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The strike UAV "Okhotnik" as part of the RF Aerospace Forces will be able to be used in a network-centric version

The strike UAV "Okhotnik" as part of the RF Aerospace Forces will be able to be used in a network-centric version

The network discusses the promising use of heavy shock drones "Hunter". Recall that the first Russian UAV of this type is already being tested, including joint flights with the 5th generation Su-57 fighter. Earlier it was reported that the second copy of the "Hunter" would soon be assembled.

In the message TASS with reference to the United Aircraft Corporation, it was announced that the Okhotnik strike UAVs are planned to be used, inter alia, in conjunction with the aforementioned fighters within the framework of network-centric interaction.

In this version, combat vehicles as part of the Russian Aerospace Forces will be able to strike at various types of targets - both air and ground. The same option allows you to more effectively cope with enemy air defense systems.

Recall that the Okhotnik UAV was first taken into the air in 2019. At this stage, it is controlled from the ground by the operator. However, in the future, it is planned to achieve its fully autonomous operation, as well as processing commands from the Su-57 in the same network-centric version.

It is worth noting that the Okhotnik UAV may become the world's first full-fledged interceptor drone. At the moment, its maximum speed is estimated at 1 km / h. To intercept air targets, it can carry on board air-to-air missiles in the fuselage compartment.

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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 25 March 2021 06: 56
    Wonderful, it remains to weave this very network, otherwise the threads are still not enough.
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty 25 March 2021 07: 07
    They, these ubplas need Russia 10 years ago to start massively building, what we are doing now, it should have been adopted massively from the beginning of the intervention in the Syrian conflict. ...
  3. Oleg Aviator
    Oleg Aviator 25 March 2021 09: 36
    In general, this is what it is created for.
  4. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 25 March 2021 10: 15
    The hunter can become a drone interceptor.
    Supersonic aircraft cannot be intercepted at subsonic speeds.
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 25 March 2021 12: 46
      Quote: voyaka uh
      Supersonic aircraft cannot be intercepted at subsonic speeds.

      Tell me ... in which movie does a character declare: "He won't run away! The bullet is faster anyway! Will catch up!" 1. And how did the helicopters shoot down supersonic airplanes? Can the situation be reproduced? 2. And I'll also tell you about a terrible secret ... SAM systems, for example "Pantsir", "Buk" ..., generally have zero speed when firing! However, supersonic aircraft are also intended to shoot down ... There is such a concept: shooting towards (in the "forehead") in a certain sector ... so it is possible to shoot down a hypersonic target with the "Buk"! And tell me, how often do supersonic aircraft fly at supersonic, and do they fly at subsonic? If they do, when and how often? And yet ... have subsonic aircraft never been armed with air-to-air missiles? So ours are the first in the world?
    2. SovAr238A
      SovAr238A 25 March 2021 18: 18
      Quote: voyaka uh
      The hunter can become a drone interceptor.

      Why is he then in this standard size needed to intercept drones?
      There are plenty of TAI Anka sizes ....