, is still a flying shed, but it will take a long time, tedious and unsuccessful to shoot it down with rifle-caliber machine guns (especially considering the access of the TB-3 flight mechanic even to the motors in flight). But if the aforementioned TB-3 or DB-3 is unloaded with RRABs for development (taking into account the accuracy of our navigators and the "drop along the leader", the drop spot will inevitably be smeared far beyond the targets - factories, warehouses and stations - exactly for the development) - then the result will be certainly not like Curtis Le Mey, but close to that.
        2. midivan
          midivan 31 March 2021 05: 00
          Quote: dsk
          how the author suggests that this can be done:

          About two years ago, I wrote that to set fire to all the occupied oil fields, they will leave ... To begin with, "build" a video in the style of white helmets like incomprehensible broads are preparing primitive drones for an attack on oil fields in order to embroil the United States and Russia, let Mosfilm finally then in our time he will make a normal film and show it to the world, give money to local embittered patriots to achieve this goal, and then grind for the attack, all banned here ... And we all play chess with pigeons ..
          Quote: dsk
          Send a full-fledged army to help Damascus to liberate the occupied areas, like in Afghanistan or issue an ultimatum to Turkey and the States

          Full-fledged arimia there, and then who will be left? No, of course, I won't hide in the basements, but my health is not at all right, and I won't run a couple of hundred meters in my armor already crying We will save Assad but we will lose our home, no, of course I respect Assad and his wife is beautiful ... but who will regret ours?
          Quote: dsk
          "to stop financing their PMCs"?

          But here I did not eat at all ...
  2. knn54
    knn54 29 March 2021 15: 19
    Different countries, different interests.
    After all, democracy, from the point of view of the West, is the rule of a pro-American regime.
    And the Yankees consider themselves the ONLY, LEGAL "organization". Responsible for security throughout the world.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 29 March 2021 15: 21
    Contradictions between Russia and NATO will manifest itself in Syria
    Oh, do not shaggy "grandmother" ... there were no contradictions when some of them gave up the interests of Russia recklessly !!! There were NEVER other layouts!
  4. Professor
    Professor 29 March 2021 15: 22
    Syrian Oil and Mineral Resources Minister Bassam Tuome says the country has lost more than $ 92 billion due to American actions.

    He lies and does not blink an eye. Well, what is 92 billion? What kind of oil? It is known that Syria is a bankrupt country and has never been solvent. That is why she was written off $ 10 billion of Soviet debt. Those same dollars that were not spent on the welfare of Soviet citizens, but were lent by the SAR. Would ATS have had such volumes of oil, would anyone have forgiven her for such a debt? There are no suckers.
    1. vl903
      vl903 29 March 2021 15: 30
      the debt was forgiven what would spoil the citizens of the USSR / RF. bonkrot - ok! let they pay for the stolen oil and go to tell tales elsewhere, "but not in our area"
      1. Professor
        Professor 29 March 2021 15: 54
        Well, what kind of oil and even $ 92 million?
        Russia has forgiven Syria 10 billion
        $ 10 million is even more than the cost of the nuclear aircraft carrier Nimitz. In your opinion, the Russian Federation gave Nimitz to Syria from a floundering bay?
        1. vl903
          vl903 29 March 2021 16: 16
          Explain why to give and not only to Syria? what is the benefit of the state? (the benefits of individuals are already clear) you can always take on a debt differently or postpone it.
          1. vl903
            vl903 29 March 2021 16: 17
            let them pay for oil on the principle that it would not be appropriate to pirate, although for this it is necessary to hang them like their ancestors on the yards.
  5. Aleksandr97
    Aleksandr97 29 March 2021 15: 27
    It is better to crush the contingent of the United States and their "moderates" in Syria a little, than to work it out in Ukraine a little later!
  6. NF68
    NF68 29 March 2021 16: 04
    The contradictions in Syria have surfaced for a long time. At least from the moment when the Russian leadership decided to actually provide assistance to the SAR.
  7. ximkim
    ximkim 29 March 2021 17: 36
    Contradictions between Russia and NATO have been and will be as long as there is Russia and NATO.
    In Syria: Turkey supports Idlib, US supports Syrian Kurdistan. Therefore, Damascus cannot regain control over these territories and return citizens to a single state, since the citizens of these provinces want to secede.

    Negotiations and meetings for reconciliation of the old ones do not give much effect (only shooting). The UN is silent, like a fish is silent. So the war in the SAR is needed, very much needed, and Europe is all for it.

    There is a moment for Idlib and Syrian Kurdistan to stop thinking about secession from the SAR.
    The United States and Turkey must show that the main thing for them is the land, not the local population, and the inhabitants of the province of Abuza ...
  8. Victor Tsenin
    Victor Tsenin 30 March 2021 00: 18
    In a reasonable opinion, the Syrian tangle will be able to untangle within 10 years or less?
  9. Radikal
    Radikal 30 March 2021 00: 35
    Quote: Hunter 2
    That's what you definitely don't want - it's to get a Nuclear rocket into the garden ... somehow everything became very tense, it's time to slow down. I'm only afraid of the current US politicians - they are not ready for this, they have the whole world as enemies or vassals. Where are the Roosevelt-level politicians ???

    In the same place as the level ... of Stalin. sad
  10. AC130 Gunship
    AC130 Gunship 30 March 2021 01: 30
    What's the immediate task? For whom? Putin has already announced 3 times over the past 4 years from a high rostrum that the goals set for Russia there have been achieved. And she begins to withdraw troops. And then it suddenly turns out that they fired at the infantry (which seems to be not there) and that the VKS begins to take revenge. Etc. and so on, etc. Although someone may not like it, it looks like the 2nd Afghanistan, where ordinary Russian guys (we don't take mercenaries) lose their lives for no reason ...
  11. AC130 Gunship
    AC130 Gunship 30 March 2021 01: 39
    Someone will say: they say, Russia needs military bases in different parts of the world. Let's say (I'm not sure about this personally, but let's say). But why the hell to keep her where there is a war, and this war does not end? Isn't it better, like the Americans in Germany or England or Turkey? Came home from work with a.b. Mildenhall after a week of work Friday night. Went with friends to the pub and drank beer. Everyone is safe and sound. It was so in Cuba. The Cubans didn't even take money from the Russians ...
    1. Aleksandr21
      Aleksandr21 30 March 2021 08: 19
      Quote: AC130 Ganship
      Isn't it better, like the Americans in Germany or England or Turkey?

      Of course it is better, but on which countries does Russia have a great influence in the Mediterranean Sea, which will make it possible to build, at least the same PMTO? Don't just go to the port and replenish stocks, namely, create a PMTO or a full-fledged naval base? + you need to take into account the technical capabilities to create such a point and other points ... unfortunately before, Russia was not very interested in the Middle East, but after the events of 2014, the priorities changed significantly and only Syria fit all the parameters, so (probably) this was adopted decision...
  12. ksv36
    ksv36 30 March 2021 01: 53
    The third world will begin in the east. When Syria falls. So Wang said. On the way to that and goes ...
  13. S.Freeman
    S.Freeman 30 March 2021 10: 03
    Let the Syrians scamper through the fields from Tochku-U, as owners, and Russia should cover the Syrians with air defense by 100%, moreover, with a fat gain in the form of downed F-16s and other annoying, biting flies. This is politics, not blah-blah-blah, the plow said, Vietnamese sources said ... We need to kill the enemies. You look, and in the Black Sea the enthusiasm of this scum will diminish.
  14. xorek
    xorek 30 March 2021 10: 38
    Maybe in Syria ... And most likely in the most unexpected place, for everyone! Over there, our Asia is too calm, outwardly .. And throw a match and blaze, the same Kazakhstan, for example. And there is a lot of space hi
  15. TatarinSSSR
    TatarinSSSR 30 March 2021 11: 00
    For some reason, the author has a lot of things in the article "understandable", well, in his opinion, at least. The text of the article is long, there is no point in citing quotes, there are dozens of them. And even more "it is not known for sure ... There is no confirmation yet ... Most likely ...". How can you, without having accurate confirmed information, draw some conclusions and predict something? In the expectation that having thrown the brains of the ordinary reader into the mind of a very long text of the article, thereby preventing him from noticing these fortune-telling on the coffee grounds? I would like to ask the authors of such texts not to base their conclusions on "highlighted like", and not to pass off their fantasies as expert predictions.
  16. Lister
    Lister 31 March 2021 01: 42
    Contradictions between Russia and NATO will manifest itself in Syria

    So the contradictions have long been manifested ... And in Syria they have manifested themselves since the beginning of the war.
  17. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 31 March 2021 13: 38
    Here he is such a beacon of democracy all over the world - on occasion, even a trifle in his pockets is always tying. And the faithful Western keepers of democratic values ​​pretend that they do not see the theft of Syria's resources, either striped or sultanates. Nothing. "But there is also God's judgment, confidants of debauchery! There is a formidable judgment: he waits; He is not available to the ringing of gold, And he knows thoughts and deeds in advance."
  18. DED_peer_DED
    DED_peer_DED April 1 2021 16: 51
    Oh, the opening is also for me ... the Americans can't wait for a direct war between Russia and Turkey.
    Our guys will shed blood for the interests of the American-Russian-Jewish oligarchy (exactly, in one bundle).
    The Turks are all across the throat, but no one wants to shed their blood, and the Russians are not used to dying for their uncle, under the guise of patriotism. In the meantime, these parties will be spinning "news" about the escalation of relations between Russia and NATO, Russia and America, so that no one would guess about their common interest. Global common interest, and not that circus with counting trifles in each other's pockets, which is constantly shown to us in the media and sometimes reaching ridiculous (Biden - Putin about each other).
    Everyone should like it and arrange it for everyone, except for the guys themselves and their families. But who will ask them?
  19. Fisherman
    Fisherman April 4 2021 10: 46
    All the oil will not be taken out. The main thing is that Assad is growing stronger, restoring the army, this takes time. Without haste, minimizing losses, they will strangle the "blacks" and the Yankees will lose their "local cannon fodder" and they will have to leave, as they themselves will not drive fuel trucks under the blows of our VKS.