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64 a year ago in the USSR the world's most massive fighter, the MiG-15, was adopted


In the Soviet Union, more than 11 100 MiG-15 aircraft were built. They were widely exported to the countries of the Warsaw Pact, China, North Korea, to the Middle East (Egypt, Syria).

Production of various variants of the MiG-15 under license was organized in Czechoslovakia and Poland. As a result, more than 17 000 MiG-15 aircraft, which had more than 20 modifications, were built in all producing countries.

Designing the MiG-15 began in the 1946 year, its prototype and the 310 made its first flight in December 1947.

And on August 23, 1948, the aircraft was adopted by the USSR Air Force. First aviation units were formed in 1949. The release of the aircraft was carried out by 8 Russian plants.

The aircraft reached a speed of up to 1044 km / h and climbed to a height of 15500 meters. The MiG-15 was armed with 3 guns and was able to carry 2 bombs on underwing pylons.

The aircraft received baptism of fire in the skies over Korea in 1950.

Soviet data on the results of the war in Korea became available only in recent years. They testify that during the fighting the pilots performed more 63 000 sorties, conducted 1683 air battles by day and 107 at night. More than 1100 enemy aircraft were shot down. Their losses accounted for 335 aircraft.
The pilots of the United Air Army (PRC and DPRK) conducted 366 air battles, in which an enemy aircraft was shot down by 271. Their losses - 231 aircraft.

During the Cold War, the legendary MiG-15 could be seen in the sky over half the world - the Sea of ​​Japan, the Commander Islands, Africa, India, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the GDR, China, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Cuba , Afghanistan.

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  1. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 23 August 2012 16: 32
    Legendary aircraft, simple and reliable ...
    1. fern
      fern 23 August 2012 17: 50
      IMHO Best in class and at one time. I will not argue, it’s so clear wink
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 23 August 2012 20: 09
      simple and reliable.

      Are you aware that the Nin engine was bought in England? Stink then after Korea was from the Americans
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 23 August 2012 20: 19
        In the know that the amers themselves bought it from England?
        1. Slayer
          Slayer 23 August 2012 23: 55
          amerikosov’s entire military aircraft industry is built with the copying of our technology after stealing an instant 21 and further designing on its basis. We tried with our own brains to create a 5th generation aircraft, well, in general, we see what happened with the raptor, in short, we were always No. 1 in the world in military aviation
          1. gor
            gor 24 August 2012 01: 20
            and I have not heard more idiocy)))))))))))))))))))))))))
            1. klimpopov
              klimpopov 24 August 2012 09: 59
              I will support! Ideotism is real ... But is it interesting that the T34 is a modified Christie? This is me to the point that they copy everything from each other.
        2. Vadivak
          Vadivak 24 August 2012 08: 43
          Quote: lelikas
          amers themselves bought it from England

          I wrote about the engine for the MiG-15 and you mean that (
          1. lelikas
            lelikas 24 August 2012 10: 57
            Strange, I’m talking about the engine, but what did you think about? :)
  2. Vadivak
    Vadivak 23 August 2012 16: 33
    64 a year ago in the USSR the world's most massive fighter, the MiG-15, was adopted

    And all plans for the nuclear bombing of the USSR in the United States fell away by themselves, but after Korea, and in general, there was no desire
  3. pribolt
    pribolt 23 August 2012 16: 45
    A good plane, especially "liked" by the Phantom pilots laughing
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 23 August 2012 16: 47
      The pilots of "Phantoms" liked the MiG-21 very much - a phantom fighter of the second generation, and fought in Vietnam ... Although, of course, the MiG 15 and 17 met with a phantom ... There is also such a song from Chizh, remember ... " height ... "
      Oh by the way
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 23 August 2012 16: 59
        Quote: klimpopov
        The MiG-21 pilots liked the Phantoms very much -

        They especially loved Nguyen Duc Soat, who was on the MiG-21 on June 24 and 27, August 26 and October 12. 1972 he failed six Phantoms that they recognized as shot down
        1. klimpopov
          klimpopov 23 August 2012 17: 03
          Yes, the MiG - 21 successful "Soldier Airplane" was called it, at first there were problems with the "goat", but then they came up with a new landing gear ...
          1. Vadivak
            Vadivak 23 August 2012 17: 07
            Quote: klimpopov
            there were problems with the "goat"

            I saw in Buturlinovka how the MiG-21U "with the cadets wentat 5-7 meters without a bulldozer, horror and, the question of why the flight director is heard through the sound of the engine disappeared by itself
            1. klimpopov
              klimpopov 23 August 2012 17: 11
              Well, as practice has shown with the experience of landing, the pilots learned to overcome this ailment, and the woman solved the problem by inventing a "broken" landing gear, I don't remember the last name now ...
      2. Bort radist
        Bort radist 23 August 2012 17: 22
        Quote: klimpopov
        There is also such a song in Chizh, remember ... "With a roar it is gaining height ..."

        I like it better - Who is the pilot who shot me down?
        1. klimpopov
          klimpopov 23 August 2012 17: 26
          I run on scorched earth
          Hermeshlem slammed on the go.
          My "Phantom" with a white arrow,
          On the spread wing
          With a roar gaining altitude.
          My "Phantom" with a white arrow,
          On the spread wing
          With a roar gaining altitude.

          Vizy bluish distance,
          It’s just a pity to make it so.
          It’s a pity you don’t see her,
          Our way is far and far
          My Phantom is heading east.

          I make a left turn
          I'm an executioner now, not a pilot.
          Stooping over the scope
          And the rockets rush towards the goal
          There is another run ahead.

          Vizhy in the sky a white line,
          My Phantom is losing altitude.
          Catapult is salvation
          And the sling tension.
          Heart in heels, in a corkscrew I go.

          Just landed, in an instant
          A wild cry rang out from Kyst.
          Yellowstone Vietnamese
          Weeping in the cysts, like hares,
          I fell to the ground and fell silent.

          Walking the damned land again
          There is no helmet on the head.
          Behind the gun barrel
          Soldiers poke me in the back
          My life is hanging by a thread.

          "Who is the pilot who shot me down?" -
          One Vietnamese I asked
          Answered me that slant that he commanded the interrogation:
          "Our pilot Li Si Tsin shot you down"

          It is you, the Vietnamese, lying for nothing
          I clearly heard in the headset:
          "Kolya, press, and I'll cover!"
          "Vanya, hit, and I'll cover!"
          Russian ace Ivan hit me

          Somewhere far away in native Texas
          At home, my father and mother are waiting for me
          My "phantom" exploded quickly in the sky blue and clear
          I can't see you anymore

          Source: Chizh - Phantom words, lyrics.
          1. Shulz-1955
            Shulz-1955 23 August 2012 19: 11
            Thanks for the lyrics, childhood remembered
            1. klimpopov
              klimpopov 23 August 2012 19: 18
              That please, in connection with 21, I myself remembered (:
  4. klimpopov
    klimpopov 23 August 2012 16: 45
    During the three years of the Korean War, the internationalist pilots of 64 IAK (Fighter Aviation Corps) conducted 1.872 air battles, shot down 1.106 American-made aircraft, of which 650 Sabers. The losses of MiGs were 335 aircraft.
    But Sabers could detect MiGs earlier and impose maneuverable combat, while MiGs were inferior in maneuverable combat, but the numbers speak for themselves.
    Today or yesterday, somewhere MiG-15 crashed, who knows, share ...
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 23 August 2012 17: 09
      Quote: klimpopov
      and the MiG was inferior in maneuverable combat

      But on the vertical Saber did not shine
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 23 August 2012 17: 17
        This is yes ... So then they put the "light bulb", so that ours could distinguish the sebras far
    2. ronin
      ronin 23 August 2012 20: 46
      Kozhedub was noted there. They never wrote how much he added to his 62 stars ....
    3. gor
      gor 24 August 2012 01: 26
      and the Americans say that purely Sabers lost about 90 units. And which of you to believe?)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) although by the way shot down 29 in Yugoslavia, I am more inclined to believe the Americans. and you have more than once proved that there are no analogs already. Your weapons were beaten in all recent wars. And even the Swedes flew across Belarus without reba and without supersonic)))))))))) )))))))))))))
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 24 August 2012 10: 03
        Yes, you are an entertainer, I love it so much when drool splashes. We still need warriors to arms - this is the first thing. Second - of course it's cool to compare weapons of the 60s, which also resisted, for example, in Iraq! <Not worth the price of abrams that burn from RPGs !!! RPG development 50x YYY! So streamline the schoolboy!
      2. Zhizneslav
        Zhizneslav 24 August 2012 10: 15
        Indeed, it’s really someone who, and you can trust blatant Saxons, they won the 2nd World War, and they found a thermonuclear bomb in Iraq, and we still feed the bears on the streets with us.
  5. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 23 August 2012 17: 07
    Great plane ...
  6. Romeohihnic
    Romeohihnic 23 August 2012 17: 12
    MiG-15 (according to NATO codification: Fagot, MiG-15UTI - Midget) is a Soviet fighter developed by the Mikoyan and Gurevich Design Bureau in the late 1940s. The most massive jet combat aircraft in the history of aviation, which was in service with many countries of the world.
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 23 August 2012 18: 55
      Great car.
  7. Bort radist
    Bort radist 23 August 2012 17: 28
    A good fighter, lightweight, nothing superfluous, like a toy, but cold sweat was breaking through the enemies from this silhouette !!!
  8. Pacifist
    Pacifist 23 August 2012 18: 16
    An excellent plane for its time, and if we talk about its combat effectiveness ... American generals and politicians still begin to hum and splutter inarticulate at the mention of "MiG-15" and "Korea" in one sentence soldier bully
  9. Sandov
    Sandov 23 August 2012 18: 51
    MiG-15 crushed amers in Korea is very effective. For its time, the car is just super, amers according to this scheme began to make their planes. Thanks to our help, the Koreans maintained their independence. If not for the current blockade by the general people. I think that would have achieved a lot.
  10. Delink
    Delink 23 August 2012 18: 51
    The first reactive laborers.
  11. fagot
    fagot 23 August 2012 21: 43
    The release of the aircraft was carried out by 8 Russian plants.

    "Somehow it is written on moronic" Dobkin (Governor of the Kharkiv region of Ukraine)
    There were no Russian factories at that time, there were factories in the RSFSR or Soviet factories.
  12. suharev-52
    suharev-52 23 August 2012 22: 36
    Why are you surprised dear. This article was written by a person who received Fursenkov’s education and was brainwashed by Russian TV. So this is still a pretty decent article compared to the nonsense that sometimes gets into the press. Sincerely.
    A plane is a masterpiece of its time.
    1. gor
      gor 24 August 2012 01: 28
      a masterpiece very similar to a saiber as if slime and which had a very limited range of action
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 24 August 2012 10: 05
        Have you seen these planes in the photo ?! Where do they look like? So what on jet thrust? Judging by this, yes, they are similar)))
      2. viktorrymar
        viktorrymar 24 August 2012 12: 31
        0 не похожи они
      3. Che
        Che 24 August 2012 14: 22
        The layout of the wings, amers then copied it to their cars. Open your eyes.
      4. Zerstorer
        Zerstorer 26 August 2012 13: 26
        Evidence in the studio. And so this is your statement no more than a concussion.
  13. djsa1
    djsa1 24 August 2012 01: 06
    Veteran here! Remove the ban!
  14. Veter
    Veter 24 August 2012 06: 18
    The release of the aircraft was carried out by 8 Russian plants.

    No comments....
  15. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 24 August 2012 09: 33
    gor is a masterpiece very similar to a saber as if licked and which had a very limited range. So, after all, both were designed together with German aircraft designers (ours, in my opinion, were from the "Focke-Wulf" design bureau), the aircraft building school was German, and, accordingly, the experience gained, And about the Korean war I watched a very interesting TV show "Man, prevented the 3rd world war "about how our lieutenant made a cunning little thing that signaled to the pilot about the operation of the radar (radio range finder, which was not yet on the MiG) of the American Sabers, and the closer the source was, the higher tones it worked "squeaker". I recommend.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 24 August 2012 10: 06
      I wrote above about the light bulb, it saved a lot of pilots.