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Instead of its own AFV "Dozor-B" Ukraine buys Polish armored vehicles Oncilla


In Ukraine, bewilderment is expressed over the oddities of the implementation of the state defense order. For several years in a row, the country's Ministry of Defense has been talking about plans to purchase locally made Dozor-B armored vehicles, but things are not going well with mass purchases, to put it mildly.

After a series of scandals related to the use of unsuitable steel for the "Patrols", which literally cracked during operation, the situation, it seemed, began to "level off." However, again there are no exact parameters of the Dozorov-B order for the Armed Forces.

The bewilderment is due to the fact that if there are plans for serial deliveries of Dozor-B armored vehicles to the troops, Ukraine continues to purchase Polish-made armored vehicles. We are talking about Oncilla armored cars. This is a multipurpose armored combat vehicle (combat armored vehicles) with a 4x4 wheel arrangement. At the same time, Oncilla is, in fact, the same "Dozor-B", only produced in Poland.

Ukrainian media write that Ukraine and Poland have the same technologies for the production of such armored combat vehicles, while Ukraine, instead of creating serial Dozory-B, transfers funds to the Polish budget for the purchase of the same Dozorov-B, but with a different name and Polish markings.

It is known that Poland has supplied eight armored vehicles to Ukraine under a contract for 2020. According to some reports, further deliveries of Oncilla armored vehicles from Poland are also planned for the needs of the Ukrainian security forces.

In this regard, a paradoxical situation arises. The Dozor-B armored combat vehicles have been adopted, but their purchases are not being carried out, and there is no clarity about the issues of mass production. Therefore, instead of financing its own defense industry, Ukraine is financing the defense industry of neighboring Poland.
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  1. Thrifty
    Thrifty 8 March 2021 07: 34
    There are fewer kickbacks, although about the build quality, after yesterday's video posted by a forum member of how Leopard tanks and fields are being modernized, I strongly doubt the quality of the finished product, even from Polyakhi assembly.
    1. Flooding
      Flooding 8 March 2021 07: 49
      Quote: Thrifty
      after yesterday's video, posted by a forum member, how the fields and Leopard tanks are being modernized, I strongly doubt the quality of the finished product, even the Polyakh assembly.

      1. It is not necessary to draw a conclusion about the state of the entire Polish military-industrial complex from one video
      2. In that video, I did not see the modernization of the tanks. They showed the welding shop, where some constructions are assembled
      3. Oncilla are made by another manufacturer
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 8 March 2021 08: 23
        The author is "slightly" out of topic. In Poland, the "patrol" was heavily reworked - the wheel gears and another engine were changed. The car became quieter and softer. So to call it a full copy is also incorrect, as "Zhiguli" is considered a complete copy of "Fiat".
    2. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 8 March 2021 07: 51
      The Poles still collect more or less by hand and do not steal on components. The Ukrainians only call their "patrol" a "shame" humanly.
      1. knn54
        knn54 8 March 2021 13: 08
        If the authorities believe that there is a war in Ukraine, then it is necessary to DEVELOP OWN defense industry MAXIMUM.
        BUT, according to the "recommendation" of the Yankes and Co., the head of Ukrobonprom is a Lithuanian and an Afghan. Who doesn't care about Ukraine.
        The main thing is to ruin mechanical engineering, including the defense industry.
        "EU requirement - to life" ...
      2. Free wind
        Free wind 9 March 2021 05: 09
        In any case, Yeraz is better. Yes, and Nysa is actually the Volga facelifted.
        1. zadorin1974
          zadorin1974 9 March 2021 06: 52
          Yeraz, this is a cargo Rafik, assembled on the basis of Volga 21. Nyuska is based on Warsaw, the ancestor of which was Victory. It seems to be practically from one stable, but the engineering school of the Poles is different. Getting to the engine is still a pleasure, drive, and the location of the gas pedal just enchanting well, so the little things.
          1. Free wind
            Free wind 9 March 2021 07: 07
            Have you removed the head from the UAZ, tadpole? Technique is good when it works.
            1. zadorin1974
              zadorin1974 9 March 2021 07: 17
              For ten years he kept a tadpole, for a private house it was simply not replaceable. In order to pull out the pushers (rods) from the fourth cylinder, I bluntly punched two holes in the rear visor with a crank. wassat wassat But it was hard to take out the engine itself. I had to cut a hatch from 130 under talcum powder, and from the passenger compartment into hand-to-hand combat.
              1. Free wind
                Free wind 9 March 2021 07: 30
                Well, you know what kind of unit it is, after all, many argue about the ease of repair.
                1. zadorin1974
                  zadorin1974 9 March 2021 08: 49
                  They confuse the concept of simplicity and lightness. Because of problems with the basket and the squeeze release, I learned at one time to change in one in two hours. I made a rolling cart with fasteners on the pit. After that I simply rolled the box block with the transfer case without weight gain. , changed, rolled back. And so, a tadpole is practically a bicycle, it just stuck with heavy ones))))) I had my own set of tools for each car in a year (where you grind, where you weld, where you can order a new one from machine operators) I even had it on a simple, cam ignition, the best start at minus (you bridge the variator on a babin) and there are no problems with electronic switches.
    3. Constanty
      Constanty 8 March 2021 09: 12
      Bumar and PGZ are de facto state-owned companies. The first is an "open-air museum" of old unfair practices, and Oncille is produced by a PRIVATE company Mista ze Stalowa wol (although the intellectual rights are formally owned by Lacenaire Limited, a Cyprus-based company).
      In private companies, jobs are different from those in government giants.
      And Oncilla is an export product, not for their army, and they have to care about quality.
    4. Victor Tsenin
      Victor Tsenin 8 March 2021 21: 17
      The kickbacks in a foreign country are a priori higher, but the price is also higher, which guarantees a much more joyful pocket for Ukraine's enemies.
  2. sgr291158
    sgr291158 8 March 2021 07: 39
    For them, the main thing is what has been done in Poland.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 8 March 2021 07: 54
      Quote: sgr291158
      For them, the main thing is what has been done in Poland.

      The fact that there is an agreement - and do not go to the grandmother. BUT! Perhaps the "agreement" is long-term. In the sense, "I will give you the opportunity to attach your cars, and then you will attach me to a warm place in Poland (when I will be from Ukraine"
    2. Lionnvrsk
      Lionnvrsk 8 March 2021 09: 04
      For a number of years in a row, the country's Ministry of Defense has been talking about plans to purchase Dozor-B armored vehicles

      To speak, not to do, to mryat, and not to work, is the favorite thing of the Svidomites. Well, and of course to ride! SUGS three times! lol
    3. Lynnot
      Lynnot 8 March 2021 09: 24
      Not just made in Poland, but, like, Made in NATO, according to NATO standards, which Outskirts aspires to. If they do it at home, it will not work!
    4. cat Rusich
      cat Rusich 8 March 2021 17: 33
      Quote: sgr291158
      For them, the main thing is what has been done in Poland.
      The main thing on the product will be a brand "made in EU" bully
  3. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 8 March 2021 08: 01
    The plans took pity on the slaves and decided to sell their old stuff.
  4. Ros 56
    Ros 56 8 March 2021 08: 12
    You cannot understand their rich, sometimes they stand with an outstretched hand, sometimes they choose between bad and very bad. laughing
  5. Eug
    Eug 8 March 2021 08: 20
    As for me, the question is in the performing and technological disciplines - in Poland they will be higher.
  6. Ovsigovets
    Ovsigovets 8 March 2021 08: 33
    it seems to me the price tag there is very different ... you do not forget that we are discussing purchases of not the most, far from the richest country of the buyer
    Quote: Matthew McConaughey
    MRAP "Ejder Yalchin"
  7. Ovsigovets
    Ovsigovets 8 March 2021 08: 38
    You can’t (can’t) yourself - it means you go and buy ready-made ... logical ... more expensive, BUT logical
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Ovsigovets
    Ovsigovets 8 March 2021 09: 01
    Quote: Matthew McConaughey
    Quote: Stasi
    Quote: Matthew McConaughey
    No need to lose your scent. What for you Polish cars?
    There are wonderful Turkish MRAPs "Ejder Yalchin" and "Khyzir" which are now being snapped up in Europe and Asia

    It looks very much like an advertisement for the Turenz "defense industry" from another "son of a Turkish citizen."

    A Turkish citizen put down on you the inept. Do you want us to customize the normal colossus, instead of shit Tigers?

    cars, even MRAP is not interesting .... you know the wrong flight ... we would have a fighter, well, or a tank lying around .... no? why is that? well, how do you learn - come
  10. rocket757
    rocket757 8 March 2021 09: 14
    Instead of its own AFV "Dozor-B" Ukraine buys Polish armored vehicles Oncilla

    There is nothing to discuss ... remember Serdyukov.
  11. Ovsigovets
    Ovsigovets 8 March 2021 09: 21
    Quote: rocket757
    Instead of its own AFV "Dozor-B" Ukraine buys Polish armored vehicles Oncilla

    There is nothing to discuss ... remember Serdyukov.

    sii? well further ???? Serdyukov is no longer there, and you all will not leave him in any way to remember
  12. Cowbra
    Cowbra 8 March 2021 10: 23
    I will find out! - Vasya exclaimed, having recovered his sight. - I recognize my brother Kolya!
    In fact, everything is simple - the course towards deindustrialization is the only thing that really works there. Break not build, but there is nowhere to build and nothing on
  13. Der Spiegel
    Der Spiegel 8 March 2021 10: 33
    In the original article, we are talking about the purchase by a NON-STATE enterprise of 8 MACHINE SETS. This enterprise is not a supplier of products for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Most likely here we are talking about studying the modifications of the oncilla in order to use them on their products.
  14. APASUS
    APASUS 8 March 2021 11: 31
    The author simply did not raise the issue of kickbacks. The system has survived, you can buy Dozor B from Poland and make money on kickbacks, to your house in Zakopane
  15. Prisoner
    Prisoner 9 March 2021 07: 25
    Ukrainian BBM "DB" did not live up to expectations. winked A curtain.
  16. bistrov.
    bistrov. 9 March 2021 07: 45
    So for the production of these "Patrols" you still need to buy everything: both the engine and other components, in the "square" itself, except that, at the very least, you can weld the body and then from low-quality armor, there are rumors that the armor itself is all the same bought in Poland, so it's better to buy a ready-made car there and not fool your head, and let the working people go there to work ..., "exit", however ...., hehe ...
  17. Pavel57
    Pavel57 9 March 2021 15: 05
    Yes, a strange situation. Poland does not pay kickbacks.))))
  18. SARANCHA1976
    SARANCHA1976 10 March 2021 07: 51
    Well, they are stupid, here we have tigers - lynxes, every year they demonstrate something new and are going to ride Chinese SUVs. But this is not the same, this is completely different