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The Dragon is growing new head, or the Big Games in the internal politics of China

The stronghold of world monumentalism - China - a couple of months before the start of the procedure of a controlled change of power in the country is exposed to a very ambiguous political tectonics.

As you know, the transfer of power from one person to another in China is carried out in a very simple way. A variant of Chinese democracy is that the Chinese people know about the successor long before the direct transfer of the levers of government from one hand to the other takes place. The fact that he is the successor, naturally, is known to the successor himself. This is also known by his political opponents.

On the one hand, such a procedure for transferring an imperious steering wheel is a simple matter: as they say, the post passed, the post was adopted ... But there are also Chinese nuances here that have quite unexpectedly appeared lately. There are several nuances of these at once.

Bo Xilai, who was once considered the main contender for the title of "main successor," unexpectedly for many, stepped down from the race for power. More precisely, he did not get off at all, but, let's say, “he got away”. Bo Xilai, being the secretary of the Chongqing Party Committee, at one time tried to hush up at once several scandals that flared up literally in close proximity to him, as one of the very active Chinese politicians.

The first scandal is associated with such a Chinese comrade as Wang Lijun, who was considered to be Bo Xilai’s main associate. Comrade Wang, according to the Chinese press, was able to organize the wiretap of Hu Jintao’s negotiations regarding the proceedings on corruption scandals in the PRC. Then Wang Lijun apparently came up with the idea that the central Chinese authorities would be able to somehow get to him (that is, there was a reason), and if so, then it is time to “wind up fishing rods.” He tried to wind up his fishing poles in the American representation of one of the Chinese cities, but American diplomats decided not to test the great Chinese friendship for strength and Wana was gently pointed to the door where people in civilian clothes were already waiting for him.

This was the first blow to antiquity Bo, who was the successor to the head of the CCP. The second blow was struck by Bo Xilai, his beloved wife, Gu Kailai, who, according to the Chinese justice, wanted to help her son in the implementation of profitable business ideas. But on the path of his son (Bo Guagua) was a businessman Neal Haywood. This citizen of the British Crown was in China according to official information as an employee of one of the British-Chinese companies. There is not quite official information, according to which Heywood worked as a consultant in a company whose foundation was held thanks to the activity of two British intelligence officers ... His sphere of interests in a bizarre way intersected with those of Bo Jr, which caused Gu Kailai's concern. Concern over the affairs of her son went so far that Gu Kailai sent a British businessman to the forefathers, using poison for this. At least, this is how the Chinese court decided, which sentenced the woman to a death sentence with a period of two years delay and deprivation of the opportunity to hold senior positions (although what posts Ms. Gu can occupy now ...)

For many experts, Gu Kailai’s direct involvement in the murder of a British businessman, as well as her involvement in this matter in general, raises a number of questions. The fact is that if Neil Haywood was an ordinary merchant, then it is completely incomprehensible how his activities could threaten the successful business of Bo Guagua, who was a member of one of the most influential Chinese families. Even if Gu Kailai's mother's heart felt that a threat was hanging over her son's business, she could well have used other people to eliminate this threat in order to remain beyond suspicion. Many questions and the astounding insight of the Chinese investigators, which Gu Kailai brought to clear water, cause for some reason the same investigating authorities cannot in any way solve the murder of such a person as Wu Guancheng, who was the son of the ex-representative of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the PRC ...

On how Bo Xilai’s wife was involved in the Heywood murder case, there’s a man like Lin Zixu. In his opinion, the Heywood assassination and the trial of Gu Kailai are only the last link in a long chain in which people like Gu Kailai herself and even former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin are involved. The first links may concern the persecution of one of the Chinese religious movements Falun Gong, which in China was recognized as a sect, and against which representatives one after another criminal cases were opened. By the beginning of 2000, it came to the point that tens of thousands of Falun Gong representatives were sent to Chinese prisons.

Since 2002-2003 in the press began to appear evidence that in the conditions of total lack of internal organs for transplantation, these same bodies began to be taken from many prisoners (most of them Falun Gong practitioners) in prison. Such evidence has accumulated a sufficient amount. In order to hide the manifestation of a very saturated market of human organs in China, the Chinese authorities announced that the law enforcement authorities of the People's Republic of China had covered an entire criminal group that was selling organs for transplantation. However, The Epoch Times publishes materials on the fact that it was a network that was controlled not without the support of the central authorities through groups of special employees, one of whom was Gu Kailai. The same criminal scheme allegedly found a place for the very British subject Neal Heywood, who, according to the journalists of The Epoch Times, could be involved in transporting human organs from China to Europe. This is where the possible intersection of the Heywood and Gu paths manifests. In this case, there is a version that the murder of Neil Heywood took place due to the fact that in the event of pressure from the authorities, he could not tell about the organ trade, to which, perhaps, quite high-ranking Chinese officials were involved.

As far as such information can be trusted, this is a question from a completely different plane. But the fact that the murder of Haywood and the sentence of Gu about the present Chinese authorities on this very occasion even make a good hand - an obvious fact. Firstly, a regular digging under Bo Xilai is arranged, and secondly, witnesses are eliminated (if they are, of course, real) of the CCP's activities regarding Falun Gong.

Of course, to trust the versions of opposition Chinese journalists living in the West on 100% is too naive, but smoke, as we know, does not happen without fire. Anyway, but all these stories They turn Bo Xilai’s “successor”, who was expelled from the CPC Central Committee, into waste material, and take Comrade Xi Jinping as a replacement for Hu Jintao.

However, with him lately everything is somehow not very clear. The fact is that Xi Jinping is a man who is very popular among high-ranking Chinese military. He gained this popularity not because of his personal merit to the Chinese armed forces, but because of the activities of his father Xi Junjun. Si Sr was one of Mao’s main comrades-in-arms and a man very close to the Chinese army, which is considered an undoubted subject for family pride and respect among current servicemen. It would seem, what is it that a new potential leader of the PRC has support among military personnel? At first glance, nothing ... But in fact, it is necessary to take into account the fact that today in China, more than ever, the desire of high-ranking military to participate in governing the country has manifested itself. The scandal, which is connected with the statements of General Zhang Qinshen that the highest PLA commanders should also rule the country, leaked to the press and caused a stir in China.

It turns out that if Xi Jinping finds himself in the softest Chinese chair, then the same military will try to put pressure on him in order to get posts that will allow them to put their ideas into practice. And if we consider that many PLA generals crave revenge on Taiwan and Japan, the situation looks quite tense. The latter sharply manifested territorial dispute with Japan in this case can be an excellent reason to test the combat capability of the Chinese army ...

It turns out that the change of power in China, with all its external predictability, promises to be very interesting. The main interest is whether Xi Jinping will be able to keep the principles of power formation the same, or will give the Chinese generals the opportunity to hold onto the helm of ruling the country. And if this gives you the opportunity, will the Chinese generals give the wheel back to Xi Jinping? ..

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  1. vadimus
    vadimus 29 August 2012 08: 40
    The dragon, of course, is large and dangerous, without words ... Let's see if it takes all its heads without bending. The burden is not easy ...
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 29 August 2012 09: 10
      The usual squabble squabble of management clans in the struggle for power and no more. Some will grumble others on this and finish, and then everything will go as usual.
      1. strannik595
        strannik595 29 August 2012 10: 49
        the reverse side of the Chinese miracle --- so plow that they fall asleep right on scooters
        1. Big lexey
          Big lexey 29 August 2012 12: 59
          Any increase in economic power (read efficiency) of a private business, company or country ... is built on reducing production costs and costs, which in the vast majority of cases leads to an increase in working time, lower wages and social guarantees for workers ...
          Of course, there is still a criterion for increasing labor productivity, but in order for it to start working, in the vast majority of cases very high initial costs are needed, which will not pay off soon ...
          It seems to me that none of the Russians agree to work and live by the standards of the Chinese workers ...

          PS I had a case. A Russian of Korean descent who has an uncle, a fairly successful businessman in South Korea, came to the job interview. I asked the candidate - would you never want to move to your homeland, to Korea, and work there, for example, with your uncle ?! To which I received a categorical answer - NO! It is necessary not only to work there, but to really "work", without days off, without vacations and sick leaves ...
          And he gave an answer about the country, the norms of social guarantees and the level of wages in which is higher than in China.
          So I like the Chinese accomplishments, but not the way they "achieve".
  2. Deniska999
    Deniska999 29 August 2012 08: 51
    But they are not doing well there either
  3. Nasty
    Nasty 29 August 2012 09: 11
    trouble? capital wants power, power wants capital, the army wants to have one and the other, but also unfading glory
  4. damba
    damba 29 August 2012 09: 18
    Looking at all this, it’s worth starting a large-scale regrouping of Russian forces. with a priority of 30 to 70 in favor of the Far East. The affairs of Europe, not our affairs. Euro-missile defense can be reserved together with Belarus, so it is precisely the ground forces and the Air Force that need to be strengthened in the Far East
    1. evgenm55
      evgenm55 29 August 2012 10: 34
      But where to get these scales? Call the whole ruble?
      1. stariy
        stariy 29 August 2012 20: 58
        Quote: evgenm55
        Call the whole ruble?

        Or Chinese guest workers to call for service.
      2. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 30 August 2012 21: 24
        it is possible and ruble if the back of the detachment
  5. Nasty
    Nasty 29 August 2012 09: 34
    why the hell do we destroy chemical weapons?
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 29 August 2012 10: 41
      There is no point. The costs are large, the effect is not comparable less. The combat concentration of organic matter is not very easy to create. A lot of factors are taken into account (temperature, wind direction, convective currents, etc.). Moreover, the organic chemical compound has the property to decompose. as a former chemical defense platoon commander.
      1. Leisure
        Leisure 29 August 2012 12: 53
        Duc, China so much that you do not really need to aim and concentrate OM. (Wherever you spit, you will get everywhere)
  6. 8 company
    8 company 29 August 2012 09: 55
    China by its example clearly proved that for a sharp rise of the country in economic development, no bullying of people like: dispossession-collectivization-hunger-repression is needed. The Chinese Communists were able to understand this, but the Soviet - could not. The devastation, as usual, was in the heads, and not in the closets.
    1. Big lexey
      Big lexey 29 August 2012 10: 12
      Would you like to take part in the construction of China's economic miracle ?! Before writing utter nonsense about caring for the Chinese population - try on their "skin" on yourself, and a real skin, and not from the glossy CPC avenue.
      Lack of a pension system for the majority of the population of China, lack of social medical care, work with one day off per week and 3 days of vacation per YEAR for FOOD ... They have pretty good living and are provided only for public servants, all the rest are in free swimming.
      All of China’s economic power is built on extremely cheap labor. All!
      In Russia, and in Belarus, no one will voluntarily work under such conditions.
      1. 8 company
        8 company 29 August 2012 11: 50
        Quote: BigLexey
        All of China’s economic power is built on extremely cheap labor. All!

        Blah blah blah ... But do you want to talk in the language of dry numbers?

        In 1991, a Chinese worker received $ 37, but after 20 years, the average Chinese salary was equivalent to 550 US dollars.

        And about social security ... Tell everyone how, under Stalin, they introduced a fee for secondary education.
        On October 26, 1940, Decree No. 638 was introduced on the establishment of paid tuition in high schools of the USSR and in higher educational institutions of the USSR and on changing the procedure for the appointment of scholarships. In high schools and universities, paid education was introduced with a fixed annual fee. The annual wage roughly corresponded to the average monthly nominal wage of Soviet workers. For all citizens of the country, tuition was canceled on May 10, 1956.
        1. Big lexey
          Big lexey 29 August 2012 12: 44
          I repeat once again - do not read the advertising leaflets of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Just believe that ordinary average Chinese people (living in China) with drooling at the mouth are jealous of even the social standards that the current Russian government provides, not to mention the social paradise created during the Soviet era. They never dreamed of this.
          Or do you think that out of altruism they illegally cross the border of Russia and are "sold" into slavery to local "barons" to work 12 hours a day for food and $ 2 a day on sawmills or fields ?! Nu-nu ...
          Dry numbers are also written by people!
          "You have to argue about the taste of pineapple with those who have tasted it." (from). Zhvanetsky.
          1. 8 company
            8 company 29 August 2012 13: 02
            Quote: BigLexey
            I repeat once again - do not read the CCP brochures

            Do you want to refute? Provide your data on the average salary of the Chinese in dynamics over recent years. In addition to empty chatter, I have not seen any exact data from you yet.
        2. Gemar
          Gemar 30 August 2012 08: 17
          Quote: Company 8
          the average Chinese salary was equivalent to 550 US dollars.

          It really is! I had a companion who opened a clothing store in Suifenhe. So the seller for a salary below 3000 yuan (15 rubles), he could not find!
          This is all a Chinese program - "one family, one child". Those who visit China, look at URBAN children ... All fat (not fat, and all are engaged in sports without exception), wear glasses, MEDIUM !!! And these kids, growing up, want to work less (play more computer games), get a decent salary and eat in fast food.
          How are these "little emperors" going to feed the army of grandparents who left them a significant legacy? No way! These children love "strong China", they are already used to it. But only VILLAGE and VILLAGE can support "strong China", of which there are less and less ... Oh, soon they will trample on someone ...
    2. evgenm55
      evgenm55 29 August 2012 10: 32
      You’re wrong, read history. Read about the cultural revolution, but there is more than enough information about victims of the mid-XNUMXth century about China, there are more than enough victims and persecutions. You’re trying to distort history and facts of your own country. The current situation is not the best proof, that collective farms and state farms are the only predictable method of farming? Or, when will we fat one soya amerikosovskaya yes kenguryatina comes?
    3. T72B
      T72B 29 August 2012 10: 50
      So the Chinese removed the commissars from the army for a long time, so everything went well for them. Yes, and in the Soviet Union in 41 right up to Moscow, while this "cement"
      was present in the army. And as soon as they got rid of these hardened "human beings" with knee-deep Mausers, the army immediately revived and drove the Germans to the west. It's a pity only in the 50s the vile Khrushch turned everything back. Here the commissars and komissar fosterlings climbed to the surface and by the beginning of the 90s the country was bombed, as their founder-ghoul father bequeathed. Axiom: if you want the good of the country - beat the commissar-political instructor. After all, this tribe is worse than the Colorado potato beetle: they will gnaw everything around them, and what they do not gnaw - they will bite.
      1. tan0472
        tan0472 29 August 2012 11: 38
        T72B deliberately scolding political officers trying to hurt the 8th company? Please swear in PM, huh?
  7. npv554f
    npv554f 29 August 2012 10: 20
    East is a delicate matter. stop
  8. baltika-18
    baltika-18 29 August 2012 10: 32
    In China, the influence of the Rothschild clan is very strong. It was they who turned China into a world factory. Their plans also included the promotion of the yuan as the world's reserve currency. The conductor of this policy was the aforementioned Bo Xilai. He planned to lead the PRC, relying precisely on the support of the clan. The Rothschilds, headquartered in the City of London, but unexpectedly in March this year, is arrested. And already in May, between the two richest financial groups (Rothschilds and Rockefellers, headquarters of the District of Columbia, Washington), an agreement is signed to purchase a stake by Rothschild Invest from Rockefeller Finance. So it's not that simple in this world. Let's see what other twists and turns are in store for the future.
    1. Rumata
      Rumata 29 August 2012 21: 40
      Quote: baltika-18
      In China, the influence of the Rothschild clan is very strong. It was they who turned China into a world factory. Their plans also included the promotion of the renminbi as a world reserve currency

      The total capital of the Rockefeller family is 34 billion, together with the Rothschilds it may come out 60. What serious effects on China can we talk about, with its GDP of several trillion? They knock themselves out for a little bit of nishtyachka, cajoling who they need, but influencing China’s policy is nonsense.
  9. albanec
    albanec 29 August 2012 10: 46
    Maybe this has something to do with what was said in the article "VB Pavlenko:" The Great Game "of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers - In the Light and In the Shadow" published on the website on June 21, 2012.

    The second "line of defense" of the Rockefellers - the XVIII CPC Congress (again November 2012).

    If the Chinese leadership, both before and after the congress, maintains a balance that ensures uninterrupted “two-stroke” change of power - first the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the Chairman of the PRC, and then, after five “intermediate” years, the Chairman of the Central Military Council (CER) , the chances of success for the Rothschilds will remain a bit. For a “safe haven” suitable for the transition to the “golden yuan” for the time necessary for the “reformatting” of the West, balanced China cannot become - only unbalanced, with the dominant dominance of one of the inner-party groups and the harsh suppression of all the others (like this took place in the 1970's).

    Without reliable, one hundred percent guarantees in the form of a gold-yuan pair, supplemented in the political sphere by the strategic Sino-Japanese alliance, the Rothschilds will not collapse the dollar and the US - the risk of getting the situation out of control is excessively great, and then the deciding argument instead of money may become weapons.

    There will be a chance to lose everything at once, including life.

  10. Petrol
    Petrol 29 August 2012 11: 01
    strannik595 RU Today, 10:49 I was told by a grandfather that a dragon, to be more precise, some influential families in friendship with American bankers from the mid-30s when the Kashcheev tribe borrowed money ... since they don’t want to give kashchei ... there’s nothing ))))))) .... .... they decided now, along with blyaydrode-beymy kunami opengeymeramami slowly shake the world policeman to free markets for the production of the Arimians .........
  11. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 29 August 2012 11: 02
    played in the cold war missed such an opponent in the east
  12. old rocket man
    old rocket man 29 August 2012 11: 08
    An interesting article makes you think.
    I have nothing against the Chinese "military", but I would not like to see her at the "helm" - the war with Japan (read the USA) will not lead to anything good China at this stage, and we will add hemorrhoids. Do we need it? request
  13. sribnuu
    sribnuu 29 August 2012 11: 45
    Well, I really want to not get to this! No offense shown!
    1. Straus_zloy
      Straus_zloy 29 August 2012 12: 54
      Pictures with roosters leave for yourself, so real

      1. sribnuu
        sribnuu 29 August 2012 13: 29
        Quote: Straus_zloy
        Pictures with roosters leave for yourself, so real

        So you can get to Beijing, but not on the T-34 as in your picture. Need something newer than the T-34 soldier for the offensive. With such a pace of rearmament only dream. The country is huge !!!
        1. lars
          lars 29 August 2012 16: 22
          T-34 is a symbol. The symbol of what, I think no need to explain. But behind it is another symbol - the one that should be sought during rearmament.
        2. Cyber ​​Vasya
          Cyber ​​Vasya 29 August 2012 17: 41
          This is not a T-34 respected, obviously, this is the alleged futuristic PLA tank, against the backdrop of the more supposed futuristic combat costume of the hypothetical Russian army, and the soldier’s suit is old and Kalash? Strange decision.
      2. ups
        ups 29 August 2012 19: 10
        I think if they don’t ask me to stop, we’ll get to Vietnam and India. wink
      3. Korvin
        Korvin 29 August 2012 20: 15
        Demotivators eprst (((The author dragged Beijing to the picture on which is a pointer with typical Chinese cities, the artist does not know why they do not put a bayonet-knife and under-barrel at the same time. With such a new formation, you can not reach Beijing but only to the handle (((
        1. stariy
          stariy 29 August 2012 21: 22
          Quote: KORVIN
          but only to the handle (((

          guys this is aligoria, don’t have to be so serious
    2. Leisure
      Leisure 29 August 2012 12: 59
      Yeah, who would mumble.
  14. Rossmk
    Rossmk 29 August 2012 16: 35
    Let’s see what emerges from all this. These Chinese are so unpredictable
  15. Radarik606
    Radarik606 29 August 2012 21: 36
    A late article, he was arrested in May. подробный Арест Бо Силая и его последствия и какие структуры он представлял.
  16. sined0707
    sined0707 30 August 2012 15: 06
    IMHO, you can’t believe the Chinese, the same enemy as the West, I think that they can betray at the most inopportune moment. In general, they and the Americans are looking at Russia with the same appetite. We do not have friends, we have temporary allies, and that is not on all issues.