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How residents of unrecognized republics are deceived


The holiday is not for everyone

While the public is celebrating the anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with pomp, the population of the LPR, which, according to a number of Russian journalists, “did not stand up like that” in 2014, still exists under the massive shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Including those who have already managed to acquire Russian passports, which, as it turned out, are not a panacea for Kiev's armed aggression.

Unfortunately, the residents of the republics have forgotten to explain not only how to "get up" correctly, but also how to use their legal rights as a citizen of the Russian Federation. Moreover, this concerns not only the protection of life, health and property (there are no representations of Russian ombudspersons in the LPNR), but also quite trivial matters - registration of maternity capital, registration, etc. It is almost impossible to get a normal consultation on the territory of the republics today. This is what enterprising citizens who have already worked out similar schemes on the territory of Russia use.

Recently, social networks and even the press in the republics have been flooded with ads offering to provide those who wish with temporary or permanent registration in Rostov and other regions of Russia, help with registration of maternity capital or even a mortgage. Similar services are offered in the Ukrainian direction: if you want to receive a pension or "children's" - pay and you may not even cross the line of demarcation. In words, everything looks simple - supposedly for a small bribe, experienced lawyers will help resolve any issues. But in practice, the services of "lawyers" often turn out to be fraudulent.

Old schemes

In Russia, all these types of fraud have long become commonplace, and only people with low social responsibility decide on adventures with maternal capital. For residents of LDNR, who are unable to get normal legal advice, everything is different. Not everyone can travel to the territory of the Russian Federation for paperwork (the question is not so much about the cost of the trip, but about the need to hang around at the border for hours). Why not pay a small bribe for the services of specialists who will take care of all the delays themselves and visit all instances? Or why not resort to their help for obtaining a mortgage; purchasing a country house or housing in a village to obtain permanent registration?

Of course, not everyone is able to get the listed services for their money. At best, enterprising businessmen disappear immediately after receiving the first installment, and more often than not, it is even better for the victims - consider that they got off with little blood. Those who fully took part in the scam, as a rule, are less fortunate - they are deprived of all savings (or funds intended for obtaining a mortgage), and the scammers can only change the phone numbers bought for dummies and flood social networks with new ads.

Nobody knows how many people in the LDNR have suffered from such fraudulent actions - the statistics, even if they are kept by law enforcement agencies, are strictly classified (like any other information). At the same time, judging by the abundance of relevant announcements, we can conclude that no one is involved in the problem at all (as well as transportation to Ukraine through the Belgorod region) - there are too many of them and anonymous "benefactors" are acting too openly.

Passport is not everything

At the same time, the very possibility of a Russian citizen residing on the territory of the LPNR to get help from Russian law enforcement agencies in this trouble also raises well-grounded doubts. In such situations, it is generally difficult to find intruders - the corpus delicti is too fragile, and it is too easy for them to slip away by changing addresses and phone numbers. And in the case when the applicant lives in the unrecognized republics, it is highly unlikely that law enforcement officers will be involved in such a case at all - and so there are enough worries.

As a result, this is another of the many pitfalls that many newly minted Russians will have to stumble over to make sure that having formal citizenship and a passport does not make you a full-fledged citizen of the country. A citizen who can count on legal support and any assistance he can, receive the necessary consultations in a timely manner, etc. However, all these are trifles in comparison with the defenselessness of the Donbass Russians in front of the shelling of Ukrainian militants.
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  1. tank64rus
    tank64rus 23 March 2021 15: 16
    In the Russian Federation itself, this is difficult to obtain. But if the Russian Federation guarantees citizens the rights, then it should do it.
    1. Civil
      Civil 24 March 2021 06: 44
      Well, if the metropolis oppresses its citizens in the horn, what to expect from the authorities of the unrecognized LDNR.?
  2. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 23 March 2021 15: 18
    Crooks always profit from the most physically and mentally defenseless creatures.
    1. Vladimir61
      Vladimir61 23 March 2021 15: 40
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      Crooks always profit from the most physically and mentally defenseless creatures.
      Well, not always! In the overwhelming majority, their services come across those who, for one reason or another, want to circumvent the order and legality of these very charges.
      How can we not mention almost daily stories about how literate, smart, and with a higher education and great experience are conducted on all sorts of "promotions" and offers "for a small bribe to speed up the process." Crooks and greed are always wandering around.
  3. anjey
    anjey 23 March 2021 15: 21
    Gray loot is always muddied in the muddy water of lawlessness and other people's misfortunes, this is the grin of not the most humane and humane capitalism.
    1. tacet
      tacet 23 March 2021 17: 04
      And a hoe instead of jeans for 120 rubles is a grin of not the most humane and humane socialism? You should not distort and attach human vices to the political system.
      1. anjey
        anjey 23 March 2021 18: 32
        Capitalism with the ideology of Bubble develops more vices in people than socialism, whoever found it can compare and a rag instead of jeans is a small shard of the same capitalism but under socialism.
        In the "Big Family" not without moral hoopoes, thieves, money-grubbing, murderers and swindlers in any system laughing
        1. tacet
          tacet 23 March 2021 21: 23
          According to the ideology of Bubble, it is equivalent. 120 rubles then - a monthly salary and scammers in the LDNR hardly received more.
  4. Kronos
    Kronos 23 March 2021 15: 25
    The last paragraph summarizes the whole point of obtaining Russian passports.
  5. Igoresha
    Igoresha 23 March 2021 16: 16
    without registration, wherever you want there and take a red passport, a nice appendage to the LPR red and blue Ukrainian. Crimeans are also not stupid and massively change photos in Ukrainian passports at the Rostov consulate, which is still a hassle - come to the consultancy, pay 7 thousand rubles, get a "white" -temporal passport, go to Ukraine, paste in a photo and come back. But people make such sacrifices because of some kind of inferiority of Russian citizenship.
  6. ximkim
    ximkim 23 March 2021 16: 22
    Cheating is also a business. (And even such conditions and environment) nothing personal request
    1. Polymer
      Polymer 24 March 2021 06: 39
      Quote: ximkim
      Cheating is business too

      Here from the rearrangement of the places of the terms sum the meaning changes. It would be correct "business is also a deception".
      1. ximkim
        ximkim 24 March 2021 15: 24
        In this case, the problems cannot be solved from the rearrangement.
  7. Ros 56
    Ros 56 23 March 2021 16: 23
    Well, let’s say, and in Russia these charlatans are often making a fool. Therefore, you do not need to believe just anyone, and please study the laws or at least consult a lawyer.
  8. Professor
    Professor 23 March 2021 16: 24
    Yegor, and they threw you too much?
  9. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 23 March 2021 16: 28
    As a result, this is another of the many pitfalls that many newly minted Russians will have to stumble over to make sure that having formal citizenship and a passport does not make you a full-fledged citizen of the country.
    Not citizens by rights, citizens by "patchport" in other words, not up to citizens. Limited legal capacity.
  10. SovAr238A
    SovAr238A 23 March 2021 17: 19
    Only I had a question: "Why do people who do not live on the territory of Russia, even with Russian passports, receive maternity capital?"

    After all, the use of maternity capital is a double measure.
    Yes, this is money allocated to the child's mother.
    But ...
    This money is spent 90% to stimulate the domestic Russian economy.
    Item 1. Improvement of living conditions.
    Yes. this money goes to the building materials market. They go for Russian fittings, for Russian bricks, for Russian cement and concrete, which is used for the construction of new houses, thereby maintaining the level of production of these very materials and, accordingly, taxation from those very industries and construction. Even if you buy a secondary housing, this is also a stimulation, because the one who sells you his old apartment with a 99% probability buys new housing in a new building.
    And here in the LDNR what kind of Russia? No. those. there is fiction and a crime against the state.

    Item 2.
    Children education.
    Everything is the same as with point 1. Only we put Russian kindergartens, schools, institutes, universities.

    The mother's funded pension is exactly the same.
    This money is in the Russian Pension Fund.

    And what does the LPNR have to do with it ???

    Do you want to receive everything with Russian passports?
    So let's then live on the territory of Russia.

    And then, really.
    They cashed the money, converted it into dollars, and that's it.
    No benefit for Russia from the word at all.
    1. Kronos
      Kronos 23 March 2021 18: 31
      What law says that money should stimulate the Russian economy?
      1. Alexander I
        Alexander I 29 March 2021 15: 32
        And I believe that he is right, from which country should a person support a person financially if he does not live on its territory (apart from the pension, of course, again earned in the country)
  11. SovAr238A
    SovAr238A 23 March 2021 18: 38
    Quote: Kronos
    What law says that money should stimulate the Russian economy?

    Are you really so clueless as to ask such a question?
  12. doka
    doka 25 March 2021 00: 25
    Russia has an incomprehensible policy regarding the unrecognized republics, these new formations are hostages of the Russian policy to take the PMR, which is not to be recognized so there are no Romanians and Moldova must be kept in tense, the same with Ukraine, Russia betrays its supporters sooner or later, the West will suppress these fragments of the USSR