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Journalists on the exercises beat and shot

Courses on the training of military journalists took place in the Moscow region. Three days of theory, and then - practice, the conditions of which were as close to real as possible. According to the scenario, the militants take hostages and take them to an abandoned building in the forest.

Three days at the desks and here he is, the exam. Course participants, of course, were warned that there would be practical exercises, but hardly anyone was ready for such a “battle check”. Bags on their heads, tied hands behind their backs and even a couple of kicks. They beat them neatly but perceptibly. On the strong mot, too, did not stint.

Under the hum of gunfire, the “captured” journalists crawled about five hundred meters. True, they later confessed: there was a feeling that they were being driven through the forests for about five kilometers. Pseudo-militants have their own task here - to confuse traces and intimidate hostages. For half an hour, journalists had suffered: there were torn pants, broken knees, and even tears. Those who refused to go further were “shot on the spot” and sent for a retake the next day.

“We were lowered face down and we lay when the smoke pipes were thrown,” shares extreme impressions Yulia Yakovleva, an employee of the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Krasnodar Territory. “And this caustic smoke just started to scrape my throat. another bag was put on his head. It is clear that it was a game, and everyone decided for himself whether to go to the end ... I was shot. "

The course participants were taught first aid skills and even a sapper. They explained that in a combat zone it is not worth picking up anything from the ground and you should always look under your feet: God forbid stretching.

And now - the final point. Hostages lead to an abandoned building deep in the woods. As they say people who have already been in captivity, the first two weeks of the release can not even dream of. After taking hostages, the militants are trying, as they say, to “bury”. And only after the first wave of searches subsides, do they begin to get in touch with relatives, or, as is the case with journalists, with the editors.

Here they teach that finding contact with the militants is not a betrayal, but another chance for salvation. The theory, as it turned out, not everyone learned. Some were recorded in the "shot" already at the very end of the exercises.

Journalist Alexander Fedotov says: “Everything is very believable, there was no indulgence, there was a complete presence and a feeling that it really was a seizure. Before that, we were given a lecture, she really helped to control herself in a real situation. Frankly, for the first time I and I hope that I will never get to it again. But if I’m in, these skills will help me to stay alive. "

The course instructor, Colonel Nikolai Ivanov, himself spent six months in captivity between the first and second Chechen campaigns. According to him, for militants there is no difference - officer, private soldier, journalist. The main thing is to get a ransom for the captive. “Psychologically, a person should know that if he was captured and not killed immediately, then life is worth fighting for,” says Ivanov. “So, the militants are interested in you, it means you are a hostage. And you just have to withstand this pace and physical exertion.” .

Command "hang up". With journalists remove the bags. Breathing in, finally, with a full breast, they admit that after captivity, even if they are not real, the taste of freedom is especially sweet.

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  1. vadimus
    vadimus 24 August 2012 11: 22
    Among the journalists there are real heroes, but there are some that it’s not really enough to beat ... Lovers, damn it, fried.
  2. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 24 August 2012 11: 24
    I watched the news today. At first I was unpleasantly surprised, but then I remembered what time we were living.
    A good journalist covering a report from a hot spot should be ready for any turn of events!
  3. Cripple cross
    Cripple cross 24 August 2012 11: 25
    Good teachings, let’s do these in schools, the children will like it. Modern Dawn, so to speak smile
    1. Vorchun
      Vorchun 24 August 2012 12: 50
      I dare to correct - the game was called "Zarnitsa", and Zorka is an ordinary cow name wink
  4. lelikas
    lelikas 24 August 2012 11: 25
    Useful courses, I hope this helps them avoid losses, although it would be better if there were no reasons at all, such should be done not only for journalists, but for all soldiers.
  5. Apollo
    Apollo 24 August 2012 11: 34
    In my understanding, a military journalist is no different from a soldier.
    The difference is only in weapons.
    Who has a gun and who has a camera.!
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 24 August 2012 13: 02
      Well, in the Great Patriotic War, operators and military correspondents very often combined. I read from Carmen about the cameraman Boris Sher, who was filming the work of our attack aircraft. And it so happened that in one of the flights he shot down the Messerschmitt, which was attacking the silts. For this he was awarded the Order of the Red Star.
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 24 August 2012 13: 39
        like in the song.

        -With a "watering can" and a notebook. and even with a machine gun.

        Fine. When you feel at least a little someone else’s shovel on your own skin, it is written with inspiration and sincerely.
  6. vezunchik
    vezunchik 24 August 2012 11: 44
    generally correct ... let them try and think ...
  7. SSR
    SSR 24 August 2012 11: 45
    eh ... it's a pity there were no "feather monsters" such as Aslund, Glucksmann, Lipmann, Parkhomovy Svanids and any Novodvorskys.
    so to speak using it. case .....))
  8. gorkoxnumx
    gorkoxnumx 24 August 2012 12: 25
    Let’s conduct such exercises in Chechnya with military ammunition? free our children from the burden of future wars !!!
  9. antiaircrafter
    antiaircrafter 24 August 2012 12: 42
    interestingly, there are military journalists, but there is no information from them.
  10. Skiff
    Skiff 24 August 2012 13: 42
    The course teacher, Colonel Nikolai Ivanov, spent six months in captivity between the first and second Chechen campaigns. According to him, there is no difference for the militants - you are an officer, an ordinary, a journalist. The main thing is to get a ransom for the captive.
    That’s the whole ideology, BUTTERFLIES, BUTTERFLIES, BUTTERFLIES .... and then some ideas, balcony thugs, not fighters for the idea and justice.
    But in general, such courses should be conducted not only for journalists, but also for military men.
  11. Bekzat
    Bekzat 24 August 2012 16: 30
    Maybe they are being prepared to be sent to Syria? There are few real journalists there, and so they conducted a "training", they looked who was suitable and who was not, they were selected, and offered, they say, "go there, you need to broadcast the Truth."
  12. suharev-52
    suharev-52 24 August 2012 16: 50
    No matter how, but it may come in handy in the future. And maybe someone will help save a life. Sincerely.
  13. wbigfire
    wbigfire 24 August 2012 17: 54
    Good teachings. Having tried this on yourself, although not at full strength, you look, and the journalists will not poke around where they are not asking again.